waaaaaaaaa….. 안 녕!!!!!

sorry!! just really excited ^^ *bow

Well, let me introduce my self first

my kkumname is elftodie21 , im one of the author for this kkumfiction.

i really like to create some fiction actually at my old days. But unfortunately i really don’t have time to write it. however, nowadays my friends, who knows as syipoh the other author for this blog, asked me to do it again.

In my old days i usually write my dreamfic with my dream idol boyband like nsync, backstreet boys or westlife ^^

haha…look how old i am ^^

but as time goes by, now im in love with this kpop things. and i’ll try my best to satisfir=ed you all with my fic.

i hope you enjoy them 여 로 분

지 금 가 지 엘 프 투 다 이 입 니 다…..

i’ll post my fic a little later ok??

so please 길 다 릴 개…..

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