Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 1

For raise the mood please listen : C.N.Blue-Teardrops in The Rain
Shin Seung Rin P.O.V
Jezzz… I’m so unlucky. Why is this happened to me?
“Seung Rin sshi.. Come here!” my boss asked me to come.
“Yes, maam. What can I do for you?” I asked her.
“First, I’m very thankful to what are you doing to help me in there. But, as you know that our café is so slack. I don’t have any other choice. I’m sorry..” she said sadly.
“Maam…”I look at her deeply. I know what is happen to her and her business. It’s very hard to her to keep her business.
“Here your last salary. I think I must close this café and you can find another job. Sorry..”she said while her tears is just to drop.
“No problem, maam. You are very kind to me.” I said and back off.
End of flashback
And now it’s raining there. I didn’t bring my umbrella. My entire clothes are wet. Argh.. Damn it! People around just walked with their couple to the warm place. It makes me more terrible. I’m busy with my though until I step something.
“Urgh..” There is a boy which sat down at the front of flower store. He looks poor and pathetic. He was tremble and looked chilled. He so wet. I come over him.
“Em.. Sorry.. Are you okay?” I said
“Food.. I want food..”He said with his poor eyes. Gosh! He was so adorable. His brown eyes are so beautiful. His face looks so cute. I suddenly aware and inconsiderate hold his hand and go over to look some restaurant.
“Follow me..” I said
Author P.O.V
He and Seung Rin arrive at restaurant. She called the waiters and ordered some food. 15 minutes later the food is come. He ate the food greedily and looks very hungry.
“Hey.. Calm down..” She said look at the boy and give him a tissue to clean his mouth.
“Thank you” He said with angelic smile and continued his food
Seung Rin P.O.V
God! I think I’m going crazy. His smile urgh… it is so adorable. That guy was splendid. Omo! What are you thinking Seung Rin? You just know him right now. I shook my head and focus to my food. After an hour we finish all our food. We’re so full.
“Are you okay right now?” I said to the boy
“Yes. Once again thank you for the food.” He said with his angelic smile.
“By the way, who are you? And why did you sit down at the flower shop while your entire body is wet?” I asked him
“Emm.. I want to hang out with my friend. But, I lost them. And my wallet was gone. I don’t have any money in my pocket. Now, I don’t know how to come back to my home.” He said with looking into my eyes deeply.
I looked him sadly. And I opened my wallet. I gave him some money.
“This. Maybe it’s enough for charges to your home.” I said.
He looks at me and said,”Thank you.. Err.. Miss?” he look at me
“Seung Rin. Just call me Seung Rin. And you?” I said
“Kyuhyun. Cho Kyuhyun..” He said with his angelic smile.
Author P.O.V.
They got the payment and leave the restaurant. At the front of the restaurant they said goodbye each other until Seung Rin back off. Suddenly her hands are hold by hand. She surprise and face about.
“Kyuhyun??! What’s matter?” She said and tried to calm down
Suddenly he drag her and his lips press to her lips while his hand held her hand. She gasped and unconvinced. Her eyes widened in surprise because it is her first kiss. She wanted to lose his lips. But, he held her very tight. After a minute he let his lips and smiled at her. She just came back from her imagination. Then she slapped him.
“What are you doing?” she said madly
Kyuhyun touch her cheek and draw to her. He drew near her ears and whispered to her “It’s for the food. And from the slapped just you gave to me, you will pay back. We will meet again.” He smirked and left her.
“What the hell are you? We never meet again! ”she said angrily.
Kyuhyun P.O.V
He walked by humming until his phone rang and he took his phone from his pocket.
“Hello..”He said happily
“Kyuhyun-sshi.. What happen? You look so happy” A woman voice appear from his phone
“Nothing special, mom.” He said
“Err… Oke. I think you still mad with me.” She said carefully.
“Nope, mom. I think it’s better now. I want her.” Kyuhyun said with smirk
“Really? Oh god. Thanks Kyuhyun.. Mom will wait for you at home. We will have dinner with their family tonight.” she said happily.
“Ok,Bye.” He said and humming again.
Shin Seung Rin P.O.V
WHAT THE HELL??! Is he crazy? He just took away my first kiss. Argh… I think I’m lucky when I meet that boy. Oh, no! Maybe I should call him jerk. I think it’s better if I went home and took a rest. Finally, I’m home. Yeah. Truthfully, this isn’t my home. This is my uncle home. I’m an orphanage because my father and mom died in car accident. My uncle and my aunt are so kind. They have a child. Her name is Min Ra. She’s 10 years old. I’m so lucky because I have a good family like them. I unlocked the door and come in to the house.
“I’m home!!” I said loudly.
There is my uncle, my aunt, and my niece sat at the couch. My uncle and my aunt looked so sad. I don’t know what happen to their.
“Oh.. You’re back.” My aunt said with weak voice.
“Seung Rin sat down please. We have to tell something important to you.” My uncle said.
Jezz.. I think there is a bad news for me. I sat down and not think what happen to me until my uncle open his mouth.


Omo! It’s my first time I’m writing. So, how about that?


72 thoughts on “Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 1

  1. WOW!!
    Like it !!
    kak, bagus banget ff nya!
    aku jadi mule suka ma maknae! kkk

    gila lah, maknae udah dewasa . heheh
    aku suka part yang pas aunt ma uncle ksi tw seung rin kalo mau di jodohin ma kyu!

  2. i just imagine kyu face when he asking for food..
    kyu you are naughty!!!!! 😀
    wahhh are they getting married??? kyu-ahhhhhh >o<

    Love this.. ^^

  3. syifa whoaaaaaa akhirnya aq baca juga ffmu~~
    eh eh kyuhyun nyosor aja tuh!! wkwkwk
    nice ff syif,, i love the theme, cant wait to read the next chapter!!
    see ya on my next comment,,hehehe

  4. woaaa… so… kyu wants to know his bride with that way??? woooo… it’s really evil.. even stole her first kiss… hahaha.. this is interesting.. i want to know the next chap badly… heheheh… go to the next chap.. —>

  5. annyeong , sy reader bru dsni , seneng bgt bca ff ini soalnya pke english , crita nya bgus pula , kekeke .
    cm agak pendek ff nya , hhah . salam kenal smua nya *bow*

  6. Omo….Nice recomended song..CNBLUE-Teardrops in the rain…=) ahh..and I played that song while I read this FF ^^
    I really like read FF with kyuhyun as the main cast =)
    Really nice FF….^^
    you are awesome..
    I like romance and marriage life story..=)
    hope Ill enjoy it ^^

  7. Wah,daebak..
    aq br skali ini bc ff english yg buatn org indonesia..dulu prnah nemu yg buatn org luar,tp bahasany ribet,tlalu rumit *bilang ja ga ngarti,hehe..

    wah,ini keren bgt,sk gaya bhasany wlwpun english tp gmpang dmengerti..
    dan critany jg seruuuu,,.

  8. good FF..
    gokil n konyol dech..

    mskipn pke bhsa inggis tp bhsa mdh d’mengerti jg unk kalimat yg gokil ttp mudeng n bisa ktawa2..

    nah yg aq bngung d’sini karakter kyuhyun kyk ap yaw..??
    jd pnasaran..
    kekanak2’an tp kq mesum maen so2r aj pdhl br ktemu..

  9. annyeong q reader baru,,,,, ff y menarik pas q baca penjelasan di library y……
    sebener y ngak tau kemampuan b.inggris q semana jd nekat ja baca n alhamdulillah sebagian besar ngerti arti n maksud cerita y…….
    q heran klo baca ff b.inggris kyk gini ya 80% paham arti y tapi knp klo q disuruh ngomong b.inggris or nyoba2 nulis ada di pikiran tapi jari ngak bisa ngetik y……
    kyk y kyuhyun y tau ya seung rin tu org yg mau ditunangin ma dia n pas kyu laper tu jgn2 kyuhyun y sengaja alesan padahal sebener y dia mau liat org ug dijodohin,,,,, n tu kyuhyun nyium seung rin????
    q bener kan pemahaman cerita y….

  10. ya!! baru pertama kali bca yg versi inggris.. antara ngerti dan ga ngerti artina.. haha.. tp sebagian ngerti critana.. bagus chingu 🙂
    ngomong ngmong ‘angelic smile’? aq lbih suka ‘evil smile’na kyu itu lebih real… haha..
    ok.. keep writing chingu ^^

  11. author yg baik … mian ya aku komen nya pakai b . indonesia

    ….kasihan seung rin harus berhenti dari pekerjaannya … eh tp dia baik ya … masih mau mentraktir makan seorang namja yg kelaparan … hehehe malah dia di kasih hadiah kiss sam namja yg ternyata bernama cho kyu hyun …. oooo iya kyuhyun kan kaya raya kok dia bisa kelaparan ? ada mksd tersembunyi kah ?

    hem kira kira apa yg mau di bicarakan paman seung ri ya ?

    nexxxxt ya

  12. Anyeong yorobun *bow*
    Anyeong author *bow*
    Reader baru nyangkut di WP ini *smiling eyes*
    Syipoh like kyuhyun ssi,,bcause she writter ff made engs langue arti kata lain authornya mau go internasional hehehe *ga ada hubungnya sih* 😀

    Heemm komen apa??
    Sebenernya seung rin itu beruntung loh dibalas jasa sama kyu dengan ciuman mendadak *apa ciuman mendadak???* I like its word :p

    Adorablenya kyu kan emang selalu membuat semua ternganga “ini bocah angel but evil”
    *jewer kuping kyu*

    Overall I like this ff,walaupun yang komen byk typo *maafkan*
    Oke can me,reading next part *enjoy with milk* *rebutan ma monyet* hehehe

  13. wah.. kyu di dimana pun ngak di kyura atau di sni tetap evil tingkat dewa… bagus bnget ff nya.. knepa aku baru baca.. aigi..

  14. wah.. kyu di dimana pun ngak di kyura atau di sni tetap evil tingkat dewa… bagus bnget ff nya.. knepa aku baru baca.. aigo..

  15. Tertarik baca prolog’a. Akhir’a baca indo versi, cz kmampuan english q paraaahhh. Tp rada aneh y bahasa indo’a. Jd, aq beranikan diri baca eng vers. Huh, lumayan bikin mumet, tp nyangkol lah dkit2. Hehe

  16. Little confiused with their fisrt meeting,i though she met with a little boy, cause how come a man say i am hungry didnt hv anymoney. . Just like an orphan boy infront of the shop in rainy day. . Little bit weird. . . But its ok. . .

  17. Eh gila si kyu eke kata dia jd anak gembel kali. Bukan maen ckckck…. Awalnya aku kira ni ff sad amat ternyatahhhhh…. Emang sekali setan tetep setan . Dan ibunya kyu digayain modern? Haghag sepertinya si kyu jd sosok yang iuh ityu 😀 cuma akting dan…. Apa konfliknya dijodohin -_- “. Penasaran!!!!

  18. Nice start..tapi kl bbrp kalimat diperbaiki,mgkn lbh enak dibaca..cthna di awal2 crita “I’m thankful for what you are doing to help me here” atau dikalimat “its hard for her to run her business”
    But so far,we understand the story going saeng! 😉
    Please give a little considered for make this story more and more comfortable for us (who knows you’ll get a chance to have a foreign fans for your web?am I right?)

  19. since it’s in english let me just comment in english ㅋㅋ there are some grammatical errors that really bothered me while reading your fic. You have to choose whether using present tense or past tense to prevent readers from mistaking the point of the fic. But overall you have an interesting plot^^

  20. Sebenernya b.ingg aku jelek tapi dengan modal nekat alhamdulilah ngerti walaupun ada beberapa kata yang ga aku tau artinya tapi gapapa tetep seru ko’, lumayan juga buat belajar b.ingg 🙂

  21. maaf ya klo boleh jujur memang benar ada beberapa kalimat yang salah dalam grammernya but overall you have a good story. indeed

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