Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 2

For raise the mood please listen : U Kiss-Mworago

Author P.O.V
Seung Rin uncle and aunt were silent. They took a deep breath and her uncle finally opened his mouth.
“Seung Rin.. We are really sorry. Please don’t forgive us. We can’t do anything for this.” Her uncle said with deeply bow.
“Uncle.. What’s happen?” She said with curiosity.
“You must marry with one of our company relation’s son. He had an appointment with your father before he died. He and the leader of the company are good friends. And now, he wants you to marry his son.” My aunt explained to me.
She’s surprised with what is her aunt said with her.
“Aunt.. Is this a dream?” I said with my shock.
“Unfortunately it is not a dream.” She said with take a deep breath.
“I don’t want this! I don’t want to marry the person whom I don’t know. I don’t want!”I said with holding back the tears.
“Seung Rin. We all know that it’s not fair to you. But we can’t do anything about this.” My uncle said.
Seung Rin P.O.V
I took a deep breath. I looked at my uncle and my aunt. They look so sorry and sad. I know they are look like my real parents. Always keep me and take care of me. I don’t want to make them sad. I take a deep breath once again.
“Ok. I will do it. I will marry with him.”I said heavily.
“Really? Are you sure?” My aunt look at me with surprised.
“Yes. I think it’s no problem. I’m adult right now.” I said with fake smile
“Ok if this is what you want. Tonight we have dinner with Cho’s family.” My uncle said
“What???!!!” I said with my open widened.
Wait… wait… I think I have heard about this name. But.. Where?? Suddenly I realize the boy oh no the jerk which took away my first kiss. Cho Kyuhyun! I think I’m going crazy. But, Ah.. Maybe it’s only the same family name.
“Wait. What’s the name of the son?”I said anxiously
“His name is Cho Kyuhyun.”My uncle said with confused expression.
“WHATT??!!” I said loudly and look surprise.
Hello? Is it a dream? Or it is a hidden camera? Maybe Am I pretty? Wait. It’s no related. Gosh. I think my world spinning so fast. My head was suddenly spinning. I look at my uncle and my aunt. They were dancing with their child. And on the spot I saw Kyuhyun with his angelic smile. No! It’s an evil smirk. Ok ok.. Now, comeback to real world. It’s just your fantasy.
“I think I’m going crazy, uncle, aunt, Min Ra.” I said sadly.
“Seung Rin…”my aunt and my uncle said my name weakly.
Suddenly, Min Ra came near to me. She caressed my head and said “It’s okay Seung Rin onnie. I’ll be there for you. I will make you happy every day.” She said with her bright smile.
Yeah, maybe it’s only once of my happiness. She smiled.
“Okay. There is no more time. It’s 6pm. And what about the dinner tonight?”I said by moving my niece to my lap
“The dinner will be start at 8pm.” My aunt said with her worried face.
“Ok. Now, let’s change the cloth!”I said happily with my hands hold Min Ra hand and go to my room.
Author P.O.V
“She must be strong.” her uncle said with her aunt and looking each other.
“Yes. I think. So, what are we doing right now? C’mon. Let’s change!” she said and push her husband to their room and change the cloth.
In the Seung Rin room she chose a dress. The dress is simple. With white color and ribbon in her belly. She apply slight make up on her face. It makes her so beautiful and cute. Finally, she finished and went down to the living room.
“Seung Rin-sshi, are you ready?” Her uncle asked her while drank a cup of tea.
“Yes. I’m ready!” She yelled and come to her uncle and aunt with hold Min Ra hand.
“Woah… You look so cute, Seung Rin …” her aunt said with pinch her cheeks.
“Ah.. Ajuhma.. Don’t pinch my cheek!”She said with touch her cheek.
“Ok. Now let’s go!” Min Ra said with conscious.
Kyuhyun P.O.V
Jeez. I hate this. Why is she so late? Is she trying to make me angry? Grr.. I must punished her. Keke..
“Kyuhyun-sshi.. I think Seung’s families get stuck. So, we must wait a bit.” My mom said to me..
“Yeah..”I said with lazy voice.
I feel so bored. I should bring my laptop to play star craft here. But, my mom doesn’t allow me. Argh.. Really.. That girl…
“Excuse me. Sorry we were late” A man said to us.
“Oh, no problem. I think you get stuck on the way here, right?” My mom asked.
“Yes, Mrs. Cho. Ah, this is my niece, Seung Rin.” A woman said and behind her, she appeared.
Omo! She was so adorable. With her white dress she looked so pure. And her body, oh so hot! Jeez.. What am I thinking? It’s only imagination.
“Hello. I’m Seung Rin. Nice to meet you.” She said with polite voice.
“Oh.. How cute you are! Right, Baby Kyu?” My mom said with smile to me.
“Ergh.. em.. Yeah.. I think so.” I said nervously.
Argh.. Why am I so nervous? I think she will be laughed at me. I look at her. She smirked.
“Baby Kyu? Do you mean your son, Cho Kyuhyun?” she said with giggle and look at me.
“Yeah.. It’s my favorite nick name to him.”My mom said to her.
Oh. Dead of me! It’s so embarrassed. Why my mom always called me with that childist name?
“Okay. I think we should speak about the marriage. Right Mr. Seung?” My father asked.
“Yes. You’re right. So what do you think it’s best for their marriage?” Her uncle said.
Seung Rin P.O.V
I still giggle and look at Kyuhyun. Oh, no. Baby Kyu, I mean. Kekeke. He stared at me and I give her evil smirk. Then, this atmosphere became serious. My uncle and his dad are discussing about our marriage while my aunt and his mom discuss about equipment for our marriage. Ah, it’s so bored. And I decision to playing with my phone and suddenly, I heard shocking news from his father.
“Ok. We have their marriage in next month, so we’ll get started our preparation for their marriage begin now. Both of you prepare yourself.” His dad said with serious look.
Ok. I think I’m going crazy. What should I do? I must marry with that jerk. Urgh. Maybe he’s not jerk but he’s pervert too. God! Help me!
“Ok.. So, the meeting is end. See you next month, Mr. Cho.” My uncle said and get ready to stand up.
We all stand up and bowing each other. His moms hugged me tightly and said goodbye to us. My uncle drove us to our home and my aunt begin to busy prepare the marriage.

chapter 1 / forewords

53 thoughts on “Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 2

  1. Baby kyu?? O.O
    Ahahahhahahhaaa… just like me… XD
    Ihhhh kyu ternyata masih anak mami /ditabok
    Nice.. nice.. nice…. 😀

    btw d kasih jarak dong antar paragraf.. biar ga pusing gtu bacanya… ^^

  2. whoaaa kyuhyun nakal byngin yg gak2! hahaha
    oy aq lupa mw ngomentarin yg chapter 1 ttg grammar englishnya, kan ada kalimat “i think i’m lucky when i meet this man” bukannya “i thought i was lucky when i met this man”, soalnya kan tadinya dy pikir dy beruntung,, di editingnya aja yg perlu diperiksa lagi,, ok ok chingu ya? hehe kayak yang di chapter ini ummanya kyuhyun kenapa manggilnya”kyuhyun ssi”? n gak “kyuhyun-a”, aq bacanya rada janggal soalnya, lupa di edit ya syif? hehe
    ini masukan aja sih,, tapi klo buat the story line nya diriqu suka banget,, good job bwuu! hehe

  3. baby kyu….
    seungrin,, kamu bruntung bgt sih…. dapet laki kyu.. aq kan juga mau… wkwkwkkk….
    suka bngt ama critanya….

  4. baby kyu.. hahaha…. so cute…
    adu kyu kenapa kmu jdi mesum di ajarin ap sih sama si enhyuk… udah beda ff aj masih aj ngajarin yang ga bener tuh orang….^^

  5. baby kyu?????????? hakhakakakakkak…. this is so funny.. how can an evil like him called by his mother with…. BABY ??? hkakhakakkak….

    woa… i’m so curious with the wedding… ok…ok…. go to the next chap… —->

  6. senyum’ sendiri bca chapter ini , kekeke . critanya makin seru dan menarik , ahh kyuhyun jd grogi gtu jwbnya mn umma nya manggil babykyu , awwww ! ga sbr gmn khdpn rmh tangga mreka

  7. hahhaha.
    ngakak pas baca kata ‘baby kyu’
    kyu ternyata msh anak mami.
    tp dy ud prevert.
    1 bln lg nikah.
    owh iy.
    ada yg typo de kyk’y*klo g slah.
    tetep pngen bca indo ver.
    buat nyamain view z.

  8. wow…babyKyu..what a cute name ^^
    Ill shout him BabyKyu when I meet

    ahh…I read it till chapter 2..what a nice FF ^^
    I really wanna know..their marriage life..
    ahh..I hope this cant end too soon =)

  9. Baby kyu aigoo,, kyeopta,,, heheheh
    Untung seung ri mau aja di jodohin ama kyu klo ngak buat aku aja *dilempar sendaal ama author,,
    Hehehehe,,, ceritanya keren,,, bikin penasaran ama kelanjutannya,,,
    Sayangnya ingggris,,=,= tp ngalatih english ku juga sih *ketahuan babonya,,,

  10. what?babykyu?
    ga pantes amat itu nickname,,lbh pantes evil kyu,,atau kykny pervert kyu jg bs,kekeke..

  11. anyeong eoni ^^..aku reader baru disini..biasanya baca kyura di we love fanfiction
    lucu2 ffnya heheheheh….

    mau baca yang lain dulu ya eon, nanti aku komen deh hohohohooh..

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    kyuhyun thu manja gt yaw org’ny d’sini..
    gokil2 klo biasa’ny kn dia tengil n nyebelin..
    klo d’sini roman2’ny karakter dia gokil..

    ohh..d’jodoh’in’ny sm kyuhyun tp kq kyuhyun kyk dah tw bkl’an d’jodoh’in sm siapa..
    next part bkn penasaran..

  13. gyahaha~~! kyuhyunie.. baby kyu? baby face, yeah!
    eonni, aku seneng deh kalo udah main castnya si kyuhyun! coba kalo hyora jg yang main castnya akakaka XD

  14. kyuhyun ngak sabaran bgt sih,,,,,,, mana pas ngeliat seung rin yg ada dipikiran y cantik n hot pa coba otak y kyuhyun itu dasar deh…..
    seung rin y mpe shock gt dikasi tau haris nikah n ditambah pas tau calon suami y tu kyuhyun….

  15. … Jd seung rin menerima perjodohan yg di sodorkan pamannya .. Karena selama ini pamannya lah tumpuan hidupnya … Good nephew .. ..

    MWO .. Cho kyu hyun will be her husband ? The jerk witch took away her 1st kiss .. ? Gubrak ….
    And tonight they have a dinner with cho’s family at 8 PM … Great …

    Ommo … It’s seem kyuhyun can’t wait to see her wife Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡»:Dђέђέђέ. …
    …. YAK cho kyuhyun what are you thinking … ” she so adorable – pure – and HOT ” .. Pervert …

    MWO … Baby kyu ?? Cho Auntie .. Can you Say louder… I can hear … Wkwkwkw baby kyu … ..

    Ommo .. They getting married in next month ?? Doesn’t it so fast … ? Aigooo .. Parents …

    Huahaha can’t wait … To see what happend with that ” 2 enemy’s ” ( seung rin – kyuhyun )

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  17. baby kyu? Childist banget panggilan’a.
    Belajar english nih saya, makasih y esa+syipoh eonni. Untung ff’a g pake pnjang, bhsa’a jg bukan tingkat dewa, jd msih bs dterjemahin kmus digital. Kekeke:)

  18. Waaaa, begitu ketemu langsung menentukan tanggal pernikahan mereka, benar2 khas keluarga orang kaya dan berkuasa hehehehehe… Tambah penasaran dengan cerita selanjutnya..

  19. Beneran perjodohan… Baby kyu…. pertemuan pertama singkat jelas padat dan jd gada yg special karena sungrin udah nebak duluan padahal cho’s fam banyak tp kenapa langsung feeling itu kyu ( namanya baru dipikirin tuh setan kyu ) hhaha… Next nikah yaa (ˆ▿ˆʃƪ)

  20. 3rd comments for your I said on chap 1,you need to double checked the grammar..
    And so,another thing that pretty much eye catching here is what kyu’s mom word to call him..”kyuhyun sshi” definitely not suitable for korean to call his/her kyu or kyu-ah would be best for it..

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