Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 3

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Next month…
Seung Rin P.O.V
“Omo! You look so pretty. I think I must wear this gown sometimes!” Eun Shi yelled at me. I stare at her with dead looks.
“Emm.. Sorry..” She said with afraid.
Who is she? Oh, yeah. I forgot to introduce her. She is one of my best friends. We are friend when we in kindergarten. She know what I like and what I hate. I know she the best. She’s funny and pretty. Many boys had fallen for her. Grrh.. But, now. Why she’s not funny? Ah, I think she’s not the clown. So, she can’t make me laugh. Hehe.
“You are so pretty, Seung Rin-sshi..”A familiar sound said to me.
I looked back and see Choi Minho. My bestfriend too. He is so handsome with his tuxedo.
“Thank’s, Minho-sshi..” I said with wide smile.
“Ya! Why you’are so unfair? You give me dead look when I say that.”She said angrily.
“Because you are so annoying. You tell this when I think that jerk! I should kill him!” I said angrily too.
“Yah.. Stop this. It’s your marriage. A pretty bride doesn’t seem to be angry ajuhma. Ok?” Minho winked to me. Urgh.. I like this the most.
“Ok.. Ok..” Both of us said and smile.
“Seung Rin-sshi? Are you ready? We will start the wedding!” My aunt said and we are going to the church.
Kyuhyun P.O.V
Finally, I got married with her. She came to me with her uncle beside her. Oh my god! She’s so pretty. I didn’t expect she will be so pretty this day. Hey? What are you saying? Are you saying she’s pretty? You must be crazy. She’s the one who slapped you. You just want to revenge her. I smirked.
“Yes, I do” She said with serious face.
She finished the last question for this promise of marriage. I look at her and move closer to her when the pastor asked me to kiss her. I kiss her softly. Her lips are so soft. I want to kiss more. But, it’s not the time. Keke. Seung Rin-sshi. You will see what will happen to you. Kekeke.
Seung Rin P.O.V
“Please kiss your bride.” The pastor said to Kyuhyun.
I little shock. Yeah. It must be happen. He smirked at me? Argh.. Why he is always smirked at me?! He come closer to me and kissed me softly. Ah.. I think I fly to the sky. The kiss is so soft and… Ah.. I’m going crazy. He is such a good kisser. Then, he loses our kiss and move back. We must leave to celebrate our wedding in his house.
At the party
Seung Rin P.O.V
There are so many guests in there. The party is so awesome. No wonder because Cho’s Family is very rich. I change my wedding gown to the dress like this .. I look at Kyuhyun. He was so adorable with his shirt and jeans. This is simple but urgh.. Why I must amaze with him? He moved closer to me. I think there is something bad will happened to me.“Look… We meet again, right?” Kyuhyun whispered with smirk to me.
“Yeah.. I think you know that it’ll happen so you appear in front of me, right?” I said coldly.
“Emm.. I think so.. And what about our ‘first night’? Do you prepare something special to me? I appreciate what you will do tonight.” He grinned.
Gosh! I think my jaw dropped. How come I don’t think about this! I must give my urgh.. my urgh… virginity to that jerk! I look at him. He is now smirked at me. Dead of me!
Kyuhyun P.O.V
I looked at her. She’s frightened. Kekeke. Is it because I say about our ‘first night’? Omo! Then I remember about my conversation with her aunt. She’s never hanging out with boy. She’s now nervous.
“You must be virgin right?” I said blurt out.
She gasped and her eyes widened. Her cheek is red right now. Ahaha. I giggle with my left hand close my mouth.
“Yes I am, so what?” She said angrily.
“Then.. It must be good.” I smirked at her and leave her with her mouth open.
Author P.O.V
The party is over. The guests are leaving Cho’s house. Only a near related which in this house. Now, Seung Rin is sat down at dressing table. She is in Kyuhyun room now. She has changed her dress with night gown. She looked so depressed. She looked at her body.
“Urgh.. This gown is so small. Why aunt give me this? My bare back is exposed. And my breast, argh.. I think it’s going to spill. Oh. Babo! I should wear my bra. I forget this!” She said to herself and thinking.
“What should I do now? I’m not ready for this. I never touch a man before. Argh… I’m going crazy!”She messed her hair and looking for her bra. She’s usually not wearing a bra when she will go sleep. But, now it’s so dangerous is she not wearing a bra.
Suddenly the door opened. I gasped and inconsiderate I lay down at dressing table with my arm became my pillow.
“Hello, sweetie~~” Kyuhyun said with his cute voice.
There is no answer from her. She acted like she’s sleep at there.
“Are you sleeping, yeobo?”Kyuhyun said and move closer to her.
Now she’s can feel Kyuhyun breath near her neck. She took a peek and argh!!!
Well… I think make you waited and curios is better for me.. Keke. *evil smirked* Next chapter, maybe there is a smut point. So, take a deep breath.. Breath in breath out..

chapter 2 / chapter 1 / forewords

82 thoughts on “Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 3

  1. whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa chapter ini dah bikin aq deg2an,, gimana chapter 4???????? mimisan dah! wkwkwk
    “i want to kiss her more but it’s not the time” awawawawawawawawaw haaaaaaaaaaa merinding aq,, hahaha
    yup! i have to take a deep breath before i go to the next chapter!! ahaha *breath in breath out* *minta temenin yeoseob* haha

  2. It’s your marriage. A pretty bride doesn’t seem to be angry ajuhma. hahaha…. minho..monho…
    ah kyu ko tambah mesum aj sih…. gag boleh tau….hahaha
    keren chigu…

  3. first night…… wooooooo…. i’m waiting for this scene… hkahkkakahkk ** but..but..but… i don’t know.. kyu something like eerr… want to revenge because the slap??? what kind of revenge??? it’s make me worry….

    and… the bad news is…. chapt 4 was protected…!!! OMG… i want to read next chap so badly…. author.. give me the password please….. *puppy eyes*

  4. oemji , deg deg an bca nya , kyuhyun nya iseng bgt sk godain hyora , hwaaaaa , itu hyora ud pke bra belom ? awas di terkam evil . btw chap 4 sepertinya d password , gmn cra dptin pw nya ?

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    hello, I’m a new reader. ^^
    ah~ I have to get the password for reading next chapter.. hahaha*I’m through away*

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    bntr lg kyu nyerang seung rin.
    berhubung q g tw pw’y bwt bca cerita lnjutan’y.
    q tnggu deh mpe q d ksh pw’y.
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    You really make awesome story line..

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    aaa suka banget ma ni ff. mskipun bhs inggrs tp kata2nya mudah d’pahami
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    tapi aku biasanya baca yang kyura moment di wp!
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  18. it’s too short but such a nice story.. 🙂

    ‘and my breast, i think it’s going to spill’ –> entah kenapa ngebayanginnya malah oil spill haha #abaikan

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    Anyway, I had send my propose to your email to get the password
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    seung rin “habis” lah kau kekeke

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    tp min aku sukasukasuka hihi

  25. omo omo.. disini ada nae yeobo jg(re: minho)
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  27. harus koment di chapter ini biar dpt pw di chapter 4 wkwkwk… penasarannn sm their first night… ini ff udh lama di posting tp aku baru baca wkwk telat bgt yak TT

  28. MWO .. Kyuhyun agree with this married because he want to revenge to seung rin ? .. So … Kyuhyun aaaaa … Why you say ” she’s so pretty .. I didn’t expect she will be so pretty this day ” .. Hehehe

    Aigoo … Evil kyuhyun … What are you thinking .. Pervert .. (˘_˘)čĸ! (˘_˘)čĸ! (˘_˘)čĸ!
    * her lips are so soft .. I want to kiss more but it’s not the time .. You will see what happen to you
    * what about our 1st night ? Do you prepare something special for me ? I appreciate what you will do tonight ..
    * you must be virgin right ..
    Aishhhhh… Jinja …

    MWO .. Aigoo seung rin … What you wearing … ?
    * the gown so small
    * your bare back is exposed
    *. Your breast .. It’s going to spill
    * and .. You not wearing a bra …
    Great .. That’s compellitly.. JACKPOT for that jerk

    Ommo .. That jerk is coming …
    * hello sweetie ..
    * are you sleeping .. Yeobo
    And … … U in ” danger ” seung ri .. Yaaa..

    Aish .. My mind …can’t think … Hush hush .. Andwe


  29. Kyu mesum banget di sini. Dan kebiasaan Seung Ri agak2 gmn gtu. Tidur tanpa pake ……
    Apakah yg akan terjadi di malam pertama mereka? Minta password dulu ah sama yang punya blog

  30. yeayyy naughty kyu mulai beraksi.. kekkekeke
    awalny sie agak akward bc HyunRin moment cz terbiasa ma KyuRa moment,,tp makin lama makin asiik bacany XD

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  32. Wah…seungrin, buruan kabur…. Sy rasa si kyu gak bkln secepat itu bwt miliki seungrin seutuhnya,, paling dy mau godain aja…hohoho kyu so prevert

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