Adorable Evil Husband-Foreword

How if you suddenly got married with a person which you doesn’t know? And when you have first meeting with him, he stole your first kiss? This story happened to Shin Seung Rin, an orphan girl who lived with her uncle and aunt. Her parents have an appointment with their old friend to marrying their daughter. So, what happened if she married to that person? Cho Kyuhyun who likes a pervert and has evil personality?
Shin Seung Rin (you) 21 y.o.
She’s beautiful, cute, and smart. She is never going on date with boy before. But, suddenly she must get married with Cho Kyuhyun, an evil pervert who stole her first kiss. Does she finally fall for him?
Cho Kyuhyun 22 y.o.
He’s tall, handsome, moody and genius. The Property inheritant of Cho’s Family. He is player but never kiss girl before. Lol! He must be a virgin. Keke.. he likes to tease Seung Rin, jealously, and maybe he has fallen in love with her.
Kim Eun Shi 21 y.o.
Seung Rin’s best friend from kindergarten. She’s beautiful and rich. She always cares with Seung Rin.
Choi Minho 21 y.o.
Seung Rin’s best friend from middle school. He’s kind, gentle, and handsome. He is really intimate with Seung Rin. Does he like Seung Rin?

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