The Wedlock

안 녕 >.<

Hi there!!Im going to post my first kkumfiction today ^^

please anticipate that….

But unfortunately, today I just can post 2 chapters only coz I’ve been so busy 미 안 해… *bow

But i promise to update it if i have time…. ;D

절 발………!!!!! happy reading!!!

sorry, the poster isn’t really good ^^




Cast: 초 규 현 (Super Junior), 김 효 라 (Fictional), 김 성 제 (Choishinsung), 이 영 인, 초 아 라, 장 우 영 (2PM), 강 인 (Super Junior)

Genre: 로 맨 스,코 메 디 (Not so sure ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)



Kim hyora 16 years old is a newbie in Neul paran high school. She made a trouble when she came late to school. She

accidentally bumped into Cho Kyuhyun, the coldest boy. and her life was getting worse when she found out that her

mother and Kyuhyun’s mother made a promise for their wedlock since they were in belly. In fact Hyora was in love with

her sunbae, Jang Woo Young. While Kyuhyun was still looking for his first love. How will they be?

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