“Aish…not that voice again” I covered my ears from the loud noise came from Kangin Oppa.

“Ya!!! Palli!!!”

“Huh….” I answered him shortly without opening my eyes.

“Ironaaaaaaaaaaaa……..!!! or I will go into your room” threatened him

I forgot to lock my room last night, so he definitely got into my room easily. He was ready to accomplish his mission to wake me up. He entered my bathroom to get some water.

“Ya!! This is called ‘cold attact’…” he said while smiling evilly.

And I was still on my dream land.

“Hyora~ya…Ive got something for you” Wooyoung Oppa said to me. He hid something behind his body.

“Mwoyeyo oppa?” I asked him shyly.

Woo young oppa knelt down like prince who will propose his princess.

“I’ll give you………..”

“What is is oppa?” my heart beat getting faster.

“I’ll give you……….”


“Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..” I screamed out loud and woke myself up immediately.

“Kkkkkkkkkkkk” Kangin oppa wont stop his laugh when he saw me all wet because of his ‘attack’

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Oppa!!! Ige Mwoya!!!!!!!!!!”

“Its not my fault…its your fault. I knocked your door but you just huh yourself. So I have to use this way…kkkkkk”

“You ruined my sweet dream oppa” I glared at him sharp.

“ya!1 palli irona….”

“Don’t ever talk to me again….and I don’t want to see my messy room again this afternoon…you must get rid of this before I got home oppa…ITS BECAUSE OF YOU OPPAAAAAA!!! I HATE YOUUUUU…OMMAAAAAAAA….” I threw my pillow to Kangin Oppa and get up from bed leaving him alone. All he can do is curved his lips over me.


“Ya…don’t ignore me again hyora~ya…”


“Ya… geumanhae…” Appa tried to stop us.

“Yeah…..Appa’s right, geumanhaja…you’ll be uglier if you’re angry all the time. You can be old fast” Kangin Oppa commented.

“If I’ve got older, you’re older more than me oppa…”

“Breakfast timeeeeeeee…” Omma joined us after putting bibimbap for breakfast.

“Hey…let me feed you then” seduced Kangin Oppa.


“Don’t bother her Kangin~ah…she is angry with you just let her calm down” said Omma.

“Its all because of him omma…. I had this sweetest dream, and he splashed me on purpose. It was annoying me so bad!!” I reported what had happened this morning. Appa shook his head seeing his two children fought each other.

“But it’s breakfast time kids” said omma.

“Alright alright… so what if I take you to school??otte??” kangin Oppa still tried to make me forgive him.

“Shiro….. you even haven’t washed your face, you will contaminate me with your stink oppa ”

“Arasso arasseo…I’ll take a shower, OK?” After my oppa left, suddenly I laughed out loud.

“Princess…what happen with you? youre just angry to your oppa, and now you are laughing” Appa asked me with curiosity.

“Hahahaha…Omma appa, I told you something hahaha…Im very satisfied to see him begging my forgiveness. Just so he know how I annoyed him ”

“Tsk tsk… uri princess is so naughty..” Appa commented

“A~ but don’t tell him ok??” I wink my right eye. I looked at my watch. “Omo!! I’m gonna be late again” I finished my breakfast a little bit faster and grab my bag.

“I better get going now…” I said goodbye.

“why don’t you wait for Kangin?”

“Aniya…do you want me to be late again in my second day omma??”

“Ya!! Ottiga?? Let me take you…” kangin Oppa appeared as he put his jacket on.

“have you finished your shower??” my left eyebrow rose.

“Of course…”

“What kind of shower is that?”

“Kajaaaaaaa….” He hugs my shoulder.

“Jinnja oppa??you’re still stinky”

“I have sprayed a lot of cologne on me, just relax dongsaeng~ah..”

“Appali…” Appa warned me.

“Annyeonghi kyeseyooooo…”


“Kongbu charhae hyora~ya…” Omma cheered me

“Ne~ omma…” I replied


“I’ll pick you up, ok??” Kangin oppa took me in front of my school.

“Shiro….I’ll go with bus oppa…”

“Aa~ Ive something to tell you”


“Come closer” I come closer to my Oppa.

He said, “To tell you the truth I haven’t taken a shower…” and he ran away after saying that.

“OPPAAAAAA….jinnja michigeda..Having a trouble brother like you” I swear to him. And he just waved his hand calmly. But he is still my lovely brother, I love him so much coz he is the only one who can make me laugh every day.

I entered the gate of my new school. Ah~ I still have a story, it’s about my best friend. But unfortunately he moved to USA. We’ve been friends since we were still on kindergarten. She is talented, she can dance well, she can speak English really well too and she is smart. Ah~ she is such a good friend too. I miss her already. I remembered our farewell; I didn’t stop crying at that time. She’s like my sister, my best friend.


“Hyora~ya….i don’t want to move. I love Korea….sob sob” she cried and I did too.

“Young In~ah….kajimaaaaaaaaa……. I know you not only love Korea, but you love me too right??” I sobbed and teased her once at the time.

“YA!!” She pushed my forehead. “Ottokhaji?? Should I pretend to forget myself??So I don’t have to move”

“Nobody will believe that. Even you forget yourself, you still a smart girl”

“Aish!! I wonder how the Neul paran high school can let you in”

“kkkkkk” I laughed.

“So, what should we do now??”

“Nothing…I just hope you can do well there…”

“Hey, I promise I’ll be back…..” she imitated 2pm junho his idol. And that’s make me laugh.


Oh my God…I really miss her. Seemed I didn’t have any spirit to go to my class. I brought a piece of paper which is written my locker number and showed me in what class I will be.

“Ah~ igoda…” I stopped by my locker, it showed me me that Im in 1-3.

I opened it and put some books for later class. And when I closed it a cute face appeared and made me jumped.


“Annyeong!!” He smiled brightly. My heart was melting. Omonaaa….

“Annyeong haseyo”

“Call me Oppa, Okay?”

“Arasseoyo” I smiled shyly, ottokhae?! My face must be in red.

“Are you alone?”

I nodded. “Who am I supposed to be with?”

“The one who was with you yesterday, nuguya?? Kyuhyunie?”

“Ah~ keu saram…mollayo.. I don’t even know him, he’s just a person.”

“Do you know your class?”

“Mollayo, I just want to find it just now”

“Lets go I’ll take you there, you are in 1-3” wuaaahhh…its like dreams come true. We walked together, Woo young Oppa just a kind person, not like Kyuhyun he’s just like an evil covered by human skin. We talked a lot in our way to my class. We just connected each other. Omo! He can dance well too, he said he is the winner of some championship with his friends.

“Here we are. This is your class.”

“Thank you so much for helping me again this time, Woo…woo young O..oppa”

“Well, im gonna be used to it” He smiled as he tap my head, I blinked twice. “Charhaesseo Hyora~ annyeong” he said goodbye to me while waving his hand. I just couldn’t take my eyes on him. I stared at him until he disappeared. I entered the class after that and I can still feel my heart beating so fast. I could see most of the students here is unfamiliar. I greet three girls who’s having conversation in the corner.

“Annyeong im hyora, Kim hyora, nice to meet you guys.”

“Annyeong!!” they replied.

“Ah~ I know you, you are the one who fainted yesterday right?” answer one of them.


“Jinjja?How do you feel now?” said the girl with glasses.

“Gwenchanha…” I smile.

“Im Nam Jae Lin by the way” said the cute girl with a mirror in her hand.

“I’m Kim Tae Yeon”

“And I’m Lee Seo Ra”

“Pangabda chinguya~” I said

“Well, I hope we can get along” Tae Yeon responded. I smile and I looked my surround to get used to the atmosphere of the class. But my smile was gone immediately and my eyeswidened as I see him on the corner. He smirks at me, aughh!! That smirk makes me sick.

“Ya!What are you doing here??” I spoke to him.

“Its my class lady…” he answered me calmly.

“Mwo!!!no way!!!”

“Yes way…just face it” he said while reading his book. Ige mwoya!!!i hate to face that he is in the same class with me.

“Kyuhyun~ah!! “ Sungje come with bright smile.

“Im so excited today!!” he said.

“Im not”

“Wae?? You have to!! I’ll show you around after school, otte?? You have to know this town well, Okay??”


“Oh..annyeong!! I didn’t see you yesterday.. are you belong to this class?” Sungje realized my presence.

“Yup im belong to this class, but seems all of the chairs have been sat by the other”

“Ah~ kkokjongma. I’ll get you one.” Sungje got me a seat right away and put it in front of his seat which is next to Kyuhyun.

“Thanks. Im hyora by the way”

“Hyora??oh…so you fainted yesterday??” Sungje stare at Kyuhyun awhile. “Are OK now?”

“Yup, no problem. So everybody now know me as the fainted girl haha”

“Haha..almost all of the school know, Hyora. Im Kim sungje”

“Nice to meet you, Sungje~ya.. I hope we can be friends” Kyuhyun still busy reading his book without even care of our conversation.

After the break my new friends and I just come back from the canteen and ….. he messed up with me again by brushing me from behind.

That trouble maker, Cho Kyuhyun.

“You almost bumped into me AGAIN” he said the word ‘again’ with louder voice.

“So what? It should be me who say that Mister…”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you walked behind me so it’s impossible for me to bump into you AGAIN” I imitate him and speed my steps to our class. Yes way our class!! Aish!! Hope I can study well there.


“Do you have problem with him?He’s really cold. And seems he hates you” said Seo ra.

“Molla. I don’t even care”

“But he is cute anyway” Jae Lin waved her mirror.

“Don’t make me throw away my lunch honey…”

Kyuhyun POV

“Aish!nobody ever make me that way…she is just…arrggghhh…” I kicked the floor and followed her to the class. God!! Its annoying!! I said in mind.

“Waekure?” Kim Sungje, my new friend in this school. Let me tell you something, I just move from Incheon, so I don’t have friends in my new school. Well, fortunately I met this Sungje, we have the same favoritism so its kinda I will suit him. Hope so….

“Ani…its just her”


“Kim Hyora,. Aishh!! I can’t get that girl from my mind. She talked like she knows everything”

“Have you greeted her? That conclusion seems to be out from the person who knew her well”

“Well, not really. I helped her when she fainted at our first day at school, remember??”

“I don’t think she is annoying. She is friendly; we introduced our self just now right? And she is lovable Kyuhyun~ah…” Mwoya? That girl is nice in front of others. Unbelievable….tsk!

“Enough about praising her, she just can fly right away if she heard you”

“Are you jealous?”

“Mwo?jealous??aniya!! impossible ..”

“Eii….dont be like that. What if you fall for her??”

“Impossible I like her ”

“Whatever…” Sungje rolled his eyes. I just replied that doubtfully.



I typed an email for Young In. I want to release my burden to her.

To: Lee Young In (

Ya! Na bogoshipji?? Ara~

Kkkkk…. How’s everything nae chincin?? Miss me??

School’s not cool without you. Just want you to know, I met this crazy boy. Confused!!i cant handle him without you. he said I must lost my weight. Aish! Jinjja…what an annoying crazy guy. Not only that, he is in the same class with me, what a disaster. I fainted in my first day at school 😀 but, hehe there is this kind guy, he is my sunbe..owh..he is so cute, you must see him.

I think I fall for him … ❤ ❤ ❤

Hey!! Have you got a new BF??the American one??kkkk…

Reply me soon hon!! Miss u


“Send” I click the send button.


chapter 1 / forewords

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  1. uhhh.. waittt.. kangin is your oppa???
    feeling not good right now,, wkwkwkkwk

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      • Hi! 😊 Do you know the password for Evil Adorable Husband Chapter 4? I really wanna read it but I don’t know the password 😔 if u could share the password with me I would be very grateful. Please tell me if you know it. Thank you!!!!

    • Hi! 😊 Do you know the password for Evil Adorable Husband Chapter 4? I really wanna read it but I don’t know the password 😔 if u could share the password with me I would be very grateful. Please tell me if you know it. Thank you!!!!

  2. Akhinrya Hyora berkenalan juga dgn teman2nya satu kelas meskipun Kyu oppa msh cuek gitu.. Cie Hyora nya senang banget dibantu sama Woo Young oppa untuk mencari kelasnya Hyora..

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