That morning as usual I took bus to go to school. Kangin Oppa drove me to school only when he had fault to me. I wish Young In didn’t go to USA, if she didn’t I must be very happy, coz I have someone who can share with me.
The bus stopped in the bus stop near my school. I get out from the bus. Suddenly I got this bad feeling. I don’t know why but I felt something bad will come over me. Then after I thought bout that, a motorcycle passed with the high speed. I surprised and fell off.
“Ya!!” I shouted to the driver. “Can you speed down your motorcycle?!!” I felt so embarrassed coz some students who came with me stared at me. The motorcycle man opens his helmet.
“Neo!!!!” that person is again and again CHO KYUHYUN. Why it should be him everytime I got this accident.
“Wae?” he asked me innocently.
“You still ask??? I don’t believe you, what a mean person you are Cho Kyuhyun” no body helps me and finally I got up myself. I felt pain in my hand.
“Can you apologize??” I asked him back.
“You are totally fine, Kim Hyora”
“No, Im not”
“You can get treatment in the clinic”
“You never apologize, didn’t you?”
“Arent you embarrassed??”
“You are the one who should be embarrassed!”
“Annyeong…” he ignored me again. And he just left me. I sarami jinjja!!!
“Ya!! We haven’t done yet!!!”
I tapped my dirty skirt and hand.
“Ouuucchhh!!” I just realized that my pain came from my palm hand.
“Eo??neon waekure??” Jaelin, the first person I met asked me.
“I fell of” I smiled.
“Lets go to the clinic then”
“Aniya…gwenchanha” we entered the class.
“Annyeong!!” Sungje greet us. I smiled spiritless.
“Wae??Your face looks really sad”
“A crazy guy wanted to kill me with his motorcycle” I glared my eyes to him, who else??Mr. Cho Kyuhyun. “What a moron, dis he take his lisence yet?” I mocked him, he stared back at me.
“I have my lisence” he answered.
“I didn’t ask you moron!!And I don’t even care whether you have it or not. And what shoul I care??”I answered him while im walking followed by Jaelin.
“What is wrong with her?” asked Sungje to me.
“I told you so, she just annoying and disturbing.”
“But I saw she glared at you. Do you have any relation with her accident?”
“Aniya, she is like that when she sees me”
“Wht a weird answer”
I saw her a while. Actually I felt guilty to her. Ah!!! Throw away this feeling. I don’t give a damn with her. I continued my reading.
End of Kyuhyun POV

Its break time and I cant stand my pain, so I rushed to the clinic. When again and again I bumped someone. My Gosh!! What is wrong with me? I bumped a lot these days.
“You again” he said.
I recognize that voice, “God!! Forive my sins” I said
“Do you have eyes??Is your hobby bumping into me?”
“Don’t be so confident dork!”
“Ya ya ya!! Geumanhae..Come on you guys…im deaf to hear you both fight. We just meet each other and starting to know for awhile.” Sungje came to rescue before the third war happened.
“SHUT UP!!” shouted both of us.
“that’s what im talkin’ about guys lets make harmony one another…”
“Whatever… I need an aspirin to handle my head from this craziness” I glanced at him sharply when I said craziness.
Kyuhyun POV
“Look at her attitude, jinjja michigeda…” I ruin his own hair.
“Algesso, why are you always angry if you encounter her? Don’t be Kyuhyun~ah….or is it because you like her?” Sungje teased me.
“Never” Sungje laughed when he heard my straight answer.
End of Kyuhyun POV

And I went on heading to clinic and started to nag by myself.
“That moron is…..selfish, arrogant, irresponsible, pathetic!!! Why am I in the same class with him, we meet each other. He ruins my life, my plan…aishh!! That cho kyuhyun”
In the middle of my nagging, I saw Woo young Oppa was sticking something on the announcement board, and I forget about Kyuhyun for a while.
“Annyeong haseyo” I greet him
“Hyora~ya…” he was happy to see me.
“What are you doing?”
“Im sticking the championship information. Ya! What’s up with you hand?” Woo young’s attention distracted as he saw my hand.
“Aniyo, I just fall down this morning”
“Fell down?” I nodded “Should I take you to Miss Park?”
“aniyo… gwenchanha… I can manage myself, thanks”
“Sure… just be careful” he said.
“Well, I guess I’ll see you around then” I said goodbye.
“Hyora~ya… ottiga?? ” Omma asked me.
“Actually I wanna buy CD and book”
“Hmmm…” Omma nodded.
“Waeyo Omma? Do you need me?” she nodded again.
“Where do you want to go?” I asked
“I will meet my old friend”
“Okay, lets go together omma, I’ll change my outfit first”
Then, without wasting time I changed my outfit.
We went to the café where my omma had appointment with her old friend. And I am heading to my destination; omma said that she would go home with her friend.

Not too long, the other car arrived at the same café, a woman get out from that car.
“Pick me up at my friend’s house ok dear?” she said to the driver.
“Okay, where is it?”
“I’ll text you if I need you to pick me up”
“Arasso, omma”
“Becareful, honey…”
As the car left, she entered the café. She searched for a while and found her friend waved at her. She smiled so bright.
“Ya!!! Its been a long time” They hugged each other.
“ya!! Neo jinjja Lee Yoon ji?”
“Eeeiii… Lee Seo Yoo, you still like this eh?” my omma said.
“Should I change??”
“Hahaha…lets sit..waaa jinjja bogoshiposso..”
“How’s your nampyeon??”
“He’s good and he also send his regards for you and Byeong hee , we should double date again one day just like we did in the past”
“hahaha…absolutely. My seobang too, he sent his regards for you and Seung Ho. Ya! I heard that Byeong hee become the police chief in seoul?so that is why your family moved here?”
“Yup, you are right, he handle some cases here. Sometimes im afraid if something happen with him. His job is too risky”
“But, you husband is strong right? Kkokjongma…”
“Hope so…ya! How about yours?”
“Byeong hee??ah…he’s great. He still working in Seoul central hospital”
“wow..i never imagine we have come this far… ”
“Heemmm…” they both smiled.
“By the way who took you here?”
“I come with Hyora but she went to the book store. How about you?”
“Kyuhyun” They both looked each other.
“Do you remember something?”
“Yeah I guess so…” their smiles grow wider.

“Ya! Should we be in-law?” Yoon ji said to her best friend, Seo Yoo.
“I think that will be nice hahaha…if you have a daughter or son at the same age just call me soon okay”
“Arasseo, aigoo…so we have to make babies at the same year, otte??”
“Hmm..joha…” Seo yoo agreed. They laughed together.
“Ah…I will be so happy if we grow old together like this”
“Me too. Thank you for being my friend Yoon ji~ya…”
“Aniya..its me who should be thanked to you” they grow old together since they were in the kindergarten.
“Ya!! Promise me to give me a call about what we were talking about just now,”
“I promise you Yoon ji~ya…”
“Seo yoo~ya…aish~ saranghae..” yoon ji hugged seo yoo.
“But, are going to marry them?” Yoon ji pointed at the two guys who buy drinks for them nearby.
“Molla…but actually Byeong hee had already proposed me…” Seo yoo showed yoon ji the ring.
“MWOOOOOOOOOO!!! Are you crazy??why don’t you tell me earlier??” she amazed of the ring.
“Wow!!byeong hee is really fast, I wonder when will seung ho proposed me. Aish! Jinjja, he is so slow”
“Be patient, honey… he will”
“Ya!! Do you talk about us??” said byeong hee who come over with Seung ho while bringing the drinks
“Bimilya…” said Seo yoo
Flashback end

“Kyuhyun, my son. He is really cold to girls. But I really thankfull, in that way it means he will be hyora’s hhahaha…” Yoon ji said as she driank her tea.
“My daughter, just falling in love. So before she get deeper feeling to that boy, we should reveal our promise.”
“I agree with ya…its about our time. I wonder they remember each other. They both are together in their kindergarten.”
“I don’t think they remember. Hyora never mention about kyuhyun.”
“But, do you remember we used to take their picture when they were playing together?”
“Yes I do, what is it?”
“some photos are missing”
“really? Maybe you forgot where you put it”
“I totally remember them. Molla…”
“Hey, lets go to the ddokboki place”
“Ah~ I just wanna say that too, kajaaa…”


After taking my omma to her friend, I was heading to the book store. I searched some books for a while, until my cell phone rang. I picked it up and see the ‘YOU’VE GOT MAIL’ sign on the screen. I opened it automatically. It read from Young In, im so excited to see it.
To: Kim Hyo Ra
Ya!! It was you who miss me right?? Come on admit it hyora~ya….
Im really good here. How bout you?? ok ok, I admit that I miss you this much, I miss to kick your ass buddy!! Hahaha…
Mwo??you fainted? You met that crazy guy?you fall in love??what on earth???
That was exactly what im tryin to say to you, just lost your weight a little dear….kidding baby, don’t curve your mouth now. (she really knows me well, even when I curved my mouth when I red her email, but I laughed finally haha..)
Just ignore him hyo… don’t be so bothered with him.
Ya!! You are falling in love?? Im so happy to her that, I just wish you just stayed away from my prince in Super junior Donghae and Siwon oppa. You must introduce him to me ara??!!
Im so sleep right now, reply me soon girl…annyeonggg!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I giggle when I read her email. And now im ready to reply her.
To: Lee Young In (
Aish!! So confident!!! Ya!! Im not that fat……!!!!!!!!!
Neon jeongmal!!!! I’ll get rid of him right away, but we are on the same class. So I meet him everyday T_T he almost killed me you know? Such a rude boy… he almost killed me with his motorcycle. He didn’t even say sorry to me. Ya!! If you are here now, I would be very happy to introduce you to Woo young Oppa immediately ^^
That’s all In~ah…let me finish my book hunting annyeong..bogoshipposseo!!!

After replying email from Young In, I continued my book hunting. Then when I’d already paid the book, I went out from there and continued to go home without any bad feeling…..


Kyuhyun POV
I parked my car in a district which I don’t know where is it. I cant let my view to my cell phone, waiting for my omma to reply my message. Im still confused should I wait of what?
The sound of my cell!!
From : Omma
Where r u?? this is the address 15 hyoja ro, jong no gu, palli!!

“Aish!! Omma jinjja….where is it…” I started to walk searchin this house. “Gosh! There is no body who can help me. My whole body sniff sniff…” I smell myself; it still wet cause of my sweat. I just came back from my football practice with the kids.
In the middle of searching the address, suddenly I heard a car, I thought it was the right time to ask where the hell of this address. I step up from the car and stop the car.
End of Kyuhyun POV
I saw someone stop in front of Mr. Choi’s house. Hmm…maybe he is his guest. As I get closer to him, I widen my eyes because HE IS CHO KYUHYUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNN….. What is he doing there? Aish!!jinjja!!! why do we have to meet here??!! I pretended not to see him. I gassed my car faster, but…ya ya ya…!!! I stopped suddenly as he spread his arms asking me to stop, he was getting closer and knocked my car’s window, which I forget to close.
“Excuse me….” He said. I couldn’t hel my self to shout at him.
“ya!! Neo mwohae???” I shouted.
“Eo!! Neo!!” he seemed surprised too.
“Are you stalking me??ya!! isn’t it enough you ruin my life at school??” I put off my hat.
“ya!!what are you talking about?? Don’t be so confident miss… it was you who following me right? How do you get here??”
Both of us are arguing in front of my house then. Because no body wants to lose we raised our voice and the result is that our mothers came out from my house.
“KYUHYUN~AH” They shouted our name at the same time. We surprised and we also did the same thing.
“OMMA!!!” we shouted together.
“So, it was both of you who argue here” My mom said.
“Mianhae omma, I just meet this crazy boy I told you” I defended my self.
“So, You both know each other?”
“Omma, lets go home” said him.
“Is this your son, Yoon Ji?” My mom asked. His omma nodded.
“You must be kyuhyun right??aigoo…really handsome, just like Seung ho. Come on in son…” my mom dragged Kyuhyun to our home. Kyuhyun and I were shock and I dropped my jaws seeing this scene.
“Omma!!! What the hell??he is my enemy!!”
“Mworago??!! This is my best friend’s son. Ya!! Come on in hyora”
“Shiroo…there is him” I pointed to Kyuhyun. His mom giggled seeing me.
“Hyora~ya…lets go inside first” His mom dragged me to go inside.
We glared each other, but we obeyed our moms. I passed the living room uncomfortabely, it was all because of that moron, Cho Kyuhyun.
“Ya!! Where are you going?? Come here first.” Said my omma. “I will introduce you to my old friend” She grabbed my hand. “Greet them first”
“Chuisonghaeyo, ahjumma” I shook Kyuhyun’s Omma with the fake smile.
“So this is hyora the princess, right? She is just like you Seo Yoo” she complimented me.
“Gomawoyo, ahjumma” I smiled happily to hear this, my mood suddenly rise. “But, Im sorry, I have to go” I said.
“You haven’t shaken your hand with Kyuhyun” my mom warned.
“Should I?” I said in mind. But looking at my omma’s staring I finally give my hand to him. But he crossed his arms, refusing shaking his hand. Aish!! This idiot!! Jinjja make me crazy.
“Cho Kyuhun!!! You must welcome her hand!!” his mom forced him to shake my hand. He stared at his mom, and the same stare as my mom appeared in her beautiful face. Kyuhyun’s Omma is really pretty. He finally welcomed my hand and shook it hard. We both smiled mocking to each other.
“Hyora~ya…call me omunim from now on” said Kyuhyun’s omma to me.
“Kyuhyun~ah…neo do call me omunim araji??”
“What does it mean??” Kyuhyun and I asked altogether.

chapter 2 /chapter 1 / forewords

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