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I screamed as the meeting end.

“Kyuhyun~ah she is your future wife” said his mom.
“Hyora~ya he is your future husband” said my omma. My world spinning around as I digest their words.
So, these mothers had already made a promise to their children’s wedlock.
“We already promised to each other that our children will be married”
“Shiroo omma!! Ige mwoyeyo??!! Your promise is not my business, why it should be me?? Why isn’t kangin oppa??”
“ya!! Kangin is boy, I can’t married him to kyuhyun or with his sister who is still in the 3rd grade?”
“Of course you can omma!! He may pretend to be a transgender” I answer
“Mworago!!!!! What the hell is that with transgender??!!What are you saying?why are you dragging me??” Kangin Oppa who is innocent joins in.
“Gwenchanha oppa…it suits you well”
“Ya!!This kid is really too much” Kangin Oppa shook his head.
“I don’t care omma!! You should cancel this wedlock” I really annoyed with our mother’s decision. I slammed my room’s door. I can be crazy with this stuff. I really mad with Kyuhyun, with my mom too.
“waekure??” Appa just came home from hospital.
“Yeobo…do you remember Yoonji?? She is now in seoul with seungho and their kids”
“Yes, I do. what is the relation with hyora??”
“There is a little problem…” Omma told appa about what happened.
“Oh my God!! So that is your secret with yoon ji??”

At my room
I wrote an email for Young In

Young in~ah…..
My mom is really mean to me….she set a wedlock for me and that kyuhyun jerk!! I cant accept that they set me with him since we were in their belly. His mom is my omma’s high school friend. Ottokhae??im in love with woo young oppa too.

I spent this night with crying until I fell asleep.


The next morning, I woke up with my swollen eyes. I went in my bathroom, I saw the clock still showed at 6 oclock. I looked at the mirror and scream,
“Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my eyes!!!”
Kangin went to the bathroom where I was in,
“What happen??” he said.
“Look at my eyes!!!”
“aish!! You just making me worry hyora!!”
“Ottokhae??” I begged his suggestion.
“You must cry all night. Gwenchanha, just take shower. I’ll get you some eyes to reduce the swollen”
“ehmmm…oppa,” I held his hand.
“Is omma angry to me?”
“Aniya, she just feeling a little guilty to you, but she still want kyuhyun to be our in law.”
“you looked really hate him”
“He ruined my life, that dork!! He is disaster to me jinjja. Arrogant and annoying”
“Just ignore it, you can decided later, now your job is to study, arasseo?” he ruined my hair, I blinked mu eyes and smile.
“Gomawo oppa…” I hugged him.

I will tell my feeling to omma before I go to school (after my eyes get better of course).
“Omma…” I called her.
“Aigoo…uri yeppeun ddal…anja anja…” she holed my hand and dragged me to the chair. “I made ommelette for you honey…” she is weird with these kinds of stuff.
“Omma, I will tell you something”
“Its up tp you omma!! If you set me with that kyuhyun jerk. The important thing I don’t care with him. Just wait and see I can get a better man than him. I will not love him and never be in love with him.” I escaped after I said all of them. My omma can only be silent to hear me.

“What’s up hyora??” Taeyeon asked me, as she saw my gloomy face this morning.
“what’s wrong with your eyes?” its Sora’s turn to asked
“Is there someone hurting you?” Jae lin joined us. I shook my head and put it in my desk. My memory went back to yesterday, the tears flew again. When it flows, Sungje and that moron entered the class. Both of us crushed our eyes. I wiped my tears away. Jaelin caught my act.
“Are you fighting again with kyuhyun?”
“Aniya…” I put my fake smile.
“Ya!! If you need anything just call us ok?” Sora tapped my back.
“Jinjja gwenchanha? Or do you want us to take you to Miss Dara?” I shook my head again.
The bell suddenly rang and we go back to our activity.
I don’t give a damn with the lesoon today. I stared at the window all the time. I just can think is my unclear future destiny.
“Im going crazy if I live with that dork, moron, idiot Kyuhyun. Please help me GOD!!!” I prayed. I breath in and breath out heavily. I saw my watch and 5 more minutes will be breaking time, I decided to go from the class. I raised my hand,
“Saem, can I go to the toilet?”
“Sure” I ran right away from the class.
“Thank you saem”
I really go crazy if I took a long time in the same class with him. It was only my reason to go to toilet; I actually go to the school roof. I wanna throw away my burden. I closed my eyes as I laid my body facing the sky, my tears came out again without I realize.
I didn’t know that someone was following me, he looked at me, take a deep breath and released it. He can’t do anything too.


I face my notebook, took a deep breath and started to type an email for Young In. This became my habit to take a deep breath if I had hard problem. I check my email but there still no reply from her for my last email but I decided to write her one again.

I really wish you could be here, In~ah…
Im so confused, this stuff is really too much and hard for me. Im so depressed, this is my future my life and death matter. I wish I could die now….

I clicked the send button, I felt spiritless, I lay my head on the table.

On the other side, kyuhyun also felt the same like me. Sungje observed both of us and finally asked to answer his curiousity.
Kyuhyun POV
“Why are you so gloomy? Seems you don’t like this city so much” Sungje asked me,
“Aishh!!” I ruined my hair
“Let me help you boy” Sungje ruined my hair again.
“Marhaebwa kyuhyun~ah who knows I can help you again kkkk”
“I don’t believe it, my Omma set me up with the girl who is really annoying”
“Mwo!!! Your mom set you up with a girl??”
“Yup, and that girl would be her the snaily one ”
“Do you mean Hyora??” Sungje answered as he saw my point finger.
“Who else?”
“Wow!! What a coincidents”
“Yeah right, my unlucky coincidents”
“Ya! Watch out buddy, maybe this is the God’s way to make you both cooling down. I thought only us who get bored with your attitude, hahaha…God also feels the same”
“This is about my future, ah..jongmal!!”
“Just let it flow, everything has it own way…calm down man!” Sungje tapped my shoulder.
Its not like that, I wanted to marry my past love. I don’t want her to replace her place in my heart. I still can’t find her. Why didn’t I remember her name? its all because we must moved as soon as possible when I was in the kindergarten. I should have to say goodbye at that time. I regretted it my self. But I promise, since I come back to this town I will find her and bring her to my parents. Just wait and see omma, appa.


8 P.M. USA
Young In felt so lazy to see her algebra book. But her concentration is always for Hyora. There was a strange feeling about her. She then opened her notebook and find that she had two emails from her best friend.
“MWO!! WEDLOCK!!! I think I should go back to Korea immidiately”


Since the wedlock, its been a month the class was really silent. It’s because We never had a single fight again. Now we never say anything to each other. But this atmosphere made our classmate felt strange.
“Hyora, its been a long time you don’t have fight with Kyuhyun. Its usually really fun at all. We usually made a bet who’s the winning” Sora asked me one day when we changed for our PE lesson. Taeyeon and Jaelin also agreed with that.
“You are right Sora. Do you have a problem with him?” Taeyeon asked.
“He’s the one who has problems with me.”
“Do you fight in your heart? Or do you have a special relation??you both habit now only take a glance and looking each other with the strange way”
“Yeah right, as his wish. I would never do that.”
“Do you hate him that much?”
“Kyuhyun is not bad, he’s handsome” Jaelin said as we moved on to the field.
“Yeah…I heard a rumor that he had a fanclub here”
“Yup, I heard that too, wonder, he is good at everything. At sport, at the lesson and he is cool too. Our girl sunbenims are really exited with him”
“Keunde, among the girls I prefer to see you both when you both fight. Hahaha..”
“What did you say? He is handsome, but he is really arrogant and irritating my life especially. I hate him the most. I wish I could send him to hell” My friends were laughing when I swore at him.
“Ya! Don’t hate people that much. My omma said you could have love at that person as much as you hate her” Sora said
“Yeah right” I rolled my eyes
“ya ya ya! That’s Kyuhyun” Taeyeon pointed.
“I don’t care”
Now we only communicate with our synitical stare. Kyuhyun just passed us by.
“Hahahah…I can feel his coldness, Just like a refrigerator kkkk” Jaelin said. But then Kyuhyun stopped his steps and turnd his body around.
“Listen up Kim Hyora, I will accept that wedlock but that is only for my mom’s shake. If we get married, we should end it as fast as possible too in other words we have to divorce right away.” He said that infront of me and in front of my friends. What is he thinking?!! He is totally crazy, idiot and stupid at once. I could feel my cheek hot and red because of his words. I really mad and embrassing. What an embrassing moment is that. My girls widen their eyes and their jaws almost dropped. They were too shock hearing what just Kyuhyun said to me.
“Is it deals?” he gave me his hand.
“What deal?!!” I yelled at him. “You are really idiot Cho KYUhyun!!!! I would never ever wish to be set with you!!! I will never marry you jerk!!!!You are…you are…..” I can’t continue my words.. My yelling made attention to my class.
“It’s easy Kim Hyora. You just have to shake my hand” He reached my hand and made it shook his hands
My right hand automatically raised and “Paaakk” I slapped his cheek. The tears that I hold for three months finally go out from my eyes. I ran away after that, my heart is really hurt. Just like someone has been stabbed me over and over.
“Ya!! Neo micyeosso!!” Sora yelled at Kyuhyun.
“So, you are that idiot!! She’s right” Taeyeon commented.
“Ya! Are you serious??You are set with Hyora??” Jaelin asked.
“Jaelin~ah!!!!!!!!” taeyeon and Sora yelled at Jaelin.
“Girls…” Kyuhyun shook his head.
Sora, Taeyeon and Jaelin tried to find me but I can keep my self in an unknown place. They got back and thought that I need sometimes to think. So, they are back to the class.

“Young in~ah… he is really mean to me…I hate him, really…ottokhaji??Where are you now?? I need you now…” I said as I cried a lot, I hit my own chest. Whay is it so hurt when he said that?
I hid where no one could find me.
“Huaaaaaaaaa…hiks hiks….Young In~ah…” I keep calling her name, coz I really can’t stand it anymore. I thought I had been here during the PE class. The bell rang and it’s the time for changing subject. Suddenlly I stop my crying, and realized I still wore this PE uniform. Omo!!its Mr.Lee’s class isn’t it?? Mr. Lee is the killer mathematic teacher, I we don’t attended his class we’ll be so dead. I stopped my crying then ran away to the rest room. I didn’t want anybody caught me crying so I washed my face. I went back to my class hurriedly now.

Kyuhyun POV
“Where is hyora?” I asked Taeyeon, after they were back from their searching.
“Molla…aish!! Ya! It’s because of you Kyuhyun ~ah…”
“Ara ara…its all because of me. Don’t nag at me Kim Taeyeon, Ive already known what you wanna say. Just listen up, don’t mess up my and that Hyora’s problems, arasseo?” I went back to my seat. It’s just irritating to know that they blame me all the time. I was also the one who get dizzy because of our mothers.
“Where do ya come from?” Sungje asked me, He had been searching me since im gone for a while.
“Just from Kim taeyeon”
“did you see Kim Hyora by any chance?” I asked him again without even really care with his ‘mwo?’
“Ani…ah~ I just knew that Hyora is not around” he turned his head to find Hyora.
“Ya!! What on earth you suddenly looked for her?”
“Hahaha…it is ok if you have the reasons…kkk” he teased me. I kicked his ass as the punishment.
Honestly my heart felt guilty to make Hyora cry , am I that mean to her? ‘Aniya…you are fine you don’t like her right? Make her hate you too so you both couldn’t be together’ My evil side said but the angel side said ‘ya!why didn’t you ignore this feeling?you know your eveil side always make his lie, he is lying now, you must believe me, she is not like what you’re thinking’
I shook my head hard and ‘PUFF’ the evil and angel both were gone. Aish!!
We finished our PE class but Hyora still had not come back. Where is she now? Ahhh~ what is wrong with me??why am I so worry like this?
I changed into my uniform we know that after this we had Mr. Lee’s lesson so we must be ready as soon as possible. He doesn’t like it when there is one student come late. Our class had been ready, I turned my eyes to Hyora’s seat and looked at the empty seat. Where is she now? Doesn’t she know what class is it?
The door of our class suddenly opened and I saw that it wasn’t Mr. Lee but Miss Park.
“Annyeong yedeuraaaaaaaa….. good morning….” She greeted us cheerfully as usual.
“Good morning mam….”
“I have two good news for you hohohoho…”
“Mwondeyo saem?” Nam woo hyun asked her.
“Today Mr. Lee is sick!!”
“Yeeee…” some students yelled happily. Fiuhhh…I also released my breath, it means Hyora will be save. Eo? what did I say?
“But you have an assignment to do, do the exercise on your text book page 90 and when you have finished submit them in Mr. Lee’s desk at the teacher office algesseo?”
“Ne~ saem…” we answered her.
“Then what is the other good news saem?” Park Boram raised her hand.
“Ah~ thank you for reminding me guys get a new friend”
“Jinjjayo saem??waaa….”
“Is it a girl or a boy??” Jongki asked excitedly
“Lucky you boys..”
“Waaaaaa….yeojanikka that’s cool” all the class were really crowded of the boys’ voice.
“Aish!!” the girls felt unhappy because it’s a girl, they expected to be a boy.
“Hey…!!!!calm down guys.. I’ll call her now….”
“Woo hoooooooo…..” the class are more crowded that before, because almost all the boys’ voice are getting louder and louder, except kyuhyunie of course, Sungje was also excited with this, its because he is still a single. I laughed looking at him shouted like that.
“Come in please….” Miss Park said.
Then she came in to the class. The boys were going crazy.
“Introduce yourself please….”
End of Kyuhyun POV

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