Author POV
“Introduce yourself please…” Miss Park asked her to introduce herself. She smiled very wide and started to open her mouth.
“Kamsahamnida saem. Annyeong haseyo….my name is….”
Hyora’s POV
I ran as fast as possible to reach my class before Mr. Lee but I could hear noises came from my classroom. Gosh!! Im so dead!! He is there. What am I going to do?? I turn to my class with my head down I didn’t dare to look at Mr. lee’s face.
“Chuisonghaeyo, Lee sonsaengnim….hh..hh…. I … I ….come…hh hh…from…..the hh hh library…hh hh….” I said while managing my breath. My eyes were still red. My sweats were out from whole of my body. Damn!! I haven’t changed my uniform. I feel so mess now.
“Hyora~ya….” She called me. SHE??SHE??looked like im going crazy because of Young In but Im sure it is her voice. I lift my head and got her in front of me. I still couldn’t believe, I cleared my eyes, pinched my arms and slapped my own cheek, anyway I did everything to make myself wasn’t dream. I assured myself that she is for real.
“Auuuu…” I hurt myself.
“So it wasn’t dream?? IN~AAAAAAAAAHHHHH…bogoshipeooooooooooooo…!!!” I looked at my classmates, who now looked at me with a lot of questions left in their head thinking that I must be crazy this way, I shouted her name and hugged her right away.
“ya! We’re in the class right now, aren’t you embarrassed??” I looked at them again
“I don’t careeeeeeeeeeee!!!” my classmates opened their mouth. They looked so silly.
“Ehem ehem..” Miss park coughed a little to make us get back to reality.
“Eo??Dara saem….you are here” I just realized.
“Im here all the time Hyora…” she answered.
“Ah..mianhaeyo saem”
“Where do you come from?? Seemed like someone punished you run the field for 100 times”
“Ahahaahha…” I laughed awkwardly.
“Get back to your seat Hyora~ya…you disturb her introducing” Sulong interrupted.
“Yeahh….Ong was right!!” the other boys make me so silly.
“Arasseo…mian” I said
“Go get change first, you may go to the changing room” Dara saem said.
“kamsahaeyo saem…” I bow, “Is it really you young In??” I slapped her cheek too a little hard this time.
“ya!apeo!” She rubbed her cheek.
“Ah~ it really you kkkk….Talk to you later Youuuuuuung” I said to Young in.
“Aigoo…you are totally embarrassed me Hyo~”
As I left Young in introduced herself.
“Annyeong haseyo…my name is Lee Young In, I just transferred from USA. Hope we’ll be good friends gomawo…” She said that sweetly while bowing.
“wwwooooo,,,,” what crazy boys they are.
“You may sit over there” Dara saem pointed an empty seat.
“Thank you saem”
“Don’t forget to submit your assignment araji??”
“Neeee~” As Dara saem left, all the boys get closer to her. Young In is pretty, smart, humble and friendly too, so she can make a friends as fast as possible.
I came back for a little while and I had worn my uniform too. And my friends were shocking me, they just wrapped Young in up until I cant see her again.
“ya!ya!ya! move out….” I tapped all my friends’ backs.
“Ya!! Mwohae….???” Ong shouted.
“Listen up all of you, she is my best friend…I have to investigate her first before you.”
Young In giggled hearing my words.
“You guys please investigate her later algenya??” I said while dragging her out.
“You cant do that Hyora~ya…” Kim Sungje complained
“yeah…” the other complain keep coming but I don’t care.
“I must save you In~ah…kaja…Hey, you guys do your own assignement, I’ll be right back” I said, and they showered me with the “BOO” sound.
“Where are we going?is it okay?” Young In asked me.
“You need to explain me now…” I dragged her.
“But, what about the assignments?”
“Your explanation is more important now. How could you do this to me Lee Young In!!! just shut your mouth now and lets go to the safer place” I dragged her to the girls’ rest room. Young In loved my expression. She knew this will happen, she knows me more than I am my self. I opened the door and we went in. I faced her with crossed arms.
“Lee Young In the frog *Our nickname* now explain to me!!!!”
“Explain what?” She teased me with her secret smile.
“Why are you here? Are you on your holiday? Aish!jinjja you almost make me faint again”
“Hahahahhahaa” she was really happy seeing my curiousity.
“”Ya!! Stop it…are you crazy or what? Are still on a jetleg??or did you forget to take your crazy pills again?” I shook her head.
“Huahahahhaha Hyo hyo…why do you still keep your innocent?” she laughed louder than before.
“Arasseo arasseo….i’ll explain you, calm down hyo…Im not on my holiday,I want to be in this school. And im your classmate, pangabda chinguya~ hahahah”
“MWOOOOOO???!!! Seriously….” I stared at her, curved my forehead. She stared me back.
“its me for real Hyora~ya…Im here to safe you, I know you cant live without me right? I went back to Korea just for you”
“What about your parents?”
“I said I have amnesia and I escaped here”
“Ya!! Kotjimal!!!” I widened my eyes, this chick is really out of my mind. She smile widely.

“Appa…Omma, pleaseeeeee…. I promise I’ll be alright with halmoni and harabuji, you know I am an independent girl I know how to take care myself”
“But, honey…”
“I don’t have any friends here, it make me sick I really love to live in Korea, and I also want to spend some times with harabuji and halmoni, please say yes appa….please…I promise I’ll be back at my holiday. Plus, your duty here for only 3 years right?i’ll be fine for the next 3 years”
“Okay, but you have to promise us to eat well and be healthy there, You must take care of your granparents” Young In’s Appa finally said.
“kamsahamnida Appa….omma!! I’ll be alright kkokjonghajimaseyo….”
“That simple…hahaha” Young in thought.

“I know I’ve been a fool for you but…gomawooooo…” I hugged her, my heart felt so warm. Young in tapped my back.
“Geumanhae…hyo…I wanted to cry too if you do this”
“Don’t make me say this…but nan jeongmal bogoshipda…”
“ya! I left you for only 3 months and you have already missed me??haha…what if I left you for 3 years?”
“Im going to dieeeeeee….i’m going to chase you In~ah..” I imitated a zombie.
“Hahahha…” I laughed a lot it felt really nice and relieve.
“I miss you too Hyo”
“Buhahhahaha…u\you finally say that. Wae? You don’t have any pretty friend like me there, huh?” I teased her.
“Aniya…it just because I don’t have anyone whom I can hit” young In hit my butt.
“Ya!!watch out girl you will totally dead here!!” I hit her butt too.
“Im happy to be here my best friend” She said.
“Na do…” we smiled each other, I forgot about Kyuhyun a while until she rose about him again.
“Jamkkan…I wanna ask you something Hyo..”
“Mwonde?” reply me as I tidy up my skirt.
“Where do you come from before you did an embarrassed moment like when I just wanted to introduce myself? You looked awful and did you just cry or what?”
“Ah~ I just remember that, Cho Kyuhyun the person who will be my future husband was messing up with me again. His mouth is just really louse, and it hurt me that bad so I end up crying”
“What did he say?”
“He said like this, ‘Listen up Kim Hyora, I will accept that wedlock but that is only for my mom’s shake. If we get married, we should end it as fast as possible too in other words we have to divorce right away’ What is he thinking? he thought that I will fall for him? I hate him too instead because of his mouth” I imitate him well.
“Jinjja?he said that? Tsk tsk…so, what are you going to do?”
“I cant even answered him, coz my heart felt really hurt. And I ran away after that, I’m too shy to cry in front of my mates especially in front of him. It was him who announces that in front of our class before PE class, what a crazy boy he is. And now the whole class knows that we are set up. He is realy moron. In fact I’m so lazy to talk with him since we met at my place. Now he is the one who messed up with me”
“Perhaps he wanted you to pay attention on him”
“What attention?”
“So what should we call that?he suddenly wanted to make troubles with you, while you don’t want to fight with him. Or perhaps he has a little crush on you”
“M-m –mwo?? Mworago??crush?? you are really weird, he said that he doesn’t like me, where is the ‘crush’ part?”
“Hate hate you but I love you love love you but I hate you” She started to sing 2AM ‘love you hate you’ song.
“Ya!neo!! Don’t sing!!! If you still have jetlag on you don’t come over to school”
“That is boy, they don’t admit it when it comes to get attention from girls. Or he get bored coz only you could make him that way”
“Molla…don’t say useless words”
“Don’t stutter like that hyo… I know your feeling too huhuhuhu…”
“I don’t stutter” I started make my face red. “Enough!!lets get back to class, we should do our assignment”
“Why are you that hurry?”She is really smart at teasing me.

“So, where is Cho Kyuhun, your future hubby? ” Young In asked me after she had finished her assignment in 15 minutes and I still do that in my 20 minutes.
“Just find the ugliest one” I answered without even care. Young In checked all of the students’ faces, fortunately in our class no one is ugly.
“Don’t daydreaming honey, nobody is ugly here. You must be happy coz all the boys are cool and cute here”
“You are really bad at seeing the bad face guy, aren’t you?the one who sat beside my table, that’s him.” I pointed him.
“Are you kidding me?he is the coolest among all Hyora…you must be lucky to have him. You will make a lot of girls envy you.”
“Yeah right, Lee young In” I rolled my eyes
“You should wear horse glasses I think”
“The kindest guy in the world are my appa and Woo young Oppa kkkkk” I looked at the ceiling. Imagined of Woo young oppa.
“Hmmm..arasseo you are just madly in love with your woo young oppa”
“Finish!!!” I clapped my hand. “I’ll introduce you to my girls here kaja…”
“Im so relieve that you are here. I stressed recently, I was so confused. But now that you are here, im so spiritfull to deal with him.” I punched my fist on the air.
“That’s great, I’ll be there ” she started singin again jinnja…but this time she change I’ll be back with I’ll be there. Such a crazy girl.
“My gosh!! Mworago?? Ohh…its touching me Young In…”
“Oopss..what did I say just now?? it makes me wanna puke..”
“Hahahaha” Well, we always mock each other but that is how we showed our love.

6 thoughts on “THE WEDLOCK CHAPTER 5

  1. Ahhh it’s true.. Young In~~~~~ kkkkkkkkkkkk
    Apa ini???? Mencium benih2 cinta (?) adwaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Kyu-ah~~~~ udah deh c hyora ma sungje aja.. ahahahhaha
    ni perasaan yg jadi cast kesukaan authornya semua?? *lirik2 esa* 😀

    • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk….emang iyahhh hahahhaa kn biar asoy bacanya cast kesukaanku semua hehehe….
      onnie benih2 cinta ituh antara aku (hyora) dan kyu ajahhh onnie pergi jauh jauhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..

  2. Akhirnya Young In kembali ke korea dan menemani Hyora lagi, saking kesenangan Hyora lupa bahwa tadi ia melepas rindu dgn Young In di depan kelas saat Young In ingin memperkenalkan diri.. Apakah Young In nantinya akan membantu kelangsungan hubungan Kyu oppa dan Hyora.. Atau jangan2 Young In itu cinta pertamanya Kyu oppa.. Hopefully Kyu oppa akan bersama Hyora

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