“Omma, do you have plan this weekend?” I asked my mom

“Hmm…I don’t think so, wae?are you still angry with me?” she asked me back.

“No, I’m not but I have condition”

“You don’t want to be on the wedlock with Kyuhyunie, do you?” Omma suddenly changed her facial expression into

gloomy. I couldn’t stand it anymore; I remember what kyuhyun said at school that he would agree with the wedlock for

his beloved mom’s sake. He can do that, so why cant I? I cant lose from him. Well, if we don’t suit each other, we can

get divorce right?

“Arasseo omma (I understand mom)…it’s just for you I agree with this wedlock with that moron”

“Jeongmal??(really?)jinjja?? aigoooo…uri yeppeun ddal (my beautiful daughter)….”

“Yeah right, im your only daughter so im the prettiest one omma. If you call Kangin Oppa by that he must be mad”

“Aigooo…yeppeun ddal…saranghae…” Omma hugged me tightly, she was really happy with my decision. It means her plan

and Kyuhyun’s mom is totally succed. They planned to act gloomy and crying to make this wedlock happened.

“Ah~ so what about this weekend?” She loose her hug and looked at me.

“I forgot to continue, it was all because of that moron”

“Ya!! He is your future hubby”

“Its really disgusting to hear that omma.” I got goosebump. “Young In, omma…young in came back to Korea, she is now

at the same class as me”

“Eo?? She just went off last semester right?”

“Yup, but she came back for me kkkkkk”

“Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

“Teenagers’ secret Mom!!!”

“Arasseo, then?”

“I want to invite her to dinner this weekend. You, appa, Kangin Oppa should attend Okay? And I want you to cook the

most delicious food.. I promise I will help you to prepare it”

“Deal, for my lovely daughter. What do you want to eat?”

“Up to you Omma”


“Yoon ji~ya, Naya Seoyoo(yoonji!!its me seoyoo)”

“Oh hi!! How is it?”

“Its really easy she gave up on her own. What about your son?”

“daebak!! (great)Na do (me too), kyuhyunie also gave up last night after I acted crying”

“Waaa…cool…our acting class was useful indeed.”

“We are in-law now hahaha” Yoonji was really glad.

“Hey, do you have any plan this weekend?”

“No, I guess. My nampyeon is free too.”

“That is good. Hyora will invite her best friend dinner. I wanna invite you too and your family, how’s that sound?”

“That would be nice, in fact Seung ho and Byeong hee haven’t met yet too. Is it okay with Hyora?Kyuhyun said that they

have a fight at school…hope they can get along”

“calm down, gwenchanha….”

“Algesseo(i understand)… just tell me the time then”

“Okay, I’ll call you as soon as possible. I have to go, hyora will be right back”



Since Young In came, my spirit back. Im happy to go to school, spiritful to study, and the most important was that Im so

spiritful to deal with that moron Cho Kyuhyun. I wont give up on him. Finally its weekend!!! Im so excited to have this

dinner, I called Young In, I want to surprise her.


“Wae?” she said without looking at me coz she was busy reading the Algebra book.

“Are you free tonight?”

“Hmm..i guess so, what’s up?”

“I invite you to my house. I make a special dinner for you. How is it?”

“Is it for free? Should I pay?”

“Ya! Do you think my house is a restaurant? sure, you should pay me 1 million won then for only stepping into my house”

“Just kidding babe, no need to be angry kkkkk I just teased you”

“It is really Lee Young In” I shook my head. We sat on the bench, enjoying the students’ traffic.

“Ya ya ya….that’s woo young oppa, let me introduce you to him” I dragged her up.

“Oppa…!!” I shouted. Woo young oppa turned his head. He was with Junho oppa

“Hi!” he greeted us.

“Where do you wanna go?”

“We’re going to canteen. You are really happy.”

“Yup, wanna come?” Junho oppa asked

“thank you for the offer but we’re okay. Sure oppa, I must be happy. I want to introduce you to my friend, Young In this

is Wooyoung oppa and junho oppa, and oppadeul this is my best friend Young In”


“Young in”

“Im wooyoung”


“Nice to meet you sunbaenim” Young In bow.

“I know you, you are the transferred student” junho said

“Yes, sunbe”

“In~ah, this is woo young oppa”


“Did you tell her something?is it the bad one?” woo young suspicious.

“Aniya sunbae, calm down”

“Right, hyora~ya can I get your number?”

“Let me oppa” I asked his cell phone and started to enter my phone number.

“Gomawo, I’ll call you later then…”


I still stared at his shadow, I really madly in love with this guy.

“I told you he is really handsome right?” I said

“Hmmm…” Young in answered. Actually she wasn’t really excited with woo young. She felt something wrong with him. But

she didn’t want to ruin her happy best friend.

“Now, what will we do?” she asked me,

“Hmmm, I have a good idea” then I grabbed her hand. I have a mission that I want to do such a long time since Young in

had been here. We went to the class where Kyuhyun and the other boys were there. I encourage myself, take a deep

breath. Young in still confused,

I stopped in front of him. And shouted,

“Ya!! Dork!!” The other felt surprised; Sulong and Sungje touched their chest.

“Here we go” Woo hyun wishpered, then the others gathered to see us.

“Wae??!!!” Kyuhyun shouted at me too.

“Listen to me carefully..i wont be scared of you again.. I won’t cry for you again if you scold me. Just wait and see, if you

wanna divorce lets divorce… I don’t even have a willing to marry you anyway. I said yes to my mom so she can be

happy! Watch it dork! Lets go Young In..” Kyuhyun cant answered me, he’s just silent as I walked by.

Kyuhyun POV

All I can do is silent, can’t do anything. My heart suddenly stopped for a second, why does it feel a little hurt. My heart

only for ichigo, not for her, why God why? I asked myself.

The silent were broken when our entire classmate made a sound.

“WOOOOAAAA……” they just looked like a group of choir.

“Ya!! You didn’t fight her?” Choi Minho shakes my shoulder.

“unbelievableeeee….*imitate Kang hodong* ” They started to make a chorus again.

“Huahahhahaahaha….” They still didn’t believe what just happened to me.

“You usually dont wanna lose from her” Woohyun commented

“Weire??(what’s wrong?)” Sungje widened his eyes.

“ya! Pay me your lunch!!” seongyeol smiled widely to Dongwoon.

“Aihssh!! Kyuhyun~ah…I lost my bet because of youuuuu…” he blamed me.

“I don’t care of what that snaily girl said” I replied all of them.

“But, I heard she said about divorce was that true? Have you married? So you both fight each other as a married couple?I

thought it was a joking” Sulong wanted a confirmation.

“That’s right…why didn’t you invite us? I also thought that it was gossip from our friends. isn’t it a fake?” Seongyeol asked


“Dwesseo…!!(enough!!) Just ignore what that idiot said!!” I really angry.

“Cho Kyuhyun! That was rude” Sungje scolded me.

“She made me embarrassed in front of you guys”

“Did you remember what you have done to her yesterday?” sungje reminded me. I shut my self.

End of Kyuhyun POV


“Woo young~ah, what’s your purpose for asking her phone number?” Junho was wondering.

“She is my next target”

“You are really mean to Ara, Hajima!!”

“I wanna double. The other is older and the other is younger. Life is never flat kkkkk” woo young

“Jinjja neo!!”


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  1. *nangis dpojokan* kyuuuuuu~~~~~~
    Ehh wait,,,, are they married already?? *little bit confused* O.o
    Kupikir wooyoung baek, ternyata eh ternyata….
    Eh tapi endingnya tar ma wooyoung jg gpp.. saya ikhlas bgt!!!!!
    LOL XD ahahahhahaa
    Btw sa cma mu usul, jarak antar paragraf agak dilebarin dikit lagi sa, rada pusing bacanya..
    Next chapppp cepetannn yaa……. 😀

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