Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 5

For raising the mood: Infinite-Molla

Next morning she felt so exhausted and sore. He forced her to do that until third round. Oh, no. Maybe it was five rounds.

Is he

crazy? She woke up and looked at her side. Kyuhyun isn’t in their bed. Where did he go? She tried to get up but it felt so

sore at her

lower body. Finally, she can get up. She covered her body with blanket. She collected all her cloth in the floor and placed

at the

clothes basket. She was going to the closet and took her cloth. Then, she move to bathroom. She went into the

bathroom. She gasped

and screamed when she looked Kyuhyun take shower and naked.

“Kya!!”she screamed. Kyuhyun startled and looked back. He stared at her.

“Yah! Are you crazy? Why are you screaming?” He said angrily while his hand rubbed his body.

“I..I..I’ll go out!”She said and run out to their room. Kyuhyun dazed at her act. And then he smiled himself.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

“Kekeke. Is she shy?” He said and humming a song. After a while I’m out from bathroom. I searched her in my room and

find her sleeping with sitting position in the couch. I move closer to her. Now, I can see her angelic face. I smiled and an

idea popped at my mind. I sat and move closer to her face. Then, I breathe at her neck and move my head near her ears.

“Jagiya~ I have finished my shower. Wake up.” I whispered to her. She’s not moving. Jeez.. Is she so tired? Well, I know

it must be tired. But, I was only doing that five times! I started to upset. I smirked look at her lips. Her lips is taste so

sweat and soft. I move closer.. Closer.. And our lips was about 2 inch when she suddenly woke up and her head smack

my head.

“Argh! Yah! Michyeoseo?”I yelled at her and touch my head. She shocked and looked at our position. Yeah. It’s ‘that’

position. Keke.

“Emm.. Sorry Oppa. Are you hurt?”She looked at me.

“Uh.. Do you know that it hurt? Give me kiss in my lips!”I yelled and smirked to her. She looked at me with her eyes

expression ‘what-a-pervert-think’.

“Emm.. Bbbut.. Your head..”She stuttered. I move closer to her.

“C’mon.. Kiss me..”I said.

Seung Rin P.O.V

It’s crazy. Totally crazy. Isn’t he tired from what were we doing last night? I gave him a look ‘perverted think to him’. But,

he moved closer to me. Omo. Omo. He only have a towel wrapped his lower part. Argh.. I must go. I must go. Suddenly, I

took a square off and stand. I bowed to him. Smiled. And then run away to the bathroom. I run as fast as I can. When I

finally reached the door of bathroom I entered. In bathroom I took a peek and saw him laughed crazily. Aish.. It  must be

weird. Uh. I’m gonna take a bath now.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

When I move closer to her, she suddenly get up, bowed at me, and smiled. Then, she ran to the bathroom. What a crazy

girl? Bwuahaha.. Is she so embarrassed or does she like me a lot? Yes, it must be because I’m so handsome. Kekeke. I

stretched my back and going to the closet to take a shirt and jeans. After I finished wearing my cloth, I leave my room

and go down to the dining room.

“Where is Seung Rin?” My mom asked as I walked in the dining room.

“She took a bath. Why?”I said to her and looking for food.

“Jeez.. You must be wild last night, right?”My mom asked curiously to me. I make a O_O expression. Omo! This old hag!

“Wh-why.. Did you hear us?” I stuttered and eat the bread in front of me to decrease my nervousness.

“Ahaha.. You have to know. She screamed too much and her moan is sexy right?”My father suddenly appeared and take a

newspaper in his hand. He sat in the chair and started to read that.

“Jeez.. You such a perverted, dad!” I shouted at him.

“And this is seized to you. Kekeke.” He laughed and my mom laughed too. What an annoyed parents? Argh.. Now, I feel

my face get burned. I think it’s like a tomato now. Very very red. Where is she? Jeez. Why do girls always have long


Author P.O.V

Seung Rin finished her shower. She wore her shirt and jeans. She didn’t want to wear a dress because you know she felt

so sore and she didn’t want Kyuhyun force to do “it” again. She unlocked the bathroom door and look at Kyuhyun’s room.

Nobody’s here. Where is that pervert? She’s thought. Then, she left the room and went downstair because she felt so

hungry right now. She turned into dining room and saw Kyuhyun with his parents were chatting together. She felt little

sad when see that. She hoped that she in his position. Chatting with her parents, laughed together, and eating together.

She comeback from her imagination when Kyuhyun called her name.

“Seung Rin-ah..”Kyuhyun shouted. She move closer to the table and sat beside him.

“Seung Rin-ah you must felt so exhausted and sore after what Kyuhyun doing last night with him, right?”Kyuhyun’s mom

asked her. She felt embarrassed. Her face turned into pink blush. She just nodded and looked down.

“Aigoo.. How cute!” Kyuhyun’s mother said and then pinched her face. She just smiled.

“Eomma! Don’t do that!”I yelled at her.

“Aish.. You’re just jealous to me, right?” Kyuhyun’s mom said.

“Okay.. Stop then. Let’s eat now!”Kyuhyun’s father took his newspaper off and then started to eat. All of them then

started to eat.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

Gosh! She looked cute when she blushed and look down. Omg! I want to hug her right now. Wait? What I want? Jeez. It

must be wrong. I don’t like her, I don’t like her.. We eat silently until my mom opened her mouth. Aish. What is she going

to say?

“Kyuhyun-ah, Seung Rin-ah because you are married now, how about honeymoon?” My mom said softly and look at us. I

widened my eyes and smirked. Bwuahaha… It must be nice to have ‘one night stand’ with her every night. No. I think

morning isn’t bad too. OMG! My pervert side is appeared. Kekeke.

“No! Emm.. I guess we are going busy because tomorrow I have an exam. So I think it’s not good this time.”She said.

Whaaaat!! Did she say that she doesn’t want to go honeymoon with me? She doesn’t want to go with me? A handsome

guy, smart, and gentle man?

“But..”My mom looked sad. “Let them there. I think she’s right.”My father said.

“Okay, then.. Because you two don’t have time to date before married, I will gave you two tickets to amusement park.

You two must go in the weekend after exam. Okay?”She said with full smile.

“Okay… Okay..”I said lazily. Aish.. I don’t want this. Seung Rin.. Wait for my revenge! Kekeke.

“Umm.. Mom, dad we must go now.” She said while stand and then bowed to my parents. I followed her and do that to

my parents. Now, we are going to campus. Argh.. I don’t have good mood this day. Jeez..

Seung Rin P.O.V

After we finished our meal, Kyuhyun and I left the dining room. I stand first and then him. He went to garage and took a

sport car. He led me to the passenger seat and I sat beside him. In our way to campus he is very silent. He didn’t say

anything to me. Is he mad? Or is he bored to me because now I’m not virgin anymore and can’t satisfy him? Wait.. What a

pervert think! Jeez. It must because a ‘tiring night’ last night. Urgh… I shook my head and try to look over and my eyes

fall to his face. Jeez. He has a perfect face. Sharp jaw line, strong bone cheek, bright brown eyes, and adorable smile.

Omo! Why am I looking at him. Seung Rin woke up! You don’t like him.

“Why do you stare at me? Am I that handsome, huh?” He said smirked but still focused at his way.

“Err… No! I’m not looking at you! I looked over the window!”I yelled at him.

“Hmmm.. Is that so? Ah, we arrived.” He said coldly. I open my door and go to my class. Kyuhyun separated with me

because we aren’t in same class. I took a seat near the window. When I sat down, I hear someone called my name.

“Seung Rin-ah..” He said and took a seat beside me.

“Minho oppa… “I said and smile at him. I have same class with him because we have same class.

“Hohoho.. Well, my cute dongsaeng. Why don’t you go to your ‘honeymoon’?” he asked and winked at me. I blushed madly.

“Minho oppa.. I can’t. You know that we have exams until next week. So, I think it’s the best if we don’t go anywhere.” I

explained to him.

“Jeez.. So, do you have a plan with Kyuhyun? Maybe going out in weekend or else?” He asked again.

“Emm.. Kyuhyun’s mother asked us to go to amusement park. Wanna go with us?” I asked.

“Omo omo… You want me to follow a lovey dovey and newlywed goes on date? Do you want to kill me?” He mumbled.

“No. I don’t want to go with him alone. It’s dangerous.” I whispered to him because now our professor is in front of class.

“Yah! What is so dangerous? I can’t!” He whispered to my ears.

“Ah, oppa.. Please? How about double date?” I asked brightly.

“How can I? I don’t have girlfriend yet.” He said.

“How about Eun Shi? She doesn’t have a boyfriend too. And both of you are close friend. Please.. I don’t want to be

victim. He’s dangerous.” I looked at him with my puppy eyes. I know he’s weak with this. He takes a deep breath.

“Okay. But, you must call her. Not, me! Arasseo? And tell Kyuhyun too. ” He said.

“Then I’ll message them” I smiled happily. I took off my hand phone from my pocket. I sent a message to them. I asked

her if she want to go with us at weekend and asked Kyuhyun that it’s okay if we go to amusement park with Minho and

Eun Shi. After a while, I got a message from them. She said yes. Then, Kyuhyun said yes too. Yes! I’m not in danger now.

Author P.O.V

After she had received message from Eun Shi, she concentrated again to the lesson. Tomorrow, they’ll have an exam. So,

they must study hard. It’s not difficult to her because she’s smart. Finally they had finished their exam. So, Seung Rin,

Kyuhyun, Minho, and Eun Shi can go to amusement park. They promised to meet at amusement park. Kyuhyun with Seung

Rin. Minho with Eun Shi. Now, Seung Rin sat down at dressing table. She applied thin make up to her face. Kyuhyun

changed his clothes and look at her. ‘She looks like an angel and so beautiful’ he thought. But, Kyuhyun immediately and

mumbled himself. It can’t be. He can’t like her. Their marriage is just an appointment.

“Yah! Ppalli. It’s 10 am now. We are going to be late.”Kyuhyun yelled at her and take his coat.

“Ne.. I just have finished this.” She looked back at him and stand. We are ready to go. They go down and ride to the

amusement park. At parking area they meet with Minho and Eun Shi.

Seung Rin P.O.V

It’s my second time go to this place again after my parents dead. Yeah!! I like this place the most! I run to Eun Shi and

Minho. I looked at Kyuhyun. He only shook his head.

“Yah.. Seung Rin-ah.. Why are you running? Calm down!” Eun Shi yelled at me.

“Ah.. She isn’t patient to go to amusement park with us. Right Seung Rin sshi?” Minho said. He grinned at me and pinched

my cheek.

“Aww.. It’s hurt Minho oppa!” I said to him. Then I, Minho, and Eun Shi chuckled together.

“Okay. Now, let’s enter this place!” Kyuhyun said coldly and grabbed my hand. He linked my hand to his arm. I want to

loosen up, but he’s too strong. Then I let him do this. Argh.. So annoyed! Why is he like this? Sometimes, he liked a

pervert. He likes to tease me a lot. And sometimes he liked to yell at me, he is angry if I disturb him when he played

game, and some bad act. Ah.. So confused! I looked back at Eun Shi and Minho. They just followed us and talking each

other. Urgh.. I want to talk to them too.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

Oppa?! What? How can she called other man with oppa and called with Kyuhyun-ah. She only called me oppa when we

had sex. Ooo.. Jinjja. I felt a hammer stroked my chest. Urgh. I felt annoyed and grabbed her hand. I linked her hand to

my arm tightly. So, she can’t loosen up. Buwahaha.. Then, we try many kinds of game. I felt so tired to follow her. Why is

she so strong? Jeez.. I felt exhausted and hungry.

“Yah! Aren’t you hungry?” I yelled at her. She just looked at me.

“Emm.. Let’s try this one. After that we will eat.” She said and when I want to answer back she had run with Eun Shi and

Minho to that game. She laughed with her friends and sometimes chuckled when Minho pinched her cheek. Urgh..

Seung Rin P.O.V

“Ah.. I felt so tired!” I said but smile widely.

“Ah.. Seung Rin-ah. Are you insane? We all have to try all of the game in this place.” Eun Shi said to me while breathing


“Ahaha.. She’s cute when she runs one game to another. Isn’t she?” Minho asked to Eun Shi.

“Yeah.. Cute. Cute..”She mumbled. I see Kyuhyun. His face is not good. I think he’s hungry.

“Okay! How about eating?”I shouted and look at them.

“Okay!” They said to me and walked to the restaurant. Kyuhyun just followed us.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

We arrive at the restaurant. Urgh. Finally, I can rest a bit. We choose food and surprisingly Seung Rin and I have a

similarity. I like chicken grilled a lot and so does she. She likes vanilla ice cream and so do I. After a while, the orders

came. We eat hungrily and didn’t talk because I think we all are completely hungry and exhausted.

“Ah.. Finally..”I said and rubbed my stomach. I was full now. I looked at her. Now, she’s eating ice cream. She looked like

a kid. She eats rashly and her mouth is full with cream. Jeez.. How can? I was looking for a tissue to clean her mouth.

But, suddenly Minho move closer to her and wiped cream in her mouth.

“Aish.. Geuyeoja.. Calm down.” He smiled to her and she smiled too. I felt freeze right now. I don’t know what this is. But,

it feels so hurt. My chest hurt. It’s not only a hammer smacked my chest, but also a huge rock overlapping my body. Is

it… Is it… LOVE?


Sorry for boring chapter. I’ll try the best to make this interesting. I make sure that Minho will appear often in next

chapter. So, wait for an update!

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    Wkwkkwkwwk … Seungrin screamed when she looked kyuhyun take a shower & naked in bathroom .. … That’s mean kyuhyun not locked the door?

    Eiiii .. Looks … Seungrin sleeping in the couch …
    And kyuhyun move to closer to her ” jagiya .. I have finished my shower .. Wake up ” …kyu moved closer & when they lips was about 2 inch .. Suddenly .. His wife wake up & they head .. Get Smack .. ( huahahahhahaha .. My stomach ) ….

    And suddenly seungrin get up – bowed & then run away to the bathroom … When kyuhyun said ” u must kiss me in lips ” for the punishment …
    .. Hehhehehe .. Wow she runs so fast …

    MWO… Kyuhyun parents knows what they doing last night? …
    ” seungrin screamed too Much & her moan is sexy..”
    ” seungrin ahhh .. U must felt so exhausted & sore after what kyu doing last night right ? ”
    Wkwkiwkwkw .. I beat kyu & seungrin face turned into red like tomato …

    Oooo .. Kyuhyun oemma giving them 2 tickets to amusement park … & seungrin take minho & eunshi go with them …

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