Saturday night finally came. Im way too excited with my plan for Young In. I took a shower longer than ever. I helped

omma to prepare all of it.

“Hyora~ya…take this to the table,” ordered my omma. She is really great cook. Like now she cooked some of Korean dish,

it looked like many guest will come here. I fact it will be only young in and us.

Everything was ready. I cant hardly wait for young in to come.

“Ding dong!!” the bell rang. That must be her, I ran happily to the door.

“Im comiiiiiinnnggg!!!” I was really spiritful.

“Ding dong” the bell rang once again.

“Arasseo In~ah….just be patient a little…. pretty Hyora is coming throuuuuughhh…” I said as I opened the door lock.

“Why do you take so long Lee Young………….” I didn’t continue my words as my mouth still open. In front of me wasn’t

Young In but the Cho family. They are smiling except Kyuhyun of course.

“You are pretty honey, is your mom’s around?” Kyuhyun’s mom asked me. I felt my cheek turned red.

“Ah~ iye, ahjumma…omma is around. Please come in…” I made them went in to the living room.

“call me omunim Hyora~ya…this is your abunim and this is your sister in law, seohyunie” Kyuhyun’s mother tapped my


“Annyeong haseyo omunim, abunim and seohyunie” I bowed and smiled, his sister is very beautiful. When it comes of

Kyuhyun’s turn. I just stick my tongue. He smirked and imitated me without sound ‘pretty Hyora is coming throuuuuughhh’.

I curved my lips.

“This is hyora, yeobo?” Kyuhyun’s dad asked his wife.

“Yes, yeobo….yeppeuji? (pretty, right?)”

“Yes, yeppeoda (yes, she’s beautiful)….you are really lucky Kyuhyun~ah” his dad elbowed him. Seohyun giggled.

“Ah~kamsahamnida a..a..abunim” I stuttered. “Jamkanmanyo (please wait a second), I’ll call my family” I ran quickly into

my house. Ahh~ my head was dizzy, what are they doing here?aish! they wear formal dress also. Mwoyaaaaaaa!!! I

stressed. Why haven’t young in come yet?

“Omma…ige mwoyeyo?The Cho family is here already” I always talk formally when I got mad to my family.

“wasseo?(they are here?)”

“what does that ‘wasseo’ mean omma?”

“I invited them to our dinner too. Yeoboooo!!kangin~ah come on down!!” Omma called my rest family.


“uri princess!! Can you lower your voice? What’s wrong?” Appa finally come.

“Omma invited the cho family without telling me appa…I only invited young in. Why are they here? It is irritating omma!!”

“Ya! Keep your voice down dear…”

“anything wrong???Daughter-mother war again??” Kangin appeared.

“Shut up oppa~ya!!”

“Your appa haven’t met them too honey, we can introduce young in too right?why don’t you calm don yourself?” Omma

said relaxily.

“kaja…we still wait for young in right?gwenchanha…” Appa calm me down. I was still unhappy with this. But as we

gathered in one living room, I tried not to show it.

“What is wrong with young in, she still haven’t come” I worried a lot.

“drrt…because I listen to my hea heart…drrtt one by one…oh…drrrt” my cellphone rang.

“Excuse me….” It was a message.

From : siwonie_buin *she listed herself on my cellphone

Hyooooooooo….jeongmal mianhaeeeeeeeeeeee (Im so sorry)….i can’t attend ur invtation. I’ve 2 take haraboji 2 doctor. I

wish I could be there. Hope u’re not disappointed. I’ll treat u later, okay? Mianhada jagiya…

To : siwonie_buin

Kure? (is it?) Gwenchanha… best regard for haraboji, get well soon ^^

I took a deep breath and released it.

“waekure? (what’s wrong?)” Kangin oppa looked at me a little worry, “something wrong?”

“Young in cant come, she took her haraboji to doctor”

“Jinjja?gwenchaha….so lets eat our dinner then?” omma asked.

Kyuhyun choose a chair beside her appa on the corner, they looked alike.

“Kyuhyun~ah, sit over here” His mom ordered him to sit beside me. Andweeee….!! (don’t!!) But if I refuse then my mom

will give me a sharp glance.

After a small talk in the dinning table its time for free, we the children and they the parents will have a reunion. So we the

children are dragged to the park in front of our house.

“Annyeong we haven’t greeted formally right? Im the oldest here, Kim young woon imnida”

“Cho kyuhyun imnida”

“Cho seohyun imnida pangabseumnida ahjussi (im cho seohyun, nice to meet you uncle)”

“Pwahahahahaha…” Kyuhyun and I laughed out loud. Kangin oppa looked unhappy but he said

“Seohyun~ah, don’t call me ahjussi, oppa haebwa (call me oppa)…”

“youngwoon oppa?”

“ne~ okay ttokttoki?(Okay?smarty?)”

“Arasseoyo oppa (I understand oppa)”

“naneun Hyora imnida, seohyun~ah, call me onnie…you are really smart honey” I said still held my laugh.

“Aigoo…seohyun~ah you are so cute just like Hyora onnie when she was your age“ kangin oppa and I likes children and

babies so much. No wonder he will be able to play with them.

“Gomawoyo oppa, ah~ johahaeyo (I like it), I have two oppas now.”

“I know your real oppa isn’t that good to you keurohji (right?)?”

“Ya!i am a good brother ara??”


“so this is how you act at school?” Kangin oppa is suspicious.

“I think so oppa, because kyuhyunie oppa always complain to omma about how annoying hyora onnie is”

“Mwoo??!! You said that Cho Kyuhyun!!” I slapped his arms. He smirked victorily.

“No different hyora do, she always said that you are a dork and your hobby is bumping into her”

“Jinjjayo hyung??” Kyuhyun gazed at me, he stepped on my foot.

“Ya!! It hurts!!”

“what else she told you hyung?” he ignored my scream.

“she told me that….”

“Oppa!! Stop it” I kicked kangin oppa for revealing all of my nags about kyuhyun.

“Oppa do…he said that you should reduce your weight onnie” seohyun heat our fight.

“Ya!!siikeurwo!!(you are noisy)” he started to shut his sister mouth. And we ended strugelling to stop our siblings

revealing our secret.

Then, suddenly my phone rang again, but this time is the message’s tone.

From: 01-08-89895643

Good evening hyora…this is wooyoung oppa. What are u doin?

Omo!!its wooyoung oppa!!! I opened my mouth, I still cant believe it. Im so happy that behind all of my misfortune finally

the fortune turned to me. I hurriedly add that number to my phone book. Then replied it as soon as possible.

To: LoveSoon2B

Oppa!! I never thought u’ll call me ^^ I have a small talk with my brother and also an uninvited guess x(

From : LoveSoon2B

Nugunde??is it me?? Keurokuna (its like that)…mianhae hyora~ya..

“Yeah right oppa, you are the one I’ve been expected.

To : LoveSoon2B

Aniyo oppa, it wasn’t you. There’s a guess who make me really bored here. I don’t wanna b here w/ him.


What is she doing? She laughed herself. What a weird. I took a little peek to what she has been doing. Ya!! Did it say

uninvited guess??her mom invited us, did she know? From her attitude I thought it was from Jang wooyoung. She really

has a crush on that person? Huh… I smile mocked her.

“The uninvited guess?? do you mean me?” I suddenly spoke; I really want to tease her.

“Ya! Mwohaneunggoya??(what are you doing??) Did you just peek?aish!what a rude guess you are”

“Is it jang wooyoung? do you still madly in love with him?”

“None of your bussiness”

“It is my business!! You are my future wife” I surprise with what I just said my self. She looked at me sharply.

“Ya! Watch it boy!! We will divorce after all. I tell you something, don’t ever mention anything about I am being your

future wife. It was so disgusting”

“Whatever, so am I” What did I said that for?? Pabo pabo pabooooooooooo…. I said to myself. She made a distance with

us; she ignored us with her cell phone.

End of Kyuhyun POV

Wooyoung end our conversation since an hour ago.

From : : LoveSoon2B

Uahhh…I’m going to bed now…don’t sleep late hyora~ya..Nice dream ^^ jalja…!! (sleep well)

To : LoveSoon2B

Ne oppa…jaljayo..anyyeonghi jumuseyo (good night)…

I smiled myself, satisfied with those messages. I continued combing seohyun’s hair. Yes, we’re now at my room. I combed

her while having texted with wooyoung oppa.

“Onnie” seohyun called me as I combed her hair. Kyuhyun and kangin oppa was playing starcraft at kangin’s room.

“Yes, dear?” I answered her.

“I’m so happy that you will become my sister, you suit my oppa well” seohyun suddenly said that. My heart stopped a


“Oppa has never been like this to a girl. He become so talkative about you at home, he talks about you all the time”


“Ne~” haha..this boy is really weird.

“I know that you will be his wife someday”

“Ah right…”

Ah~ this little girl still didn’t know what happened between us.

“Okay!! Done!! You look prettier now hyun~ah…” I faced her in front of my mirror.

“Huuuaaahhh…onnie, im so sleepy…”

“Lets go downstair and asked your parents to go home”

“Kamsahamnida hyora onnie”

Then, I take her to downstairs.


That morning

“Hyoooooooo~ *jeongmal mianhadaaaaaaaaaaaaa….(Im really sorry)” She bowed at me.

“Gwenchanha…harabuji otte?(That’s fine, How about grandpa?)”

“Thanks God he’s fine, thanks for asking. Huaaaaa…..your mom must be really disappointed because I can’t taste her


“she wasn’t that disappointed Young~ah. Kyuhyun ‘s family was coming”

“*Mwo?? (What?)”

“Yeah…that moron’s family came”

“Hmmm…. A family meeting wasn’t it?haha…I guess you guys must talk about your future life.”

“*aniya (that’s not it). We just met his dad and his sister.”

“haha… so, the food ran out because of them?”

“He was so greedy…”

“really? How much greedy he is?” Young In curious.

“Three times in a round” I lied.

“Ya!! Who said that??” Kyuhyun now was standing behind us.

“I wasn’t, she was” Kyuhyun poited his finger at me.

“Ya!! He is lying. Don’t believe him” Young in lauged at what we were doing. She tought that we were so childish each

other. “They are looked good together” she tought.

“I found your hobbies are the same bumping each other and fighting.”

“its her” Kyuhyun said. “Did this snaily tell you something bad about me?”

“snaily??who’s that?do you mean it is me?” I was getting mad. He just smirked and get away.

“Catch you later, Lee Young In” he said.


“See that jerk is really….rude, impolite…that dork!!he said goodbye to you and he didn’t to me” I clinched my fist.

“Wae?do you want him treats you like that?” she giggled.

“No thank you” gosh! She gaps my jealous attitude.

“He’s handsome” Young in commented

“Handsome?are you kidding me??open your eyes Young In~ah”

“Hahaha…okay, so continue your story”

“What else? Nothing, we just chatted. Our parents held a little reunion. And Kyuhyun, Seohyun;his sister, kangin oppa and

I also had a small talk. Ah~ his sister is really cute”

“And so her oppa”

“Ya!he is not…” I mocked him, “Talking about handsome, Woo young oppa texted me kkkkk..well there always be

happiness behind the suffer” Young in was spiritless when she heard about wooyoung.

“What did he say?” Young in asked lazily.

“We talked about everything, he adviced me to sleep earlier, eat well etc. haha…what a boy. But my happiness was

ruined because of that dork, he commented at my text. He said that it was his business too, because he was my future

husband” Young in spotted my last sentence. She really like if I got married with that jerk.

“Hahaha….kyuhyun is funny though. I agree if you are with him”

“Ya! You shouldn’t!! how could you be on his side?”

“*Arasseo arasseo (I know I know)… hey, what if I treat you to dinner at my house? I will replace our promise last night.

How that sounds?”

“*Joha…(that’s great) as long it is free kkkkk”



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