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drrt…because I listen to my hea heart…drrtt one by one…oh…drrrt …” Again and again my cell rang.
“Aish!!” I was upset because this text disturbed me from playing games. But my face changed suddenly into a happy face. It was text from woo young oppa, he asked me out. Omo!! What day is today?isnt it Saturday night? Am I dreaming just like the last time?
From : : Lovesoon2b
Hyora~ya annyeong!! R U free 2nite?

My hand was really good and fast to reply his message.
To : Lovesoon2b
I’ve nothin’ to do sunbe, *waeyo? (why?)

From : Lovesoon2b
Would u accompany me? I want to 2 ask u to dinner also. How is it?


To : Lovesoon2b
Sure. Do you know my house?

From : Lovesoon2b
I know, don’t worry. So I’ll see u @ 7 ^^

To : Lovesoon2b

My heart was blossom, I picked some clothes. I wanted to be perfect on my first date. I took a shower longer than usual. Haha…I usually take only 5 minutes, but now because it was so special, I took for about almost a half an hour kkkk…


Wooyoung POV
“Yeoboseyo…Ara nuna~ing” I acted cute. Aigoo, that was my charm anyway…
“Uri woo…wae?”
“Mianhae nuna~ing (I am sorry nuna) I cant accompany you tonight. My mom wants me to take her to my grandmother’s house. So I cant be with you tonight. Forgive me okay? I promise we’ll go tomorrow” I acted as real as possible.
“*Jagiya (honey) that’s okay, you don’t need to. I’ll get my cousin to take me, is it okay?dont get jealous with him. I’ll let you know him as soon as possible okay? I don’t want him to be shock after knowing you as his senior at school.”
“Can I know him now?”
“You too, I want you to be surprised after you know him hhehehe”
“Aigoo, my baby is always full of surprise…saranghae..”
“Na do saranghae (I love you too)” I hung up the cell phone.
“Easy, huh?” I said to junho.
“Are you nuts?” he answered me with sily question.
”its not Jang wooyoung if he isn’t nuts haha…I better get going now. Its time to get a new girlfriend hhahaha…”
“Don’t play with fire Wooyoung~ah” I waved at him
Junho knew my plan. Actually I have a girlfriend who was older than me, its Cho Ara, Junho’s friend. But now I want to have the younger one. And I planned to confess it to Kim Hyora, and I wanted to make her my girl friend. Coz I know she had already fallen in love with me. It would be more easier to get her.
End of Wooyoung POV

“Yoouuunnggg IInnnnn…..guess what?” I called young in and let her on my speaker, while getting my clothes changed.
“Wooyoung oppa asked me out!!! Finally!!!!” I screamed at the phone.
“What did you say??!! A date??!!” She was in big shock.
“Yes!! Oh my gosh!! It’s a dream come trueeeeeeeeee!!”
“Well, it’s too good to be true Hyo…you and him just know each other. But chukhahae (Congratulation), finally your dream comes true. You can go on a date with that cassanova”
“What did you say about him?”
“Nothing, have fun then”
“Why do you act like that? You have to support me” I pretested
“I support you Kim Hyora….”
“But you sound different…”
“Ah~ its just your feeling, don’t worry…”
“Hmmm is that so, I’m going now..….wish me luck Ok!!”
Young In POV

I felt sad after Hyora said that she would be on date with woo young sunbenim. I didn’t know but there was something bad about that Jang Woo young. I knew that it wasn’t good to judje a person by its cover. But it was about Hyora, my best friend. I didn’t like Woo young. However, I couldn’t say anything coz my best friend was madly in love, so I didn’t want anything bad happened to her. I wish Kyuhyun can save her.

End of Young In POV

“Hmmm…you smell really nice.” kangin oppa appeared after I ended my conversation with Young In. I smiled, im in a good mood now so I don’t wanna ruin it.
“Where do you wanna go?” he asked me again.
“Bimilya oppa…(It’s a secret, oppa)”
“Ya!! Don’t ignore me…what if someone kidnapped you? Omma and appa will make me to find you. aish!”
“Don’t blame your self because you have a pretty sister like me”
“Yeah, pretty and rare. So everybody cant just find you at the zoo”
“Oppa~ya!!” our fight stopped when a car parked in front of our house. A prince charming, woo young, came out from the car that I imagined as if he got down from a white horse. Kangin oppa saw me who stared that prince without even blinking my eyes.
“Annyeong haseyo” Woo young greeted my brother.
“would you mind If I take her out?” he asked Kangin oppa.
“Ask her…” he answered coldly.
“Hyora~ya…” he changed his eyes on me. I kept silent, coz I was busy imagining him as mine. Kangin oppa elbowed me.
“He asked you out” Kangin Oppa said,
“Aniya (No) next year…. Of course now, paboya~ go go go” he asked us to leave. I tapped his shoulder.
“Woo young oppa…this is my bad oppa, Young woon oppa. Oppa, this is my sunbae at school, Woo young Oppa” I introduced them. Wooyoung oppa shook his hand and introduce himself.
“annyeong oppa….” I said goodbye…


“Massisseo? (Is it delicious?)” Woo young oppa asked me.
“Ne, jeongmal massisseoyo (Yes, its really delicious) Do you often eat here?this is the most delicious steak ive ever eat oppa.”
“And it becomes more and more delicious because I can eat with you oppa kkkk” I said that from my heart.
“Yes, i often eat here with my friends”
“With your friends? Girlfriend do you mean?I cant believe you asked me out not your girlfriend” I wanted to make sure that he had no GF.
“Girl friend?if I have one I wont ask you” I smiled satisfiedly. It meant my chance still widely opened. “Hyora~ya….”
“There is something in your chin” I get a tissue and clened the steak sauce in my chin. Wow! I mesmerized by that. My heart began to pump faster. I was blushing.
“Gomawo oppa” I was so embrassed by this is it obvious that I was a hearty eater??Omona….but, he cared a lot bout me. I smiled shyly. He replied my smile and I thought I was going to die now.

At Kyuhyun house
“Nuna~ya! What are you doing here? You said you will go with your boyfriend” Kyuhyun surprised as he saw his cousin Cho Ara came to his house. She was close with Kyuhyun, beside their age wasn’t really far they also taken care by their grandmother when they were children before kyuhyun moved from Seoul. And Ara was the only child in her family so no wonder she was really close with Kyuhyun. They separated but their communication didn’t end at all. They called each other and sent email too.
“He is accompanying his mom, so he couldn’t go with me.”
“Kyuhyun~ah…please replace him…I’ll treat you dinner, What do you say?” she said that as she laid herself at Kyuhyun’s bed.
“Fine, beside I have nothing to do”
“Shining star like a little diamond makes me love nehge ggoomgyul gateun dalkomhan misolo nal balabomyuh soksakyuhjwuh hangsang hamggeh halgguhla til the end of time” Ara sang her favorite song ‘shining star’ by Super Junior.
“Nuna, why are you still here?” Kyuhyun asked.
“wae?! Shiro? (why?do you hate it?)”
“I’m goin’ to change my outfit”
“Eeiii…I’ve seen you naked since we were kids.”
“It was once, a long time ago…different”
“Is that change??” Ara teased him by pointing his zipper.
“ARA NUNAAAAAAAAA…………!!!!!” Ara laughed out loud seeing Kyuhyun’s red face.


We finished our dinner, and prepared to go to the next destination.
“Hyora~ya, I’m going to the restroom first, you may go back to our car. I need a minute, okay?” wooyoung said.
“Ne, Oppa…” I nodded. Meanwhile, at the parking lot a car which had been to my house, arrived and it paked not far from wooyoung oppa’s car. I went back to wooyoung oppa’s car while texting Young In. All I can do was smiling to my cell phone. I was happy. I didn’t notice anything in front of me. Kyuhyun and Ara got off from the car, they didn’t notice her too because they were busy chatting. “BAAMM” I bumped someone again…my God!! It should be that dork’s habit, not mine.
“So…sorry….Gwenchanha?? (Are you okay?)” I said.
“Gwenchanha…” She answered.
“Just watch your………..” Kyuhyun started to scold the person who bump into his cousin. But it stopped when he saw me. His jaw dropped and I open my mouth.
“Neo!! (YOU!!)” we shouted at the same time.
“Do you guys know each other?” Ara wanted to know.
“Yeah, I guess so…”
“Mworago??(What did you say?)” I wanted to hit his head now.
“Nope” Kyuhyun shrugged his shoulders.
“Mianhaeyo…I didn’t notice you. Is there anything hurt?” I went back to the girl who was with kyuhyun.
“Ya! It because of you, she hurt a lot” kyuhyun exaggerates.
“Aniyeyo, nothing hurt, im totally fine, thanks. Are you okay?” I nodded as the answer.
“Kyuhynie friend?” she asked me again” I nodded doubtfully.
“Annyeong! I am Ara”
“Ne~ annyeong haseyo my name is Hyora”
“I am his…..” Ara gave me her hand, but before she continude her word, kyuhyun hugged her shoulder and cut her words.
“Dwesseo (that’s enough!) Let’s go in babe, you’ll get cold” I glared at him sharply.
“Ok, nice to see you Hyora”
“Bye…” Kyuhyun turned his head and smirk victorily. As they left.
“What was that??Babe??How could he show off his beautiful girl??aish!! He thinks he is the only one who got girlfriend?he doesn’t know who is my company here. If he knows I think he will drop his jaw. That dork is really annoying and irritating. Go away Kyuhyun’s atmosphere…..” I swore myself while waiting wooyoung oppa.

Kyuhyun POV
How can she’s here? What was she doing? I can’t believe that, how can I meet her??
“Ya! What’s wrong with you, why did you suddenly call me ‘Babe’? I thought you didn’t like to call me that?”
“Your parents are weird to call you that”
“that’s my nickname and I ilke it. Mom liked to call me that.” Ara’s mom was from America and she was a Korean American.
“Whatever you say nuna, you win” I didn’t care anymore, she always win when she fought with me.
“or……….is it because of that Hyora?”
“What??aniya…” I felt burn in my face.
“Oh my God! you have crush on her” Ara teased me.
“Say yes, Kyuhyun~ah…” Ara kept teasing me.
End of Kyuhyun POV
Kyuhyun and Ara chose the corner spot. Then, wooyoung got out from the rest room. He didn’t realize that there was Ara, and Ara also didn’t see him. When Wooyoung opened the café’s door, Kyuhyun noticed him.
“Nuguya? (Who is it?)” as Ara asked, wooyoung just passed by, so she still didn’t notice him.
“Nope, just my sunbe at school”
“Kyuhyun~ah you must try the most special steak here. I’ll order you, okay?”
“Whatever you want nuna” he agreed
Then a waiter appeared and was ready to take their order.
“Two beef steaks, one Chocolate milkshake and one vanilla latte, right?” She knew my favorite beverage so I just nodded.
“Two beef steaks, one Chocolate milkshake and one vanilla latte, any other?”
“No thank you, we’ll order later”
“Please wait a moment” as the waiter went in. Ara was still curious and wanted to know about me and started to tease Kyuhyun again. Because he saw his attitude to me was totally different, kyuhyun haven’t been in love with other girl except his past love. Even he treated the same cold deeds to every girl who tried to get closer to him, but when it was with me his eyes were different.
“Are you sure there is nothing happened between you and hyora?”
“What do you mean nuna?”
“Eeiii…don’t be so fool”
“Huufft…” Kyuhyun blew his upper hair.
“Tell me…why did you call me babe only in front of her? Were you trying to make her jealous??”
“Okay okay I’ll tell you nuna~ya” Kyuhyun cant keep his secret in front of Ara. In the beginning he didn’t want anyone know about his wedlock with Hyora.
“we set up as a wedding couple”
“Yes, we were on a wedlock. It was all because our mothers’ silly promise to set theor children in the future. We are the victims of their cruelity“
“That’s why you call me babe? To make her jealous?”
“Its not like that. I just want her know that I had a girlfriend. We both refused this wedlock. But omma always cries if I refuse so I said that I want to be in this wedlock because of her only. I have to be a good boy for her, right nuna?we want our parents to be happy.”
“Huahahahaha….” Ara laughed out loud.
“Thanks for laughing at me nuna.” I pissed off
“Well, I’m sorry. She looks nice to me. She is cute and kind.”
“That snaily head?? She had two faces nuna….”
“Oh, c’mon you even have a nickname for her”
“Yeah.,..coz she also have one, she called me dork or moron”
“You both suit each other…”
“Everything I guess”
“ottokhae ara? (How do you know?)”
“Just a feeling”
“Girls….” Kyuhyun rolled his eyes and he continued, “Just depend on feeling”
“Comparing to you boys just depend on your logic. If your logic doesn’t make a sense that will be the same” Daripada cowok cuma ngandelin logika. Kalo logikanya gak masuk akal juga sama aja”
“Arasseo arasseo!! I lose it nuna…you can say whatever you want. Debating with you I will always lose”
“Hahaha…mianhae (I sorry) kyuhyun~ah…”
“You, yourself haven’t introduced your boyfriend huh?”
“I’ll introduce you soon okay? just wait and see” Ara smiled mysteriously.
The waiter appeared again with their orders.
“Massigetjuseyo…(Enjoy the meal)”


Wooyoung oppa and I were having fun; he treated me like a princess. My God!! I didn’t want this to end. He grabbed my hand and I really like it. We went to the movie and we also went to an indie band showcase. He even sang ‘I cant’ from 2PM that was my favorite song ever after ‘Marry you’. I was melting >_<
He took me home after that (and after my omma called me to go home as soon as possible), he knew how to make a girl fell for him.
“Do you like it?” he asked me after we arrived at my house.
“What is it oppa?”
“Do you like today?”
“Ah~ ne nomu johahaeyo…(Yes, I really like it)” I replied him, my cheeks were burning.
“thank you hyora~ya…” he took my hands.
“Na do johahae (I like it too) hmmmm…there is something I wanna say”
“Yes oppa, just tell me” my heart are thumping really fast, seems it would jump form its place.
“would you be my girlfriend?” he asked me while seeing my face deeper. Waaaaaaa….im going to die now!!!!
“O..oppa….” I stuttered.
“Yes or no??” omo omo…of course it was a BIG YES, but I just cant say it.
“Would you?” I smiled widely and say it.
“Ne~ oppa…I would” Wooyoung oppa also smiled wider.
“ makes me relieve. I thought you don’t like me” he said.
“Aniyeyo oppa…I like you a lot” I said shyly. Omo!!isnt it too obvious??pabooo!!
Suddenly wooyoung oppa’s face got closer to mine. Then without I realize my eyes were close and wait for that moment, our face were really close now, till I can felt his breath. Here its goes my first kiss with him, a boy that I like. Im so happy… but before that happened there was a voice.
“Ehemm” it was my appa. We both opened our eyes, and fix our standing way.
“Annyeong haseyo ahjussi” wooyoung oppa greeted my appa.
“Ye…Annyeong haseyo…thank you for taking my daughter home, hyora~ya…get in” he ordered me.
“Annyeong hyora~ya…we’ll meet again at school” I still kept my self there.
“Ne~ oppa, drive savely” I answered him. I still cant say anything, my appa ruined everything. I was so upset. After wooyoung oppa left.
“It was unfair appa!! What are you doing??!!” I said angrily
“Wae??youre not supposed to do that princess!!”
“I cant let you kissed by that boy, besides you are Kyuhyunie future wife. Hajima….(Stop it!!)”
“But not now…!!”
“It still the same though”
“No!! it isn’t!!”
“What happened??” Omma asked us after we got in the house.
“That rude boy almost kissed our daughter”
“MWO!!!” Omma’s eyes getting wider.
“Yes, fortunately I can stop him,” appa said that proudly
“Kim Hyora!! Don’t do that!! You ruined my plan!!!you are Kyuhyunie future wife” Omma said. I curved my forehead and turned to face my parents
“Wait wait wait, what did you say omma?? I ruined your plan?? I think I didn’t, it was omma who ruin my future. You set me with that dork selfish moron Cho Kyuhyun!!! It was all because of your stupid and silly promise with his mother!!!” I shouted crazily. I just cant stand it anymore.
“KIM HYORAAA!!! Don’t shout to your mother!!” Appa gave a backup to my mom,
“I shouldn’t say it, but what am I going to do. I don’t want you both to blame only on me. Guess what omma…im not the only one who cheated our wedlock.” I finally revealed his attitude when we n=met at the café tonight.
“What do you mean?”
“Kyuhyun also had a date with a girl. It was not only ordinary girl. She looked like she is a Korean American. She has very beautiful face. We met today when I had dinner with wooyoung oppa. Look now who cheated on me??!!!”
“he would never do that!!” My mom cant believe it.
“He even hugged her and called her ‘Babe’ you can asked him if you want” I smirked, making my parents silent.
“Geumanhaeyo omma appa (Stop it omma, appa)…you have set my future with that jerk, if the time is right you can scold me if I did this again. Its not like im going to marry him tomorrow, right?”
“He couldn’t be….”
“Can I have my future back? I dont think so, I should have my right as a human, right to love anyone I love. But I couldn’t because of the wedlock with Kyuhyun. We have a clear and obvious future.” I held my tears from falling.
“Kim Hyora!!! Get to your room now….!!!” My appa said. My heart hurted so bad, I went into my room.
I cant stand with my parents’ behavior, I grabbed my cell and called young in.
“Yeoboseyo….” She answered
“I wanna talk!!”
“Be patient honey, why do you scream like that?
“my parents forbid me to be with wooyoung oppa”
“Its always related to Kyuhyun. That jerk is really….”
“your parents must be really worry because they have set you up with him…”
“They told me not to go with other boy and guess who I met when I was dating with wooyoung oppa”
“I met him, that cho kyuhyun”
“Jeongmal? (really?) then??what happened next?wow!that must be interesting, did kyuhyun take you from wooyoung?”
“that will never happen.”
”In the contrary, he was with a girl, she’s really beautiful and I think she was a Korean american”
“and you are jealous??”she teased me.
“Pardon??that’s impossible . he called that girl ’babe’ . he didn’t know who I was with just now”
“was she his girlfriend?”
“Molla (I don’t know) but he was overeacting over her….” I make a silent for a while, why my heart felt a little hurt after saying this…
“hello…anybody there??”
“Oops..sorry young in~ah…” I realized that I was still on the phone with her.
“So, how about your wooyoung oppa??”
“uhmmmm….young in~ah… I have a boyfriend now…”
“MWOOO??he confessed to you??”
“Yeah…and I accepted. But I was disappointed right now…”
“jinjja??(Really?)” she was upset. She was hoping I could get along with kyuhyun.
“yeah…for real, my dream come true now…”
“Then, do you plan to say this to your future husband?”
“I don’t know…”
I suddenly felt unhappy, but I don’t know why. Well. Im supposed to be happy now, but I don’t know what’s wrong with me, my thoughts were flying again to Kyuhyun.

Wooyoung POV
“You have confessed to hyora???” Junho shouted
“Yeah…and she accepted hahaha…. Im just so lucky kkkkk” I chuckled
“You are so sick!!Ara isn’t enough for you?”
“It will be more fun, junho~ya…I get the older and younger hahahaha..”
“This isn’t right wooyoung~ah…”
“Whatever” I really satisfied with what I had done. I ignore junho.


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  1. Wahhh beneran c wooyoung palaboy cap kodok bgt!!!
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