It had been two weeks I was dating Wooyoung oppa, but I still had not told kyuhyun about it. Why should I? Young in insisted me to tell him, how could I? He also didn’t say anything about his girlfriend. Without I realized young in asked sungje about this secretly, she still disagreed to my relationship with wooyoung oppa.
She approached sungje when I was gone with wooyoung oppa to the canteen. Fortunately no one realized my relationship with wooyoung oppa
“Sungje~ya…can I ask you something?” young in asked sungje in the middle of break.
“Hyora and Kyuhyun don’t fight recently right?”
“Yeah…you are right, they don’t even talk each other. They are weird, since our first meeting they started fighting; we used to bet at that time. Its crazy but I miss their fight, sometimes they argue over the simplest thing”
“Hmmm…I think I know why it happen”
“You do?why?tell me…”
“You know jang wooyoung sunbe?”
“Yes, I know him. He is close with hyora…and kyuhyun usually angry when he comes here to greet hyora……ah! And wooyoung sunbe also aften come here to eat with hyora right?” they were silent a while.
“Ya!! Is it because of Kyuhyun jealousy??” sungje asked suddenly.
“I think we have the same thought”
“But, kyuhyun also refused his wedlock to her. Aishh!! That dude is really confusing”
“I heard from hyora that he has a girlfriend. Is it true sungje??you are his bestfriend right?i hope you know something”
“Girlfriend??i don’t know bout this. Hyora knows it?how?”
“She met him with a Korean American girl two weeks ago. And he also called her ‘babe’….”
“Kyuhyun never told me about this.”
“Well, you can ask him. And I have something in mind actually”
“What is it?”
“I think Kyu and Hyo suit each other. Why don’t we match them so their married life will be more beautiful, how that sounds?”
“Haha.. I think so, but they both are selfish and never want to admit it. Arasseo (got it) lets match them then”
“Joha…(great) lets start with your investigation on kyuhyun, okay?”
“Okay…just give it to me Young in~ah…” They did the hi five.

From: My sarang
Agi (baby)…whatcha doin?
Ah…from oppa, I smiled and replied it
To: My sarang
Im thinking of you ^^

From: My sarang
Jinjja??na do kkkk… I miss you already honey…manhi bogoshipeosseo (I miss u so much)..

To: My sarang
Oppa, we just met a half hour ago, ottokhae?haha

From: My sarang
I said im thinking about you…I cant sleep I cant eat

To: My sarang
Omo omo…andweyo oppa (don’t oppa)…you must eat well, sleep tight so u can see me @ school tomorrow

From: My sarang
Whatever you say nae agi…. U2, u should eat, sleep tight and think about me, arasseo?

To: My sarang
I will oppa…

From: My sarang
Hey! Lets go out 4 another date this Satnite?otte?(how is it?)mianhae for the last week absent ^^

To: My sarang
Gwenchanha oppa…johaeyo…lets hang out this satnite. I’d love to.

From: My sarang
Arasseo, I’ll pick u up @ d’same place and time then. Saranghae…..

To: My sarang
arasseo oppa…na do saranghae…
Wow! What a perfect plan, I love it so much. But I felt a little weird, I was happy with wooyoung oppa but I felt nothing after he belongs to me. I released a long breath. Since our relationship also haven’t been published yet. I haven’t said this stuff to kyuhyun too, Ottokhae? How did I say this to him?is it okay?but I don’t know if I was ready to tell him. I was thinking a while and daeng! Hahaha I knew I was smart. Why don’t we make a deal on the paper? I will let him felt his own love way and I did too before we got married. So there wouldn’t be any problem when I say that wooyoung oppa was my boyfriend. Ah….its really good idea I thought. Would he agree with this? Aish!! Whay didn’t he? this is what we expected right? But why was I in doubt a little.
“Hyora~ya…” my mom called me, my happy mood suddenly changed. Since that fight I talked a little with my mom
“Ne!” I answered her coldly.
“You have a plan already this Saturday, right?”
“waeyo?” I still keep my flat tone. My mom actually felt sad because I treated her like that, but she also wanted me to be with kyuhyun. But her feeling about this wedlock is really good. She didn’t care that kyuhyun and I are enemy. She thought that when a couple argued even about a simple thing, that romance. She remembered about our fight back in the day. We argued to a simpleset thing. My omma set her sad face because of my tone and fortunately Kangin oppa passed and heard my tone.
“You are rude to parents hyora!!” he responded to it. “How could you answer that way to omma?” My omma was actually acted now.
“Aniyeyo oppa…I answer the same way to you” I still mad at him too so I used formal language to him.
“ya!! Don’t be like that, apologize to omma apalli!! (hurry!!) look what you have done, omma is sad because of you”
“I didn’t do anything to omma!! It was me who granted her wish to be with kyuhyun in the future!! Right omma??” I asked her back, and my mom had tears on her eyes, in fact there was dust entered her eyes.
“You make her cry!! Apologize now!!!” Oppa is really too much, it was my fault that I don’t have a freedom to love somebody. But as I saw that my mom is teary I decided to apologize to her, and try to use my sense. Because I have promised her to make her wish come true. Besides I cant lose from kyuhyun.
“omma, mianhae….” I said informal language with soft voice and bowed to her.
“be good to her, understand?” kangin oppa advice me.
“Ne, oppa” kangin oppa blinked his eyes to our mom. He also had planned this to me.
“Na do mianhae hyora~ya. Here….for you …” my mom handed me a bottle of strawberry juice. My eyes sparkled immediately. I just cant stand if it was dealing with strawberry. She knew how to make me better.
“Thank you omma…you know what I want kkkk” I hugged her. She rufled my hair and I blinked twice. I opened the bottle and drank it. Ahhh…johaaa!!!(like it)
“By the way… can you help me hyora?”
“Wae omma?”
“This Saturday night, I wanna go to your mother-in-law’s house. Can you take me?” hearing ‘my mother-in-law’ I had a goosebump. I like kyuhyun’s omma but his son just really made me sick.
“It means we’re goin to Kyuhyun’s place too?” omma nodded.
“I already had appointment with wooyoung oppa” I protested her.
“Come on hyoraaaaa…. You know Im not really good at driving right? ”
“You can go with oppa” I continued
“I can’t I have appointment too with Yoon Ji. After all, you are the one who had been asked, its Saturday night don’t bother other people’s arrangement” kangin oppa answered directly.
“See??oppa said that. He can be with yoonji onnie, while I am not. It isn’t fear”
“You will have Saturday night with kyuhyun. And for your information, he is your future husband isn’t he? You’re also still a kid” Oppa still prevent me from going with wooyoung oppa.
“A kid??!! A kid isn’t supposed to be on the wedlock. In fact I have been on the wedlock, so I have grown up”
“come on hyoraaa…its emergency, who should I ask for help again?you can cancel your appointment first. You may go next time”
“Omma!! It isn’t fear!!”
“Pleaseeeeeeee…once, just this one.” My mom was begging me. “I’ll buy you strawberry juice again, okay?” I saw the strawberry juice bottle at my hand. So this was bribery.
“you may buy as much as you like, or you want strawberry ice cream?” But, hearing about omma wanted to buy me strawberry product my eyes were sprinkle. I’ll do anything for strawberry product.
“Arasseo, I’ll take you there” I finally gave up, and that meant I had to postpone my appointment with wooyoung oppa. Aish!!
“Hurry up honey I’ll wait you at 4” said my omma.
Tsk! It was Kangin oppa’s fault, I should be a romantic Saturday night with wooyoung oppa, but because of Kangin oppa now I had to spend my Saturday night with that moron Cho Kyuhyun. I dialed wooyoung oppa’s number.

Wooyoung POV
“yoboseyoooouunng?” I picked up the phone in a cute way from my second girlfriend.
“oppa…” she replied with a sad tone.
“what’s wrong sweety? Are you ok?”
“I’m fine, but I’m sorry to say this.”
“What is it?”
“Uhmmm…. Im sorry I have to cancel our appointment”
“wae?” I replied disappointed.
“My mom needs me to take her somewhere”
“So we cant go tonight?”
“Mianhae oppa…”
“I see then. That’s okay baby, we can go some other time”
“I promise you oppa there will be such a condition next time. Thank you for understanding me”
“Gwenchanha… don’t mention it baby. You must obey your parents.”
“Gomawo oppa…bye~”
“na do saranghae” she wishpered. I hung up the phone.
“Look at this” I turned my face to the reading junho, “she cancels our appointment, you know what should I so?” I make a small beam at my face as I talked to Junho.
“What are you going to do?” junho asked.
“I should call Ara Nuna right?”
“Tsk! If I knew this I would never introduce you to Ara nuna” Junho thought himself.
“Nuna….otisseo?(where are you?) I miss you so bad nuna…lets hang out” I smirked
End of Wooyoung POV

Kyuhyun POV
“Omma!! How could you do that?!!” I yelled.
“I didn’t do anything. I just want you to hangout with Hyora. As far as I know you don’t have any girlfriend since you are her future husband. And as I remember she doesn’t have either.”
“But, I promise Ara nuna to accompany her”
“Where do you wanna go?just cancel it, she often hang out with you. besides she has a boyfriend don’t go with her so often kyuhyun~ah. You can be beaten by her BF”
“Its his boyfriend who cant accompany him. Ah…omma…” I was disappointed by her sudden decision to invite hyora and her mom here.
“Let me talk with Ara”
“Talk about me komonim??(auntie) wae kureyo?(what’s wrong?)” Ara nuna suddenly showed up.
“what a time baby Ara…kyuhyun~ah marhaebwa (say it)” my mom greeted her.
“wae?” she take a quick look at me.
“omma asked me to cancel our arrangement. Because hyora and her mom will visit us. And she asked me to take her to the hi school reunion too”
“Kureyo?(is that so?) What a fortunately komonim (auntie), I also want to cancel our appointment. My boyfriend can accompany me, kkkkk” I dropped my jaw as I heard that answer from her mouth.
“Unbelievable, that’s what we call destiny. Thank you ara babe…” said my mom.
“Omma!! Is it fun to make your own son suffering” I yelled.
“Muahahhahaaa…” they both laughed at me. I got my face so angry.
“Who make you suffer?she didn’t honey… vice versa, she is gonna make you happy” Ara nuna teased me a lot.
“Ya! Have fun with that cute hyora…save my best regards for her, okay?” she continued. “Komo, I’m going now, bye bye pumpkin” Ara nuna stepped out of our kitchen.
“Nuna~ya!! Stop calling me that!!”
“Becareful honey” said my mom to her.
“Nuna!!” I ran after her. “when will you introduce your boyfriend?”
“next Saturday night, Okay? Lets do the double date. You and hyora me and my BF”
“Yuck! Nuna…double date with that snaily head?shiroo..(I don’t want to)”
“Kyuhyun~ah…go shower now! They will be here in a minute.” Omma shouted from the kitchen. And I was going to the bathroom with weak steps.
End of Kyuhyun POV


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