Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 10

Seung Rin P.O.V

I entered my apartment and unlocked the door. When I entered my apartment, I see lights in the living room. Is somebody there? I leaned in and see Kyuhyun was watching tv at the couch. My heart suddenly beat so fast. I didn’t know what to do and what to say since ‘that night’. I still keep thinking. Is he still mad to me? Is he going to accept this baby? I just want to go to the kitchen when Kyuhyun called my name.

“Seung Rin~ah…”He said and leaned in to me. He put his hand in my shoulders. I speechless and can’t moved my body.

“”I stuttered. Gosh! Why in this time I must stutter?

“You are coming back. Are you hungry?”He said half whispered in my ears. I felt my heart skip faster and I certain my face is getting red and red.

“Yes. Ah, I will make some food for you. Sorry for being late.”I said and make move to the kitchen. Hhh.. Breathe in breathe out. I must relax. I open fridge and put some materials for our dinner. When I put it down to the table, I feel warm hand hugs my stomach. I was shock when I see Kyuhyun hug me. And it’s so crazy when I feel his chin in my shoulders. My heart began to skip fast again. I can feel his warm breath in my neck. Gosh! What’s wrong with him? What is this sudden?

Kyuhyun P.O.V

When she put the materials in the table, I lean in to her. She looked shocked when I hugged her. Now, my chin was rested in her shoulders. I just want to do my plan to snatched away Seung Rin from Minho. I must get her! Kekeke. I willfully breathe in near her neck. I want to see her respond. But, when I see her bra string, I gulped. Gosh! I feel my little brother wants attention from her. Errrgh…Why must this time?

“Kyuhyun oppa.. What are you doing?”She said with little voice. I think she’s scary with me.

“Seung Rin~ah..”I called her name, still see to the ‘string’

“Ah, y-ye. What’s wrong Kyuhyun oppa?”She said and I hugged her more tightly. Still stuttered huh? Keke.

“I want jajangmyeon!”I whispered in her ear.

“N-ne. But, can you lose your hand from my stomach. I can’t move properly and it will be taken a long time to me to make jajangmyeon if you still hug me like that.”She explained to me. I loosen up my hug and sat at the dinner table. Pay attention to her.

“Okay, I will be sat here.”I put my psp on my pocket and begin to play.

Author P.O.V

When she finished cooking, she called Kyuhyun. They eat together in silent. After eating, she collected the dirty plate and washed them. Then, she moved to the couch and sat down. She sat in corner of the couch. Far from Kyuhyun. She didn’t dare to look at him. Kyuhyun looked very bored. He didn’t know how to talk to her. He feels guilty to her because of what he did to her lately. So, he just changed the channel. When it turns to ‘adult station’, he gasped. He immediately changed to other channel.. Ffuh.. He took a deep breath. He looked at Seung Rin to see her expression. But, he can’t notice her expression. She looked at Kyuhyun then moves her head down. Now, this channel is talking about food.

Seung Rin P.O.V

Oh, gawd! Why is suddenly the channel changed into ‘adult’? I feel my body tense up and my face blushed. I looked at him to check his expression. How can I tell that his eyes are full of ‘lust’? I moved away my head to keep me from his eyes. Finally, it turns to food channel. Owh, I feel hungry again when I see the scene is about peoples eat tteokboki. I want to eat them!! Oh, no! Our baby, I mean. Did I mention our baby? Jeez.. I didn’t have yet to say that I pregnant to him. Ottokae?

“Ah…I want tteokboki!”suddenly my mouth move and yelled like this. Aish! Dead meat! I just stared at tv and didn’t dare to look at Kyuhyun. How is he mad?

“Are you crazy? We just had finished our dinner but you want to eat again?”Kyuhyun asked me with his eyes looked shocked.

“I.. I just want to eat that.”I said stuttered. Oh, I will go to hell. Kyuhyun suddenly stood up and grabbed his jacket. He put his key car and went to the door.

“Where are you going? It’s late in night?”I asked him worriedly. It’s 11 pm in night.

“Somewhere.”He said coldly and shut the door softly. I confused with his action. Later, when I was coming back from the campus, he acts sweet? Sweet? Did I mention that he’s sweat? No, I think he’s not sweat. He just act pervert like usually. Jeez.. Truthfully, I like him being perverted than cold like month before. Oh, am I crazy? How can I like him being perverted? Aish.. I think my brain is washing up with him. I looked down to my tummy and touch it. I smiled myself and talked to the baby.

“Hey, agiya~ It’s your mom! How have you been there? About your father, aish how can I say to you? Truthfully, he’s nice. But, usually he’s pervert. Omo! Sorry for mentioning your dad like that. Keke.”I laughed myself. When I was about to talked again with the baby, I heard the door opened and see Kyuhyun lean closer to me. He put something in the table front the couch.

“Eat this! And don’t waste this!”He told me and then went to our bedroom. I just confused with his sudden action. But.. Hmm…The smell is good. I opened the plastic bag and see a pack of tteokboki inside. Woah!! I want to eat! But.. But.. Kyuhyun is being nice to me again? Is he already forgiving me? I went to the bedroom and see Kyuhyun has just finished changed his clothes to pajamas. He looked at me.

“What?”I move to him and looked at him.

“Err.. Thank you oppa!”I move higher to his cheek and kiss him. After that, I run to the living room because I didn’t want Kyuhyun oppa see my face blushed madly when I do that. Aish! I was being crazy now. How can I do that? Baby, is it true that you want to kiss your father, huh? Ah, no wasted time. I go to the couch and starting eating.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

I opened the door and see Seung Rin still sat at couch. Good. I can give this to her. I lean to her and give this food to her. Then I went to the bedroom. Weird! How can she eat again when she just has finished eating? And, furthermore tteokboki is hard to get this night. I go around and didn’t find it until 2 hours I finnaly got it. I heard the door opened and I see Seung Rin went to me. Badump.. Badump…Aish, my heart doesn’t compromise with me.

“What?”It’s all I can say. Urgh.. How can I talk less when she’s around me?

“Err.. Thank you, oppa!”She moves higher to my cheek and…Cup!

She kissed my cheek. I shocked and my face blushed madly. I was going about to catch her hand but she’s run away. All I can do is just smiling myself. Err.. What should I do now?


Ohoho.. Another clift hanger and sort chapter? Aigoo.. I can’t think properly about what will Kyuhyun do next to Seung Rin? Let me think about this. I promise I will update it maybe in 3 or 4 days. Please waiting. >_<

28 thoughts on “Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 10

  1. Wahhhhh,,,ngidam nih seung rin nyaa,,,kyu baik bgt mau beliin padahal kan blom tau istrinya hamil…klo bsa ada yg indo vers jg yaaa,,,over all daebak

  2. ehh ? bingung deh , sbnrnya kyu tau ga si ql rin hamil , maklum belom bca part yg d protect dan sekali lagi part ini jg amat sgt pendek , cb panjangan pasti seru bgt critanya , kekeke .

    • belon tahu… kan di part yg di protect panjang. nyahahaha… gini nih kalo bikin chaptered jadinya malah pendek. tapi, kalau bikin oneshot panjangnya ga kira”…

  3. Hwuoo,
    kyupa bkal punya baby, tpi seungrin knpa g blang trus, ntar dpkr mcem2 lagi ma kyupa, =.=”
    susah memank iktin pkiran org hmil, yg waras bisa gila. Apalagi yg gila?

  4. So sweet dua2nya di part ini, kapan ya Seung Rin memberitahukan ttg kehamilannya kepada Kyu oppa biar kyu oppa nya tambah sayang.. Sepertinya indikasi mengidam sudah mulai dirasakan Seung Rin.. Kyu oppa nya baik banget disini..

  5. Yohoooo mulai lengket lageeh 😀 kyu mulai mesum pikirannya. Haghag… Sungrin mulai ngidam untung ngga ngidam pas nonton adegan dewasa. Dan kyu tiba2 dengan aura dingin tp perhatian beliin teoppeokkinya, dapet kisseu lg hhaha shock broh!. Apa yang akan terjadi selanjutnyaaa hoho…

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