Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 8

Sorry for very late update. Internet is so slow here so I can’t update fast. And now, I’ll give you two chapters. Happy reading!! >_< For raise the mood please listen : Beast-Break Down

Kyuhyun P.O.V

I rode my car to campus. I don’t know what I should do. It’s crazy. I think she didn’t love me. Why all of this sudden? Argh.. I parked my car and go to campus. In class I can’t concentrate. My though is about Seung Rin.

“Hey! Are you Kyuhyun-sshi, right?” I hear a girl voice next to me.

“Oh, emm.. Yeah.. Eun Shi-ah?” I looked at her. Well, I didn’t realize that classes are over.

“Yeah.. Where are you looking? I see you look outside and blank. What happen?” She asked to me.

“Nothing. I just.. Ah, don’t mind this. I’m just hungry.” I lied.

“Oh, that. How about lunch? I’ll pay for you.” She said. I didn’t feel good if I refuse her. So, I just nodded and we go to canteen. In canteen I see Seung Rin eat with Minho. They look happy together. I heard she giggled. They two talked together and laugh.

“Ah.. Seung Rin-ah, Minho oppa!” Eun Shi called their name and they look at us.

“Eun Shi-ah, Kyuhyun hyung!” Minho called our name. I stare at Seung Rin. She doesn’t feel happy when look at me. Suddenly, Eun Shi grabbed my hand and sat me down next to Seung Rin. She took a seat next to Minho.

Seung Rin P.O.V

I don’t know what to do after I confessed to him. Now, he came with Eun Shi to us. He sat next to me. I felt my heart flutter again. Oh, holy shit! Aware, Seung Rin! He doesn’t like you! Calm down.. I took a deep breath. Breath in, breath out.

“Yah! Seung Rin-ah. Why are you took a deep breath?”Minho said to me.

“Ah.. I just… blow this food. It’s hot.” I pretend to blow the food.

“Oh.. Be careful. Your tongue might burn if you don’t careful.”Eun Shi said.

“Okay!” I shouted and smiled. I pretend to smile at them. After we finished our lunch, we separated. I am going home with Kyuhyun. It feels bad. How can you stay with your husband who doesn’t love you or even like you? We just keep silent in car.

Author P.O.V

Kyuhyun looked at Seung Rin. She’s just look out the window and keeps silent. Kyuhyun took a deep breath. He can think clearly right now. After arrived at the parking place, they went out and took elevator to their apartment. Still silent. When they came to their apartment, Kyuhyun unlocked the door and went in with Seung Rin. Kyuhyun threw his bag in couch and lying on the bed. Seung Rin went to her closet and turns to bathroom ready for shower. She stripped herself and started to shower. Kyuhyun tried to sleep. But, he can’t. After 15 minutes, Seung Rin finished her shower. She’s going to sleep. Kyuhyun immediately get up, lean to his closet and put his clothes, going to shower. When their eyes meet, Kyu Hyun turns his head and entered bathroom. She took a deep breath. She’s felt hurt.

Seung Rin P.O.V

I didn’t know what to do. Obviously, Kyuhyun avoid me. He.. He.. Argh?!! Why am I such a fool? I shouldn’t be confessed to him. I take it wrong. I think when he’s being nice to me, he does like me. But.. It just nothing. I want to cry. But, I can’t. Why the fuck I must cry with that jerk? He only wanted my body and liked to tease me. I keep thinking until I heard the bathroom door unlocked, I pretend to sleep and lying on the bed. I hear his footstep. He’s coming next to me. I took a peek and see he sigh. I think he is regret the fact that he must married with me.

“Seung Rin-ah.. You sleep?” He said and stared at me. I turn to right and my back now faced him. I pretend to still sleep. I hear him took a deep breath. I can’t take it anymore. I pulled our blanket and covered my face. Still pretend that I’m sleeping. I started to cried silently. I must gave in with my love to him.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

I lean in to her. She looks like sleep. So, I try to ask her. But, she didn’t answer my question. Hhh.. I think she’s sleep. But, when I see her pulled the blanket up and covered her face, I can hear something. She sobbed. I took a deep breath. I felt guilty to her. I felt uneasy. My hand unconsciously leans to her head. I want to calm her. But, when I lean in my hand, my heart started to beating fast. What happened to me? (Nanana..You like her) It can’t be! (C’mon! Admit it!) Shut up stupid author! (Yeah! Who the hell you are!). Jeez.. It can’t be love. I don’t love her. I sighed and turn off the lamp beside me. I feel asleep and going to dreamland.

Seung Rin P.O.V

Day after day, we still the same. It’s been one month and we didn’t spoke each other except something important or sometime we would leave a note in their fridge. We only woke up, took a bath, eat, and sleep in the same place. At the morning, I will prepare breakfast for both of us and called Kyuhyun to eat. We usually eat silently and go to campus together but still.. Silent. I felt sick this day. My head is spinning and I felt so tired. I try to open my eyes. When I opened my eyes, omo! It’s 9 am! How can I sleep so long? Usually, I woke up at 6 am. And this day, my body doesn’t feel well. I feel dizzy. I directly got shower and prepare breakfast. I didn’t wake Kyuhyun up because he said that he has class in afternoon. So, I just prepare breakfast for him and write a note in fridge. I took a bus and I run to the class. I must be late! I panted because of run. When I opened the door, the professor doesn’t come yet. I smiled weakly. I looked around and found Minho in the back. He’s reading book and listen his ipod. He looks so adorable and handsome. No wonder he has many fans around. If only I fallen in love with him, I think it’s going to be better than fallen in love with Kyuhyun.. Jeez! What on earth I thought that? He’s my bestfriend. Omo!

“Seung Rin-ah!” Minho called me and I lean to him.

“Yeah!” I walked and sitting next to him. He closed his book and took off his earphone from his ears.

“Seung Rin-ah.. You look so pale. Are you sick?” Minho asked to me.

“Emm.. Maybe. I feel so sleepy around three days and this morning I feel dizzy.” I explained.

“Oh. You must get a drug.” He said. I just nodded because the professor is come to the class. Throughout the lesson, I can’t pay attention. I feel so dizzy. Minho looked at me concerned. He whispered to me and asked if I want go to campus clinic. But, I shook my head. Fortunately, this day I only have two classes, so I can go home quickly. When the bell rang, I get up quickly. But, my sight is going to blur. I almost fall to the ground if Minho doesn’t help me.

“Seung Rin-ah, are you okay?” He asked to me. He touches my forehead and going to panicked.

“Gwaenchana?” He said to me. Now, he look confuse. Ahaha. How cute! Ough. I feel dizzy again.

“I’m okay, Minho oppa. Let’s just walk outside.” I said to him.

“Okay. But, I will accompany you until Kyuhyun appeared.” He said.

“I think Kyuhyun didn’t finish his class. I must back to home with bus.” I blurt out when I see my watch.

“No!!! You can’t go home alone! I will accompany you to your house!” Minho said at me half angry.

“Okay.. Okay.. Don’t be angry, oppa. You look like a father than my oppa. ” I said while laughing.

“Yah! I just concerned about you. You look so pale and almost fainted.” He said looking into my eyes.

“No problem, oppa. Let’s go.” When I said that, I feel dizzy so much. I can’t take it anymore.. I can hear Minho called my name, but I can’t move. When I going to feel down to the ground, Minho catch me and everything now is blurring and went dark.

Minho P.O.V

I look at Seung Rin with concerned eyes. She looks so pale. We walked to the parking area after I forced her to go home with me. Suddenly, she silent and touch her head. I called her name to check if she was okay, but she didn’t answer. Then, she’s going to fell to the ground. Quickly, I catch her. She’s fainted. God! I carried her bridal style and took her to campus clinic. I don’t mind when peoples looked at us weirdly. Jeez. Seung Rin woke up please! Finally, I arrived at the clinic. I lay her down in the bed and the doctor said to me to wait outside. When she opened the curtain, I see her smile. What happened? How can she smile when Seung Rin fainted and has a fever? I thought hard when she suddenly aware me. Now, Seung Rin was waked up. I smiled at her and she smiled back weakly. The doctor said to us to go to her room.

“Emm.. Eun Shi-sshi are you feel want to sleep around and dizzy?” she asked her.

“Err.. Yeah.. And I think I didn’t like coffee smell. Why? What happened with me?” Seung Rin asked want to know what happened with her.

“You were okay.” She said and smiles again! How can? Jeez.

“What? How can?” I said blurted out.

“Oh, it’s no problem. She just tired and need rest. And please take care of the baby because she’s 3 weeks pregnant and in this period has so many risk of miscarriage.” She explained.

“Oh… So that..” I and Seung Rin said with understand look and nodded. But, we suddenly realize something. She’s PREGNANT?!!

“PREGNANT?!” We yelled together and stared at the doctor.

“Yeah, pregnant. Congratulation!” She smiles widely.

“How can? I just do it tw…twice..” Seung Rin said with confused look and blushed.

“Ohoho.. You’re so funny, Seung Rin-sshi. He must be accurate. Sometime, there are a girls get pregnant when she just do it once.” She laughed and winked at me. Mwo?! Is she thinking that I her husband?

I see at Seung Rin. She gulped and looks sad. Why did she like this? Did something bad happen to her?

“Oh.. Thanks.” She said and going to leave.

“Emm.. You must be her boyfriend or husband right? Take care of her, okay?” She asked to me.

“Huh? I’m no-“when I was going to said Seung Rin cut me “He’s my boyfriend.” She said and holds my hand. I just confused from what she doing to me. We leave the clinic now.

“Err.. Seung Rin-ah.. Your hand..” She still holds my hand. And when she realizes that she released my hand.

“Emm. Sorry, Minho oppa.” She said and turns right to other place.

“Hey! Seung Rin! We are going to go to your home, right? Why are we going to wrong place?” I asked to her.

“I just want to calm down myself. If you want to go, just leave me.” She said and walked straight. Jeez.. This girl. She is so stubborn. I just follow her. Oh, she wants to go to the garden in our campus. Why she wanted to go there? She usually go to the place like that when she sad. Now, she sat at the bench, took a deep breath. I followed her sat next to her. She looked at me and I looked at her. Its look like scene in film which I have seen when my mother watch in tv. Jeez.. Am I going to shoot (No! It’s not film. It’s fanfic!) Who are you? (I’m the author! *proud) Oh.. Don’t appear often (Hey!) Okay. I should ask what happened to her.

“Seung Rin-ah.. Are you fighting with Kyuhyun?” I said.

Seung Rin P.O.V

When Minho said that, I feel my heart getting hurt again. I feel like crying right now. But, I can’t.

“No. We aren’t fighting. Why you asked that?” I asked him.

“Oh.. It’s just.. because you doesn’t seem happy when the doctor say that you get pregnant.” He said.

“I.. I.. I just…” I haven’t finished my sentence when I realize that my tears are feeling down from my eyes to my cheek. Minho looks shock when he saw me crying.

“Urgh.. I’m sorry. I don’t want to make you crying.” He said and wiped away my tears with his hand.

“Aniya. It isn’t your fault.” I stared at him. I try to arrange my breath again. I began to tell him what happen between me and Kyuhyun. He looks socked and angry. I see him clenched his fist and looking into my eyes.

“Seung Rin-ah.. Don’t be sad. I always be by your side.” He said softly. His voices make me calm and he hugs me! It doesn’t feel the same when I hug Kyuhyun. When I hug with Kyuhyun, I feel my heart being beat fast and my cheek blushed. But, when Minho hugs me I feel so warm like nothing happened to me. I suddenly realize that we hug so long time so I release our hug.

“Minho oppa..” I called him.

“Hmm..” He looked at me and caressed my hair.

“Why did you so kind to me?” I asked him. OMO! It’s wrong. Argh. I shouldn’t ask him this question. Of course, it’s because we were friend. Babo! He looked away and smiles to me. He began to move his hand to my shoulder and lean his lips to my ear. Then, he hugged me AGAIN!

“Of course because I like you and I care about you.” He whispered to my ear and releases his hug. I make a goose bumps expression and he just chuckled. I didn’t understand! Someone help me!

Author P.O.V

When Minho embraces and chuckled, someone clenched his fist and smacked his hand to the tree near him. He smacked hardly until it bleeds. He doesn’t believe what he has seen. Is it too late to fix the problem?

“Damn it!” Kyuhyun said. He felt my boy tensed up and my heart.. It feels so hurt! When he saw other place near them he saw a girl drop her books and she was going to cry. She looked so shock.

“Wait.. Is her Eun Shi?” He asked himself. He wants to get closer to her to ask what happen between Seung Rin and Minho. But, he waits until they leave that place. Finally, they leave that place and going to parking area, he thought. Then, he moves to her place. She still shock and stood up there. He took a deep breath and called her name.

“Eun Shi-ah.. We need to talk.” Kyuhyun said to her. She realizes someone near her and looked at him.

“Kyuhyun-ah…” She stared at him.

SSSTTOPPP here… Keke.. I’m so evil, right. I want to make you anxious about this story. Well, what happen between them? Did Minho love Seung Rin? Kyuhyun realize his feel? How about Eun Shi? Just keep it in your mind. I’ll update soon.

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  1. wohh , knp part ini pendek bgt , mn lagi seru pula , hwaaaa akhirnya hamil jg rin nya , kyu cemburuan mlu ni kerjanya , maen hajar minho pula , kasian minho . ahh ff ini smakin dibaca smakin bagus , jd jatuh cinta am kyuhyun *ditabok author*

  2. nah..nah
    knpa mreka jd renggang gt??
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    eun shi ska ma minho nih.
    seung rin hamil pula dlm keadaan syok gt.
    ksian bayi’y..
    saeng mnta pw’y dunk*kitty eyes

  3. It’s so fantastic,
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  5. aduhhh betah bgt si tu orang dua diem”an???
    knp cba kyuhyun ga langsung mnta maaf gthu byar msalah clear,,,,
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  6. Lagi2 kesalahpahaman terjadi, Kyu oppa menghindar terus dari Seung RIn jadinya dia bingung hrs bersikap apa dgn Kyu oppa, apalagi skrg Minho oppa sepertinya lebih care dari Kyu oppa.. Semua itu bs membuat kesalahpahaman bertambah besar.. Sebaiknya Seung Rin hrs memberitahu ttg kehamilannya siapa tahu sikap Kyu oppa berubah

  7. Baru x ni aku mw ngikutin ff eng,biasanya ogah hahaha
    Yaaaaa wlpun cm ngikutin dr part7
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  9. I see .. Kyuhyun think .. That seungrin didn’t love him .. & when she said that she love him .. He don’t know what should to do ?

    Great … Seungrin have the same think too .. She think kyu doesn’t love her .. Aish … They are PABO

    Now they even didn’t spoke each other …aish .. ( why they are make me .. Ugh .. Crazy .. )

    Ommo seungrin pregnant … Chukae …
    YAK .. Minho .. Why u hugging seungrin ?
    GOSH .. Kyuhyun see that .. & eun shi too ..
    What going happend next ?

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