Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 9

For raise the mood please listen : 2pm-Babo

Eun Shi P.O.V

I just have finished my classes. I feel so bored because I have so many task and paper from my professor. So, I decided to go to the garden which usually I and Seung Rin spend our time together. I walked and humming happily. When I approach that place, I see two figures which looked familiar. Ah, there are Seung Rin and Minho! I must surprise them. Kekeke. But, when I was about to make sound “dor”, I see Minho lean to Seung Rin and hugged her. Suddenly, my heart feels hurt. It feels like a hammer bang to my heart and one million of nail smacked my head. Immediately, I drop my book from my hand. I didn’t believe from what I seen. It’s so wrong but it’s real. I feel I’m going to cry. But, I just hold back my tears. When they leave that place, I still stood up there and have nothing to do. When I was about to go, I feel someone presence behind me.

“Eun Shi-ah.. We need to talk.” He said to her. I move back and looked Kyuhyun behind me.

“Kyuhyun-ah…” I stared at him.

Kyuhyun P.O.V


I woke up at 11 am and see that she’s gone. Hhh.. I took a deep breath and then go to the bathroom for shower. After finished, I go to the kitchen and start to eat when I see a note in the fridge. ‘Kyuhyun-ah.. I have to go early. I prepared breakfast for you. Seung Rin~’ Jeez.. What is it? Is she thinking that I’m a fridge? Hello?! C’mon! Why did she always ignore me? I know that I hurt her feeling. But, can we go back like past? Aish… Why am I thinking about her so much? Forget it, Kyu~ Finally, I stood up and went to the campus.

I came to my class and looking for seat. I found my favorite place and sat there. The professor finally came and we started our lesson. As much as I want to concentrate to the lesson, I can’t. I sighed and look at the window. In there, I see one figure which so familiar to me. It’s Seung Rin! I smiled when I see her giggled with her friends while she’s holding her book. She looked so adorable and cut- What! What! How can I say that? My heart started to beat faster again. I touch my chest to check my heartbeat. It beats madly. Suddenly, all of our memories being together, come up to my mind. Her red blushed face when I tease her, her giggle when my mom called me baby kyu~, her smile, and last her tears. It’s all make me smile and sad in same time. How can I being so stupid like this? I think I just liked to tease her and because this marriage was arranged I think I can’t love her. But, I think I was wrong. So wrong. Finally, I must confess that I, that I like her. No, I don’t like her, But, I love her. And unfortunately, I have to hurt her badly and have notice my feeling is just now. I feel so late. But, I can’t give up like this. I must struggle my love for her. Yeah! I waited for classes and finally for several times I yawned, the bell rang and now it’s 2 pm. I leave classes quickly and going to search her.

“Jeez.. Where is she?” I mumbled and I can’t find her anywhere. But, when I walked to the garden and find her with Minho. Wait? She’s with Minho again? I was going to lean them when Minho embraces and chuckled. I clenched my fist and smacked his hand to the tree near me. I smacked hardly until it bleeds. I don’t believe what I have seen. Is it too late to fix the problem?

“Damn it!” I said. I felt my boy tensed up and my heart.. It feels so hurt! When he saw other place near them he saw a girl drop her books and she was going to cry. She looked so shock.

End of flashback~

I don’t know what happen to me. I just called her and said that we need to talk. I asked her to go to coffee shop near there. And now, she is front of me, waiting me for spoke.

“Eun Shi-ah, I have something to ask to you?” I said.

“What is that?” She said and slurped her coffee.

“Do you know what happen between Seung Rin and Minho? I mean, what’s their relationship?”

“Huh? I think you know that? He’s just friend with her.” She look confuse. I think she doesn’t know that I see Seung Rin and Minho hugged.

“Don’t lie. I see them hugged.” I stare at her and she gulped.

“You see that? Err.. I don’t know actually. I confused to because..” before she complete her sentence I cut it “Because you like Minho and you didn’t believe from what he did to you. Your heart feels hurt. Right?” I asked her. She looked shock from my statement.

“How did you know?” She asked me confusedly.

“I just guessed that. So am I right?” I asked and she just nodded. I took a deep breath. I looked at her and she look down. I think she’s going to cry.

“Eun Shi-ah.. I think we have some problem.” I said softly.

“What do you mean? You have Seung Rin and she’s your wife.” She said and raised her eyebrow.

“Listen. We don’t love each other at first.” I said in low tone. She shocked.

“What?! I think she likes you. And so did you.” She blurt out.

“You’re wrong. From the beginning I just like to tease her because she looks so cute when she blushed. But, when she had confessed to me that she liked me I feel it’s wrong. I think it’s not love and she must be kidding me.” I explained to her. She look understand and nodded.

“So, now you just realize that you have same feel with her. But, when you see Minho hugged her you didn’t know what to do?” She said and it’s true. I nodded and drink my coffee. I sighed for a while.

“I need your help.” I said to her.

“What? What kind of help?” She asked to me.

“Help me to snatch Seung Rin from Minho. I want her back. And you can get Minho. How’s that?” I said. She inconsiderately said yes and we shook our hand for agreement. I and she immediately arranged a plan. Seung Rin, just wait for me.

Seung Rin P.O.V

I still confused from what Minho oppa did to me in the garden. Now, he rode me to my apartment. He rode calmly and silent. I decided to ask him why he did that in the garden.

“Minho oppa..” I called his name.

“Wae?” He said and took a glance to me.

“Why did you do that in the garden?” I said.

“You mean? Hugged you?” He said still concentrate his car.

“Emm. Yes. But, I have more thought about your sentence. You said that you like me? What’s that mean?” I asked again.

Minho P.O.V

She looked confused from what I did to her in the garden. Yeah. Truthfully, when she asked me why I so kind to her I looked someone near us. He stared at us. It’s Kyuhyun. From what I see, I know that he feel jealous and anger in his face. I smirked but Seung Rin doesn’t know. I hugged her and said that I liked her. I’m back from my thought when she called my name again.

“Yah.. Minho oppa. Do you hear me?” She asked.

“Uh.. Yeah, I hear you.” I said to her and an idea popped out in my mind. Aha! I must help her!

“Do you still love Kyuhyun hyung?” I asked blurt out. She looked shocked and just nodded. She blushed and looked down.

“Aww.. How cute?” I pinched her cheek and she smacks my arm.

“Oppa! Don’t do that!” She yelled at me. Okay. So, I just tell her from what I see in the garden. She looks unconvinced and confused.

“I think you must be wrong, oppa.” She said.

“Hell, no. I know that Kyuhyun jealous at me. I see his anger face.” I said.

“B-but.. He rejected me when I confessed to him.” She said.

“Yeah, I know. Maybe, he just confused at all because of your sudden confession.” I said.

“How come you know that?” She asked me.

“Because I have same feeling with him. I just confused with my feeling. I didn’t brave to look at her or confessed at her. I only looked at her from distance and amaze with her.” I parked my car in front of her apartment. I released her seatbelt and looked at her.

“Who’s the lucky girl?” She suddenly asked to me. I just smiled to her.

“You know her.” I said and open my door then her door. I said goodbye to her and she walked to the building. I took a deep breath and started engine my car. Seung Rin-ah.. If you know who is she, I don’t know what could you do..

Short update? Kekeke. I just want to become more evil to you. What’s Kyuhyun plan to her? Who’s the lucky girl which Minho likes? Does Kyuhyun realize that Seung Rin is pregnant with his baby? Ahaha. I like Seung Rin being pregnant. Comment please for fast update.

29 thoughts on “Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 9

  1. geezz . sumpah part ini lbh pendek lagi , author knp semakin ksni semakin pendek ? pdhal sy ud sgt penasaran , huweeee T.T , nunggu moment kyu rin dsni tau nya ga ad , yg ad minho am seungrin , bahh .

  2. hohoho.
    jd mrka sling ngerencanain sesuatu yg menurut q g perlu.
    toh ud sma2 ska.
    gra2 slah paham mlah jd pnjg de mslah’y.
    g da yg tw pikiran org.

  3. denggg akhirnyaaaa stlah skian lama and dengan sdkit kecemburuann kyuhyun akhirnya mw ngaku jg ko dia cemburu and love her,,,,
    kiyakk jd smngat baca crtanya,,,^^

  4. benar kan Kyu oppa mulai menyukai Seung Rin, buktinya ingin mendapatkan Seung Rin kembali sampai2 membuat perjanjian juga dgn Eun Shi untuk membantunya mendapatkan Seung Rin dan Eun Shi akan mendapatkan cinta Minho oppa.. Gemas dech sama Kyu oppa.. Sampai skrg msh bingung yg disuka Minho oppa itu Seung Rin atau Eun Shi, smg saja bukan Seung Rin..

  5. aegi . . 🙂
    jgn smpe deh kyuhyun oppa gk percya tt anaknya
    syp cewk yg d suka minho? . .
    ιтυ adlah saya .

  6. Uahh author you are successful to make me confused about minho’s feels.

    Is he like seungrin or eunshi?

    But.. why its so short. . T.T

    keep writing. .^^

  7. Apaaan si kyu ga gentle bat. Pake cara sendiri dong errr ga elite nih bikin taktik begitu hha… Udah pikirin cara buat ngerebut malah minho boongan doang hhaha.. Dan jangan bilang yang disukain minho eunshi. Senetron neeh 😀

  8. syukur deh gak salah paham berlebih n nyiksa Rin, tp Kyu milih kerjasama buat ngerebut Rin hahaha,,, bilang cinta aja susah amat sih Kyu

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