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Hyora POV
“Don’t be too nervous like that” Omma teased me.
“Mwo?? I don’t…and why is it to be like that?” I defense myself. “Where is it omma?”
“Just 5 more house that green emerald one” we stop in front of kyuhyun’s house. And press the bell.
“oh…wasseo??” kyuhyun’s mother’s face showed up in the monitor.
“Yup…uri wasseo” my mom answered.
“im coming” she shouted from inside the lovely house, its small but really comfortable. The painting is also great, I would be glad if I can live here. Omo…what I have said just now?
“Wow!! Welcome home. Hyora~ya…You look so cute come on in” yeah omunim, (no way! Im used to call her omunim now)I was always be cute kkkk.
“kamshamnida omunim.” These moms were really happy when I call kyuhyun’s mom with omunim.
“Do you want something to drink?” offered kyuhyun’s mom.
“I would love tea, thank you” my mom answered
“what about you?”
“anyo, gwenchanhanyo. Where is seohyunie?”
“She is joining the camp this weekend”
“He is on an important case right now, there is this bad guy. He had to do anything at his office”
“ah..hyo joo~ya…can I help you back there? I need to talk for a sec”
“sure, hyora~ya wait for kyuhyun a moment, he still make himself up”
“Ne…” mwoya?MAKE HIMSELF UP??kyahahaha… I held my chuckle when I heard that sentence.
“He always be like that. He needs more time to do that more than I am. Let me call him. Seo yoo you can go to the kitchen, I’ll catch you up later after calling kyuhyun” she went upstairs.
“Look! He make himself up for you” omma said while smiling to tease me.
“Yuck! Omma!! HE make himself up, what a boy. I’m going to sleep first if I wait for him this long.”
“Ya! How could you say that to your own future hubby” I smirked.
Kyuhyun’s mom went downstair and grabbed my mom’s hand.
“Just wait a moment okay?lets go seo yoo~ya…”
SeoYoo POV
As we were at the kitchen, I reported what happened between hyora and I.
“So, what do you want to talk about?” Hyo joo asked
“Oh my God its emergecy..hyora almost kissed by that boy, I thought they are dating now”
“MWO!! Aish…kyuhyun is just so slow. I will make him date hyora too. ”
“But, I wanna ask too. Does kyuhyun have a girlfriend?”
“Of course not. Wae?”
“Hyora said that she saw him with a Korean American girl and he also called her babe. Hyora and I had a fight over this not a long ago. I still cant believe it, so that’s why I ask you” im worry too much to my daughter so I just made that clear. I hope I get the answer.
“A Korean American? he called her babe? I know my son well; he had no style to call just a girl like that, he never dare, trust me. He only dares to call a girl like that only with his cousin nuna. His cousin nuna is a Korean American. And her nickname is babe.”
“Is that so?”
“Trust me seoyoo….. there are a lot of girl who love kyuhyun back then but he never replies them back. Coz I know my son only like one girl” Hyo joo took my hand to calm me down.
“yeah…and that is Hyora. I found him staring at a photo one day and as I remembered that was Hyora’s childhood photo. But im wondering why he hates this wedlock”
“or…maybe he doesn’t know that a girl on the photo was hyora?”
“Perhaps…. I relieved that he has a feeling for hyora at least. Im so happy huhuhu…”
“But are you sure that was hyora’s photo”
“trust me, I took that photo”
“Hope so…I relieved too. Just let them know each other first”
“yeah…don’t tell them about it”
End of Seoyoo POV

Hyora POV
20 minutes later I saw kyuhyun went down.
“Why you took so long?” his mom asked him.
“mianhaeyo omma…annyeong haseyo o…omunim” tsk…he stuttered.
“annyeong kyuhyun~ah…” greeted my mom. And as our turn, he just look at me without a word.
“You must take us to our reunion” said kyuhyun’s mom.
“Ne?i don’t know if I have to omma…”
“lets go”
“wait omunim, how about our car?” I asked
“Ah~ give me your key” his mom said. And I gave my key car.
“Get her car to the garage, and take our car.” She ordered to kyuhyun.
“Arasseoyo omma…(I get it mom)” he obeyed what his mom said.

Later on, we were on his car. Our moms were in the back busy talking about their high school time. They were really close as I heard from the story.
“What about you guys? You both aren’t fighting anymore are you?” asked my mom.
“eh…” Im about to answer but kyuhyun just took over it.
“KKokjonghajimaseyo (dont worry) we are good now” he answered it calmly, and my eyes widened.
“right hyora~ya?” he continued as he looked at me.
“ehem….ne omma”
“Great!! We are so happy and relieve to hear that both of you are good now…” said his mom.
“stop stop!! We are here…” kyuhyun stopped his car.
“Omo…the reunion is about to start, palli palli (hurry up)”
“so, we are coming with you?” kyuhyun asked as we got out from the car. We thought that we could come with them.
“Aniya…you two just have fun on your Saturday night honey. Treat her kyuhyun~ah.” His mom answered
“MWO!!” we both shouted together.
“And also, you don’t need to pick us, your dads will be there too, annyeong….kids!!” its my mom turn.
“charhae arasseo? (be good, okay?)”
“gwenchanha…you both are okay now… kyuhyun~ah I hand you hyora, take care of her” They just said goodbye and left us alone.
“OMMA!!” I screamed. “Aishh!! What a bad luck” I wishpered still annoyed with our mom’s behavior. Kyuhyun didn’t say anything and got back to his car.
“Do you wanna come or what?” he asked from inside the car. I crossed my arms.
“If you don’t then let’s be okay….bye…” he started the car engine. Oh my God this person is really could do this to a girl.
“Wait wait….”
“Don’t think too long…or I’ll leave you”
“Aish! This guy jinjja…. Irritating too much” I wishpered myself. My brain worked.
“okay, im coming with you” I finally decided to come with his coz I don’t know where to go. I open the back car’s door.
“Its all because of you so you have to come anywhere I go” I said.
Kyuhyun make a mocking beam in his face.
“Wae? Wae uso?(why are you laughing?)”
“Mworago?? Who do you think you are? A princess and Im only your driver, if you wanna come, get down and sit besides me or you can take a walk”
“Dorkie!!” I mocked him.
“This is my car and you must obey my rule except you wanna walk by yourself” he crossed his arms.
“If you still there I won’t go” he said again
“arasseo arasseo….” He smirked. I have to lose again, this reunion place was far and the bus stop is far away too, how he could do me this way.
“Julbaaaaaallll….” He smirked again signing that he had won from me as I got in the car besides him.

“where do we go?” I asked him
“its up to me” he answered shortly.
“You are really irritating you know? How can I live with an irritating husband like you, Gosh!!”
“So don’t make me one…all the girls are the same” okay I wont answer him. Just to make myself calm down. I took my cellphone and make a video phone.
“Wae?” Young In answered it.
“ya! Neo ottiya? (where are you?)”
“I’m on my house, neo?”
“Im with…..” I shoot my phone to kyuhyun
“nuguya?? Kyuhyunie?”
“Hi..young in~ah…” Kyuhyun waved at my phone.
“Hi!! Im with sungje too here, we were working homework. But He is on the bathroom now”
“Don’t be so intimate with my best friend” I complained
“are you jealous?” he asked
“aniya….” My face blushing as he said that, he made an evil smile.
“Are you two on a date?” young in asked straight.
“what do you mean?he wants to kidnap me, he didn’t tell me where we will go”
“Don’t worry he’ll keep you save as your future husband” teased her.
“Ya!!” we both yelled together.
“huahahaha…” young in laughed.
“wae?” this time sungje’s voice.
“Come here its kyuhyun and hyora” said young in and she gave her phone to sungje.
“whew!! Are you two dating?what a progress…”
“its not like what you see, its all because of our moms” I said.
“I wish you could be here sungje~ya…” kyuhyun said.
“there will be more fun if you’re guys spending your time together like that” sungje said.
“with this snaily head?aniya…”
“Mworago?!!(what did you say?) don’t call me that!!” I slapped kyuhyun’s arms.
“Look at you guys, you are so cute together” young in commented.
“Arasseo, I think you both should do that aften, have fun then. We have to finish our job here”
“Annyeonggg!!” sungje and young in hung up.
“beep beep”
“Omoya…these guys are really….”

At Young In’s place
Sungje and I are together planned on their project to make us closer.
“ya! How’s your investigation sungje?” I asked
“Ah~ I have asked him and he just answered that he had no GF now but he had a past love but he still cant find her”
“what about the Korean American girl?”
“aish! I forgot it”
“That’s fine lets find out about her next time, now since they are on their first date because of their mothers. Lets make another one.. kkkk”
“Ottokhae? (how is it?)” Sungje had no idea.
“I have an idea, what about……………….”
End of Young In POV

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