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Hyora POV
Suddenly kyuhyun stopped his car. We were at a softball field.
“Here? What do we wanna do?”
“Do you mean what do I wanna do not us” he take his softball bag. There are a lot of kids there.
“what about me?” I stopped following him.
“Its up to you” he kept walking
“I wait for you?”
“Whatever snaily head…”
“DORKIEEEEE…” kyuhyun was happy to see my stressed face.
“Hyuuuuunnngggggggggggg!!!” some children ran to him and hug him. Omo…those kids are really cute.
“Annyeong yedeura….(hi kids!!)” He smiled and left me. Argghhh…he really made me angry. I decided not to follow him. And took a walk as I want.
I didn’t really know this region before but I love to explore it. Thinking about how rude kyuhyun was to me just now was making me want to throw my shoes on him. How can I live with him if his characters were like that? What made me a little bit relief is that we’re going to divorce after all. And my love with wooyoung oppa would be bound again kkkkk…aigooo how romantic… I smiled my self. I didn’t realize that three men were standing there watching over me. They chuckled when they saw me especially my clutch.
“Annyeong baby…. Where do you wanna go? Let’s go together” I tried to ignore them and passed them quickly.
“Hey…you should give us your smile and money then… Yongjin hyung I get her” one of them grabbed me from the back.

Kyuhyun POV
“Ya…lets start our practice today…. Run this field 10 times come on…..”
“Come on…of you want to be a good softballers you have to do that….”
“ne~ hyung….” They started running as I heard Hyora’s screaming. And I turned my head to find her. Oh my God! Where the hell was she? I can’t find her around this field.
“Hyuuunnnggg…. That nuna who was with you is in danger” Jae woo appeared from the entrance of the field and pointed somewhere. I ran right away.
“Kids, if something bad happened please call jaesuk ahjussi in the police office okay?” I said and then ran as fast as I could to her scream.
End of Kyuhyun POV

Hyora POV
“Thank you Donghee~ya Don’t scream baby…” the person with the dirtiest tshirt touched my chin and took something from his pocket, which is like knife.
“Please, don’t….” I begged him. I felt really scared.
“kkkkk……..ya! shi bum~ah..take her clutch now…” he ordered his friend to take my clutch.
“Don’t be scare honey…if you obey us you’ll be fine…” I started to cry. Kyuhyun~ah…kyuhyun, I mumbled his name.
“YA!!!! Let her go!!!” Kyuhyun appeared.
“KYUHYUN~AHHHHHH…” I scream his name loudly.
“Ya!!!shut your mouth!! Or I will rip your beautiful mouth” Yongjin threaten me.
“Neo nuguya??!! (Who are you?) What a brave kiddo we’ve got here… ” Donghee yelled at kyuhyun. Shibum got closer to kyuhyun too. And now they both are ready to attack kyuhyun.
“NO!!! don’t hurt him…just take my money…let him go” my tears started to fill my eyes.
“Here, take my knife” yongjin gave his knife to shibum.
“Who are you boy?do you know us?” Shibum smirked and show off yongjin’s knife.
“What are you to her, huh?” donghee also smirked mocking kyuhyun. Kyuhyun looked at me who get scared.
End of Hyora POV

Kyuhyun POV
“What are you to her, huh?” I was a little shocked with that question. I wanted to make my eyes wide when that bandit asked me who I was to hyora. But I endured that, because if they saw me acting strange there will be something bad happened. So to make me more natural and to keep her safe for her mom, who handed her over me, I yelled confidentaly. But hyora was my responsibility so I answered bravely,
“I AM HER FUTURE HUSBAND!! ” my heart skipped a bit when I heard myself saying that.
“Mwo?Huahahahhahaha…” they three laughed really hard.
“Don’t joke with us kiddo…..come here…” Donghee attacked me. I kicked him back; well I learned hapkido with my dad. And with a sec I can beat the bandit called donghee.
“Hyung!!” shibum saw donghee fainted because of me.
“You….” and now shibum attacked me with the knife. And fortunately I can also avoid the attack. I kicked his hand which held the knife. And made him fainted as well after I did some movements.
“YOU!! how dare you!!” this is the leader’s turn, yongjin pushed hyora until she fell down.
“Hyora!!” I yelled. Because of the yell I couldn’t avoid the punch from yongjin. He punched me hard until I slammed the ground, he kicked me again.
“KYUHYUN~AAAHHH….” Hyora screamed.
“Feel that jerk!!” yongjin shouted at me as he laughed.
“Aish!!!” I felt pain in my lips and cheek because of his punch and I could feel blood running from my lips. I got up quickly and attacked him back. Within a moment I could weaken yongjin.
End of Kyuhyun POV

Hyora POV
“Hyora!!” He yelled. Because of the yell he couldn’t avoid the punch from yongjin. He punched him hard until he slammed the ground, yongjin kicked him again. I could feel that pain too, I cried hard.
“KYUHYUN~AAAHHH….” I screamed.
“Feel that jerk!!” yongjin shouted at him.
“Aish!!!” His blood was running from his lips. he got up quickly and attacked him back. Within a moment he took over yongjin.
“aaaa…..nomu appa (It hurt)Let me go!! Let me go!!” yongjin was in pain.
“I will let you go, but promise me don’t make any trouble again here, arasseo!!!!” He yelled warning him.
“Okay okay…I will I promise you” he stuttered. He let him go, pull his wallet and took some money.
“here! Use this for your friend also” he gave yongjin the money.
“are you serious?” yongjin asked.
“Ka…kamsahamnida…” he helped his friends and go away.
“Ya!!! Stoooooppp!!! Why did you let him go?” Suddenly an ahjussi came.
“Samchun..(Uncle) just let him go” Kyuhyun answered.
“Are you alright? I have told him not to make troubles here”
“Im okay samchun. Thank you”
“Fuuuhhh” he blew his own hair. He looked around and found me cried at the exact place where I fell down.
“Hyora~ya…” He ran toward me. I was shaking and tears came to my eyes.
“Gwenchanha?(are you okay?) ” I could only look at him without even can say a word.
“Ireona(get up)!” he helped me to get up, but I couldn’t stand it anymore, it was dark….
End of Hyora POV

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