i dont know if this chap will be good…
but i really hope you like it
Kyuhyun POV
“Ya!!! Hyoraya~~!!” I screamed knowing her fainted, Jaesuk ahjussi helped me. I hurriedly took her in bridal way.
“Jaesukie samchun, I will bring her back home. Thank you very much, don’t tell my dad about this okay?” I said as we took hyora in my car.
“Arasseo, are you sure you are okay?” he felt worry.
“Ne, Im going samchun, kamsahamnida…”
We arrived at my house.
“Ya!! Kim hyoraaa!!” I yelled to her and hoped that she would be conscious from her faint. But it didn’t work, I thought she shocked with what happened.
Ottokhaji?(what should I do?). The house was empty. Im so worried about her.
I carried her to my room and hurriedly took water to clean dust from her face. She was pale; I knew how scared she was and she felt like sleeping now. This is the second time she fainted with me beside her. I wiped her face, hands and legs, some scratch showed up maybe they came from when she fell down just now. When I wipe her face, she looked really pretty and cute. I sighed, and thought myself, Kim hyora you are cute when you were silent like this, I smiled my self. What thought was that cho kyuhyun….??!! I drop that thought off my head. I finished wiping her and now I got the first aid to give her some healer to her wound over her hands and legs.
“Kim hyora… you are really know how to make someone worry” I wishpered as I smear the healer on her pain.
As I finished it, I felt a little tired too, and I fell asleep sitting on the floor beside hyora who lied on the my bed…..
End of Kyuhyun POV

One hour later.
Hyora POV
I started conscious from my faint. I blinked my eyes confirming what happened.
“Where am I?its not my house, where I was before this?” I tried to remember, I thought someone had given me blanket and I still didn’t recognize that kyuhyun was there.
“I AM HER FUTURE HUSBAND” aish!! Why did I remember that?I touch my hurt right hand accidentally
“Arhhh…apa…(it hurts)” I checked it and it had already swept by healer. Who….oh! I just recognized kyuhyun’s head was there. Omo….he was injured, ottokahe?? Wait wait…. Is that his snoring? Huahahaha…his mouth opened as well and mwo???!! His saliva ran from his mouth, buahahahahahahaha….i held my laugh. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. He turned his head suddenly. Oopsss…. I blocked my mouth. His left face was seen and I surprised that his corner lips still bleeding and his cheek a little bit swollen. Ah…I remember now! I fainted when kyuhyun saved me from the bandits. I automatically got up carefully so I didn’t wake him up, poor kyuhyun…he must take care of me just now. The clock showed 10 PM and our parents hadn’t come home. I sat in front of him and saw his messy face. I changed the water and napkin which must be the one to wipe my scratch. I came back for him, saw him a little while. I felt something in my heart suddenly. His words ‘I AM HER FUTURE HUSBAND’ repeated again on my head. I felt warm through my body. I started to wipe his wound…..

Kyuhyun POV
“Geim~ah….” Someone called me; I opened my eyes and saw that little girl smiling in front of me.
“Ichigo….” I called her back.
“You really hurt right?” she took something from her bag, it was a strawberry.
“Ya! What’s that for?”
“To heal you” she started to wipe me with that strawberry.
“how come a strawberry heal me, ichigo?”I gigled, but still letting her do that for me.
“You’ll see…”
“geim~ah… it was because of me always because of me….hiks…” she started crying.
“Why are you crying?”
“It hurts right really hurts….hiks hiks…I just can feel that too. If you hurt I hurt too… moreover it was all because of me huhuhuhu…hiks sob sob…” she cried while she wipe my corner lips. She always says that she will be hurt if someone in pain too.
“Aniya…you did nothing wrong to me… I am okay ichigo…uljima…(don’t cry)”
“Ani…nega jalmothesseo (I was wrong) always hurt you…hiks hiks” her tears couldn’t stop.
“Ichigoya…nan ottokhae (what am I going to do?)…I don’t wanna lose you again…kajima (don’t go) bogoshiposseo…” I hug her.
“I am always there along this time…geim~ah”
End of Kyuhyun POV

Hyora POV
I gave him the healer too on his corner lips after swept water to clean his wound (and his saliva). He moved his lips a bit, I knew that hurt, and I could feel that too even I wasn’t the one who injured. My tears suddenly came out from my eyes unrecognizely. Just because I feel his pain too. Sob sob… I couldn’t control myself, my heart hurt too now. I felt guilty to make him injured like this. He suddenly moved and hugged me
“bogoshiposseo” I shocked and my tears ran out faster, my eyes widened. I don’t know what to do. my heart beat so fast now.
“Ichigo…I miss you so bad…” I froze at a moment. What did he say?ichigo? I’ve heard that before somewhere but I don’t really remember. Uhmmm…maybe it was his nick for Ara onnie.
“kyu…kyuhyun~ah…” well, I went back to my senses now and tried to make him awake. He opened his eyes and just wake up from his sleep. He loosened his hug and looked at me confused.
“Hyo…hyora?” he seemed surprised.
“yeah…?do you miss Ara onnie that bad?” I asked him, but asking him like that just made my feeling a little pressure after he said that he is my future husband. Oh my God I shouldn’t be like this, I have wooyoung oppa. I wanted to tell him but I don’t think this is the right time.
“No…I …I mean yes….why wouldn’t I?” he stuttered again. I smiled awkwardly and hold my tears again, which I don’t know that it wanted to come out again.
“hmm…arasseo… im sorry for ruining your date with her tonight”
“I ..I am okay…”
“well, im glad you are okay”I took tissue to wipe away my tears. “If you don’t mind let me clean and give you healer for your wound…I haven’t finished until you hug me just now ” I offered him. I took that healer and put that a little on the cotton. I wiped it to his lips again and his cheek. We were silent each other. If I took care of someone, then I always feel the same way. So, as I wiped to his wound I didn’t realize that my tears were going down again.
“Mianhae kyuhyun~ah…” my hands were shaking hard. He looked at me who was crying.
“ya..ya…ya…why are you crying??”
“Its my fault, you become like this….hiks hiks hiks…I know you hurt so bad… I can feel it too…” I said in sob.
“it should be me in pain, why are you crying for me?”
“Kyuhyun~ah…mianhaeeee…..” I put my head down and cried louder. Kyuhyun could only look at me who cried, and remember something.
Kyuhyun POV
“catch me if you can…ye ye ye….” I teased her.
“Geim….!!! Stop!! Stoppp!! Give me back my doll!!” she tried to catch me but I ran faster. They called me Geim since I love to play game on the computer.
“I will give you if you can catch me…kkkkk” I didn’t realize when I ran there were a lot of gravel, so my shoes slipped and …….
“Woaaaaaaa…” I screamed,
‘bruakkk!!’ the doll was thrown away from my hand and I ended up falling on the ground. I sat from where I fell and felt a little hurt on my knee. The blood was running from it.
“GEIIIIIIMMMM!!!” she ran toward me with her tears. “Gwenchanha?” she asked me worrily.
“omooo…you are bleeding geim~ah… ottokhaji?(what should I do?)?nomu apasseo?(is that hurt?)” I smirked endured my pain.
“hiks hiks hiks….huaaaaaaaa……huaaaaaaaaaaaa”
“Ya ya ya…stop crying. Im in pain, not you”
“Ottokhae geim? i could feel your wound too…huaaa…” she put her face downward. I laughed at her words. What a silly girl, she felt my pain too. How cute! I stretched my hand
“I am okay ichigo…”

Kyuhyun POV
Without I realized I stretched my hand and touched her head
“I am okay ichigo…” She stopped crying suddenly and blinked her eyes.
“What did you say?” she asked me as she put up her head to face me.
“A…aniya….” I stuttered and took my hand back, my face was burning. We were awkward for a while, but then she continued to sweep on my pain.
“Arrgghhh!! Ya Kim Hyora!! Apa!!(it hurt!!)” I stared at her sharply.
“ geumanisseo!!(stop moving!) hiks hiks…”
“You!! just be careful!!”
“Arasseo!!hiks hiks…” she started to wipe again but she pushed too hard.
“Ya!!!” I shouted.
“Gemanisseo!! Or I’ll push it harder like this..…” she pushed it again while crying.
“Argghh!!” she smirked, I don’t know about this girl, not a long ago she cried and now she could even smirk like that.
“alright! This is the last step….” she pointed at me.
“This band aid will make your wound recover quickly…so don’t ever try to put it off before your wound gone arasseo?” she took a strawberry band-aid from her clutch.
“ya!! Ige mwoya?(ya! What is this?) shirooooo!! Don’t put that on me!!!” I avoided her.
“hey…you know what, this band aid is really special, within 2 days you can heal…come on!!”
“Do you have other pattern? how can it be strawberry? nan namja (Im a man)….” Aish!!come on…even I love you ichigo, but this band aid is really not me at all.
“I don’t have any other patterns. Do you want to recover or what? Stop complaining kyuhyun~ah…” she got closer with me, and put that band aid on my wound forcely.
“Aish!jinjja neo!!”
“Kkeut (finish), waaa..kyuhyun~ah…nomu kwiyeopda” she smiled proudly for her work at me.
“You are really mean girl” I commented. She smiled again without answering me. Her smile made my heart skipped a bit. Ah…molla molla… i stared at her.
“You stopped crying.”
“yeah…coz im sure your injured will be better now, and I can feel it too. Its getting better, isn’t it?” she asked. I nodded.
“Well, I told you this strawberry band aid will make you feel better” I smiled.
“Hey, that softball field, do you train them to play?” she sat beside me and suddenly she asked that.
“Oh….the kids?yeah…that is my samchun’s neighbourhood, I spent my time there when I was child. So when I first time came back to seoul, I went there and met that kids”
“They are cute, would you mind to take me there sometimes?” she looked at me.
“But promise me don’t fooling around again.” I pushed her forehead.
“Arasseo” she smiled and I could feel my lips stretched too.
End of Kyuhyun POV

Hyora POV
“Arasseo….” I answered him. “Ya!Im curious about something”
“You and Ara onnie…. Going out well right?”
“huh?Ah…yeah we…we are going out well” he stuttered
“Hey, you know what? You always have that habit, repeating the same word”
“Arasseo… arasseo arasseo…”
“Eii..jinjja!! don’t mock me!!” I touched his cheek.
“Ya!! Apa!!!”
“Ehmmm… I think I should go home now… I don’t have to wait for my mom right?” I asked,
“Are you sure you okay?”
“Gwenchanha, Its me who should ask you that question ….”
“Let me take you home…” he offered.
“Aniya….you must take a rest, though”
“Lets go….” He got up, took my car key, and took my hand.
“Get your clutch; I’ll take you home…its already late”
I obeyed him after all. Just to pay him for today’s accident.
At the car.
“You learn hapkido?whew….cool…” I said. He smiled proudly.
“Well, that’s the way I am… always be cool”
“Bwa bwa…(look look..) I shouldn’t say something like that again to you” he laughed.
“You owe me twice you know” he said
“I save you twice, and again and again you fainted…I told you to reduce your weight hyora~ya…” he teased me.
“Mworagoooo??!!!!(What did you say?) jukeullae?(Do you want to die?)” I pushed his cheek.
“Arrggghh…apaaa!!(it hurt)”
“Feel that!!” I pretended to be angry.
20 minutes later, we arrived at home and it was 11 PM already.
“okay…we arrived now…” he released his seat belt and mine.
“The taxi has been here” he called a taxi to take himself home before we departed from his house.
“Gomawo for saving me…” he looked at me suddenly and got closer to me. I blinked my eyes. My heart was ponding again. His eyes really got into me.
“waekure?(what’s wrong?)” I surprised because of his reaction but I held it back. I tried to hold my breath.
“Shhh…are you still sick?” he touched my forehead.
“ya!!move now or I will push your wound” I scared him.
“Hahaha…” he laughed teasing me. We got out from the car. He grabbed my hand and pushed the bell.
“I don’t think oppa and my parents have gone back home.”
“Are you okay for being alone?”
“Don’t worry… im okay. It should be me who ask that kind of question”
“Alright then I’m relief now. Just take enough rest snaily head” he turned and left me.
“Stop calling me that paboya!!” he waved his hand without facing me.
“And don’t drool again while you are sleeping, hahahahha…moron!!” I teased him.
“Huh??!!”He stopped waving his hand and turned his body with his confused face.
“Annyeongggg….” I smiled and went to my house.

Kyuhyun POV
At home,
I arrived home when my parents came home.
“Where do you come from?” asked appa after he laid seohyun at her bed.
“from hyora’s house”
“Mwo??wow…what an improvement!!” omma surprisedly happy.
“Wait…whats wrong with your face?” appa held my body.
“gwenchanha appa…I just slammed on the ground when we played” I answered.
“owhhh…hyora must give that band aid for you” omma guessed it right.
“yeah… who else?”
“Omo…nomu kwieopda…(how cute) I told you she is the right one for you”
“Ehem…How was the reunion omma?” I tried to distruct the attention of that subject.
“Well, we’re having fun. How about you? are you having fun with hyora?”
“uhm…kinda, well I should get to bed omma, appa”
“Get rest son…” appa tapped my back.
“Ne~ jumuseyo omma appa…” I bowed them.

At my room
I prepared my self to bed by going to the bathroom.
I changed my clothes into pajama. I looked at the mirror.
“this yeoja is really….” I smiled my self, touch the band aid that reminds me of the dream earlier. But I felt so secure now because of the band aid.

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