“Drrtt… Oh Baby say goodbye ddrrtt…Oh jamsiman Goodbye annyeongiran maleun jamsi jeobeodulge
jeo muneul yeolgoseo han geoleum naemilmyeon ko ggeuteuro jeonhaejineun neoui sumgyeol drrtt….”
I picked the phone with my eyes closed and then saw the caller ID. Well, last night I called young in and tell her everything and we slept late.
“Good morning sweety…”
“Good morning oppa…”
“Are you still sleepy? I miss you so much, how’s your satnite?im sorry for not calling you last night”
“aniyeyo oppa, I am sorry oppa… I have to accompany my mom so I couldn’t call you,” I lied.
“Now, please get up princess… lets hang out”
“Let me just close my eyes again a while….”
“Ya!! Agi….wake up…. I’ll pick you up now arasseo….”
“Huh….oppa… I am sick, can you just visit me?”
“Huh?you are sick?! Arasseo…just go back to sleep, I’ll come over okay….itabaaaa….(see you around)”
“it because of you kyuhyun~ah…”
“oh..aniya oppa…. Ne itabayoooo…” I hung up. Aish! Why should his name come out?!! Wooyoung oppa will come over. I have to be pretty for him.
I went out from the bath room and found my omma.
“Hyora~ya…are you having fun with kyuhyun?”
“Omma!! You surprised me!!”
“How was last night?”
“Jinjja omma…I almost got rob”
“And?” she followed me.
“Kyuhyun saved me”
“really?omonaaa…my son in law is really cool…” I rolled my eyes. My mom still bragged about kyuhyun to everybody at home. I don’t care…the important thing now is that wooyoung oppa will come and I really happy.
Wooyoung oppa came and brought me strawberry milk, juice and the fruit as well. Ah~ nomu johaaaa… he also gave my mom tangerines and her favorite bread. Look who was cooler and smarter than kyuhyun. Omo…he is totally cute >_<
“That is your real son-in-law omma…. “ I said to her after wooyoung oppa came home.
“Kyuhyun is cooler, she saved you” she took his side.
“He treated me bad omma, wooyoung oppa treated me like a princess”
“Neoneun gonju anya (you aren’t a princess) so kyuhyun treats you just the way you are”
I curled my lips… my omma really loved her son in law.

“Yeoboseyo…” I picked a call from my best friend of course.
“Ya…mwohae?(what are you doing?)”
“Nothing, just reading for our preparation for exam next week, wae?neo neun?(what bout u?)”
“Deuh…im calling you…”
“haha…sorry…waeniriya?(what’s up?)”
“Aniya…just wanna ask you out after our exam, otte?”
“Ah~ uhm…I have appointment with wooyoung oppa”
“Mwo?you seems to have more time for him than for me”
“Ya… why do you say like that suddenly?” I put my book. Owh no…its dangerous…I am afraid of her sentence.
“Well, as I remember you never joined me, sungje, kyuhyun, taeyeon, jaelin, and sora to have lunch”
“Young in~ah…don’t be like that…”
“gwenchanha….so, youre still dating him right?have you told kyuhyun?”
“I haven’t, why?”
“Even the whole school know that you are with wooyoung oppa, but trust me that kyuhyun haven’t. he is the slow type person and didn’t care much about it. Doesn’t it hurt if he knows from the other?”
“well, I haven’t because I still think about when is the right time.”
“Why don’t you say it now??he saved you by the way, if I were him I will really hurt by your behavior for letting me know your relationship with others, while he will be your husband……” young in was really genius to make me change my mind.
“So, it is like that?should I tell him now?”
“Why not?go now….”
“Ah~ one more thing, I want you to cancel your appointment with jang wooyoung and come with us to amusement park after our exam okay?if you cant do that…well… I think I will go back to USA”
“Arasseo arasseo…jinnja…you are really good at this…”
“Okay…then I’ll hang up annyeong kim hyooooooo….”
I think again about kyuhyun, actually I really want to discuss it with him but….i just couldn’t tell him. Finally, I decided to tell him now.
“Yeoboseyo?” there was a voice across.
“omonim, its hyora”
“Oh…daughter in law…how are you honey?”
“Im fine omonim, what about you?”
“Im so great dear…what’s wrong?”
“Uhmmm…chuisonghaeyo omunim, but is kyuhyun there?”
“Ah~ of course you wanna talk with him. Mianhae uri ddal…I’ll connect you with him right away”
“Kamsahamnida omunim…” ottokhae? I have doubt actually but young in said so, and she can assure me to do this.
“Kyuhyun~ahhh….your future wife is on the line” I can hear kyuhyun’s mom shouted.
“Ya! Waekure?” a moment later his voice came up.
“Ya!! Be a little gentle paboya!!” omunim’s voice came up to right away after kyuhyun answer my call. Of course its pararel phone.
“Ommaaaaa!!jeballl….(mom, please…)” he yelled.
“Arasseo…” her voice disepear.
“wae?palli marhae (why?speak quickly..)” he always like that
“your mom is right, be more gently to me…”
“Aigoo…why?have you fallen for me?so you wanna treated by me better?” he said confidentaly.
“Ah~ jinjja…you ruin my mood again….”
“hahaha..just kidding snaily head!!So, why do you suddenly call me?”
“Aniya…just want to know your condition.”
“see….am I that charming?”
“Ya!!you really don’t have shame, do you? well, it because I owe you and feel guilty since I made you injured last week”
“Well, the band aid works well, when I put that off, its getting much better”
“See…I told you, it was effective” I yelled happily.
“that’s it?”
“Ehmmm…actually kyuhyun~ah…. We need to talk about something alone…”
“Just say it now”
“I cant, its related with our wedlock, beside…..”
“Omma…enough….we’re done talking”
“Ahahaha…you know kyuhyun~ah…” omunim got busted by his own son. I giggled.
“Have fun on your date….” Teased her and she left us for real now.
“where do you want us to meet?” he asked.
“Hmmmm…I don’t have any idea actually”
“Ah~…I know, you said you want to meet those kids again?? I train them this afternoon. Do you want to join?”
“Kure…should I go to your house, since it is me who have this bussiness”
“No need, I’ll pick you up”
“Arasseo…” suddenly I made a sad voice. I don’t know if what I will say to him is a good way.
“Gwenchanha?” he asked me worriedly.
“Eoh? Yeah, im fine…see you soon then”
“Okay…” I hung up the phone. Feeling guilty, I don’t know if I can face him, can I do that? Why is this feeling so bothering? I have wooyoung oppa though; I myself haven’t said anything to wooyoung oppa about my wedlock.
Kyuhyun POV
“Annyeong haseyo…”
“Hey…kyuhyun~ah….what on earth you come here?” Youngwoon hyung greeted me.
“oh,,, keuge hyung (well hyung…) Im here to pick hyora”
“Jinjja? Dating?waaaaaa….progress progress….yeah man… come in come in…”
“Thanks hyung”
“Hyora~yaaaaaaa…..your hubby is here…”
“Hey thanks for saving my sister by the way…”
“Did she say about it?”
“Yeah…” youngwoon hyung smile. “I know I can count on you kyuhyun~ah…”
“Kyuhyun~ah… what are you doing here?” that is my future mother in law, she appeared from the kitchen as she heard my voice.
“Annyeong hasimikka omunim” I greeted her as well.
“annyeong adeul…(hi, my son) more handsome everyday huh?thank you for saving hyora last week. I know you can protect her.” She tapped my shoulders. Hyora has her bright eyes and nose. Yeepeoda just like her mom.
“Aniyo omunim, it was my fault to let her walking alone”
“Im so proud to have you as my future son in law…omo…”
“Kamsahamnida omunim…”
“Stop braging him like that omma…” hyora came down, is she getting prettier or is it my eyes which needed spectacles?she’s stunning with her soft pink cap and her sport outfit. Ya!! What’s wrong with me??!!!
“Wae?? He deserve it hyora…” said her mom. I smirked.
“He will fly right away” she mocked me.
“That’s fact kim hyora….right omunim?i deserve that…” I said.
“yeah…its true”
“Omma, im your daughter, whose side are you?” she protested.
“My son in law of course” her mom answered, I smirked again.
“Oppa!!” I called kangin oppa.
“My bro in law of course…” he teased hyora and hi five with me. I stuck my tongue.
“Aish!! Im going then….” She’s disappointed leaving me.
“Take care of her kyuhyun~ah…” said her mom.
“Ne~ arasseoyo omunim…goodbye hyung…”
“Yooo… annyeong!!” then I followed her.
At the car
“are you happy now?” she crossed her hands. I stopped put on my seatbelt, and smiled.
“How can they stand behind you than me?” she wondering.
“Julbaaaaaallll….” I didn’t answer her question but I felt satisfaction. Her family is really nice to me.
End of Kyuhyun POV

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