Hyora POV
We stopped at the same spot like last week.
“Do you want to talk about your business right now?” kyuhyun asked as he brought his softball stuff. Just before I answered that, some voice heard,
“HYUUUUUUNGGGGGGGGGGG…..” we searched the voice. Some boys around 3rd and 4th grader ran to kyuhyun and hug him.
“Hi guys…..” he greeted them.
“Well, just do your business first, we’ll talk later” I left them. How cute the boys are…
“Hey!wait up…guys this is hyora nuna, say hello…” kyuhyun said.
“Annyeng haseyo hyora nunaaaaaa…”
“this is seokhyun, wonhong, eunjo, seobin, Gyumin and Hongki”
“Nuna, gwenchanha? I remember you are the one who almost got rubbed right?” asked Eunjo
“Ah~ yeah…nuna are you okay?” the other asked.
I smiled,
“Yeah, im great. Go practice kids…follow this ahjussi leads arasseo?”
“Ya!! Ahjussi nuguya?!!” kyuhyun protested. I smirked
“Itaba…(See ya…)” I waved.
“Ya!dont go too far….”
“Wae?afraid of losing me?” I giggled.
“are you kidding me?I…I… just don’t want you to faint again…” Im so satisfied with his stuttered voice.
I sat in the spectators’ seat to see him. He started to teach them how to play softball. I kept my eyes on him. When I saw him laughing with those kids I just thought that he had a kindness in his eyes, I think he did those bad things only to me, I can prove it. Young in and the others were also close with him. And young in was right he is handsome anyway. When I saw a boy wishpered to him, he was so cute. He was close with those kids. I like that kind of guy. I didn’t realize that I made a wide smile when I saw straight at him.

Kyuhyun POV
“Hyung, what’s her to you?” Seokhyun asked me,
“She is looking at you all the time and smiling, is she hyung’s girlfriend?” I smiled
“Is she? what do you think?”
“ah…hyung she is so pretty and cute when she looked at you. she’s definitely your girl hyung” my heart felt so warm when I knew what she did to me. I didn’t know what to say ichigo… please give me time. Sometimes when I see hyora, there is a feeling that I couldn’t fight my self. I wanna protect her, but my body just always cant control for her. So it seemed that I always treat her bad. I love to see her mad at me and made a blush since our first meeting.
“Look hyung, she smile very wide now….” I turned my head and our eyes met. And I just cant hold my brain to create a smile too for her as I saw her smiling. Yeah…I smiled back at her. And I saw her so shock because of my smile. She looked the other way and her face was getting red. I giggled with the boys.
“Hyung, she falls in love with you” said seobin. And do I fall for her too? Ichigo…. Ottokhaji? (what should I do?)
End of Kyuhyun POV

Hyora POV
And right when I did that kyuhyun also looked at me. Our eyes met, and he smiled back at me. I surprised and because of his smile I looked other spot right away. Aish!! What am I doing? what did I think just now? aniya aniya… why did he smile back at me? Augh….my face was getting burn. As soon as I looked at the other spot, I found a shop which sell ice cream. My eyes were sparkle. I hope there would be strawberry flavor. I walked to the ice cream stand.
“Osso oseyo… (welcome)” an ahjumma came out.
“Annyeong haseyo…is there any strawberry ice cream?”
“Okay, I want one please ahjumma”
“here you are”
“Thank you” I gave her the money.
I changed my mind ”hmm….ahjumma can you give me another ice cream? ”
“Are you kyuhyun’s girlfriend?” she asked me
“A..aniyeyo ahjumma….kyuhyun is my…” I stuttered.
“don’t be so shy…you are the first girl whom he brings here”
“Aniyo ahjumma…im his nothing”
“kids are shy these day. He is really nice to those orphanage children. He usually treats them to buy foods here”
“Jinjjayo?” I took a little glance at him again. That ahjumma nodded.
She continued, “You will be so lucky to have him. I pray you can be with him forever… that kid need a nice girl like you. Though, you both match so well” Mwoya??what the hell?everybody said the same thing about us.
“kamsahamnida ahjumma….” I walked by.
“Why did I buy two for? Huh…I wont share this with kyuhyun I’ll eat them later” I thought
I sat back to where I was before. I open the cover of the ice cream and started to eat that.
“Omooooo..its so delicious” I wishpered myself. I licked the ice cream enjoyfully. Without I realized there was a little girl there. I didn’t see her when I was there. She kept looking at me and I stop licking just realized that she was there.
“Do you want this?” I offered her. She’s just staring at me.
“come here honey…” I said, but she shook her head and held her teddy bear tighter.
“Don’t be afraid, onnie is not going to hurt you” I took the other ice cream and gave her.
“here, take it…” she was doubt.
“gwenchanha…(its okay)” she was about to take my ice cream until someone screamed at us.
“Jiyeon~ah…andweee…(dont) you must ask this nuna” this boy distructed from his game with kyuhyun and he started running toward us. That girl shook her head strongly and started crying without sound.
“aniya…nuna gave her” I said.
“Go home now…” he ordered. “Cuisonghaeyo nuna, my sister is like that” he bowed to me.
“gwenchanha…take this jiyeon~ah…” I gave her the ice cream.
“andweeee….” He yelled. She seemed really scared to her oppa. So I took her hand and gave her that ice cream.
“What’s wrong Wonhong~ah?” kyuhyun and the other kids also toward us.
“She asked this nuna’s ice cream hyung”
“Aniya…I gave her” I confirmed.
“That’s okay Wonhong~ah, let jiyeonie eat that ice cream. You guys too, just take whatever you want”
“Jinjjayo hyung?horaaaaaaayyyyy……” those kids ran right away.
“Jiyeonie, massisseo?(is that delicious?)” kyuhyun suddenly made a gesture. The girl nodded, she bowed to me and made a gesture too while smiling and finally off to catch her brother.
“she said thank you to you” kyuhyun said in the middle of my confussion. I still startled at his ability made that gesture and translated it for me.
“she doesn’t speak since their mom and dad passed away from the accident” he explained. I stared amazingly at him.
“why? Am I that cool?” he suddenly said that confidentally.
“ya!! You ruin my mood”
“Wae?you are the one who is staring at me all the time”
“W-w- what?no-no way…” he chuckled hearing my stuttered answer.
“omo….” My ice cream melted. And I started to lick it again.
“I never thought that you are so kind” he said to me as he sat next to me. I stop lick my ice cream and glance him sharply.
“what do you mean by that statement?”
“As I know when it come to ice cream you wont share it to anyone. Ice cream is your favorite right?”
“Ya!! I don’t share only to you. Besides im a kind girl, not like you evil dork!!”
“Let me proof that then….” Suddenly he took my ice cream and lick it too,
“Ya!! So disgusting!! Can you ask first?”
“You said you are a kind girl, I just lick that a little. Here I return to you..” he gave me back the ice cream.
“Aish!! Jongmal neo!! Shirooo…. (you are really!! I don’t want it) your saliva was here”
“Ah…your saliva also on that ice cream…so I also eat your saliva, yuck!!but, if you just throw that away it will be useless, besides it’s a hot day, let me finish that” he took my ice cream again. Gosh!! He really loves to tease me a lot. He started to lick that ice cream.
When he enjoyed the ice cream, an evil plan came to my mind. I pushed the ice cream right on his face.
“KIM HYORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….” He yelled with angry face toward me.
“Muahahahahhahaa….” I laughed out loud to see him with ice cream on his mouth and nose.
“Watch out girl….” he started to attack me. I ran away while laughing. What is this? I felt comfortable and happy at once. He pretended to be mad at me and ran after me…
“ya!! Where do you think you are going huh?”
“Come on…catch me if you can. That was your punishment for taking my ice cream” I teased him and laughing.
“ya!! KIM HYORAAAAA….” He finally could catch me, and he hugged me from behind. We are now in the center of the softball field.
“This is for wipping my face with your ice cream” he rubbed my face and laughed. His laughing sounded good to my ears.
“Ya!!kyaaaaaaaa CHO KYUHYUNNNNN…..!!! dwesseo dwesso…mianhae….(enough enough…im sorry)”
End of hyora POV

No one POV
Not far from where kyu and hyora were playing there is a car watching over us since we were still on the field.
“Yes, madam…we found him. He is with his girlfriend” the driver reported at his cellphone.
“he has a girlfriend? Okay…just kidnap the girl when the time is right”
“Ne, madam”
“Cho byung hee, you will pay for everything….”
End of No one POV

Hyora POV
He didn’t stop rubbing the ice cream. We still laughed each other. He then turned me to face him. And I stop laughing as I saw his face. Suddenly the situation became awkward, we both froze. We both were just silent. His eyes just got into my eyes deeper than the last time. There is another feeling there, I can hear my own heart beating so hard. And puff!! Suddenly I remembered about wooyoung oppa, I should stop this, I don’t know how long we were standing there frozen.
“Kyu…kyuhyun~ah…” I broke that moment.
“Oh…I..I …am sorry” he released his hands.
I thought it was about the time I have to tell him about wooyoung oppa and I should offered him the arrangement about our life before we got married in the future
“Ehmmm… kyuhyun~ah I have something to tell you. But can I go to the bathroom for a sec?” I asked his permission.
“ah…o..okay, go ahead.” He looked nervous and his face also became red. I begin to walk, and turned to him to ask where was the bathroom. He touched his chest and looked down.
“uhmmm…excuse me, can you tell me where is the bathroom?” I askef=d him suddenly and he was surprised.
“Oh..sorry. just go straight and turn left,” he explained.
“Thank you” but before that, I took a tissue from my clutch, and wiped the ice cream from his face.
“go…gomawo…” I smiled. He looked funny when he was nerveous. I walked by, leaving him alone to the bathroom.

The kids were watching us from the ahjumma’s place.
“his girlfriend is really pretty, I want to have one like her too” wonhong said.
“Lovely couple, kyuhyun hyung is kind and his girl is also good”
“They are matched together” ahjumma also commented. “They’re just like one of the movie scene, how lovely….”

Kyuhyun POV
My heart was pounding so fast, it felt like it wanted to jump from its place. She made me this way, why am I doing this? Ichigo help me…. I touched where my heart was, that moment was really different. Ichigo… I am sorry. She wanted to tell me something, should I confess my feeling too? Ichigo…mianhae I couldn’t stand my feeling. I knew I was wrong to you. But I couldn’t fight my feeling to her. This feeling was just too strong. Now, I admitted that I love my future wife. I realize that maybe it was impossible, it didn’t make any sense. Remembering that we are enemies before
“Kyuhyun hyunggggggg!!” seokhyun, eunjo, wonhong and jiyeon ran toward me.
“Waaa..hyung is really cool” eunjo said.
“yeah…..teach me Hyung how to get a girl” wonhong was excited
“waaaa….hyung’s face is still red” seokhyun teased me
“yeah and there still ice cream on it huahahhahaha” they laughed at me.
“really?” jiyeon pulled my shirt and shook her head.
“Ya!! Kids!! Don’t tease me!!”
“hahahha….that nuna had already wiped it for you right?but you still believe our words kkkkk” wonhong chuckled.
“you all need to be punished…” I started to chase those kids.
End of Kyuhyun POV

Hyora POV
“Annyeong kids….” We waved at the kids. Its already 8 oclock and he decided to end the practice.
“annyeonghi kaseyo hyung, nunaaaa…..” they said goodbye.
Jiyeon smiled and hugged me.
“see you soon jiyeon~ah…” I hugged her back.
“Jiyeonie doesn’t always intimate with strangers, but she can do that with you” as the kids leaving us. I was a little proud for that and smile.
“well, a kid cannot lie, it means I am so kind to them and they like me the best”
“Aigoo…proud of herself again….”
“that’s the fact….” He turned to leave me… aish!! This person cant even hear what I said.
“Ya!! Cho kyuhyun!!” I chased him and hit his back.
“can you just listen to me? Hope you don’t treat your next wife like me”
“Anya anya….” I went silent.
“Where do you want to go next?” he asked. Suddenly I remember what I should do today.
“Lets talk in the car….” I walk faster. I just so confused what should I say first to him.
“Wae?” he asked again tryin to be cool as we started to leave the neighbourhood.
“Well, kyuhyunie…actually I don’t know how to start….”
“You said its about our wedlock… do you want to cancel it?”
“uhmmm…. Well, yeah actually…but, I want you to promise me that you won’t be mad or something”
“why should I? I am your nothing and you are my nothing right? We just do that for our mom’s sake.” he said it really cold. When he said that my thought can’t be describe, I’m a little bit surprised by his answer. Should I be happy or sad?
“ye…yeah….” My voice stucked. What’s wrong with me?
“palli marhae…(say it quickly)” he insisted me to say.
“I am….”
“Drrtt… Oh Baby say goodbye ddrrtt…Oh jamsiman Goodbye annyeongiran maleun jamsi jeobeodulge
jeo muneul yeolgoseo han geoleum naemilmyeon ko ggeuteuro jeonhaejineun neoui sumgyeol drrtt….”
“Sorry…” I picked up the phone.
“wooyoung Oppa~~”
“Jagiyaaa…ottiya?? Bogoshipo….(honey, where are you? I miss you)”
“Na do bogoshipo oppa… (I miss you too oppa) I am in the middle of way home” I saw him widen his eyes from my corner eyes.
“Where did you go?why don’t you call me?”
“Mianhaeyo oppa…I am a little busy to prepare the examination, remember? I told you not to contact each other during the examination. So, oppa and I can concentrate to it, arasseoyo oppa?”
“How can I live like that hyora~ya…??”
“Oppa, its only 2 weeks, its not gonna be long, oppa~ya…”
“how can I get oxygen for 2 weeks?”
“hahaha…oppa, hajima… you’ll live well okay?”
“arasseo… study well jagiya…. Saranghae…”
“saranghae oppa…..”
Kyuhyun POV
I widen my eyes when she phoned. Mwoya?!! Whom she is talking to?is it that jang wooyoung?
“Saranghae oppa….” She hung up the phone.
“Nuguya?namja chingu? (who’s that?your BF?)” I pretended to ask and trying as calm as possible.
“Ehmm…yeah short of…”
“wooyoung oppa”
“ah~…that sunbe?”
“Yeah…that sunbe that we met in our first day school… and that’s what I want to talk about.”
“What’s the relation with Ahra Nuna?”
“Well, You have Ahra onnie, so I decided to allow you to do this before our marriage. You can have your own love life before we got married. I think that’s the best idea after all….” she lowered down her voice. I knew she trying to hold something and be careful to her words.
“you love him?” I asked.
“Tsk…” I made a beam. “You don’t have a good taste” what? What’s wrong with me? Those words just came out.
“Your taste is just suck, hahaha…”
“What did you say?wooyoung oppa is much better than you…”
“wooyoung is nothing than me and I really don’t like him.”
“No matter what. You can’t just say that things kyuhyun…” she stared to cry.
“I know, I never be the best for you, my taste is suck, you always mock me, and you always laugh for what I did. I know im bad in everythingand never be good in front of your eyes…….”
“Pull over kyuhyun~ssi…”
“Pull over now!!!!!”
“You called me what?”
“Jigeumyo kyuhyun ssi!!! (now kyuhyunssi!!)” This girl was weird, now she called me with kyuhyun ssi. She spoke informal now to me.
“pull over! pull over! pull over! pull over! pull over! pull over!” she screamed make my head spinning.
“Arasseo arasseo…” I finally pulled over my car. And she opened the car’s door, closed it with a loud bang.
“Ya!! Ottigaaaaaaa??!!(Where do you want to go??!!)” I screamed.
“Like you care….” She just walked away while saying that. I got out from the car and chased her.
“Where will you go?” I grabbed her hand.
“Let go off me!!! Kayo (Just go) kyuhyun ssi!! I don’t want to meet you again!!” she was trying to let go off her hand.
“What’s wrong with you?Fine! if that’s all what you want!! I never be able to understand your mind!!!”
I came back to my car, just don’t know how it happened. I just want to tease her at first, are my words too much? I cant let her go, so I finally followed her after all, because I am the one who brought her. So she was saying that she was dating that wooyoung? Why it should be him? I don’t like him with her…
End of Kyuhyun POV

Hyora POV
I felt the greatest pain in my heart. Kyuhyun was too much; did he think I was that stupid? I have a bad taste? Everything he said were just made me sad. He’s never satisfied with my attitude. I cried a lot along the way, my heart hurt so badly. What does ‘IM HER FUTURE HUSBAND’ mean? And what did that moment mean on the baseball field?what did that heartbeat mean? What did his deep eyes mean when we froze in the middle of softball field? Why did he say something bad about me all the time?Gosh! he was so mean. I grabbed my collar coz it suddenly felt so hurt.

what will happen to kyura couple?
but sorry if i cant update soon…
last chapter for today gildarikhaeyooo for next chaps….
hope you enjoy it
see ya soon ^^

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