Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 12

Chapter 12

It’s been a long time, huh? Sorry for all my lovely readers. I can’t update my story fast because I must study for entering university. So, please forgive me. Anyway, this is the new chapter.

Kyuhyun’s P.O.V

I still confuse with Minho’s action. Is he nuts? I didn’t know what exactly happen between us. It’s so confusing and frustating. And actually, it was so embarassing. How can I? How can I confess in front of her by yelling like that? It isn’t so romantic. But, inside my heart I felt happy about my confession to her. Yeah, finally. I think you get boring too to wait me to confess to her. (a/n: yeah.. me too.)
I can’t think straight about this. I looked at Seungrin. She’s just look down. Gosh! Now, I realize that I just did confess to her! And, it’s not the way I want to confess.

“Seung Rin~ah…” I called her.
“Ne..” She looked up to me.
“I think we need a talk. Let’s go back to the villa.” I said. She just nodded. I grabbed her hand and hold it thightly. I don’t want her to be snatch away from me.
We leave the cafetaria and the people still stare at us. Ugh.. I think our ‘like opera soap action’ paid attention too much. Seung Rin and I were walking silently. I don’t know what to say and my brain is full with what should we talk in the Villa.
Finally, we arrived at the villa. Minho and Eun Shi aren’t there yet. I think they would back to the villa after they leave me and Seung Rin speecless in the cafe. I dragged her to our room. I placed her in the bed while I sat next to her.
“Mianhae..” I said and she stared at me.
“Ne?” She look confuse with my word, I think.
“Mianhae for my action before in the cafe. I didn’t mean to do that. It’s just.. Just. I’m afraid you will choose Minho than me. You know it’s so..” I didn’t finish my sentence yet and she’s suddenly hugged me tightly. I widened my eyes. She’s not that type who’ll like to express her feeling like this. I just hug her back. This feeling. I miss this feeling. It’s so warm.

Seung Rin P.O.V

“Seung Rin~ah..” he called me.
“Ne..” I said, still hugging him.
Badump! Badump! Did I misshear? Or my ears are getting broken? Is he just saying that he loves me? He says he loves me?
“Ne?” I asked him again. Just to make sure that my ears is still working right.
“Saranghae.. Sorry for making you wait too long. I just realize it when you far from me and get closer with Minho. I felt so jealous when you with him. I’m sorry.”
“Gwaenchana, oppa. Nado.. Nado saranghae.. Err.. Oppa…” I said.
“About Minho oppa. Actually, he is not in love with me. He loves Eun Shi.”
“Ne. He just acting like that to know how is your feeling for me. And, I felt so sorry for him because yeah.. I use him to know your feeling towards me.” I explained.
“Err.. Gwaenchana. Ah.. I think I must say sorry to him because I make his face yeah you know.. Like a clown. Keke.”he said.
Woah.. I feel europhia in my heart. Now, I know his true feeling. Baby, did you hear? Your father is just confessing to me! Thanks Minho oppa! Poor him, he has a wound in his face. I must say thanks and sorry to him! I think it’s the right time to say to Kyuhyun that I’m pregnant with his baby. How will he react?
“Oppa..”I called his name.
“Ne..”He said, loosened up our hug.
“I’m pregnant.” I said. He was silent for a while. His expression change.. I can’t describe what exactly does his expression mean? Is he accepting the baby? Or he will refuse it? I’m afraid right now.
“Pregnant? Oh, you were pregnant..” He said while nodding his head. What the hell is the reaction? I just want to say something but he suddenly spoke up.
“WHAT??! You said what?” he yelled.
“I’m pregnant, oppa.” I said softly. I’m afraid he will not accepting the baby. My eyes became teary right now. I touch and rubbed my tummy softly.
“Did you just say that you were pregnant?”He asked me.
“B-but.. We just.. Just only did it twice.”He said. He messed his hair with his hand.
“I think so. But, the fact is that i’m pregnant, oppa.” I said. Now, my tears are falling down to my cheeks. He looked at me and wiped away my tears.
“Uljima.. Why are you crying? Sssh.. So childish..” He said and patting my back.
“I just.. Just though that you do not accept our baby. I’m afraid, oppa.” I said.
“Are you nuts? Why I musn’t accept our baby. I’m just surprised you know. And I’m a little bit surprise. You know. This feeling is better than winning game in my psp. Keke.” He said while laughing. Aish.. My face got burned with his laugh. So adorable and argh.. I just realize that he’s so handsome.
“Gomawo, oppa.” I said still stared at his handsome face. He looked at me and I reflect move my head for avoiding his eyes.
“Waeyo? Why did you move your face?” he asked to me. I just look down.
“A-ani..” Jezz. I stuttered. Why I must stuttered if he’s near me. It’s so embarassing.
“Wae? Are you just realizing that your husband is so handsome, huh?” he flirt to me and move my head with his hand in my cheeks. He moves my face closer to him. Closer.. And closer.. Until I can feel he’s breathing in my face. Our nose touched together. I close my eyes. And..
“Hahahaha… Why are you close your eyes, aegiya~”he laughed loudly and touch his stomatch to hold his laugh. But, he is still laughing.
“Oppa!” I yelled. Haish. How can he laugh in this moment? I think he would kiss me. But, he just plays around with me. I pouted my lips. So, annoyed!
“Ah, I better go. You can laugh loudly alone, oppa. I want to eat. I’m hungry again.” I said. I stand up and began to walk away. But, he suddenly holds my hand and places me again in the bed. His face is become serious now. I gulped. He can change his attitude in sudden.
“Seung Rin~ah..” He called me. His hand is now in my face.
“Ne, oppa..” I said trying to act calm. His face now is in front of me. I can inhale his scent. My favorite scent. He moves his lips to mine.
“Saranghae..” And after that, he kisses me softly. My heart began to race fastly. I just close my eyes.
He moves his hands to my waist and I move my hands to his neck. Our kiss began to hot, intens, and deep. He kissed my lower lips, asked for my permission. I opened my mouth and his tongue began to explore my mouth.
I kissed him back and our tongues are battling together. He places me in the bed. And now, I’m lying in the bed. His hand cupped my face. Our breath became heavier because we kiss in long time. Maybe, it’s been 5 minutes right now. Who cares? But, I think we need fresh air. So, Kyuhyun loose our kisses and move to my neck, licking it. He gave me tingle sensation.
His lips began to lick and bit my neck. He’s searching my sweet spot and I moaned when he found it. He marks me with his love sign. Now, I think my neck is full with his red marks. Urgh. I must wear scraft if I want to go out.
When his hand is trying to open my shirt, I stop it. Ouch, it’s wrong. I push him softly and sat down.
“Why you stopped it?” he said while breathing heavily.
“It’s wrong, oppa.” I said.
“Why?” he looked frustated. Kekeke. I like his expression.
“Because there, our baby might hear our moans and groans. And, it’s not good for our baby.” I explained and placed his hand on my tummy.
“Jinjja?” He lowered his body and moves his head to my tummy.
“Aegiya~ you are so selfish. I can’t make out with your mom until your mom gave birth, huh? But, appa is so happy that you will be in our live.” He said. I was touched with his sentence. Hoho. It must because of you, aegiya~
“Eh, but I ever hear that pregnant woman can have sex. So, you just holding your moan while me holding my groan. Right?” he looked up to me with his ‘puppy eyes’.
“But, oppa..”
“Haha. Just kidding. I will wait until you gave birth. Calm down..”He said. Ffuh. I think he will continue our making out session. Suddenly, my stomatch grumbled. Aish, so embarassed.
“Haha. Are you hungry?”
“Ah, ne oppa. But, not only me. Our baby, too.” I said.
“Kaja. I think you can wait too long.” He stood up and hold my hand. And then, we go to the kitchen.


Minho’s P.O.V

After leaving that ‘babo lovebirds’ in the cafe, I go to the beach. Eun Shi follows me in my behind. Ah.. The air is so refreshing, I though.
I sat down at the sands and touch my cheek. Urgh. It’s so hurt. Kyuhyun hyung must be punching me so hard. But, because of Seung Rin I think it’s no problem for me.
“Minho..” Eun Shi called me.
“Huh? What for?” I confused with her. Why she must say sorry to me?
“For not realizing that you love Seung Rin. I think you must be heartbroken right now because they are together.”She said softly. Ahaha. So, she must be misunderstanding with my confession in front of them? My acting must be good, then. She looked at me with pity looks. I smiled at her, patting her head.
“Eun Shi..” I called her.
“Saranghae..” Jezz.. Finally, I said that! Yay!
“Are you nuts?”
“Yeah, because you say you love me. But, before you say love to Seung Rin. Are you crazy?” She said confusely.
“Listen.. I only love you. Back then, Seung Rin. Err. It’s just my plan with her. We want to know how is Kyuhyun’s feeling towards her. So, we just acted like that.” I explained. Suddenly, her eyes became teary. She’s crying.
“Yah.. Uljima! Aish.. Jinjja. Why are you crying?” I yelled and asked her confusely.
“I.. I just.. Just think that my love is just one side love. I always think that you might fall for Seung Rin since we are together.” She said. Still sobbing. I hugged her.
“Hmm.. Now, you know my true feeling, right?” I asked her. She nodded. I smiled widely.
“So, will you be my girlfriend?”
“Of course, you babo!” She said while punch my arms.
“Yah! How can a girl say that to the man who just confess to her?” I pushed her softly.
“It’s because of your stupid plan. You must say that to me before. You know, I wait for this time. I think this time won’t come.”She said.
“Babo. Now, I’m yours.”
“Ne, I know.” She lean her head to my shoulder and I hug her.
Aish.. What should I do now? I have already confessed my feeling to her. But, I think there is something missing and I forget what it is. Ah! I know what it’s that.
“Eun Shi~ya..”
Whit that sentence, I move closer to her. I cupped her face and kiss her in the lips softly. This is my first kiss. Feel like flying. All about my thinking is so blank. I can think properly. One word for describe it. Sweet.. Her lips taste so sweet.
I lose our kiss and smile to her. Her face became red right now.
“I think we should back to the villa.” She said while looking down.
“Hmm.. Why are you looking down? Are you shy?” I said. I want to seduce her. Keke.
“A-Ani.. I just..”
“You know it’s my first kiss too. So, don’t be shy..” I cut her sentence.
“Jinjjayo?” She looked shocked with my statemant.
“Ne. So, I think we must back to the villa. The two stupid lovebirds must be happy because we are not there.”
“Ahaha. Two stupid lovebirds? Are you trying to say that the stupid lovebirds are Kyuhyun oppa and Seung Rin?” She asked.
“Who else? Ah. Kaja..”
We walked hand to hand. I swing our hand together. She smiled beautifully. Ah, my heart now is beating so fast. It’s just all because of you, Eun Shi~ah..


Author P.O.V

“Oppa! I want to eat jajangmyeon!” Seung Rin yelled at Kyuhyun.
“Mwo? But, you just eat ramyeon 10 minutes before. Why all of sudden you are hungry again?” Kyuhyun asked. Confuse with his wife demand.
“Our baby wants it.” Seung Rin said while putting her hand in her tummy. Kyuhyun sighed in relief.
“Okay. I will order it.” Kyuhyun picks his phone and order it. Seung Rin sang happily in the couch. After ordering the food, Kyuhyun sat beside her.
“Ya! Are you trying to get prank with me? You always order me to do strange action.”He asked her.
“You didn’t know it? It’s called baby crave.”
“It’s usual for pregnant woman. So, as a husband and father you must fullfil what’s our baby request. Kekeke.” She said.
“Aish, jinjja.” Kyuhyun messed his hair in frustation.
Seung Rin leans to him and kiss him in the cheeks. Kyuhyun looks at Seung Rin.
“It’s the baby who wants it.” Seung Rin said with his flace blushing into red mark. Kyuhyun smirked.
“Ah, I’m so happy if the baby requests me to have sex with his mommy. Keke.” He said.
“Yak! Are you trying to mess with our baby with your pervert thing?” She said while slapping his arms hard. Kyuhyun just laugh with his wife action.
“Okay, stop it. I’m just kidding.” With that, Seung Rin stopped her action. Kyuhyun began to move closer to her. Seung Rin closed her eyes to. Their lips began to glue together and..
“Annyeong!” Suddenly the door opened and both of them move away awkwardly.
“Aish.. Minho! Can you knocked the door first? You are so disturbing!” Kyuhyun yelled.
“Yak! Hyung! I give you so many times for your making out session, you know. So, how was it? It’s good?” Minho mocked him.
“Yak! How dare you!”Kyuhyun shouted. Seung Rin looked down and see that Minho and Eun Shi intertwind their hands together. Since when?
“It’s not your business, Minho oppa. By the way, since when you two together, huh?” She asked to him.
“Ah, it’s.. It’s not long time ago.” Minho said and both, Minho and Eun Shi blushed madly.
“Ahaha. You two look cute together.” Seung Rin said.
“I think we’re cutter than them.” said Kyuhyun.
“Yeah, both of you are cutter than us. But, both of you are more stupid than us for not realizing your true feeling.” Minho mocked.
“Yak!” Kyuhyun yelled and began to run to Minho. Afraid from Kyuhyun’s action, Minho run away to the bathroom.
“Ahaha. Poor you, Minho.”said Eun Shi.


Seung Rin P.O.V

Now, we have to go back to Seoul. I’m so tired being in this place while Kyuhyun is just trying to seduce me with his body. Urgh.. That fucking hormon. How can a pregnant woman wanting to have sex badly?
So, it’s better for us to back home. Kyuhyun oppa is driving and I sat beside him. While that two lovebirds are chatting and yeah you know. The things that couples do. I can see in my eyes that Kyuhyun oppa feels jealous with them.
“Oppa, you must be careful. Just slow down. And, if you are tired Minho oppa can replace you.” I said when our car reaches half of journey.
“Jinjja? If you say so, Minho. Replace with me. I’m tired.”Kyuhyun said.
“Yak, hyung! I want to sit there with my baby princess, Eun Shi.”said Minho and mehrong to Kyuhyun oppa. Keke.
“Aish.. The one which have a baby is me. Not you. So, if you want to make baby please don’t make it there.”mocked Kyuhyun oppa. Minho and Eun Shi widened their eyes. They look shock with Kyuhyun statemant.
“Ahaha. Both of you look cute.”said Kyuhyun. That man. Jinjja.
“Aish.. Okay, hyung. I will replace you. But, Eun Shi must sit beside me.” Minho said with annoying voice.
“Yeah, whatever..” After that Kyuhyun oppa pull over the car and we change seats. Minho absolutely looks upset with Kyuhyun action. Kekeke.
I sat at behind with Kyuhyun oppa. He leaned my head in his shoulder, make my heart beats faster. Urgh. Why must I like this? even though Kyuhyun has said that he love me? Aish.. Calm down, Seung Rin.
Ah, I feel warm beside him. Hoam.. I fell sleepy right now. Urgh.. It’s better for me to sleep. And I’m going to dreamland.


Author P.O.V

It’s been 4 months pregnant for Seung Rin. Kyuhyun, as a husband always do wathever Seung Rin asked. Kyuhyun can’t ignore her request because it’s for the baby. Hahaha. Poor you. And now, both of them are going to hospital for routine check up. Seung Rin feels exicted about it because in this periode, she can know the gender of the baby.
“Kyuhyun oppa! Ppalli!” shouted Seung Rin.
“Aish, jinjja. Seung Rin~ah.. I didn’t finish my game yet. I’m gonna win this game a moment later.” said Kyuhyun. Still busy with his laptop.
“Oppa!” yelled her.
“Aish.. Arasseo.. Arasseo..” Kyuhyun stood up and grabbed his jacket. He walked toward her.
“Why are you being so unpatient, huh?” asked Kyuhyun while rubbed her tummy softly.
“Haha. It’s pregnant woman hormone, oppa.” said Seung Rin.
“Huh? If pregnant woman always like that, I think a man doesn’t want to make his wife to pregnant.” Kyuhyun pouted. Seung Rin lean to his cheeks and
CHU~ she kisses him. Kyuhyun expression change became bright. He looked at Seung rin happily while she giggles with his sudden expression.
“And I will give a kiss for make my husband more patience with my action.” She said.
“Ah.. You such a smartie~” said Kyuhyun.
“I Am.” said Seung Rin proudly. Both of them laugh together and walked toward the door.
“Let’s go, princess..” said Kyuhyun while opening the door.
“Thank you, prince..” said Seung Rin. They walked hand in hand. They seem happy together.
Kyuhyun drove his car carefully. He didn’t want something bad happen to Seung Rin and their baby. Finally, they arrive at the hospital. Kyuhyun open Seung Rin’s door and hold her hand, make sure that she will be okay.
“Mrs. Cho!” said a nurse when they waiting for checks up.
Kyuhyun and Seung Rin entered the room and meet the doctor.
“Annyeong haseyo~” said Seung Rin.
“Ah, annyeong haseyo Mrs. Cho~ Can we start to checks up now?” said the doctor.
“Ne~” said Seung Rin. She laid her body in the bed while the doctor open her shirt and the nurse give gel on her belly. She feels a tingly sensation because of the gel. After put it on, the doctor checks Seung Rin’s baby with a machine. Kyuhyun just look at his wife silently.
“Okay! Finish. Can we talk?” said the doctor. Seung Rin and Kyuhyun just nodded their head. They sat at the chair in front of the doctor.
“So, what is the gender of my baby? Is a girl or a boy?” said Seung Rin excitedly. The doctor expression was so serious.
“Emm.. Mr. Cho and Mrs. Cho about your baby…”
“Wae? Is something wrong?” asked Kyuhyun.
“Your wife is…”


Hohoho… Another cliff hanger. How about it? What’s wrong with their baby? Guess it! Oh, well my lovely readers.. I want to ask you something about asianfanfics. I’m new in here. And I want to make a poll in my story. But, I didn’t know how to put it. Can someone help me? Just write it in your comment. I’m very thankful if you can help me.


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