Author : elftodie

Cast : Cho Kyuhyun, kim Hyora, Lee Byung Hee, Kangin, Kim Sungje, Lee young In, jang wooyoung

Hehehehhee… annyeong!! its my late ff… my own ff without syipoh, but im not sure im going to finish this since i really enjoy my time with Kyura couple. Actually, Kyura is my original cast from the first time writing ff.. Syipoh and i had our own cast, but as time goes by, it change into Kyura moment and it is totally different from the Kyura Moment. I made this ff when I was in college, but in Indonesia cast, but now I change it into English and change the casr. well, i post this just becoz some of you ask me hahhha, actually this is my failed project. So, enjoy…^^ sorry if its disappointing.

Hyora POV
That day, kyuhyun followed me until I reached home. He just stared at me at that time, he didn’t even dare to accompany me.
“Arggghhh…” I shook my head hard; I didn’t want to ruin my mood on my exam. Its been a week since that day and I didn’t want to talk with Kyuhyun, and sometimes that thought still fly to my mind. Okay!! Focus focus focus Kim Hyoraaaaaa!!! I faced my answer sheet again. Fortunately its English and well, im not that bad in English. So, I guess I have finished all the answer. My head is dizzy and I put my head on the table. Ah~ it’s the last day of exam, I finally can meet my boyfriend. I miss him so much. I haven’t contact him for this week coz I want to focus on the exam.
“ding dong ding dong….”the bell rang which is signed that the test was over.
“Submit your work, students….” Said Mr. Lee as the supervisor of the test. I submitted it first and went right away.
“Ya!!” Young In called me, of course she had finished coz she was a genius.
“hmm…” I ignored her as I put some books to my locker.
“can you go with us?lets celebrate our last day of test….” She hugged me.
“just both of us?”
“Aniya…with Sora, taeyeon, sungje, jaelin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, and kyuhyun of course. You promise me right?” I gasped when I heard his name.
“I cant….”
“Mianhae young in~ah…I cant” I don’t want to do this actually I want to gather with them. But when I thought of him, my heart hurted.
“Please don’t hate me…but I really can’t” I faced her and took her hand to say deepest sorry.
“I cant tell this now, young in…. can you give me time alone?”
“So, is that a really big deal?sorry….well, sure you may have your time alone. If you need me just called me, ara?” she hugged and tapped me.
“thank you my chinchin…(chinhan chingu:best friend) so…see ya later okay?i’ll call you, annyeong…” I ran away.
“that girl…. there must be something wrong. But its weird that she didn’t tell me anything” young in said as I walked away.

“Hyora~ya…..” I turned my head, its my bf jang wooyoung.
“Charhaesseo?(Did you do well?)” he asked as he rounded his arms.
“Ne, oppa. Oppaneun?(Yeah oppa, how about oppa?)”
“me too ” he showed his victory fingers. I smiled.
“Lets go to the amusement park shall we?”
“Arasseo oppa….”mianhae young in~ah…
End of Hyora POV

Kyuhyun POV
“Hyora cant come guys” young in reported.
“Jinjja?” jaelin confirmed it. Young in nodded weakly.
“She doesn’t have time for us….” Taeyeon was disappointed.
“I miss her so much” Sora put her head to young in’s shoulder. It must be because I come with them. Hyora was too much.
“gwenchanhaaaaaa….. lets go to the café….im so hungry” Sungmin cheered us up.
“Kkokjongma, I’ll entertain you girls, you must fall for me kkkkk” Eunhyuk too.
“Kajaaaaaaaa…” Sungje shouted.
We arrived at the café. This place was our favorite place to hang out.
“Come on guys…don’t be so sad…we still have to have fun right? Cheer up!!” I said.
“You fight with her again right?” young in put her caffelatte after drinking it.
“Ah~ im sorry to say kyuhyun~ah… hyora left you because of that sunbe right?” Taeyeon said.
“She told you everything…. Or you know yourself?” Sora followed to ask.
“So because of this, hyora didn’t want to join us?” everybody made their own statement without confirmation from me.
“Ya ya ya…geumanhae….” I said.
“Tell us the truth kyuhyun…” Sungje insisted.
“maybe…she told me that she is dating wooyoung. And you know what?she talked formally to me” I answered.
“Huh?formal?” they all asked at the same tim e.
“Yeah…she called me kyuhyun ssi”
“Mwoya? Kyuhyun ssi?” eunhyuk asked. I nodded.
“She definitely mad at you kyu…” young in said. “what did you say to her?”
“She talked in formally too to her parents and oppa if she gets mad.”
“Jinjja? I just said a little thing…”
“What is it?”
“That her namja taste is just suck”
“Ya!!that’s why she was mad…pabo!!”
“Wae?its fact”
“So you guys are getting divorce? She betrayed you man…” said the smart ass eunhyuk
“Aniya…we haven’t married and she said that I could have my own girlfriend before our marriage and so does she……” I made a silence.
“aishh…stop it guys…I don’t want to ruin our celebration here…stop thinking about that girl, lets have some fuuuuunnn….cheers, shall we?” I tried to change the subject.
“yeah, cheers…” the other seemed not having fun. As we cheered I saw hyora was passing by with wooyoung. Fortunately my friends didn’t see them. I can feel a big disappoint in my heart because of that. Why it should be like this?
“I’ll be back later” I stood to go to the rest room.
“Ottiga?” asked sungje.
“Rest room”
“Lets go together…” he said.
After doing our bussines he suddenly asked.
“Are you going out with someone too, dude?”
“I mean if hyora is dating wooyoung sunbe, so is that mean you also going out with someone?”
“well, I m not only going out with someone, Im going out with some people”
“Mwo?what does it mean?”
“Well, I hang out with you, young in, eunhyuk, taeyeon, sora, jaelin, sungmin too okay?”
“Aish!! Duh!!I mean with some one special” I giggled that I could trick him.
“why do you asked such a thing?”
“Just curious….”
“Don’t be curious.”
“hey! Im trying to help you here to make up with hyora…
“Ah~ you guys are really nice to us…” I mumbled myself.
“So, the Korean American girl is…..”
“wae?have crush o her?”
“Kkokjongma, she is my cousin”
“Jinjja?she isn’t your GF?”
“ think so?”
“uahh…im so relief now…”
“what does that mean?”
“Aniya…kaja kyuhyun~ah…” sungje dragged me out.

“hey, how about sight seeing in the mall?” I suggested suddenly as I came up in front of my friends. I my self didn’t know where this idea came from, I just said it.
“Johaaa…..lets goooooo…”
“Ya! Lets have a talk…” young in tapped my shoulder.
“You both are so difficult. Hyora is a sensitive girl you know, so even she looked strong outside, she is really weak inside. She even asked me back to Korea when he engaged to you. Appologize to her will ya?” I looked at her.
“Yaksokhae (promise me)…..” she gave me her pinky finger.
“Anhae….(I don’t wanna)”
“Ya!! Jukullae?(do you want to die?)once you hurt her, I’ll hurt you more CHO KYUHYUN” omo! Her threathened was really made me a goosebump.
“Lets forget about her for a sec anyway…lets go young in~ah….” I dragged her to reach our friends.
“Ya! I mean it Cho kyuhyun!!! You don’t answer, you agree!! Okay!! Just say sorry to her!!!” I’ve already known her. She’s just so fragile. I do want to protect her but it seemed sometimes I ruined it.
Hyora went home earlier; she told wooyoung to take me home. She lied that she was dizzy. Now, she just wanted to rest abit to relax her mind from kyuhyun’s image. She didn’t know how kyuhyun filled up her brain. She just wanna cry everytime she thought about him. An hour later the bell rings
“Nuguseyooooooo…..” Hyora peek on the monitor and she smiled wide.
“Annyeong!!” she hugged the guest so tight.
“At least just let me go in first okay?” young in said. Hyora didn’t let off her hug.
“How do you feel?” young in asked.
“I don’t feel good”
“have you eaten yet?” Hyora shook her head.
“here, I brought you jajangmyeon, mokgobwa….(eat this)”
“Gomawo….jalmokgoseumnidaaaa (Im going to eat well)” she started eat the jajangmyeon.
“eat slowly hyo…”
“do you want some?”
“No, thanks…we just eat”
“Our promise, remember?”
“Ah~ igo…” hyora stopped her eating suddenly she felt her appetite gone, she put the jajangmyeon and wipe her mouth. Young in was shock.
“Ya ya ya…just continue eating. Don’t bothermy words…I don’t blame you.”
“Sob sob…” hyora suddenly cried silently.
“ya! What’s wrong?” young in hugged her and rubbed her back. “You know what let me be honest to you, can I?” Hyora nodded. “Promise me you wont get mad” she nodded again.
“we miss you so bad hyora~ya… we’re so far away when you started dating wooyoung sunbae.” Hyora sobbed louder.
“Mi..mianhae young in~ah…” she said while sobbing.
“Gwenchanha….i don’t blame you. and you know what?i feel that you’ve been kept a secret too, right?”
“I .. I just don’t want to rely on you too much, I wanna learn that….”
“Hey, why don’t you do that when I wasn’t here? Now, I am here hyo… and if I am here and you did that to me, what am I here for?”
“Jeongmal mianhae…sob sob…”
“Don’t be honey…. Look, I am here just for you. don’t even think you don’t want to rely on me. After all you will rely on me, right? Now, let me see you smile….” Young in faced hyora to her and smile. And hyora replied the smile with the tears.
“well, kyuhyun had told me your problem…even your formally talking to him.”
“That’s why I don’t want to meet him. His words was too much, I cant stand it….” So then hyora told young in everything. And she felt so relief after that, felt like her burden fly away from her heart.
“Okay… just calm down. I will make kyuhyun apologize to you, okay?that little brats…”
“Gomawo, young in~ah and thanks for the key chain”
“Youre welcome… byeee… becareful at home alone”
“Yeah…bye…you too” she waved at her best friend.
“Nuna!!” I called Ahra Nuna right away.
“Eo!!neo wasseo?(you’re home?)”
“Yeah nuna…” I answered her while sitting on her side and tried to close my eyes.
“Kyuhyun~ah… lets double date.”
“MWOOO!!!” I shocked after hearing her.
“What?you said you wanna know my boy friend”
“Yeah..b..b…but double date?ah~ mothae nuna (I cant nuna)” I am a dead meat now.
“wae??!! Kaja kyuhyun~ah….”
“why don’t we three just go… ”
“Hey, I don’t want you to be alone. Since we have partners so… I guess it will be nice, then….” She seduced me with her aegyo.
“Come on Kyuhyun~aaaaaahhhh….” She shook my right sleeve.
“I am fighting with Hyora…”
“MWO!! you must make up with her RIGHT NOWWWWW!!!”
“Sikkeureowo nuna…” I rubbed my ears because of nuna’s voice.
“Ya!! Do you know that I have planned this for a long time??huh!!” she crossed her arms.
“molla (dunno)”
“Call her and apologize…..” she said while handing me her iphone.
“It must be your fault, right?”
“How do you know?”
“Like I’ve known you one or two minutes cho kyuhyun!!You don’t even defense why you should apologize to her…” I looked at her for a while, and then took the phone.
“call her and make up okay?”she left me after that to the kitchen.
How could I call her?i started to type.
“Hyora~ya, its me kyuhyun. Look, im so sorry with all my attitudes on our last meeting. I know I was wrong to say such a thing…..please forgive me…” I looked at the text again, aishh!! So cheesy and yuck!! I deleted it, then texted again.
“Kim hyora…. I am sorry for calling your bf like that, I promise I wont do that again… forgive me okay?kyuhyun” argghh!! Its getting worse. Ottokhae??hmmm… yeah I’ll text her my style…. I texted again.
“Have you done?” ahra nuna came back with a glass of water in her hand.
“ne~ nuna ya…” I didn’t ignore her as im busy playing games on her iphone.
“Ya!watch out if you cant make up with her.”
“don’t worry nuna…”
Hyora POV
I open the text message which just arrived. Its from unknown number.
“Ya! Mianhae. kyuhyun” the text is only like that. What a cheap person he is. Did he even know how was my feeling?i throw my cell, I don’t even know how to reply to that one. I closed my eyes, tried to think about wooyoung oppa. Puff! It suddenly changed into kyuhyun’s smirk. Mwoya!!! I shook my head. Im crazy because of you, Cho Kyuhyun!!!
“Ya!!!ige mwoya!!!!” ahra checked the message from kyuhyun.
“mwo?” kyuhyun asked innocently.
“Mwo?you just say mwo?why did you text her like this?”
“Ige nae seutailiya (that was my style)”
“be a gentleman, neo!!” Ahra dragged her cousin.
“Nuna!! Where are we going?” he asked.
“Take me to Hyora’s house. You have to apologize directly to her”
“MWOO???!!” Ahra made Kyuhyun get in her car and forced him to show my house.
They finally arrived at my house. She pushed the bell and I got up to check the monitor.
I was so shock to see the familiar face in front of my house. That Cho Kyuhyun. I was in doubt whether I should let him in or not.
“Open up, Hyora~ya…” he shouted.
“What do you want?” I looked at him kindlessly, I still felt disappointed with him.
“We need to talk….”
“Talk about what?”
“Nuna….” He called someone, and she appeared with wide smile.
“Annyeong!! Still remember me?” she asked.
“Ah~ annyeong haseyo…we meet again” I bowed and smiled.
“Long time no see” she shook my hand.
“Ah, ne…. please come in…” I asked her to come in. She dragged Kyuhyun again to follow her. A strange feeling came up suddenly. What’s wrong with me?
“So….anything I can help?”
“You both are fighting?” she asked again.
“I know everything, Kyuhyun~ah… speak!” she ordered.
“Im sorry….” He gave me his hand without dare to see my face.
“For…..” Ahra led him.
“For telling you something”
“Something like……”
“Nuna!! I know what to say…” he yelled.
“ya! You are really slow… I just cant stand it..” they looked so close.
“I wanna say….” Kyuhyun continue his words
“Look at her eyes !!” Ahra was a bit impatient.
“Nuna…you don’t help me…”
“let me speak on your behalf”
“Nuna!!” Ahra Onnie stood up and pushed kyuhyun to sit down.
“Well, kyuhyun is really slow you know that right??so you must understand him…”
“Nuna…!!” he covered his face.
“He felt sorry for everything he has done to you hyora~ya…”
“He told you everything??” I glanced at him synitically. “you are so mean cho kyuhyun ssi!!”
“Stop calling me that!!” he shouted suddenly.
“Look onnie, I give him a freedom to love someone. So don’t be sorry for me, I am okay.”
“so that means you forgive him?” its just for Ahra onnie, I nodded.
“daebak!!so join us for a dinner tonight, okay?”
“Mwo!!a..aniya onnie…I cant”
“there will be an awkard atmosphere then…”
“Aniyaaa… kyuhyun will pick you up tonight arsseo?just dress up!!”
“But onnie….”
“No but!!kaja kyuhyunie…you’re just really slow” she grabbed kyuhyun’s hand.
“don’t forget tonight…. Annyeonggg…”
“Onniee…. I …..”
“You have to come okay??” she waved finally. And they got into the car.
I was still there, dunno what to do or say…. Why cant I refuse that?? I just cant believe this will happen to me. There must be an awkward moment when they both make a romantic scene. I didn’t realize that my tears came out, when I think of that. Cho Kyuhyun…. You are really making me crazy.

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