Question & Answer THE LUNAR OATH

Kkumers tercintah…. ayem mau kasih Q&A nih. Soalnya dari kemaren nanyanya banyak yang sama, jd biar lebih jelas. Kalo mash gak jelas tar aku timpuk pke Ddangkoma dah~

Q1: Eon,harganya The Lunar Oath berapa?
A: Harganya 65rb (blm trmsk ongkir). Ongkir bisa dicek di penerbit dari Surabaya. Kalian tinggal cek ke kota kalian masing2.

Q2: Eon,dijual digramedia gak?
A: Ga dijual di Gramedia. Hanya bisa dibeli secara online. Q3.Kok gak dijual digramedia?
A: Krna ini sistem.a self publishing yg nerbitin sendiri. Bkn penerbit besar.

Q4.Gmana cara pesennya?
A: Cara pesennya sudah kita jelaskan sejelas mungkin. Jika terasa membingungkan, pilih option 2 dimana kalian hanya mengirimkan email dan data diri beserta buku yg akan dibeli.

Q5.Gak punya duit sekarang. Gmn dong?
A: Its ok. Buku bs dibeli kapan saja dan tidak mnunggu kuota penuh. Artinya, kalian ttp bisa memesan meskipun buku itu hanya kalian yg pesen.

Nah loh kalo dilempar ddangkoma msh teler aja,baca aja postingan2 yg dibawahnya, oke2?semoga lgsg pd dapet pencerahan yak..aammmiin
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Hyora POV
We stopped at the same spot like last week.
“Do you want to talk about your business right now?” kyuhyun asked as he brought his softball stuff. Just before I answered that, some voice heard,
“HYUUUUUUNGGGGGGGGGGG…..” we searched the voice. Some boys around 3rd and 4th grader ran to kyuhyun and hug him.
“Hi guys…..” he greeted them.
“Well, just do your business first, we’ll talk later” I left them. How cute the boys are…
“Hey!wait up…guys this is hyora nuna, say hello…” kyuhyun said.
“Annyeng haseyo hyora nunaaaaaa…”
“this is seokhyun, wonhong, eunjo, seobin, Gyumin and Hongki”
“Nuna, gwenchanha? I remember you are the one who almost got rubbed right?” asked Eunjo
“Ah~ yeah…nuna are you okay?” the other asked.
I smiled,
“Yeah, im great. Go practice kids…follow this ahjussi leads arasseo?”
“Ya!! Ahjussi nuguya?!!” kyuhyun protested. I smirked
“Itaba…(See ya…)” I waved.
“Ya!dont go too far….”
“Wae?afraid of losing me?” I giggled.
“are you kidding me?I…I… just don’t want you to faint again…” Im so satisfied with his stuttered voice.
I sat in the spectators’ seat to see him. He started to teach them how to play softball. I kept my eyes on him. When I saw him laughing with those kids I just thought that he had a kindness in his eyes, I think he did those bad things only to me, I can prove it. Young in and the others were also close with him. And young in was right he is handsome anyway. When I saw a boy wishpered to him, he was so cute. He was close with those kids. I like that kind of guy. I didn’t realize that I made a wide smile when I saw straight at him.

Kyuhyun POV
“Hyung, what’s her to you?” Seokhyun asked me,
“She is looking at you all the time and smiling, is she hyung’s girlfriend?” I smiled
“Is she? what do you think?”
“ah…hyung she is so pretty and cute when she looked at you. she’s definitely your girl hyung” my heart felt so warm when I knew what she did to me. I didn’t know what to say ichigo… please give me time. Sometimes when I see hyora, there is a feeling that I couldn’t fight my self. I wanna protect her, but my body just always cant control for her. So it seemed that I always treat her bad. I love to see her mad at me and made a blush since our first meeting.
“Look hyung, she smile very wide now….” I turned my head and our eyes met. And I just cant hold my brain to create a smile too for her as I saw her smiling. Yeah…I smiled back at her. And I saw her so shock because of my smile. She looked the other way and her face was getting red. I giggled with the boys.
“Hyung, she falls in love with you” said seobin. And do I fall for her too? Ichigo…. Ottokhaji? (what should I do?)
End of Kyuhyun POV

Hyora POV
And right when I did that kyuhyun also looked at me. Our eyes met, and he smiled back at me. I surprised and because of his smile I looked other spot right away. Aish!! What am I doing? what did I think just now? aniya aniya… why did he smile back at me? Augh….my face was getting burn. As soon as I looked at the other spot, I found a shop which sell ice cream. My eyes were sparkle. I hope there would be strawberry flavor. I walked to the ice cream stand.
“Osso oseyo… (welcome)” an ahjumma came out.
“Annyeong haseyo…is there any strawberry ice cream?”
“Okay, I want one please ahjumma”
“here you are”
“Thank you” I gave her the money.
I changed my mind ”hmm….ahjumma can you give me another ice cream? ”
“Are you kyuhyun’s girlfriend?” she asked me
“A..aniyeyo ahjumma….kyuhyun is my…” I stuttered.
“don’t be so shy…you are the first girl whom he brings here”
“Aniyo ahjumma…im his nothing”
“kids are shy these day. He is really nice to those orphanage children. He usually treats them to buy foods here”
“Jinjjayo?” I took a little glance at him again. That ahjumma nodded.
She continued, “You will be so lucky to have him. I pray you can be with him forever… that kid need a nice girl like you. Though, you both match so well” Mwoya??what the hell?everybody said the same thing about us.
“kamsahamnida ahjumma….” I walked by.
“Why did I buy two for? Huh…I wont share this with kyuhyun I’ll eat them later” I thought
I sat back to where I was before. I open the cover of the ice cream and started to eat that.
“Omooooo..its so delicious” I wishpered myself. I licked the ice cream enjoyfully. Without I realized there was a little girl there. I didn’t see her when I was there. She kept looking at me and I stop licking just realized that she was there.
“Do you want this?” I offered her. She’s just staring at me.
“come here honey…” I said, but she shook her head and held her teddy bear tighter.
“Don’t be afraid, onnie is not going to hurt you” I took the other ice cream and gave her.
“here, take it…” she was doubt.
“gwenchanha…(its okay)” she was about to take my ice cream until someone screamed at us.
“Jiyeon~ah…andweee…(dont) you must ask this nuna” this boy distructed from his game with kyuhyun and he started running toward us. That girl shook her head strongly and started crying without sound.
“aniya…nuna gave her” I said.
“Go home now…” he ordered. “Cuisonghaeyo nuna, my sister is like that” he bowed to me.
“gwenchanha…take this jiyeon~ah…” I gave her the ice cream.
“andweeee….” He yelled. She seemed really scared to her oppa. So I took her hand and gave her that ice cream.
“What’s wrong Wonhong~ah?” kyuhyun and the other kids also toward us.
“She asked this nuna’s ice cream hyung”
“Aniya…I gave her” I confirmed.
“That’s okay Wonhong~ah, let jiyeonie eat that ice cream. You guys too, just take whatever you want”
“Jinjjayo hyung?horaaaaaaayyyyy……” those kids ran right away.
“Jiyeonie, massisseo?(is that delicious?)” kyuhyun suddenly made a gesture. The girl nodded, she bowed to me and made a gesture too while smiling and finally off to catch her brother.
“she said thank you to you” kyuhyun said in the middle of my confussion. I still startled at his ability made that gesture and translated it for me.
“she doesn’t speak since their mom and dad passed away from the accident” he explained. I stared amazingly at him.
“why? Am I that cool?” he suddenly said that confidentally.
“ya!! You ruin my mood”
“Wae?you are the one who is staring at me all the time”
“W-w- what?no-no way…” he chuckled hearing my stuttered answer.
“omo….” My ice cream melted. And I started to lick it again.
“I never thought that you are so kind” he said to me as he sat next to me. I stop lick my ice cream and glance him sharply.
“what do you mean by that statement?”
“As I know when it come to ice cream you wont share it to anyone. Ice cream is your favorite right?”
“Ya!! I don’t share only to you. Besides im a kind girl, not like you evil dork!!”
“Let me proof that then….” Suddenly he took my ice cream and lick it too,
“Ya!! So disgusting!! Can you ask first?”
“You said you are a kind girl, I just lick that a little. Here I return to you..” he gave me back the ice cream.
“Aish!! Jongmal neo!! Shirooo…. (you are really!! I don’t want it) your saliva was here”
“Ah…your saliva also on that ice cream…so I also eat your saliva, yuck!!but, if you just throw that away it will be useless, besides it’s a hot day, let me finish that” he took my ice cream again. Gosh!! He really loves to tease me a lot. He started to lick that ice cream.
When he enjoyed the ice cream, an evil plan came to my mind. I pushed the ice cream right on his face.
“KIM HYORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….” He yelled with angry face toward me.
“Muahahahahhahaa….” I laughed out loud to see him with ice cream on his mouth and nose.
“Watch out girl….” he started to attack me. I ran away while laughing. What is this? I felt comfortable and happy at once. He pretended to be mad at me and ran after me…
“ya!! Where do you think you are going huh?”
“Come on…catch me if you can. That was your punishment for taking my ice cream” I teased him and laughing.
“ya!! KIM HYORAAAAA….” He finally could catch me, and he hugged me from behind. We are now in the center of the softball field.
“This is for wipping my face with your ice cream” he rubbed my face and laughed. His laughing sounded good to my ears.
“Ya!!kyaaaaaaaa CHO KYUHYUNNNNN…..!!! dwesseo dwesso…mianhae….(enough enough…im sorry)”
End of hyora POV

No one POV
Not far from where kyu and hyora were playing there is a car watching over us since we were still on the field.
“Yes, madam…we found him. He is with his girlfriend” the driver reported at his cellphone.
“he has a girlfriend? Okay…just kidnap the girl when the time is right”
“Ne, madam”
“Cho byung hee, you will pay for everything….”
End of No one POV

Hyora POV
He didn’t stop rubbing the ice cream. We still laughed each other. He then turned me to face him. And I stop laughing as I saw his face. Suddenly the situation became awkward, we both froze. We both were just silent. His eyes just got into my eyes deeper than the last time. There is another feeling there, I can hear my own heart beating so hard. And puff!! Suddenly I remembered about wooyoung oppa, I should stop this, I don’t know how long we were standing there frozen.
“Kyu…kyuhyun~ah…” I broke that moment.
“Oh…I..I …am sorry” he released his hands.
I thought it was about the time I have to tell him about wooyoung oppa and I should offered him the arrangement about our life before we got married in the future
“Ehmmm… kyuhyun~ah I have something to tell you. But can I go to the bathroom for a sec?” I asked his permission.
“ah…o..okay, go ahead.” He looked nervous and his face also became red. I begin to walk, and turned to him to ask where was the bathroom. He touched his chest and looked down.
“uhmmm…excuse me, can you tell me where is the bathroom?” I askef=d him suddenly and he was surprised.
“Oh..sorry. just go straight and turn left,” he explained.
“Thank you” but before that, I took a tissue from my clutch, and wiped the ice cream from his face.
“go…gomawo…” I smiled. He looked funny when he was nerveous. I walked by, leaving him alone to the bathroom.

The kids were watching us from the ahjumma’s place.
“his girlfriend is really pretty, I want to have one like her too” wonhong said.
“Lovely couple, kyuhyun hyung is kind and his girl is also good”
“They are matched together” ahjumma also commented. “They’re just like one of the movie scene, how lovely….”

Kyuhyun POV
My heart was pounding so fast, it felt like it wanted to jump from its place. She made me this way, why am I doing this? Ichigo help me…. I touched where my heart was, that moment was really different. Ichigo… I am sorry. She wanted to tell me something, should I confess my feeling too? Ichigo…mianhae I couldn’t stand my feeling. I knew I was wrong to you. But I couldn’t fight my feeling to her. This feeling was just too strong. Now, I admitted that I love my future wife. I realize that maybe it was impossible, it didn’t make any sense. Remembering that we are enemies before
“Kyuhyun hyunggggggg!!” seokhyun, eunjo, wonhong and jiyeon ran toward me.
“Waaa..hyung is really cool” eunjo said.
“yeah…..teach me Hyung how to get a girl” wonhong was excited
“waaaa….hyung’s face is still red” seokhyun teased me
“yeah and there still ice cream on it huahahhahaha” they laughed at me.
“really?” jiyeon pulled my shirt and shook her head.
“Ya!! Kids!! Don’t tease me!!”
“hahahha….that nuna had already wiped it for you right?but you still believe our words kkkkk” wonhong chuckled.
“you all need to be punished…” I started to chase those kids.
End of Kyuhyun POV

Hyora POV
“Annyeong kids….” We waved at the kids. Its already 8 oclock and he decided to end the practice.
“annyeonghi kaseyo hyung, nunaaaa…..” they said goodbye.
Jiyeon smiled and hugged me.
“see you soon jiyeon~ah…” I hugged her back.
“Jiyeonie doesn’t always intimate with strangers, but she can do that with you” as the kids leaving us. I was a little proud for that and smile.
“well, a kid cannot lie, it means I am so kind to them and they like me the best”
“Aigoo…proud of herself again….”
“that’s the fact….” He turned to leave me… aish!! This person cant even hear what I said.
“Ya!! Cho kyuhyun!!” I chased him and hit his back.
“can you just listen to me? Hope you don’t treat your next wife like me”
“Anya anya….” I went silent.
“Where do you want to go next?” he asked. Suddenly I remember what I should do today.
“Lets talk in the car….” I walk faster. I just so confused what should I say first to him.
“Wae?” he asked again tryin to be cool as we started to leave the neighbourhood.
“Well, kyuhyunie…actually I don’t know how to start….”
“You said its about our wedlock… do you want to cancel it?”
“uhmmm…. Well, yeah actually…but, I want you to promise me that you won’t be mad or something”
“why should I? I am your nothing and you are my nothing right? We just do that for our mom’s sake.” he said it really cold. When he said that my thought can’t be describe, I’m a little bit surprised by his answer. Should I be happy or sad?
“ye…yeah….” My voice stucked. What’s wrong with me?
“palli marhae…(say it quickly)” he insisted me to say.
“I am….”
“Drrtt… Oh Baby say goodbye ddrrtt…Oh jamsiman Goodbye annyeongiran maleun jamsi jeobeodulge
jeo muneul yeolgoseo han geoleum naemilmyeon ko ggeuteuro jeonhaejineun neoui sumgyeol drrtt….”
“Sorry…” I picked up the phone.
“wooyoung Oppa~~”
“Jagiyaaa…ottiya?? Bogoshipo….(honey, where are you? I miss you)”
“Na do bogoshipo oppa… (I miss you too oppa) I am in the middle of way home” I saw him widen his eyes from my corner eyes.
“Where did you go?why don’t you call me?”
“Mianhaeyo oppa…I am a little busy to prepare the examination, remember? I told you not to contact each other during the examination. So, oppa and I can concentrate to it, arasseoyo oppa?”
“How can I live like that hyora~ya…??”
“Oppa, its only 2 weeks, its not gonna be long, oppa~ya…”
“how can I get oxygen for 2 weeks?”
“hahaha…oppa, hajima… you’ll live well okay?”
“arasseo… study well jagiya…. Saranghae…”
“saranghae oppa…..”
Kyuhyun POV
I widen my eyes when she phoned. Mwoya?!! Whom she is talking to?is it that jang wooyoung?
“Saranghae oppa….” She hung up the phone.
“Nuguya?namja chingu? (who’s that?your BF?)” I pretended to ask and trying as calm as possible.
“Ehmm…yeah short of…”
“wooyoung oppa”
“ah~…that sunbe?”
“Yeah…that sunbe that we met in our first day school… and that’s what I want to talk about.”
“What’s the relation with Ahra Nuna?”
“Well, You have Ahra onnie, so I decided to allow you to do this before our marriage. You can have your own love life before we got married. I think that’s the best idea after all….” she lowered down her voice. I knew she trying to hold something and be careful to her words.
“you love him?” I asked.
“Tsk…” I made a beam. “You don’t have a good taste” what? What’s wrong with me? Those words just came out.
“Your taste is just suck, hahaha…”
“What did you say?wooyoung oppa is much better than you…”
“wooyoung is nothing than me and I really don’t like him.”
“No matter what. You can’t just say that things kyuhyun…” she stared to cry.
“I know, I never be the best for you, my taste is suck, you always mock me, and you always laugh for what I did. I know im bad in everythingand never be good in front of your eyes…….”
“Pull over kyuhyun~ssi…”
“Pull over now!!!!!”
“You called me what?”
“Jigeumyo kyuhyun ssi!!! (now kyuhyunssi!!)” This girl was weird, now she called me with kyuhyun ssi. She spoke informal now to me.
“pull over! pull over! pull over! pull over! pull over! pull over!” she screamed make my head spinning.
“Arasseo arasseo…” I finally pulled over my car. And she opened the car’s door, closed it with a loud bang.
“Ya!! Ottigaaaaaaa??!!(Where do you want to go??!!)” I screamed.
“Like you care….” She just walked away while saying that. I got out from the car and chased her.
“Where will you go?” I grabbed her hand.
“Let go off me!!! Kayo (Just go) kyuhyun ssi!! I don’t want to meet you again!!” she was trying to let go off her hand.
“What’s wrong with you?Fine! if that’s all what you want!! I never be able to understand your mind!!!”
I came back to my car, just don’t know how it happened. I just want to tease her at first, are my words too much? I cant let her go, so I finally followed her after all, because I am the one who brought her. So she was saying that she was dating that wooyoung? Why it should be him? I don’t like him with her…
End of Kyuhyun POV

Hyora POV
I felt the greatest pain in my heart. Kyuhyun was too much; did he think I was that stupid? I have a bad taste? Everything he said were just made me sad. He’s never satisfied with my attitude. I cried a lot along the way, my heart hurt so badly. What does ‘IM HER FUTURE HUSBAND’ mean? And what did that moment mean on the baseball field?what did that heartbeat mean? What did his deep eyes mean when we froze in the middle of softball field? Why did he say something bad about me all the time?Gosh! he was so mean. I grabbed my collar coz it suddenly felt so hurt.

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“Drrtt… Oh Baby say goodbye ddrrtt…Oh jamsiman Goodbye annyeongiran maleun jamsi jeobeodulge
jeo muneul yeolgoseo han geoleum naemilmyeon ko ggeuteuro jeonhaejineun neoui sumgyeol drrtt….”
I picked the phone with my eyes closed and then saw the caller ID. Well, last night I called young in and tell her everything and we slept late.
“Good morning sweety…”
“Good morning oppa…”
“Are you still sleepy? I miss you so much, how’s your satnite?im sorry for not calling you last night”
“aniyeyo oppa, I am sorry oppa… I have to accompany my mom so I couldn’t call you,” I lied.
“Now, please get up princess… lets hang out”
“Let me just close my eyes again a while….”
“Ya!! Agi….wake up…. I’ll pick you up now arasseo….”
“Huh….oppa… I am sick, can you just visit me?”
“Huh?you are sick?! Arasseo…just go back to sleep, I’ll come over okay….itabaaaa….(see you around)”
“it because of you kyuhyun~ah…”
“oh..aniya oppa…. Ne itabayoooo…” I hung up. Aish! Why should his name come out?!! Wooyoung oppa will come over. I have to be pretty for him.
I went out from the bath room and found my omma.
“Hyora~ya…are you having fun with kyuhyun?”
“Omma!! You surprised me!!”
“How was last night?”
“Jinjja omma…I almost got rob”
“And?” she followed me.
“Kyuhyun saved me”
“really?omonaaa…my son in law is really cool…” I rolled my eyes. My mom still bragged about kyuhyun to everybody at home. I don’t care…the important thing now is that wooyoung oppa will come and I really happy.
Wooyoung oppa came and brought me strawberry milk, juice and the fruit as well. Ah~ nomu johaaaa… he also gave my mom tangerines and her favorite bread. Look who was cooler and smarter than kyuhyun. Omo…he is totally cute >_<
“That is your real son-in-law omma…. “ I said to her after wooyoung oppa came home.
“Kyuhyun is cooler, she saved you” she took his side.
“He treated me bad omma, wooyoung oppa treated me like a princess”
“Neoneun gonju anya (you aren’t a princess) so kyuhyun treats you just the way you are”
I curled my lips… my omma really loved her son in law.

“Yeoboseyo…” I picked a call from my best friend of course.
“Ya…mwohae?(what are you doing?)”
“Nothing, just reading for our preparation for exam next week, wae?neo neun?(what bout u?)”
“Deuh…im calling you…”
“haha…sorry…waeniriya?(what’s up?)”
“Aniya…just wanna ask you out after our exam, otte?”
“Ah~ uhm…I have appointment with wooyoung oppa”
“Mwo?you seems to have more time for him than for me”
“Ya… why do you say like that suddenly?” I put my book. Owh no…its dangerous…I am afraid of her sentence.
“Well, as I remember you never joined me, sungje, kyuhyun, taeyeon, jaelin, and sora to have lunch”
“Young in~ah…don’t be like that…”
“gwenchanha….so, youre still dating him right?have you told kyuhyun?”
“I haven’t, why?”
“Even the whole school know that you are with wooyoung oppa, but trust me that kyuhyun haven’t. he is the slow type person and didn’t care much about it. Doesn’t it hurt if he knows from the other?”
“well, I haven’t because I still think about when is the right time.”
“Why don’t you say it now??he saved you by the way, if I were him I will really hurt by your behavior for letting me know your relationship with others, while he will be your husband……” young in was really genius to make me change my mind.
“So, it is like that?should I tell him now?”
“Why not?go now….”
“Ah~ one more thing, I want you to cancel your appointment with jang wooyoung and come with us to amusement park after our exam okay?if you cant do that…well… I think I will go back to USA”
“Arasseo arasseo…jinnja…you are really good at this…”
“Okay…then I’ll hang up annyeong kim hyooooooo….”
I think again about kyuhyun, actually I really want to discuss it with him but….i just couldn’t tell him. Finally, I decided to tell him now.
“Yeoboseyo?” there was a voice across.
“omonim, its hyora”
“Oh…daughter in law…how are you honey?”
“Im fine omonim, what about you?”
“Im so great dear…what’s wrong?”
“Uhmmm…chuisonghaeyo omunim, but is kyuhyun there?”
“Ah~ of course you wanna talk with him. Mianhae uri ddal…I’ll connect you with him right away”
“Kamsahamnida omunim…” ottokhae? I have doubt actually but young in said so, and she can assure me to do this.
“Kyuhyun~ahhh….your future wife is on the line” I can hear kyuhyun’s mom shouted.
“Ya! Waekure?” a moment later his voice came up.
“Ya!! Be a little gentle paboya!!” omunim’s voice came up to right away after kyuhyun answer my call. Of course its pararel phone.
“Ommaaaaa!!jeballl….(mom, please…)” he yelled.
“Arasseo…” her voice disepear.
“wae?palli marhae (why?speak quickly..)” he always like that
“your mom is right, be more gently to me…”
“Aigoo…why?have you fallen for me?so you wanna treated by me better?” he said confidentaly.
“Ah~ jinjja…you ruin my mood again….”
“hahaha..just kidding snaily head!!So, why do you suddenly call me?”
“Aniya…just want to know your condition.”
“see….am I that charming?”
“Ya!!you really don’t have shame, do you? well, it because I owe you and feel guilty since I made you injured last week”
“Well, the band aid works well, when I put that off, its getting much better”
“See…I told you, it was effective” I yelled happily.
“that’s it?”
“Ehmmm…actually kyuhyun~ah…. We need to talk about something alone…”
“Just say it now”
“I cant, its related with our wedlock, beside…..”
“Omma…enough….we’re done talking”
“Ahahaha…you know kyuhyun~ah…” omunim got busted by his own son. I giggled.
“Have fun on your date….” Teased her and she left us for real now.
“where do you want us to meet?” he asked.
“Hmmmm…I don’t have any idea actually”
“Ah~…I know, you said you want to meet those kids again?? I train them this afternoon. Do you want to join?”
“Kure…should I go to your house, since it is me who have this bussiness”
“No need, I’ll pick you up”
“Arasseo…” suddenly I made a sad voice. I don’t know if what I will say to him is a good way.
“Gwenchanha?” he asked me worriedly.
“Eoh? Yeah, im fine…see you soon then”
“Okay…” I hung up the phone. Feeling guilty, I don’t know if I can face him, can I do that? Why is this feeling so bothering? I have wooyoung oppa though; I myself haven’t said anything to wooyoung oppa about my wedlock.
Kyuhyun POV
“Annyeong haseyo…”
“Hey…kyuhyun~ah….what on earth you come here?” Youngwoon hyung greeted me.
“oh,,, keuge hyung (well hyung…) Im here to pick hyora”
“Jinjja? Dating?waaaaaa….progress progress….yeah man… come in come in…”
“Thanks hyung”
“Hyora~yaaaaaaa…..your hubby is here…”
“Hey thanks for saving my sister by the way…”
“Did she say about it?”
“Yeah…” youngwoon hyung smile. “I know I can count on you kyuhyun~ah…”
“Kyuhyun~ah… what are you doing here?” that is my future mother in law, she appeared from the kitchen as she heard my voice.
“Annyeong hasimikka omunim” I greeted her as well.
“annyeong adeul…(hi, my son) more handsome everyday huh?thank you for saving hyora last week. I know you can protect her.” She tapped my shoulders. Hyora has her bright eyes and nose. Yeepeoda just like her mom.
“Aniyo omunim, it was my fault to let her walking alone”
“Im so proud to have you as my future son in law…omo…”
“Kamsahamnida omunim…”
“Stop braging him like that omma…” hyora came down, is she getting prettier or is it my eyes which needed spectacles?she’s stunning with her soft pink cap and her sport outfit. Ya!! What’s wrong with me??!!!
“Wae?? He deserve it hyora…” said her mom. I smirked.
“He will fly right away” she mocked me.
“That’s fact kim hyora….right omunim?i deserve that…” I said.
“yeah…its true”
“Omma, im your daughter, whose side are you?” she protested.
“My son in law of course” her mom answered, I smirked again.
“Oppa!!” I called kangin oppa.
“My bro in law of course…” he teased hyora and hi five with me. I stuck my tongue.
“Aish!! Im going then….” She’s disappointed leaving me.
“Take care of her kyuhyun~ah…” said her mom.
“Ne~ arasseoyo omunim…goodbye hyung…”
“Yooo… annyeong!!” then I followed her.
At the car
“are you happy now?” she crossed her hands. I stopped put on my seatbelt, and smiled.
“How can they stand behind you than me?” she wondering.
“Julbaaaaaallll….” I didn’t answer her question but I felt satisfaction. Her family is really nice to me.
End of Kyuhyun POV


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but i really hope you like it
Kyuhyun POV
“Ya!!! Hyoraya~~!!” I screamed knowing her fainted, Jaesuk ahjussi helped me. I hurriedly took her in bridal way.
“Jaesukie samchun, I will bring her back home. Thank you very much, don’t tell my dad about this okay?” I said as we took hyora in my car.
“Arasseo, are you sure you are okay?” he felt worry.
“Ne, Im going samchun, kamsahamnida…”
We arrived at my house.
“Ya!! Kim hyoraaa!!” I yelled to her and hoped that she would be conscious from her faint. But it didn’t work, I thought she shocked with what happened.
Ottokhaji?(what should I do?). The house was empty. Im so worried about her.
I carried her to my room and hurriedly took water to clean dust from her face. She was pale; I knew how scared she was and she felt like sleeping now. This is the second time she fainted with me beside her. I wiped her face, hands and legs, some scratch showed up maybe they came from when she fell down just now. When I wipe her face, she looked really pretty and cute. I sighed, and thought myself, Kim hyora you are cute when you were silent like this, I smiled my self. What thought was that cho kyuhyun….??!! I drop that thought off my head. I finished wiping her and now I got the first aid to give her some healer to her wound over her hands and legs.
“Kim hyora… you are really know how to make someone worry” I wishpered as I smear the healer on her pain.
As I finished it, I felt a little tired too, and I fell asleep sitting on the floor beside hyora who lied on the my bed…..
End of Kyuhyun POV

One hour later.
Hyora POV
I started conscious from my faint. I blinked my eyes confirming what happened.
“Where am I?its not my house, where I was before this?” I tried to remember, I thought someone had given me blanket and I still didn’t recognize that kyuhyun was there.
“I AM HER FUTURE HUSBAND” aish!! Why did I remember that?I touch my hurt right hand accidentally
“Arhhh…apa…(it hurts)” I checked it and it had already swept by healer. Who….oh! I just recognized kyuhyun’s head was there. Omo….he was injured, ottokahe?? Wait wait…. Is that his snoring? Huahahaha…his mouth opened as well and mwo???!! His saliva ran from his mouth, buahahahahahahaha….i held my laugh. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. He turned his head suddenly. Oopsss…. I blocked my mouth. His left face was seen and I surprised that his corner lips still bleeding and his cheek a little bit swollen. Ah…I remember now! I fainted when kyuhyun saved me from the bandits. I automatically got up carefully so I didn’t wake him up, poor kyuhyun…he must take care of me just now. The clock showed 10 PM and our parents hadn’t come home. I sat in front of him and saw his messy face. I changed the water and napkin which must be the one to wipe my scratch. I came back for him, saw him a little while. I felt something in my heart suddenly. His words ‘I AM HER FUTURE HUSBAND’ repeated again on my head. I felt warm through my body. I started to wipe his wound…..

Kyuhyun POV
“Geim~ah….” Someone called me; I opened my eyes and saw that little girl smiling in front of me.
“Ichigo….” I called her back.
“You really hurt right?” she took something from her bag, it was a strawberry.
“Ya! What’s that for?”
“To heal you” she started to wipe me with that strawberry.
“how come a strawberry heal me, ichigo?”I gigled, but still letting her do that for me.
“You’ll see…”
“geim~ah… it was because of me always because of me….hiks…” she started crying.
“Why are you crying?”
“It hurts right really hurts….hiks hiks…I just can feel that too. If you hurt I hurt too… moreover it was all because of me huhuhuhu…hiks sob sob…” she cried while she wipe my corner lips. She always says that she will be hurt if someone in pain too.
“Aniya…you did nothing wrong to me… I am okay ichigo…uljima…(don’t cry)”
“Ani…nega jalmothesseo (I was wrong) always hurt you…hiks hiks” her tears couldn’t stop.
“Ichigoya…nan ottokhae (what am I going to do?)…I don’t wanna lose you again…kajima (don’t go) bogoshiposseo…” I hug her.
“I am always there along this time…geim~ah”
End of Kyuhyun POV

Hyora POV
I gave him the healer too on his corner lips after swept water to clean his wound (and his saliva). He moved his lips a bit, I knew that hurt, and I could feel that too even I wasn’t the one who injured. My tears suddenly came out from my eyes unrecognizely. Just because I feel his pain too. Sob sob… I couldn’t control myself, my heart hurt too now. I felt guilty to make him injured like this. He suddenly moved and hugged me
“bogoshiposseo” I shocked and my tears ran out faster, my eyes widened. I don’t know what to do. my heart beat so fast now.
“Ichigo…I miss you so bad…” I froze at a moment. What did he say?ichigo? I’ve heard that before somewhere but I don’t really remember. Uhmmm…maybe it was his nick for Ara onnie.
“kyu…kyuhyun~ah…” well, I went back to my senses now and tried to make him awake. He opened his eyes and just wake up from his sleep. He loosened his hug and looked at me confused.
“Hyo…hyora?” he seemed surprised.
“yeah…?do you miss Ara onnie that bad?” I asked him, but asking him like that just made my feeling a little pressure after he said that he is my future husband. Oh my God I shouldn’t be like this, I have wooyoung oppa. I wanted to tell him but I don’t think this is the right time.
“No…I …I mean yes….why wouldn’t I?” he stuttered again. I smiled awkwardly and hold my tears again, which I don’t know that it wanted to come out again.
“hmm…arasseo… im sorry for ruining your date with her tonight”
“I ..I am okay…”
“well, im glad you are okay”I took tissue to wipe away my tears. “If you don’t mind let me clean and give you healer for your wound…I haven’t finished until you hug me just now ” I offered him. I took that healer and put that a little on the cotton. I wiped it to his lips again and his cheek. We were silent each other. If I took care of someone, then I always feel the same way. So, as I wiped to his wound I didn’t realize that my tears were going down again.
“Mianhae kyuhyun~ah…” my hands were shaking hard. He looked at me who was crying.
“ya..ya…ya…why are you crying??”
“Its my fault, you become like this….hiks hiks hiks…I know you hurt so bad… I can feel it too…” I said in sob.
“it should be me in pain, why are you crying for me?”
“Kyuhyun~ah…mianhaeeee…..” I put my head down and cried louder. Kyuhyun could only look at me who cried, and remember something.
Kyuhyun POV
“catch me if you can…ye ye ye….” I teased her.
“Geim….!!! Stop!! Stoppp!! Give me back my doll!!” she tried to catch me but I ran faster. They called me Geim since I love to play game on the computer.
“I will give you if you can catch me…kkkkk” I didn’t realize when I ran there were a lot of gravel, so my shoes slipped and …….
“Woaaaaaaa…” I screamed,
‘bruakkk!!’ the doll was thrown away from my hand and I ended up falling on the ground. I sat from where I fell and felt a little hurt on my knee. The blood was running from it.
“GEIIIIIIMMMM!!!” she ran toward me with her tears. “Gwenchanha?” she asked me worrily.
“omooo…you are bleeding geim~ah… ottokhaji?(what should I do?)?nomu apasseo?(is that hurt?)” I smirked endured my pain.
“hiks hiks hiks….huaaaaaaaa……huaaaaaaaaaaaa”
“Ya ya ya…stop crying. Im in pain, not you”
“Ottokhae geim? i could feel your wound too…huaaa…” she put her face downward. I laughed at her words. What a silly girl, she felt my pain too. How cute! I stretched my hand
“I am okay ichigo…”

Kyuhyun POV
Without I realized I stretched my hand and touched her head
“I am okay ichigo…” She stopped crying suddenly and blinked her eyes.
“What did you say?” she asked me as she put up her head to face me.
“A…aniya….” I stuttered and took my hand back, my face was burning. We were awkward for a while, but then she continued to sweep on my pain.
“Arrgghhh!! Ya Kim Hyora!! Apa!!(it hurt!!)” I stared at her sharply.
“ geumanisseo!!(stop moving!) hiks hiks…”
“You!! just be careful!!”
“Arasseo!!hiks hiks…” she started to wipe again but she pushed too hard.
“Ya!!!” I shouted.
“Gemanisseo!! Or I’ll push it harder like this..…” she pushed it again while crying.
“Argghh!!” she smirked, I don’t know about this girl, not a long ago she cried and now she could even smirk like that.
“alright! This is the last step….” she pointed at me.
“This band aid will make your wound recover quickly…so don’t ever try to put it off before your wound gone arasseo?” she took a strawberry band-aid from her clutch.
“ya!! Ige mwoya?(ya! What is this?) shirooooo!! Don’t put that on me!!!” I avoided her.
“hey…you know what, this band aid is really special, within 2 days you can heal…come on!!”
“Do you have other pattern? how can it be strawberry? nan namja (Im a man)….” Aish!!come on…even I love you ichigo, but this band aid is really not me at all.
“I don’t have any other patterns. Do you want to recover or what? Stop complaining kyuhyun~ah…” she got closer with me, and put that band aid on my wound forcely.
“Aish!jinjja neo!!”
“Kkeut (finish), waaa..kyuhyun~ah…nomu kwiyeopda” she smiled proudly for her work at me.
“You are really mean girl” I commented. She smiled again without answering me. Her smile made my heart skipped a bit. Ah…molla molla… i stared at her.
“You stopped crying.”
“yeah…coz im sure your injured will be better now, and I can feel it too. Its getting better, isn’t it?” she asked. I nodded.
“Well, I told you this strawberry band aid will make you feel better” I smiled.
“Hey, that softball field, do you train them to play?” she sat beside me and suddenly she asked that.
“Oh….the kids?yeah…that is my samchun’s neighbourhood, I spent my time there when I was child. So when I first time came back to seoul, I went there and met that kids”
“They are cute, would you mind to take me there sometimes?” she looked at me.
“But promise me don’t fooling around again.” I pushed her forehead.
“Arasseo” she smiled and I could feel my lips stretched too.
End of Kyuhyun POV

Hyora POV
“Arasseo….” I answered him. “Ya!Im curious about something”
“You and Ara onnie…. Going out well right?”
“huh?Ah…yeah we…we are going out well” he stuttered
“Hey, you know what? You always have that habit, repeating the same word”
“Arasseo… arasseo arasseo…”
“Eii..jinjja!! don’t mock me!!” I touched his cheek.
“Ya!! Apa!!!”
“Ehmmm… I think I should go home now… I don’t have to wait for my mom right?” I asked,
“Are you sure you okay?”
“Gwenchanha, Its me who should ask you that question ….”
“Let me take you home…” he offered.
“Aniya….you must take a rest, though”
“Lets go….” He got up, took my car key, and took my hand.
“Get your clutch; I’ll take you home…its already late”
I obeyed him after all. Just to pay him for today’s accident.
At the car.
“You learn hapkido?whew….cool…” I said. He smiled proudly.
“Well, that’s the way I am… always be cool”
“Bwa bwa…(look look..) I shouldn’t say something like that again to you” he laughed.
“You owe me twice you know” he said
“I save you twice, and again and again you fainted…I told you to reduce your weight hyora~ya…” he teased me.
“Mworagoooo??!!!!(What did you say?) jukeullae?(Do you want to die?)” I pushed his cheek.
“Arrggghh…apaaa!!(it hurt)”
“Feel that!!” I pretended to be angry.
20 minutes later, we arrived at home and it was 11 PM already.
“okay…we arrived now…” he released his seat belt and mine.
“The taxi has been here” he called a taxi to take himself home before we departed from his house.
“Gomawo for saving me…” he looked at me suddenly and got closer to me. I blinked my eyes. My heart was ponding again. His eyes really got into me.
“waekure?(what’s wrong?)” I surprised because of his reaction but I held it back. I tried to hold my breath.
“Shhh…are you still sick?” he touched my forehead.
“ya!!move now or I will push your wound” I scared him.
“Hahaha…” he laughed teasing me. We got out from the car. He grabbed my hand and pushed the bell.
“I don’t think oppa and my parents have gone back home.”
“Are you okay for being alone?”
“Don’t worry… im okay. It should be me who ask that kind of question”
“Alright then I’m relief now. Just take enough rest snaily head” he turned and left me.
“Stop calling me that paboya!!” he waved his hand without facing me.
“And don’t drool again while you are sleeping, hahahahha…moron!!” I teased him.
“Huh??!!”He stopped waving his hand and turned his body with his confused face.
“Annyeongggg….” I smiled and went to my house.

Kyuhyun POV
At home,
I arrived home when my parents came home.
“Where do you come from?” asked appa after he laid seohyun at her bed.
“from hyora’s house”
“Mwo??wow…what an improvement!!” omma surprisedly happy.
“Wait…whats wrong with your face?” appa held my body.
“gwenchanha appa…I just slammed on the ground when we played” I answered.
“owhhh…hyora must give that band aid for you” omma guessed it right.
“yeah… who else?”
“Omo…nomu kwieopda…(how cute) I told you she is the right one for you”
“Ehem…How was the reunion omma?” I tried to distruct the attention of that subject.
“Well, we’re having fun. How about you? are you having fun with hyora?”
“uhm…kinda, well I should get to bed omma, appa”
“Get rest son…” appa tapped my back.
“Ne~ jumuseyo omma appa…” I bowed them.

At my room
I prepared my self to bed by going to the bathroom.
I changed my clothes into pajama. I looked at the mirror.
“this yeoja is really….” I smiled my self, touch the band aid that reminds me of the dream earlier. But I felt so secure now because of the band aid.


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Hyora POV
Suddenly kyuhyun stopped his car. We were at a softball field.
“Here? What do we wanna do?”
“Do you mean what do I wanna do not us” he take his softball bag. There are a lot of kids there.
“what about me?” I stopped following him.
“Its up to you” he kept walking
“I wait for you?”
“Whatever snaily head…”
“DORKIEEEEE…” kyuhyun was happy to see my stressed face.
“Hyuuuuunnngggggggggggg!!!” some children ran to him and hug him. Omo…those kids are really cute.
“Annyeong yedeura….(hi kids!!)” He smiled and left me. Argghhh…he really made me angry. I decided not to follow him. And took a walk as I want.
I didn’t really know this region before but I love to explore it. Thinking about how rude kyuhyun was to me just now was making me want to throw my shoes on him. How can I live with him if his characters were like that? What made me a little bit relief is that we’re going to divorce after all. And my love with wooyoung oppa would be bound again kkkkk…aigooo how romantic… I smiled my self. I didn’t realize that three men were standing there watching over me. They chuckled when they saw me especially my clutch.
“Annyeong baby…. Where do you wanna go? Let’s go together” I tried to ignore them and passed them quickly.
“Hey…you should give us your smile and money then… Yongjin hyung I get her” one of them grabbed me from the back.

Kyuhyun POV
“Ya…lets start our practice today…. Run this field 10 times come on…..”
“Come on…of you want to be a good softballers you have to do that….”
“ne~ hyung….” They started running as I heard Hyora’s screaming. And I turned my head to find her. Oh my God! Where the hell was she? I can’t find her around this field.
“Hyuuunnnggg…. That nuna who was with you is in danger” Jae woo appeared from the entrance of the field and pointed somewhere. I ran right away.
“Kids, if something bad happened please call jaesuk ahjussi in the police office okay?” I said and then ran as fast as I could to her scream.
End of Kyuhyun POV

Hyora POV
“Thank you Donghee~ya Don’t scream baby…” the person with the dirtiest tshirt touched my chin and took something from his pocket, which is like knife.
“Please, don’t….” I begged him. I felt really scared.
“kkkkk……..ya! shi bum~ah..take her clutch now…” he ordered his friend to take my clutch.
“Don’t be scare honey…if you obey us you’ll be fine…” I started to cry. Kyuhyun~ah…kyuhyun, I mumbled his name.
“YA!!!! Let her go!!!” Kyuhyun appeared.
“KYUHYUN~AHHHHHH…” I scream his name loudly.
“Ya!!!shut your mouth!! Or I will rip your beautiful mouth” Yongjin threaten me.
“Neo nuguya??!! (Who are you?) What a brave kiddo we’ve got here… ” Donghee yelled at kyuhyun. Shibum got closer to kyuhyun too. And now they both are ready to attack kyuhyun.
“NO!!! don’t hurt him…just take my money…let him go” my tears started to fill my eyes.
“Here, take my knife” yongjin gave his knife to shibum.
“Who are you boy?do you know us?” Shibum smirked and show off yongjin’s knife.
“What are you to her, huh?” donghee also smirked mocking kyuhyun. Kyuhyun looked at me who get scared.
End of Hyora POV

Kyuhyun POV
“What are you to her, huh?” I was a little shocked with that question. I wanted to make my eyes wide when that bandit asked me who I was to hyora. But I endured that, because if they saw me acting strange there will be something bad happened. So to make me more natural and to keep her safe for her mom, who handed her over me, I yelled confidentaly. But hyora was my responsibility so I answered bravely,
“I AM HER FUTURE HUSBAND!! ” my heart skipped a bit when I heard myself saying that.
“Mwo?Huahahahhahaha…” they three laughed really hard.
“Don’t joke with us kiddo…..come here…” Donghee attacked me. I kicked him back; well I learned hapkido with my dad. And with a sec I can beat the bandit called donghee.
“Hyung!!” shibum saw donghee fainted because of me.
“You….” and now shibum attacked me with the knife. And fortunately I can also avoid the attack. I kicked his hand which held the knife. And made him fainted as well after I did some movements.
“YOU!! how dare you!!” this is the leader’s turn, yongjin pushed hyora until she fell down.
“Hyora!!” I yelled. Because of the yell I couldn’t avoid the punch from yongjin. He punched me hard until I slammed the ground, he kicked me again.
“KYUHYUN~AAAHHH….” Hyora screamed.
“Feel that jerk!!” yongjin shouted at me as he laughed.
“Aish!!!” I felt pain in my lips and cheek because of his punch and I could feel blood running from my lips. I got up quickly and attacked him back. Within a moment I could weaken yongjin.
End of Kyuhyun POV

Hyora POV
“Hyora!!” He yelled. Because of the yell he couldn’t avoid the punch from yongjin. He punched him hard until he slammed the ground, yongjin kicked him again. I could feel that pain too, I cried hard.
“KYUHYUN~AAAHHH….” I screamed.
“Feel that jerk!!” yongjin shouted at him.
“Aish!!!” His blood was running from his lips. he got up quickly and attacked him back. Within a moment he took over yongjin.
“aaaa…..nomu appa (It hurt)Let me go!! Let me go!!” yongjin was in pain.
“I will let you go, but promise me don’t make any trouble again here, arasseo!!!!” He yelled warning him.
“Okay okay…I will I promise you” he stuttered. He let him go, pull his wallet and took some money.
“here! Use this for your friend also” he gave yongjin the money.
“are you serious?” yongjin asked.
“Ka…kamsahamnida…” he helped his friends and go away.
“Ya!!! Stoooooppp!!! Why did you let him go?” Suddenly an ahjussi came.
“Samchun..(Uncle) just let him go” Kyuhyun answered.
“Are you alright? I have told him not to make troubles here”
“Im okay samchun. Thank you”
“Fuuuhhh” he blew his own hair. He looked around and found me cried at the exact place where I fell down.
“Hyora~ya…” He ran toward me. I was shaking and tears came to my eyes.
“Gwenchanha?(are you okay?) ” I could only look at him without even can say a word.
“Ireona(get up)!” he helped me to get up, but I couldn’t stand it anymore, it was dark….
End of Hyora POV

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Well, sebenernya saya pengen banget bikin ini ff pake bahasa Indonesia karena saya adalah orang Indonesia dan cinta Indonesia. Tapi, berhubung pegen terkenal dulu jadi saya menulis dengan bahasa Inggris *lagakmu kaya bahasa inggris bener aja*. So, buat yang pengen baca pake bahasa Indonesia, jangan khawatir!! Setelah ff eng vers.a selesai maka akan ada versi Indonesianya.. Hoho… Hwaiting dan selamat membaca! >_<



Author POV
“Introduce yourself please…” Miss Park asked her to introduce herself. She smiled very wide and started to open her mouth.
“Kamsahamnida saem. Annyeong haseyo….my name is….”
Hyora’s POV
I ran as fast as possible to reach my class before Mr. Lee but I could hear noises came from my classroom. Gosh!! Im so dead!! He is there. What am I going to do?? I turn to my class with my head down I didn’t dare to look at Mr. lee’s face.
“Chuisonghaeyo, Lee sonsaengnim….hh..hh…. I … I ….come…hh hh…from…..the hh hh library…hh hh….” I said while managing my breath. My eyes were still red. My sweats were out from whole of my body. Damn!! I haven’t changed my uniform. I feel so mess now.
“Hyora~ya….” She called me. SHE??SHE??looked like im going crazy because of Young In but Im sure it is her voice. I lift my head and got her in front of me. I still couldn’t believe, I cleared my eyes, pinched my arms and slapped my own cheek, anyway I did everything to make myself wasn’t dream. I assured myself that she is for real.
“Auuuu…” I hurt myself.
“So it wasn’t dream?? IN~AAAAAAAAAHHHHH…bogoshipeooooooooooooo…!!!” I looked at my classmates, who now looked at me with a lot of questions left in their head thinking that I must be crazy this way, I shouted her name and hugged her right away.
“ya! We’re in the class right now, aren’t you embarrassed??” I looked at them again
“I don’t careeeeeeeeeeee!!!” my classmates opened their mouth. They looked so silly.
“Ehem ehem..” Miss park coughed a little to make us get back to reality.
“Eo??Dara saem….you are here” I just realized.
“Im here all the time Hyora…” she answered.
“Ah..mianhaeyo saem”
“Where do you come from?? Seemed like someone punished you run the field for 100 times”
“Ahahaahha…” I laughed awkwardly.
“Get back to your seat Hyora~ya…you disturb her introducing” Sulong interrupted.
“Yeahh….Ong was right!!” the other boys make me so silly.
“Arasseo…mian” I said
“Go get change first, you may go to the changing room” Dara saem said.
“kamsahaeyo saem…” I bow, “Is it really you young In??” I slapped her cheek too a little hard this time.
“ya!apeo!” She rubbed her cheek.
“Ah~ it really you kkkk….Talk to you later Youuuuuuung” I said to Young in.
“Aigoo…you are totally embarrassed me Hyo~”
As I left Young in introduced herself.
“Annyeong haseyo…my name is Lee Young In, I just transferred from USA. Hope we’ll be good friends gomawo…” She said that sweetly while bowing.
“wwwooooo,,,,” what crazy boys they are.
“You may sit over there” Dara saem pointed an empty seat.
“Thank you saem”
“Don’t forget to submit your assignment araji??”
“Neeee~” As Dara saem left, all the boys get closer to her. Young In is pretty, smart, humble and friendly too, so she can make a friends as fast as possible.
I came back for a little while and I had worn my uniform too. And my friends were shocking me, they just wrapped Young in up until I cant see her again.
“ya!ya!ya! move out….” I tapped all my friends’ backs.
“Ya!! Mwohae….???” Ong shouted.
“Listen up all of you, she is my best friend…I have to investigate her first before you.”
Young In giggled hearing my words.
“You guys please investigate her later algenya??” I said while dragging her out.
“You cant do that Hyora~ya…” Kim Sungje complained
“yeah…” the other complain keep coming but I don’t care.
“I must save you In~ah…kaja…Hey, you guys do your own assignement, I’ll be right back” I said, and they showered me with the “BOO” sound.
“Where are we going?is it okay?” Young In asked me.
“You need to explain me now…” I dragged her.
“But, what about the assignments?”
“Your explanation is more important now. How could you do this to me Lee Young In!!! just shut your mouth now and lets go to the safer place” I dragged her to the girls’ rest room. Young In loved my expression. She knew this will happen, she knows me more than I am my self. I opened the door and we went in. I faced her with crossed arms.
“Lee Young In the frog *Our nickname* now explain to me!!!!”
“Explain what?” She teased me with her secret smile.
“Why are you here? Are you on your holiday? Aish!jinjja you almost make me faint again”
“Hahahahhahaa” she was really happy seeing my curiousity.
“”Ya!! Stop it…are you crazy or what? Are still on a jetleg??or did you forget to take your crazy pills again?” I shook her head.
“Huahahahhaha Hyo hyo…why do you still keep your innocent?” she laughed louder than before.
“Arasseo arasseo….i’ll explain you, calm down hyo…Im not on my holiday,I want to be in this school. And im your classmate, pangabda chinguya~ hahahah”
“MWOOOOOO???!!! Seriously….” I stared at her, curved my forehead. She stared me back.
“its me for real Hyora~ya…Im here to safe you, I know you cant live without me right? I went back to Korea just for you”
“What about your parents?”
“I said I have amnesia and I escaped here”
“Ya!! Kotjimal!!!” I widened my eyes, this chick is really out of my mind. She smile widely.

“Appa…Omma, pleaseeeeee…. I promise I’ll be alright with halmoni and harabuji, you know I am an independent girl I know how to take care myself”
“But, honey…”
“I don’t have any friends here, it make me sick I really love to live in Korea, and I also want to spend some times with harabuji and halmoni, please say yes appa….please…I promise I’ll be back at my holiday. Plus, your duty here for only 3 years right?i’ll be fine for the next 3 years”
“Okay, but you have to promise us to eat well and be healthy there, You must take care of your granparents” Young In’s Appa finally said.
“kamsahamnida Appa….omma!! I’ll be alright kkokjonghajimaseyo….”
“That simple…hahaha” Young in thought.

“I know I’ve been a fool for you but…gomawooooo…” I hugged her, my heart felt so warm. Young in tapped my back.
“Geumanhae…hyo…I wanted to cry too if you do this”
“Don’t make me say this…but nan jeongmal bogoshipda…”
“ya! I left you for only 3 months and you have already missed me??haha…what if I left you for 3 years?”
“Im going to dieeeeeee….i’m going to chase you In~ah..” I imitated a zombie.
“Hahahha…” I laughed a lot it felt really nice and relieve.
“I miss you too Hyo”
“Buhahhahaha…u\you finally say that. Wae? You don’t have any pretty friend like me there, huh?” I teased her.
“Aniya…it just because I don’t have anyone whom I can hit” young In hit my butt.
“Ya!!watch out girl you will totally dead here!!” I hit her butt too.
“Im happy to be here my best friend” She said.
“Na do…” we smiled each other, I forgot about Kyuhyun a while until she rose about him again.
“Jamkkan…I wanna ask you something Hyo..”
“Mwonde?” reply me as I tidy up my skirt.
“Where do you come from before you did an embarrassed moment like when I just wanted to introduce myself? You looked awful and did you just cry or what?”
“Ah~ I just remember that, Cho Kyuhyun the person who will be my future husband was messing up with me again. His mouth is just really louse, and it hurt me that bad so I end up crying”
“What did he say?”
“He said like this, ‘Listen up Kim Hyora, I will accept that wedlock but that is only for my mom’s shake. If we get married, we should end it as fast as possible too in other words we have to divorce right away’ What is he thinking? he thought that I will fall for him? I hate him too instead because of his mouth” I imitate him well.
“Jinjja?he said that? Tsk tsk…so, what are you going to do?”
“I cant even answered him, coz my heart felt really hurt. And I ran away after that, I’m too shy to cry in front of my mates especially in front of him. It was him who announces that in front of our class before PE class, what a crazy boy he is. And now the whole class knows that we are set up. He is realy moron. In fact I’m so lazy to talk with him since we met at my place. Now he is the one who messed up with me”
“Perhaps he wanted you to pay attention on him”
“What attention?”
“So what should we call that?he suddenly wanted to make troubles with you, while you don’t want to fight with him. Or perhaps he has a little crush on you”
“M-m –mwo?? Mworago??crush?? you are really weird, he said that he doesn’t like me, where is the ‘crush’ part?”
“Hate hate you but I love you love love you but I hate you” She started to sing 2AM ‘love you hate you’ song.
“Ya!neo!! Don’t sing!!! If you still have jetlag on you don’t come over to school”
“That is boy, they don’t admit it when it comes to get attention from girls. Or he get bored coz only you could make him that way”
“Molla…don’t say useless words”
“Don’t stutter like that hyo… I know your feeling too huhuhuhu…”
“I don’t stutter” I started make my face red. “Enough!!lets get back to class, we should do our assignment”
“Why are you that hurry?”She is really smart at teasing me.

“So, where is Cho Kyuhun, your future hubby? ” Young In asked me after she had finished her assignment in 15 minutes and I still do that in my 20 minutes.
“Just find the ugliest one” I answered without even care. Young In checked all of the students’ faces, fortunately in our class no one is ugly.
“Don’t daydreaming honey, nobody is ugly here. You must be happy coz all the boys are cool and cute here”
“You are really bad at seeing the bad face guy, aren’t you?the one who sat beside my table, that’s him.” I pointed him.
“Are you kidding me?he is the coolest among all Hyora…you must be lucky to have him. You will make a lot of girls envy you.”
“Yeah right, Lee young In” I rolled my eyes
“You should wear horse glasses I think”
“The kindest guy in the world are my appa and Woo young Oppa kkkkk” I looked at the ceiling. Imagined of Woo young oppa.
“Hmmm..arasseo you are just madly in love with your woo young oppa”
“Finish!!!” I clapped my hand. “I’ll introduce you to my girls here kaja…”
“Im so relieve that you are here. I stressed recently, I was so confused. But now that you are here, im so spiritfull to deal with him.” I punched my fist on the air.
“That’s great, I’ll be there ” she started singin again jinnja…but this time she change I’ll be back with I’ll be there. Such a crazy girl.
“My gosh!! Mworago?? Ohh…its touching me Young In…”
“Oopss..what did I say just now?? it makes me wanna puke..”
“Hahahaha” Well, we always mock each other but that is how we showed our love.