{Indo Vers.} Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 2

Author : syipoh

Cast     : Cho Kyuhyun, Choi Minho, Shin Seung Rin (oc, you), Kim Eun Shi (oc)

Rate     : PG13

Genre : comedy, romance, marriedlife, friendship.

Hey.. Hey.. Ini adalah versi Indo buat adorable evil husband chapter 2. Banyak reader yang protes kenapa nggak bikin pake bahasa Indo aja biar ga pusing bacanya? Masalahnya, waktu ide buat ff ini muncul kata yang keluar tuh pake bahasa Inggris. Selain itu, untuk mendukung debut saya sebagai author ff internasional *halah*.

Nah, buat readers yang udah narik-narik kutang kaos saya dari kemaren minta part 2 nya. Nah, inilah dia. Mian kalau bahasanya mungkin terdengar aneh. Abis kalau diartiin dari bahasa Inggris ke Indonesia ternyata lebih susah daripada bahasa Indo ke Inggris. Jiah.. Aneh bener dah ni author.


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Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 12

Chapter 12

It’s been a long time, huh? Sorry for all my lovely readers. I can’t update my story fast because I must study for entering university. So, please forgive me. Anyway, this is the new chapter.

Kyuhyun’s P.O.V

I still confuse with Minho’s action. Is he nuts? I didn’t know what exactly happen between us. It’s so confusing and frustating. And actually, it was so embarassing. How can I? How can I confess in front of her by yelling like that? It isn’t so romantic. But, inside my heart I felt happy about my confession to her. Yeah, finally. I think you get boring too to wait me to confess to her. (a/n: yeah.. me too.)
I can’t think straight about this. I looked at Seungrin. She’s just look down. Gosh! Now, I realize that I just did confess to her! And, it’s not the way I want to confess.

“Seung Rin~ah…” I called her.
“Ne..” She looked up to me.
“I think we need a talk. Let’s go back to the villa.” I said. She just nodded. I grabbed her hand and hold it thightly. I don’t want her to be snatch away from me.
We leave the cafetaria and the people still stare at us. Ugh.. I think our ‘like opera soap action’ paid attention too much. Seung Rin and I were walking silently. I don’t know what to say and my brain is full with what should we talk in the Villa.
Finally, we arrived at the villa. Minho and Eun Shi aren’t there yet. I think they would back to the villa after they leave me and Seung Rin speecless in the cafe. I dragged her to our room. I placed her in the bed while I sat next to her.
“Mianhae..” I said and she stared at me.
“Ne?” She look confuse with my word, I think.
“Mianhae for my action before in the cafe. I didn’t mean to do that. It’s just.. Just. I’m afraid you will choose Minho than me. You know it’s so..” I didn’t finish my sentence yet and she’s suddenly hugged me tightly. I widened my eyes. She’s not that type who’ll like to express her feeling like this. I just hug her back. This feeling. I miss this feeling. It’s so warm.

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Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 11

Hello there, my lovely readers!! I’m so sorry for not updating fast like my promise toward you. But, really. I didnt want to that. My house is being reconstructed and I can’t use my computer for a while. So, this is my long update. Hope you will be forgive me. Keke. And, please give me a comment to make me update fastly. Happy reading. >_<

Author P.O.V

Seung Rin ate all of tteokboki which Kyuhyun bought. She was full right now. After washing dishes she goes to their room. Kyuhyun was already sleeping. She leans in to him and sees how adorable him in sleeping pose. ‘He is so cute like an angle’ she thought. Unconsciously, her hand moves to his face and touch his face. First, she touches his cheek. Then, she touches his thick lips.

“I can melt if you touch me like that. Am I so handsome, huh?” Kyuhyun suddenly open his eyes and begin to sit.

“Y-yah! You aren’t sleeping yet?” She stuttered while yelling to him. She covered her mouth when she realizes that she’s now yelling at him.

“I.. I’m sorry.” She added and lowered her head.

“What for?” Kyuhyun asked. Seeing through her face.

“For yelling at you. And for everything. You know… aaargh…” She said and Kyuhyun suddenly pull her hand and hug her. Make her heart beat very fast. She can smell Kyuhyun’s masculine scene. It’s made her calm and feels comfort.

“Ahaha.. It’s no problem. Because you have give me a kiss here (pointed at his cheek). Kekeke. And, do you know I felt guilty when I do ‘that thing’ to you? You know, I slapped you. My mood back then is not well. I feel so sorry. Mianhae, Seung Rin-ah..” Kyuhyun explain while still hugging her. Seung Rin was speechless. She can’t say a single word.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

I pull her hand and make her hug me. I don’t know why but my hand is move itself. I can hear her heart beat fast. I smiled myself. I want to tease her.

“Yah! Why your heart is beating fast?” I asked her playfully.

“Aniyo! It’s just because you suddenly hug me. And why you suddenly hug me? Are you like me, huh? She loses our hug and replies my answer with fast response. Why is so sudden she changed. I was speechless.

“L-let’s just sleep.” Damn! I stuttered. My face is getting red right now. I lay on the bed to hide my burning face.

“Kekeke.. Are you just stuttered? Omo! Your face is blushing!” She giggles and lay beside me. Her back is facing my face. Grrr.. I must get revenge to her! I move my hand on her waist and hug her from behind.

“Y-yah! What are you doing?” She tried to lose my hug from her. I tightened my hug.

“Just stay like this and let’s just sleep.” I said and began to sleep. This feeling is so good. I didn’t know if I hug someone my feeling is so good and this make me warm. Inside and outside.

“Kyuhyun-ah.. Are you sleeping?” She asked me.

“Emm..” I said and I think I’m gonna go to dreamland.

Seung Rin P.O.V

“Kekeke.. Are you just stuttered? Omo! Your face is blushing!” I giggle and lay beside him. My back is facing his face. He must be so embarrassed because I say that to him. Keke. When I began to close my eyes I feel something touch my waist. Omo! His hand on my waist! I try to calm myself.

“Y-yah! What are you doing?” I tried to lose his hug from me. But, he just tightened his hug. I feel so warm and comfortable in his hug. I want to stay like this forever.

“Just stay like this and let’s just sleep.” He whispered to me. I feel so warm and comfortable in his hug. I want to stay like this forever. Kyuhyun-ah.. Can you feel my feeling to you? Can you? At least try to love me?

“Kyuhyun-ah.. Are you sleeping?” I asked him.

“Emm..” it’s all he say to me. Maybe I must sleep to. I have been yawned all the time after eating yummy tteokboki.


Seung Rin P.O.V

I woke up and feel so happy this morning. Kyuhyun is still sleeping beside me. His face is like an angel if he sleeping. But, if he awake he totally like a pervert uncle in train if you usually take train to work or school. LOL. I try to wake him up. But, I think woke him up is like woke a bear which have hibernation. FFuuhh.. I took a deep breath and go to the bathroom for showering my body. After that, I began to cook our breakfast.

When I am in the middle of cooking, I feel something warm in my neck. I move aside and see Kyuhyun smiling to me. My favorite smile.

“Hi, sexy.. What meal we have to eat this morning?” He said and grinning to me. I smiled to him back.

“Emm.. How about milk cereal and baked bread?” I said while putting plate of the food in dining table. He sat down and began to eat. I look at him. He ate so fast and chocolates sauce in his bread is in his tip of the lips.

“Kyuhyun oppa. In your lips..” I pointed at his lips.

“Wae? Wae?” He still ate like a child.

“There is a chocolate sauce in your lips.” I said and he rubbed his lips with his hand.

“There is?” he raised his eyebrow and looked at me.

“Emm.. Ne.. In there..” I move closer to him and wiped it with my hand.

Author P.O.V

Silent began to appear after Seung Rin wipe Kyuhyun’s lips with her hand. Kyuhyun unconsciously held Seung Rin’s hands. When their eyes met, Kyuhyun began to lean into Seung Rin’s face. Their breath became heavier. Suddenly, Seung Rin’s lips move closer to her husband lips and cup! Her lips kiss his lips softly. Seung Rin gasped. So did Kyuhyun. But, this isn’t going on long because Kyuhyun began to kiss Seung Rin again. Kyuhyun set her up in his laps. He crash her lips slowly. Seung Rin responds his kiss with place her hands in his neck while Kyuhyun place his hands in her waist. Their kisses began to intens and rough. His hand entered her shirt. Unfortunately, before Kyuhyun continues his action, Seung Rin lose their kisses because out of breath. Both of them aware from ‘hot session’ in this morning. Awkwardness began to approach in their situation.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

She lose our kisses, maybe because out of breath. Hmm. I don’t know why. But, I fell there is something important in my body that pulled out. When I kiss her, it’s so different from our kiss in the first time. This feel is so intoxicated. Something that can’t tell by words. This is so irrational. I see her face which turned red. Kekeke. Did Cho Kyuhyun’s charm was very influence with her?

“I-I think we should go to the campus. It’s 8 am right now. My classes begin to start at 9 am.” She stuttered dan cleaning the dishes.

“Ne. I think so.” I tried to calm down although my heart was beating faster.

Seung Rin P.O.V

Now, we are in our car. God! Why did I do ‘that’? Why I’m so aggressive? Is it because of the baby? Aish! I forget. I didn’t tell Kyuhyun that I’m pregnant yet. Eottokkae?

“Oppa.” I called him. He look at me than look to the road again.

“Hmm…” He said.

“I.. I..” Gosh! Why my tongue suddenly became to stiff? I didn’t speak yet, but Kyuhyun stopped the car. Ah, we are there.

“What’s matter Seung Rin-ah?” He took of the seatbelt and his black glasses. Aigoo! Why did he took of the glasses? He looks more handsome with it. Omo! What did I think?

“I finished my lecture at 2 pm. Can you wait for me?” Wait! Why I say that to him?

“Alright.. Now, I finished at 2 pm too.” He said while patted my head. I shocked with his sudden action. Didn’t he know that last night I almost forget to breathing? My mouth almost opened look at his smile. Fortunately, the bell is rang.

“Ah, oppa. The bel is ringed. I must go.” I said while took of the seatbelt. When I want to open the door, Kyuhyun hold my hand.

“Waeyo, oppa?” I look straight at his face.

“Popo!”He said half shouted to me. He pouted and closed his eyes.

“Shireo! Aigoo oppa, we have done it at home..” When I said that, my face turned red. I’m very embarrassed!!

“Wae? Wae? C’mon! You didn’t want to late in class, right? If you didn’t want to to kiss me, I will make you stay here until you kiss me.” He began to force me. Omo! I will dead meat. Prof. Yoon is very fierce.

“Alright.. But, in cheek okay? I’m shy!!” I said and lowered my head. Urghh. I think my face was absolutely red right now.

“Ne. Ppalli!” he said and lean his cheek to me. I lean my lips to his cheek. When it’s about a centimeter to reach his cheek, he suddenly move his face and

Cup! Argh!!! I kissed his lips! I lose our kisses and run away. I can hear he chuckled in the car. Damn! Kyuhyun oppa! You are deat meat!

Author P.O.V

The bel is ringed. Minho went to Seung Rin.

“So, you doesn’t say to him that you pregnant?” asked Minho.

“Ani, oppa. I doesn’t ready yet.” said Seung Rin.

“Waeyo? Is it because Kyuhyun hyung doesn’t realize his feeling for you?” asked Minho.

“Emm.. Molla. He didn’t say that he love me. But, his action is very strange nowadays. He became more.. more…”Seung Rin confused to continue her sentence.

“More what? More what?”Minho asked impatiently.

“You promise to me you wouldn’t say to anyone?” asked Seung Rin.

“Promise.” Ujar Minho.

Seung Rin lean her lips to Minho’s ear. She whispered and continue her sentence before.

“He became more.. more.. per..vert…” whispered Seung Rin.

“Mwo??! Hahaha..” Minho shocked and laughed hard.

“Yah, oppa!! That’s not funny!” Seung Rin pouted.

“Alright.. Alright.. So, the problem was he didn’t say anything to you, but he acted pervert to you?” asked Minho. His expression suddenly became serious.

“Ne, like that. Oppa, I confused. Is he really like me or not?” asked Seung Rin.

“Hmm.. I think we should do something so that he will confess to you. You agree?” asked Minho.

“Ne. But, oppa. Are you sure he really likes me?” asked Seung Rin.

“Absolutely, yes! Trust me!” Minho smiled to her and messed her hair. Seung Rin just smiled back to him.

They didn’t conscious that someone sees that action. That person clenched.

“Seung Rin~ah…”

Kyuhyun P.O.V

I didn’t aware since when. But, from the beginning I smiled myself like crazy people. My friends asked to me, is something happen to me? But, I just answered them with ‘my crazy smile’. They only shook their head seeing me like that. Keke. Ring… Ring… Ah.. Finally, the bel is ring. I look at my watch. It’s 2 pm. I take my phone from my pocket and search her name in my contact, nae aegiya. Keke.

To : Nae Aegiya

From : me

Seung Rin~ah.. I just have finished my lecture. I will wait in front of your faculty.


I just want to send my message, but I think I have an idea. Keke. Back then, when she kissed me, she ran away like usually. I wanted to tease her again.

To : Nae Aegiya

From : me

Hei, sexy~. I just have finished my lecture. I will wait in front of your faculty, yeobo~

-from your sexy Husband-

Kekeke.. message sent. I took my bag and put it in my pocket. When I want to go, someone called my name.


“Eun Shi~ah..”

Minho P.O.V

I and Seung Rin walked outside the class when her phone is ringed. When she opened emm.. Message I think, she yelled.

“IGE MWOYA??!” she screamed.

“Yah!! I still want to listens. Can you not screming?” I yelled to her.

“Minho oppa. I think, Kyuhyun oppa is being crazy. He sent me a message like this.” She said while show his message. I see his message. Immediately, my face tightened, I hold my stomatch and

“Hahaha.. Hahaha.. Kyuhyun hyung daebak!!” I laughed.

“Yah oppa! This is not funny!” Seung Rin yelled.

“Ara.. Ara.. Hey, I think we must continue our plan. Right?” teased me.

“Alright. So, what will we do” asked her.

“Hmm.. Well..” I whispered in her ears. I whispered my entire plan.

Seung Rin P.O.V

I quickly walked to front yard. I’m sure Kyuhyun oppa must anger and yelled at me if I’m late. I see his black car near a tree. He lean on the edge of the car complete with his black glasses. Aish.. I know he is handsome. But, why he is spread his charming like that. I lean to him.

“Oppa..” called me. He looked at me and smiled sweetly. Badump! I felt my heart jumped everywhere.

“Yah! So late, huh? I almost died in hot temperature here! Ppali! Let’s in!” he yelled. Hahh.. Why is he changing again? All readers forget it when I said that he was handsome. Damn! I entered the car and sit by his side. He looks at me. I pouted at him. I still dejected with his act. Suddenly, he leans to me. Lean.. Lean.. Argh!! Is he going to kiss me again? I try to calm down. When his lips are going to press mine, I closed my eyes.


“Some other time, don’t forget to set the seatbelt, Seung Rin~ah..” he speak in front of my face. I open my eyes. Damn! Why I became pervert like this? I want to kiss by him everytime. Argh..

“Ah.. uh.. Ne..” I stuttered.

“Ahaha.. You must think that I will kiss you, huh?” he said while glance at me and turn on the engine.

“What?! Hell no! You think I pervert like you?” I mocked.

“Mwo? Who’s you said pervert?” asked Kyuhyun.

“Neo! Who else?”

“Aish.. Jinjja.. Forget it. Next week we go outside!” he said.

“Where?” asked me.

“To the beach.” He said coldly. Beach? Suddenly I remember Minho oppa’s plan

“How about we go with the other?” asked me.

“With who?” he asked.

“With Minho oppa and Eun Shi. Eottokhae?”

“Alright..” he said. Yes! I hope this plan will work!

“Ah!!” I yelled. My stomatch is hurt.

“Yah, Seung Rin~ah.. What happened to you?” he asked worriedly. He stopped the car and look at me.

“I.. I… hungry!” I yelled.

“Mwo? Hungry? Tsk. Alright. I’m hungry too. How about we eat jajangmyeon?” he asked to me.

“Andwae! I want to eat bulgogi!”.

“I want jajangmyeon!”





“Alright.. We buy both of them. I didn’t want to fight with you.” I said.

“Ne ne ne.. We buy both of them..”

Kyuhyun P.O.V

I rode my car to the restorant. Of course, it’s for the food. I’m so amazed. Actually, when lunch breaks time I have eating very much. But, why now I’m hungry again? I look like pregnant woman. =_=”.

Finally, we reach the place. I and Sung Rin choose the place for sit down. I ordered jajangmyeon, my favorite food. I see Seung Rin. Her face is shining when her see the food menu. I think her face should shine when she saw me. Not the food menu. Tsk.

“Agashi, what do you want to order?” asked the waiter.

“Emm.. Bulgogi 1, kimbab 1, samgyupsal 1, kimchi sawi 1, and then…” MWOO?!! Is she a pig? Why is she eating so much like this?!

“Ya! Ya! Why are you ordering this much? Like a pig. Who will eat all of them?”

“Of course it’s me. Who else? Please. I want to eat. Ah, I want something again. I want patbingsu 1.” Added her while show her index finger.

“Ne, agasshi. Your order will be served..”

STRANGE. Very very strange. She isn’t pregnant woman, right? Why is she eating too much like this? I think she’s not the type which eats much. Ah, whatever. My stomatch is very hungry.

“Excuse me. I want to served the food!” the waiters come with oru order.

The worms in my stomatch have being protest, asked for food. We eat the food hungrily. I eat jajangmyeon fastly. I look at her. My eyes widened. o_O.

Omo! What happened? She eats very much. All of her order almost eating by her. She.. Doesn’t woman is afraid if her body is being fat? Why is she doesn’t frightened.

“Yah! Why are you eating so much? You doesn’t afraid if you fat?” asked me with amazed tone.

“Aniya! I’m very hungry.” She said and continues her food.

“Huh! You know, you look like pregnant woman.”I said.

“Ugh!” Seung Rin coughed.

“Yah! Slow down!” I said and put the water of glass to her.

“Ah, gomawo..”She said and drinks the water. I continue my food while see her amazingly. She looks like will eat all of the food.

Seung Rin P.O.V

Almost! Almost Kyuhyun oppa knows that I’m pregnant. Whereas there are so many sign which shown that I’m pregnant. But, he is really.. Huh. Really really slow. If ‘bed problem’ he is really fast. Omo! Why am I being pervert like this? Two days after eating in that restorant, I ate so much. I eat almost five times a day. It doesn’t exclude the snacks. Kyuhyun like that too. He ate very much. He often asked strange order. Although me too. He likes to order me for make fried rice in 2 am. Okay, I think its normal enough. He ate vegetables too. Huh?! Didn’t he very hate the vegetables? He always throws that if I cooked it. And, the most annoyed order is when he asked me to watch porn! Fortunately, he didn’t ask me to do ‘it’. Really. Who is pregnant, huh? Me or him, huh? Why is he followed to asked strange order? =_=”.

And the most of the most annoyed moment is in the morning I always vomit but nothing comes out from my lungs. Kyuhyun has ever asked me to go to the hospital. But, I reject it with reason that it’s only normal sick. Yah, I know that I must tell him that I’m pregnant. But, when I want to tell him there is always a problem. Ah, whatever. Let him know this himself. Keke.

This day we will go to the beach. Yay! I like the beach very much. We go with Kyuhyun’s car. We planned to rest in the vila owned by Kyuhyun’s parents.

Author P.O.V

After they come there, they placed their goods in the room. They rested for a while because they feel so tired with long journey. In the night, Seung Rin and Eun Shi prepare the foods for all of them. After eating, they decide to sleep because tomorrow they will go around the beach.

The next day, they went out from the vila and walk to the beach. Kyuhyun hold Seung Rin’s hand and intertwind their hands. Seung Rin face became flushed and turned red. Minho who looks at them smiled.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

I’m so happy this morning. Look at the person which I want the most in my life. I hold my hand with her. Her cheeks turned red. It makes her look so cute. From distant, I see Minho smile at us. Huh! You must be jealous, Ah, why should I care?

“Oppa..” Seung Rin called me.


“We walked too fast.”

“Huh? Tsk. Alright, we walk slowly.”

You must be fortune this day, Seung Rin. I’m in the mood. I take Eun Shi with us for help my relationship with Seung Rin. Finally, we arrive at the beach. Huwa!! The air is so refreshing. This beach is not really crowded.

I decided to sit down in the nearest place. I’m so lazy to playing and run around. I see Sung Rin and Eun Shi playing with the water and catch each other. Huh? Like a kids. =_=”.

My eyes suddenly met with her eyes. Aish.. I avoided my view. When I avoided my view, I see Minho walked toward her. He smiled so sweetly (damn!) to Seung Rin. He patted her head and messed her hair. Grrr.. Didn’t he know that her husband is still here?

“Ya!! Seung Rin! I’m hungry! Let’s buy food!” I yelled with annoyed tone. I stood up and walk toward them.

“But, oppa. We don’t finish playing here yet.” She asked confusingly.

“We can continue later.” I said coldly.

“Kyuhyun hyung is right. It’s better if we eat now.” That fucking boy say sweetly to my wife.

“Kaja.” I said and pulled her hand and hold that. Damn you, Choi Minho! Don’t dare to snatch my wife from me.

Minho P.O.V

Hemm.. I think there is something burn there. Oh, I see smoke exploded in Kyuhyun’s head. Is he jealous, huh? Maybe my plan is work. Seung Rin, look. You must be happy with my plan.

Seung Rin P.O.V

Strange.. Very strange. Kyuhyun oppa suddenly asked to eat. Whereas, he so calm sitting in the sand. But, whatever. My stomatch is grumbled. Aish, aegiya~ you are hungry too? Keke..

We arrive at small shops. In there, there are so many people I think. Me and Eun Shi wait in the chair. Minho oppa and Kyuhyun oppa asked for food.

Ah.. the wind in there make me feel asleep. I want to sleep. Urgh.. Finally, Kyuhyun oppa and Minho oppa come. They bring many foods. Aigoo.. I’m so hungry. I began to eat fastly.

“Ya! Slow down while you eating. Why is so sudden yo become greedy, huh?” asked Kyuhyun oppa.

“It’s not your problem. It’s my stomatch, not yours.” I said annoyingly with my motuh full of food.

“Ya, Seung Rin-ah. Slow down. You may choke your food..” said Eun Shi.

“Ne..”I said lazily. Minho oppa gaze at me with question look ‘you didn’t tell him?’. I just nodded silently. He look bit shocked but continue eating his food.

Minho P.O.V

It’s crazy! Very crazy! Seung Rin even didn’t tell him that she’s pregnant! I must find a way for Aku harus mencari cara agar Seung Rin mau memberitahunya. I think now both of them has a fight.

“Ah.. I’m so full!”said Seung Rin while rub her mouth. Crazy! She ate all of this food! Oh, God!

“Dwaeji!” Kyuhyun hyung mocked her.

“Mwo! Who’s called dwaeji, hah?”Seung Rin asked. Omo! Why is being like this?

“C’mon, hyung. Seung Rin you must be patient too.” I said try to calm her down.

“Patient? How can I patient with that pervert annoying man like him?” Seung Rin yelled. Peoples began to stare to our direction. Aigoo..

“Ne, Seung Rin. Never mind. Look, the peoples are staring at us.”said Eun Shi.

“Huh! I want to buy ice cream.”said Kyuhyun hyung and stood up.

“Me too!” said Seung Rin which suddenly became cheer up. Her face is look like a kid. Keke.

“Ya! You almost eat all of the food.” said Kyuhyun hyung.

“C’mon.. Ne.. Ne.. Strawberry ice cream, ok?”said Seung Rin. She looks at Kyuhyun with ‘puppy eyes’.

“Ne ne ne..” Kyuhyun immediately go to ice cream store. Eun Shi go to bathroom. Okay. This is my chance.

“Hei, Seung Rin. Why you didn’t tell him that you were pregnant?” I said curiously.

“How can I’m going to tell him? When I want to tell him, we always fight and there is no right time. Huff. I’m tired.” she explained.

“Aigoo.. If we found out when your tummy is big, he can misunderstand. How about he think that this baby is mine?.” I said.

“HUH?! How can? I married with him. And I’m hasn’t relationship with other man. Crazy!”she said angrily.

“So that, you must tell him quickly.” I said softly.

“Ne, arasseo..” she said while play with her hair. I see Kyuhyun hyung from distance. He walked toward us. Ah, maybe it’s the right time. I lean to her ear as if I want to whispered something to her. Seung Rin shocked. But, I hold her hand and whispered to her ‘There is Kyuhyun hyung. Be silent and play with my game..’ Kyuhyun hyung began to clenched his fist. He walk fastly toward us and…




“YA! CHOI MINHO!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WITH MY WIFE!!!” he shouted loudly. Urgh. He really wants me to can’t hear anything again, huh? And his eyes! Damn! He’s so scary me. I gulped and try to say a word.

“No need to scream like that, hyung. I only spoke to her.” I said while try to calm down.

“But, you hold her hand!” he shouted and Seung Rin became to frightened. Suddenly, Eun Shi appeared. WTF! Why is mulai terlihat ketakutan. Tiba-tiba muncul Eun Shi. Aduh! Why are so messed up like this?

“What happen?”said Eun Shi.

“He try to snatch Seung Rin from me!”said Kyuhyun hyung while pull Seung Rin’s hand and hold it hardly make her grimace in pain.

“Hyung! Seung Rin is hurt! Can you hold her softly?” I said impatiently.

“Neo! What’s your problem, huh? She’s my wife!” Kyuhyun hyung began to angry.

“Of course it’s my problem. She’s my friend.”

“Huh? Only friend, huh? Just say that you like her” mocked him. Alright, Minho. Show them your skill in acting.

“Ne! I do like her. Why?” I yelled. Seung Rin and Eun Shi look shock. Suddenly, Kyuhyun hyung punch my face really hard. I can’t dodge because it’s too fast. ABugh.. Bugh.. He gave me two punches in my left cheek . I feel down.

“Oppa! Geumanhae!” shouted Seung Rin. My face fell like burning and release bloods. Damn! Why must like this? Watch out if my handsome face became ugly.

“Come on? There isn’t a prohibition to like her. And you, hyung! You didn’t love her right? You married her only because of an arranged marriage .” I said try to stand up. Eun Shi helped me. The peoples around only watch as if there is a opera soap shoot.

“Of course I love her. And nobody can snatch away her from me.” Bingo! Finally, he confess his feelings toward her. Seung Rin seemed surprise with his statement. Kyuhyun hyung which realize his words were immediately covered her mouth with his hand . But, it’s too late. We ah no all of the peoples here have heard his love confession. This man.. Huh.. Really really slow move. Very slow. No wonder Seung Rin often annoyed with his action. I smiled thinly and walked toward him. I patted his shoulder slowly.

“Finally, hyung. You recognize it. You should admit it before. But, never mind. Congratulation Seung Rin. Your feeling unrequited.” I said and smiled widely. Kyuhyun hyung and Seung Rin only opened their mouth widely. Really babo couple! I reached Seung Rin and Kyuhyun hands. I intertwind their hands. I immediately turned around and walked. I hold Eun Shi’s hand. She looks shocked and I only smiled at her.

“Looks like they need the time alone. We shouldn’t disturb them.” I said softly. Eun Shi only nodded her head. I heard Kyuhyun hyung yelled and called my name. But, I only let it be. Well, . There was no point of me being there. Hmmm.. Now, maybe it’s my turn to say it.


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Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 10

Seung Rin P.O.V

I entered my apartment and unlocked the door. When I entered my apartment, I see lights in the living room. Is somebody there? I leaned in and see Kyuhyun was watching tv at the couch. My heart suddenly beat so fast. I didn’t know what to do and what to say since ‘that night’. I still keep thinking. Is he still mad to me? Is he going to accept this baby? I just want to go to the kitchen when Kyuhyun called my name.

“Seung Rin~ah…”He said and leaned in to me. He put his hand in my shoulders. I speechless and can’t moved my body.

“N.n.ne..”I stuttered. Gosh! Why in this time I must stutter?

“You are coming back. Are you hungry?”He said half whispered in my ears. I felt my heart skip faster and I certain my face is getting red and red.

“Yes. Ah, I will make some food for you. Sorry for being late.”I said and make move to the kitchen. Hhh.. Breathe in breathe out. I must relax. I open fridge and put some materials for our dinner. When I put it down to the table, I feel warm hand hugs my stomach. I was shock when I see Kyuhyun hug me. And it’s so crazy when I feel his chin in my shoulders. My heart began to skip fast again. I can feel his warm breath in my neck. Gosh! What’s wrong with him? What is this sudden?

Kyuhyun P.O.V

When she put the materials in the table, I lean in to her. She looked shocked when I hugged her. Now, my chin was rested in her shoulders. I just want to do my plan to snatched away Seung Rin from Minho. I must get her! Kekeke. I willfully breathe in near her neck. I want to see her respond. But, when I see her bra string, I gulped. Gosh! I feel my little brother wants attention from her. Errrgh…Why must this time?

“Kyuhyun oppa.. What are you doing?”She said with little voice. I think she’s scary with me.

“Seung Rin~ah..”I called her name, still see to the ‘string’

“Ah, y-ye. What’s wrong Kyuhyun oppa?”She said and I hugged her more tightly. Still stuttered huh? Keke.

“I want jajangmyeon!”I whispered in her ear.

“N-ne. But, can you lose your hand from my stomach. I can’t move properly and it will be taken a long time to me to make jajangmyeon if you still hug me like that.”She explained to me. I loosen up my hug and sat at the dinner table. Pay attention to her.

“Okay, I will be sat here.”I put my psp on my pocket and begin to play.

Author P.O.V

When she finished cooking, she called Kyuhyun. They eat together in silent. After eating, she collected the dirty plate and washed them. Then, she moved to the couch and sat down. She sat in corner of the couch. Far from Kyuhyun. She didn’t dare to look at him. Kyuhyun looked very bored. He didn’t know how to talk to her. He feels guilty to her because of what he did to her lately. So, he just changed the channel. When it turns to ‘adult station’, he gasped. He immediately changed to other channel.. Ffuh.. He took a deep breath. He looked at Seung Rin to see her expression. But, he can’t notice her expression. She looked at Kyuhyun then moves her head down. Now, this channel is talking about food.

Seung Rin P.O.V

Oh, gawd! Why is suddenly the channel changed into ‘adult’? I feel my body tense up and my face blushed. I looked at him to check his expression. How can I tell that his eyes are full of ‘lust’? I moved away my head to keep me from his eyes. Finally, it turns to food channel. Owh, I feel hungry again when I see the scene is about peoples eat tteokboki. I want to eat them!! Oh, no! Our baby, I mean. Did I mention our baby? Jeez.. I didn’t have yet to say that I pregnant to him. Ottokae?

“Ah…I want tteokboki!”suddenly my mouth move and yelled like this. Aish! Dead meat! I just stared at tv and didn’t dare to look at Kyuhyun. How is he mad?

“Are you crazy? We just had finished our dinner but you want to eat again?”Kyuhyun asked me with his eyes looked shocked.

“I.. I just want to eat that.”I said stuttered. Oh, I will go to hell. Kyuhyun suddenly stood up and grabbed his jacket. He put his key car and went to the door.

“Where are you going? It’s late in night?”I asked him worriedly. It’s 11 pm in night.

“Somewhere.”He said coldly and shut the door softly. I confused with his action. Later, when I was coming back from the campus, he acts sweet? Sweet? Did I mention that he’s sweat? No, I think he’s not sweat. He just act pervert like usually. Jeez.. Truthfully, I like him being perverted than cold like month before. Oh, am I crazy? How can I like him being perverted? Aish.. I think my brain is washing up with him. I looked down to my tummy and touch it. I smiled myself and talked to the baby.

“Hey, agiya~ It’s your mom! How have you been there? About your father, aish how can I say to you? Truthfully, he’s nice. But, usually he’s pervert. Omo! Sorry for mentioning your dad like that. Keke.”I laughed myself. When I was about to talked again with the baby, I heard the door opened and see Kyuhyun lean closer to me. He put something in the table front the couch.

“Eat this! And don’t waste this!”He told me and then went to our bedroom. I just confused with his sudden action. But.. Hmm…The smell is good. I opened the plastic bag and see a pack of tteokboki inside. Woah!! I want to eat! But.. But.. Kyuhyun is being nice to me again? Is he already forgiving me? I went to the bedroom and see Kyuhyun has just finished changed his clothes to pajamas. He looked at me.

“What?”I move to him and looked at him.

“Err.. Thank you oppa!”I move higher to his cheek and kiss him. After that, I run to the living room because I didn’t want Kyuhyun oppa see my face blushed madly when I do that. Aish! I was being crazy now. How can I do that? Baby, is it true that you want to kiss your father, huh? Ah, no wasted time. I go to the couch and starting eating.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

I opened the door and see Seung Rin still sat at couch. Good. I can give this to her. I lean to her and give this food to her. Then I went to the bedroom. Weird! How can she eat again when she just has finished eating? And, furthermore tteokboki is hard to get this night. I go around and didn’t find it until 2 hours I finnaly got it. I heard the door opened and I see Seung Rin went to me. Badump.. Badump…Aish, my heart doesn’t compromise with me.

“What?”It’s all I can say. Urgh.. How can I talk less when she’s around me?

“Err.. Thank you, oppa!”She moves higher to my cheek and…Cup!

She kissed my cheek. I shocked and my face blushed madly. I was going about to catch her hand but she’s run away. All I can do is just smiling myself. Err.. What should I do now?


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Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 9

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Eun Shi P.O.V

I just have finished my classes. I feel so bored because I have so many task and paper from my professor. So, I decided to go to the garden which usually I and Seung Rin spend our time together. I walked and humming happily. When I approach that place, I see two figures which looked familiar. Ah, there are Seung Rin and Minho! I must surprise them. Kekeke. But, when I was about to make sound “dor”, I see Minho lean to Seung Rin and hugged her. Suddenly, my heart feels hurt. It feels like a hammer bang to my heart and one million of nail smacked my head. Immediately, I drop my book from my hand. I didn’t believe from what I seen. It’s so wrong but it’s real. I feel I’m going to cry. But, I just hold back my tears. When they leave that place, I still stood up there and have nothing to do. When I was about to go, I feel someone presence behind me.

“Eun Shi-ah.. We need to talk.” He said to her. I move back and looked Kyuhyun behind me.

“Kyuhyun-ah…” I stared at him.

Kyuhyun P.O.V


I woke up at 11 am and see that she’s gone. Hhh.. I took a deep breath and then go to the bathroom for shower. After finished, I go to the kitchen and start to eat when I see a note in the fridge. ‘Kyuhyun-ah.. I have to go early. I prepared breakfast for you. Seung Rin~’ Jeez.. What is it? Is she thinking that I’m a fridge? Hello?! C’mon! Why did she always ignore me? I know that I hurt her feeling. But, can we go back like past? Aish… Why am I thinking about her so much? Forget it, Kyu~ Finally, I stood up and went to the campus.

I came to my class and looking for seat. I found my favorite place and sat there. The professor finally came and we started our lesson. As much as I want to concentrate to the lesson, I can’t. I sighed and look at the window. In there, I see one figure which so familiar to me. It’s Seung Rin! I smiled when I see her giggled with her friends while she’s holding her book. She looked so adorable and cut- What! What! How can I say that? My heart started to beat faster again. I touch my chest to check my heartbeat. It beats madly. Suddenly, all of our memories being together, come up to my mind. Her red blushed face when I tease her, her giggle when my mom called me baby kyu~, her smile, and last her tears. It’s all make me smile and sad in same time. How can I being so stupid like this? I think I just liked to tease her and because this marriage was arranged I think I can’t love her. But, I think I was wrong. So wrong. Finally, I must confess that I, that I like her. No, I don’t like her, But, I love her. And unfortunately, I have to hurt her badly and have notice my feeling is just now. I feel so late. But, I can’t give up like this. I must struggle my love for her. Yeah! I waited for classes and finally for several times I yawned, the bell rang and now it’s 2 pm. I leave classes quickly and going to search her.

“Jeez.. Where is she?” I mumbled and I can’t find her anywhere. But, when I walked to the garden and find her with Minho. Wait? She’s with Minho again? I was going to lean them when Minho embraces and chuckled. I clenched my fist and smacked his hand to the tree near me. I smacked hardly until it bleeds. I don’t believe what I have seen. Is it too late to fix the problem?

“Damn it!” I said. I felt my boy tensed up and my heart.. It feels so hurt! When he saw other place near them he saw a girl drop her books and she was going to cry. She looked so shock.

End of flashback~

I don’t know what happen to me. I just called her and said that we need to talk. I asked her to go to coffee shop near there. And now, she is front of me, waiting me for spoke.

“Eun Shi-ah, I have something to ask to you?” I said.

“What is that?” She said and slurped her coffee.

“Do you know what happen between Seung Rin and Minho? I mean, what’s their relationship?”

“Huh? I think you know that? He’s just friend with her.” She look confuse. I think she doesn’t know that I see Seung Rin and Minho hugged.

“Don’t lie. I see them hugged.” I stare at her and she gulped.

“You see that? Err.. I don’t know actually. I confused to because..” before she complete her sentence I cut it “Because you like Minho and you didn’t believe from what he did to you. Your heart feels hurt. Right?” I asked her. She looked shock from my statement.

“How did you know?” She asked me confusedly.

“I just guessed that. So am I right?” I asked and she just nodded. I took a deep breath. I looked at her and she look down. I think she’s going to cry.

“Eun Shi-ah.. I think we have some problem.” I said softly.

“What do you mean? You have Seung Rin and she’s your wife.” She said and raised her eyebrow.

“Listen. We don’t love each other at first.” I said in low tone. She shocked.

“What?! I think she likes you. And so did you.” She blurt out.

“You’re wrong. From the beginning I just like to tease her because she looks so cute when she blushed. But, when she had confessed to me that she liked me I feel it’s wrong. I think it’s not love and she must be kidding me.” I explained to her. She look understand and nodded.

“So, now you just realize that you have same feel with her. But, when you see Minho hugged her you didn’t know what to do?” She said and it’s true. I nodded and drink my coffee. I sighed for a while.

“I need your help.” I said to her.

“What? What kind of help?” She asked to me.

“Help me to snatch Seung Rin from Minho. I want her back. And you can get Minho. How’s that?” I said. She inconsiderately said yes and we shook our hand for agreement. I and she immediately arranged a plan. Seung Rin, just wait for me.

Seung Rin P.O.V

I still confused from what Minho oppa did to me in the garden. Now, he rode me to my apartment. He rode calmly and silent. I decided to ask him why he did that in the garden.

“Minho oppa..” I called his name.

“Wae?” He said and took a glance to me.

“Why did you do that in the garden?” I said.

“You mean? Hugged you?” He said still concentrate his car.

“Emm. Yes. But, I have more thought about your sentence. You said that you like me? What’s that mean?” I asked again.

Minho P.O.V

She looked confused from what I did to her in the garden. Yeah. Truthfully, when she asked me why I so kind to her I looked someone near us. He stared at us. It’s Kyuhyun. From what I see, I know that he feel jealous and anger in his face. I smirked but Seung Rin doesn’t know. I hugged her and said that I liked her. I’m back from my thought when she called my name again.

“Yah.. Minho oppa. Do you hear me?” She asked.

“Uh.. Yeah, I hear you.” I said to her and an idea popped out in my mind. Aha! I must help her!

“Do you still love Kyuhyun hyung?” I asked blurt out. She looked shocked and just nodded. She blushed and looked down.

“Aww.. How cute?” I pinched her cheek and she smacks my arm.

“Oppa! Don’t do that!” She yelled at me. Okay. So, I just tell her from what I see in the garden. She looks unconvinced and confused.

“I think you must be wrong, oppa.” She said.

“Hell, no. I know that Kyuhyun jealous at me. I see his anger face.” I said.

“B-but.. He rejected me when I confessed to him.” She said.

“Yeah, I know. Maybe, he just confused at all because of your sudden confession.” I said.

“How come you know that?” She asked me.

“Because I have same feeling with him. I just confused with my feeling. I didn’t brave to look at her or confessed at her. I only looked at her from distance and amaze with her.” I parked my car in front of her apartment. I released her seatbelt and looked at her.

“Who’s the lucky girl?” She suddenly asked to me. I just smiled to her.

“You know her.” I said and open my door then her door. I said goodbye to her and she walked to the building. I took a deep breath and started engine my car. Seung Rin-ah.. If you know who is she, I don’t know what could you do..

Short update? Kekeke. I just want to become more evil to you. What’s Kyuhyun plan to her? Who’s the lucky girl which Minho likes? Does Kyuhyun realize that Seung Rin is pregnant with his baby? Ahaha. I like Seung Rin being pregnant. Comment please for fast update.

Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 8

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Kyuhyun P.O.V

I rode my car to campus. I don’t know what I should do. It’s crazy. I think she didn’t love me. Why all of this sudden? Argh.. I parked my car and go to campus. In class I can’t concentrate. My though is about Seung Rin.

“Hey! Are you Kyuhyun-sshi, right?” I hear a girl voice next to me.

“Oh, emm.. Yeah.. Eun Shi-ah?” I looked at her. Well, I didn’t realize that classes are over.

“Yeah.. Where are you looking? I see you look outside and blank. What happen?” She asked to me.

“Nothing. I just.. Ah, don’t mind this. I’m just hungry.” I lied.

“Oh, that. How about lunch? I’ll pay for you.” She said. I didn’t feel good if I refuse her. So, I just nodded and we go to canteen. In canteen I see Seung Rin eat with Minho. They look happy together. I heard she giggled. They two talked together and laugh.

“Ah.. Seung Rin-ah, Minho oppa!” Eun Shi called their name and they look at us.

“Eun Shi-ah, Kyuhyun hyung!” Minho called our name. I stare at Seung Rin. She doesn’t feel happy when look at me. Suddenly, Eun Shi grabbed my hand and sat me down next to Seung Rin. She took a seat next to Minho.

Seung Rin P.O.V

I don’t know what to do after I confessed to him. Now, he came with Eun Shi to us. He sat next to me. I felt my heart flutter again. Oh, holy shit! Aware, Seung Rin! He doesn’t like you! Calm down.. I took a deep breath. Breath in, breath out.

“Yah! Seung Rin-ah. Why are you took a deep breath?”Minho said to me.

“Ah.. I just… blow this food. It’s hot.” I pretend to blow the food.

“Oh.. Be careful. Your tongue might burn if you don’t careful.”Eun Shi said.

“Okay!” I shouted and smiled. I pretend to smile at them. After we finished our lunch, we separated. I am going home with Kyuhyun. It feels bad. How can you stay with your husband who doesn’t love you or even like you? We just keep silent in car.

Author P.O.V

Kyuhyun looked at Seung Rin. She’s just look out the window and keeps silent. Kyuhyun took a deep breath. He can think clearly right now. After arrived at the parking place, they went out and took elevator to their apartment. Still silent. When they came to their apartment, Kyuhyun unlocked the door and went in with Seung Rin. Kyuhyun threw his bag in couch and lying on the bed. Seung Rin went to her closet and turns to bathroom ready for shower. She stripped herself and started to shower. Kyuhyun tried to sleep. But, he can’t. After 15 minutes, Seung Rin finished her shower. She’s going to sleep. Kyuhyun immediately get up, lean to his closet and put his clothes, going to shower. When their eyes meet, Kyu Hyun turns his head and entered bathroom. She took a deep breath. She’s felt hurt.

Seung Rin P.O.V

I didn’t know what to do. Obviously, Kyuhyun avoid me. He.. He.. Argh?!! Why am I such a fool? I shouldn’t be confessed to him. I take it wrong. I think when he’s being nice to me, he does like me. But.. It just nothing. I want to cry. But, I can’t. Why the fuck I must cry with that jerk? He only wanted my body and liked to tease me. I keep thinking until I heard the bathroom door unlocked, I pretend to sleep and lying on the bed. I hear his footstep. He’s coming next to me. I took a peek and see he sigh. I think he is regret the fact that he must married with me.

“Seung Rin-ah.. You sleep?” He said and stared at me. I turn to right and my back now faced him. I pretend to still sleep. I hear him took a deep breath. I can’t take it anymore. I pulled our blanket and covered my face. Still pretend that I’m sleeping. I started to cried silently. I must gave in with my love to him.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

I lean in to her. She looks like sleep. So, I try to ask her. But, she didn’t answer my question. Hhh.. I think she’s sleep. But, when I see her pulled the blanket up and covered her face, I can hear something. She sobbed. I took a deep breath. I felt guilty to her. I felt uneasy. My hand unconsciously leans to her head. I want to calm her. But, when I lean in my hand, my heart started to beating fast. What happened to me? (Nanana..You like her) It can’t be! (C’mon! Admit it!) Shut up stupid author! (Yeah! Who the hell you are!). Jeez.. It can’t be love. I don’t love her. I sighed and turn off the lamp beside me. I feel asleep and going to dreamland.

Seung Rin P.O.V

Day after day, we still the same. It’s been one month and we didn’t spoke each other except something important or sometime we would leave a note in their fridge. We only woke up, took a bath, eat, and sleep in the same place. At the morning, I will prepare breakfast for both of us and called Kyuhyun to eat. We usually eat silently and go to campus together but still.. Silent. I felt sick this day. My head is spinning and I felt so tired. I try to open my eyes. When I opened my eyes, omo! It’s 9 am! How can I sleep so long? Usually, I woke up at 6 am. And this day, my body doesn’t feel well. I feel dizzy. I directly got shower and prepare breakfast. I didn’t wake Kyuhyun up because he said that he has class in afternoon. So, I just prepare breakfast for him and write a note in fridge. I took a bus and I run to the class. I must be late! I panted because of run. When I opened the door, the professor doesn’t come yet. I smiled weakly. I looked around and found Minho in the back. He’s reading book and listen his ipod. He looks so adorable and handsome. No wonder he has many fans around. If only I fallen in love with him, I think it’s going to be better than fallen in love with Kyuhyun.. Jeez! What on earth I thought that? He’s my bestfriend. Omo!

“Seung Rin-ah!” Minho called me and I lean to him.

“Yeah!” I walked and sitting next to him. He closed his book and took off his earphone from his ears.

“Seung Rin-ah.. You look so pale. Are you sick?” Minho asked to me.

“Emm.. Maybe. I feel so sleepy around three days and this morning I feel dizzy.” I explained.

“Oh. You must get a drug.” He said. I just nodded because the professor is come to the class. Throughout the lesson, I can’t pay attention. I feel so dizzy. Minho looked at me concerned. He whispered to me and asked if I want go to campus clinic. But, I shook my head. Fortunately, this day I only have two classes, so I can go home quickly. When the bell rang, I get up quickly. But, my sight is going to blur. I almost fall to the ground if Minho doesn’t help me.

“Seung Rin-ah, are you okay?” He asked to me. He touches my forehead and going to panicked.

“Gwaenchana?” He said to me. Now, he look confuse. Ahaha. How cute! Ough. I feel dizzy again.

“I’m okay, Minho oppa. Let’s just walk outside.” I said to him.

“Okay. But, I will accompany you until Kyuhyun appeared.” He said.

“I think Kyuhyun didn’t finish his class. I must back to home with bus.” I blurt out when I see my watch.

“No!!! You can’t go home alone! I will accompany you to your house!” Minho said at me half angry.

“Okay.. Okay.. Don’t be angry, oppa. You look like a father than my oppa. ” I said while laughing.

“Yah! I just concerned about you. You look so pale and almost fainted.” He said looking into my eyes.

“No problem, oppa. Let’s go.” When I said that, I feel dizzy so much. I can’t take it anymore.. I can hear Minho called my name, but I can’t move. When I going to feel down to the ground, Minho catch me and everything now is blurring and went dark.

Minho P.O.V

I look at Seung Rin with concerned eyes. She looks so pale. We walked to the parking area after I forced her to go home with me. Suddenly, she silent and touch her head. I called her name to check if she was okay, but she didn’t answer. Then, she’s going to fell to the ground. Quickly, I catch her. She’s fainted. God! I carried her bridal style and took her to campus clinic. I don’t mind when peoples looked at us weirdly. Jeez. Seung Rin woke up please! Finally, I arrived at the clinic. I lay her down in the bed and the doctor said to me to wait outside. When she opened the curtain, I see her smile. What happened? How can she smile when Seung Rin fainted and has a fever? I thought hard when she suddenly aware me. Now, Seung Rin was waked up. I smiled at her and she smiled back weakly. The doctor said to us to go to her room.

“Emm.. Eun Shi-sshi are you feel want to sleep around and dizzy?” she asked her.

“Err.. Yeah.. And I think I didn’t like coffee smell. Why? What happened with me?” Seung Rin asked want to know what happened with her.

“You were okay.” She said and smiles again! How can? Jeez.

“What? How can?” I said blurted out.

“Oh, it’s no problem. She just tired and need rest. And please take care of the baby because she’s 3 weeks pregnant and in this period has so many risk of miscarriage.” She explained.

“Oh… So that..” I and Seung Rin said with understand look and nodded. But, we suddenly realize something. She’s PREGNANT?!!

“PREGNANT?!” We yelled together and stared at the doctor.

“Yeah, pregnant. Congratulation!” She smiles widely.

“How can? I just do it tw…twice..” Seung Rin said with confused look and blushed.

“Ohoho.. You’re so funny, Seung Rin-sshi. He must be accurate. Sometime, there are a girls get pregnant when she just do it once.” She laughed and winked at me. Mwo?! Is she thinking that I her husband?

I see at Seung Rin. She gulped and looks sad. Why did she like this? Did something bad happen to her?

“Oh.. Thanks.” She said and going to leave.

“Emm.. You must be her boyfriend or husband right? Take care of her, okay?” She asked to me.

“Huh? I’m no-“when I was going to said Seung Rin cut me “He’s my boyfriend.” She said and holds my hand. I just confused from what she doing to me. We leave the clinic now.

“Err.. Seung Rin-ah.. Your hand..” She still holds my hand. And when she realizes that she released my hand.

“Emm. Sorry, Minho oppa.” She said and turns right to other place.

“Hey! Seung Rin! We are going to go to your home, right? Why are we going to wrong place?” I asked to her.

“I just want to calm down myself. If you want to go, just leave me.” She said and walked straight. Jeez.. This girl. She is so stubborn. I just follow her. Oh, she wants to go to the garden in our campus. Why she wanted to go there? She usually go to the place like that when she sad. Now, she sat at the bench, took a deep breath. I followed her sat next to her. She looked at me and I looked at her. Its look like scene in film which I have seen when my mother watch in tv. Jeez.. Am I going to shoot (No! It’s not film. It’s fanfic!) Who are you? (I’m the author! *proud) Oh.. Don’t appear often (Hey!) Okay. I should ask what happened to her.

“Seung Rin-ah.. Are you fighting with Kyuhyun?” I said.

Seung Rin P.O.V

When Minho said that, I feel my heart getting hurt again. I feel like crying right now. But, I can’t.

“No. We aren’t fighting. Why you asked that?” I asked him.

“Oh.. It’s just.. because you doesn’t seem happy when the doctor say that you get pregnant.” He said.

“I.. I.. I just…” I haven’t finished my sentence when I realize that my tears are feeling down from my eyes to my cheek. Minho looks shock when he saw me crying.

“Urgh.. I’m sorry. I don’t want to make you crying.” He said and wiped away my tears with his hand.

“Aniya. It isn’t your fault.” I stared at him. I try to arrange my breath again. I began to tell him what happen between me and Kyuhyun. He looks socked and angry. I see him clenched his fist and looking into my eyes.

“Seung Rin-ah.. Don’t be sad. I always be by your side.” He said softly. His voices make me calm and he hugs me! It doesn’t feel the same when I hug Kyuhyun. When I hug with Kyuhyun, I feel my heart being beat fast and my cheek blushed. But, when Minho hugs me I feel so warm like nothing happened to me. I suddenly realize that we hug so long time so I release our hug.

“Minho oppa..” I called him.

“Hmm..” He looked at me and caressed my hair.

“Why did you so kind to me?” I asked him. OMO! It’s wrong. Argh. I shouldn’t ask him this question. Of course, it’s because we were friend. Babo! He looked away and smiles to me. He began to move his hand to my shoulder and lean his lips to my ear. Then, he hugged me AGAIN!

“Of course because I like you and I care about you.” He whispered to my ear and releases his hug. I make a goose bumps expression and he just chuckled. I didn’t understand! Someone help me!

Author P.O.V

When Minho embraces and chuckled, someone clenched his fist and smacked his hand to the tree near him. He smacked hardly until it bleeds. He doesn’t believe what he has seen. Is it too late to fix the problem?

“Damn it!” Kyuhyun said. He felt my boy tensed up and my heart.. It feels so hurt! When he saw other place near them he saw a girl drop her books and she was going to cry. She looked so shock.

“Wait.. Is her Eun Shi?” He asked himself. He wants to get closer to her to ask what happen between Seung Rin and Minho. But, he waits until they leave that place. Finally, they leave that place and going to parking area, he thought. Then, he moves to her place. She still shock and stood up there. He took a deep breath and called her name.

“Eun Shi-ah.. We need to talk.” Kyuhyun said to her. She realizes someone near her and looked at him.

“Kyuhyun-ah…” She stared at him.

SSSTTOPPP here… Keke.. I’m so evil, right. I want to make you anxious about this story. Well, what happen between them? Did Minho love Seung Rin? Kyuhyun realize his feel? How about Eun Shi? Just keep it in your mind. I’ll update soon.

[Indo Vers] Adorable Evil Husband Part 1

Halooo… Sesuai ama janji sebelumnya, author akhirnya merilis Indo version biar pada ga bingung..

Cast     : Cho Kyuhyun, Choi Minho, Shin Seung Rin (oc, you), Kim Eun Shi (oc, siapa aja yang mau hayo?!)
Rate     : PG15
Genre : comedy, romance, marriedlife, sedikit geje ama mesum #plaakkk
Disclaimer : This story is mine, but the character isn’t mine. Lol! Don’t copy and paste. No plagiarizing!

Anyeong~ Author geje disini… Cerita ini sebenarnya ga tau darimana asalnya, author tiba-tiba aja dapet ide dan jeng jeng jadilah… FYI, cerita ini sebelumnya juga uda aku post di blog aku sendiri di http://www.kkumfiction.wordpress.com ama di http://www.asianfanfics.com.. Cuma sayangnya aku posting dalam bahasa Inggris. Nah, ini aku posting Indo versionnya berhubung teman-temanku banyak yang protes kenapa ga pake bahasa Indonesia aja? Jawaban saya bermacam-macam. Dari yang ingin go internasional *lagak lu* ampe yang ga tega nulis bahasa nc pake bahasa Indonesia karena author takut tiba-tiba adik author yang mulutnya ember akan melapor kepada kedua orang tua bahwa author menulis cerita 21+. Buwahaha. Oh, ya. Berhubung ini pakai bahasa Indonesia, ceritanya aku bikin agak beda bahasanya ma yang versi Inggrisnya. Biar lebih enak dibaca. Nah, ga usah kelamaan ngomong.. Happy reading >_<
Bagaimana jika kamu tiba-tiba harus menikah dengan seseorang yang tidak kamu kenal? Parahnya, ketika pertama bertemu dengannya dia malah mencuri ciuman pertamamu? Lalu, apa yang terjadi jika dia harus menikah dengan orang itu? Cho Kyuhyun si ‘setan mesum’ dan mempunyai kepribadian ‘evil’?
Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 1
Shin Seung Rin P.O.V
Argh.. Sial banget sih hari ini. Kenapa ini harus terjadi kepadaku?
“Seung Rin sshi.. Ayo ke sini!” bosku memintaku untuk datang.
“Ya, ajuhma. Apa yang bisa aku bantu?”
“Aku sangat berterima kasih sama kamu karena kamu udah banyak bantu di sini. Tapi, seperti kamu tahu kafe ini sangat sepi. Aku tidak punya pilihan lain. Maaf…” dia mengatakan dengan nada sedih.
“Ajuma…”Aku menatapnya. Aku tahu apa yang terjadi sama bisnisnya. Banyaknya saingan membuat kafe ini susah bertahan.
“Ini gaji terakhirmu. Aku pikir aku harus menutup kafe ini dan kamu dapat mencari pekerjaan lain. Maaf..” dia berkata sambil menangis.
“Tidak masalah, ajuma. Anda sudah sangat baik terhadap saya.” Kataku sopan sambil melangkah pergi dari situ.
End of flashback
Dan sekarang hujan di sini. Udah di pecat, aku nggak bawa payung lagi. Bajuku pun basah semua. Argh.. Benar-benar sial! Orang-orang di sekitarku berjalan cepat untuk mencari tempat yang hangat. Pasangan kekasih memakai paying mereka berduaan. Udah pingin ku kasih laser aja tuh mereka. Aku sibuk dengan pikiranku sendiri sampai aku menginjak sesuatu. Aish, sial! Jangan sampai ini kotoran hewan atau sampah.
“Urgh..” Ada seorang laki-laki duduk di depan toko bunga. Dia terlihat malang dan menyedihkan. Dia menggigil dan kedinginan. Bajunya pun sangat basah. Aku datang menghampirinya.
“Em.. Maaf.. Kamu baik-baik saja?”
“Makan.. Aku mau makan..”Dia berkata dengan mata yang menyedihkan itu. Oh, Tuhan! Dia sangat tampan. Mata coklatnya sangat indah, wajahnya pun terlihat imut dan tulang pipinya itu membuatku melayang. Aku sadar dari lamunanku dan meraih tangannya. Kutarik dia berdiri dan kubawa ke restoran dekat sini. Sejenak aku melupakan hari sialku karena sosok namja tampan ini.
“Ikuti aku..” aku berkata sambil menggenggam tangannya.
Author P.O.V
Namja itu dan Seung Rin tiba di restoran. Seung Rin memanggil pelayan dan meminta makanan untuk mereka berdua. 15 menit kemudian makanan datang dan laki-laki itu makan dengan lahapnya.
“Hei, pelan-pelan. Aku tidak akan merebut makananmu” Seung Rin berkata sambil melihat laki-laki itu dan mengambil tisu. Dia mengelap mulut laki-laki itu.
“Gomawo..” Dia berkata dengan senyum malaikatnya dan melanjutkan makanannya.
Seung Rin P.O.V
Tuhan! Sepertinya aku sudah mulai gila. Senyumnya.. Urgh. Sangat memabukkan. Membuatku pusing dan ingin melihatnya lagi. Seperti candu. Omo! Apa yang kau pikirikan Seung Rin? Kamu baru mengenalnya dan hanya kasihan melihatnya yang kelaparan. Aku menggelengkan kepalaku dan fokus kembali ke makananku. Setelah berlalu satu jam, akhirnya semua makanan yang kami pesan tandas. Ah, sangat kenyang.
“Apakah kamu kenyang sekarang?” aku bertanya kepada namja itu.
“Ne, Sekali lagi terima kasih dengan makanannya.” Dia berkata dengan senyum malaikatnya. Tuhan! Tolong aku! Aku yakin dia mempunyai senjata rahasia di mulutnya sehingga ketika dia tersenyum kepadaku mataku seolah terpaku pada wajahnya dan jantungku.. Jika aku punya penyakit jantung, mungkin dari tadi aku tidak akan bisa makan bersama dengannya. Mungkin aku sudah mati bahagia melihat namja tampan ini. Aku mencoba mengalihkan tatapanku yang mungkin terlihat akan segera pingsan jika terus berdiam diri.
“Emm, ngomong-ngomong kenapa kamu sampai bisa begitu? Maksudku duduk di depan toko bunga sedangkan badanmu basah semua?” Aku bertanya kepadanya
“Emm.. Aku sedang pergi bersama teman-temanku tetapi kita terpisah. Dan dompetku pun hilang. Aku tidak punya uang di sakuku. Sekarang pun aku tidak tahu harus pulang dengan apa.” Dia berkata dan menatapku sendu.
Aku melihatnya prihatin. Kubuka dompetku dan kuberi sedikit uang.
“Ini. Mungkin cukup untukmu sampai ke rumah.” Aku berkata.
Dia menatapku dan berkata,”Kamsahamnida.. Err.. Agasshi?”
“Seung Rin. Cukup panggil aku Seung Rin. Kamu?”
“Kyuhyun. Cho Kyuhyun..” Dia berkata dan tersenyum manis sekali padaku.. Aish.. Kalau aku sudah tidak waras sekarang, pasti sudah ku cubit pipinya atau bisa-bisa kupeluk dia. Tapi aku cukup waras dan untungnya aku masih bisa sadar.
Author P.O.V.
Seung Rin membayar tagihannya dan merekapun meninggalkan restoran. Di depan restoran mereka saling membungkuk tanda akan berpisah. Seung Rin pun membalikkan badannya bersiap untuk pergi. Tiba-tiba, tangannya diraih oleh seseorang. Dia kaget dan membalikkan tubuhnya.
“Kyuhyun??! Ada masalah apa?” Seung Rin bertanya pelan mencoba untuk mengatur nafasnya yang sudah mulai tak beraturan.
Tiba-tiba Kyuhyun menarik tubuhnya dan menatap dalam-dalam Seung Rin. Dan yang tidak Seung Rin sangka adalah namja tampan yang baru saja dilihatnya ini menciumnya, tepat di bibir mungilnya yang kemerahan. Seung Rin menahan nafas dan nyaris tak sadar. Matanya terbelalak karena ini adalah ciuman pertamanya. Seung Rin mencoba untuk melepas ciuman yang makin lama makin dalam. Tapi, Kyuhyun memegang kedua tangannya dengan erat. Setelah lebih dari satu menit Kyuhyun melepas ciumannya dan tersenyum ke arah Seung Rin. Seung Rin akhirnya sadar dan kembali dari alam mimpinya. Setelah tersadar, Seung rin langsung menampar Kyuhyun.
“Apa yang kamu lakukan?” Seung Rin memarahinya.
Kyuhyun mendekati telinganya dan berbisik pelan. “Ini sebagai ucapan terimakasih. Dan untuk tamparan yang kau berikan, kau berhutang padaku. Kita pasti akan bertemu lagi.” Kyuhyun menyeringai dan meninggalkan Seung Rin yang masih melongo atas sikap Kyuhyun.
“Dasar gila! Kita nggak akan ketemu lagi!” Seung Rin menggeram marah.
Kyuhyun P.O.V
Aku berjalan sambil bersenandung ketika handphoneku berbunyi. Aku mengambilnya dari saku celanaku.
“Kyuhyun-ah.. Ada apa? Kau terdengar sedang senang?” Suara wanita muncul di seberang sana.
“Oh, ga ada apa-apa, eomma.”
“Err… Oke. Aku pikir kamu masih marah denganku.”
“Nggak, kok. Aku merasa sudah lebih baik sekarang. Aku mau dia.” Seruku sambil menyeringai. Yang jelas eomma nggak akan bisa lihat seringaianku. Kekeke.
“Jinjja? Oh, terima kasih Tuhan! Gomawoyo, Kyuhyun-ah. Eomma akan tunggu kamu di rumah. Nanti malam kita akan bertemu dengan keluarganya,” Eomma berkata dengan senangnya.
“Ok, bye.”
Shin Seung Rin P.O.V
APAAN TUH??! Apa dia sudah gila? Dia.. Dia.. Argh.. Dia udah ngambil ciuman pertamaku. Aku pikir aku beruntung ketika aku bertemu dengan namja tampan seperti dia setelah apes seharian. Dasar namja gila! Urgh.. Kepalaku pusing lagi kalau mikirin namja gila itu. Aku rasa akan lebih baik jika aku langsung pulang ke rumah untuk mengistirahatkan otak dan hatiku setelah apa yang terjadi tadi siang. Akhirnya, aku sampai di rumah. Yeah. Sesungguhnya, ini bukan rumahku. Tepatnya rumah paman dan bibiku. Aku sudah tidak punya orang tua karena mereka mati kecelakaan waktu aku kecil. Paman dan bibiku sangat baik terhadapku. Mereka juga mempunyai seorang anak perempuan yang cantik dan lucu. Dia baru berumur 10 tahun. Namanya, Shin Min Ra. Dia berusia 10 tahun. Aku sangat beruntung karena aku bisa tanggal dengan mereka yang begitu baik denganku. Aku membuka pintu rumah dengan kunci cadangan yang kubawa dan masuk ke dalam rumah.
“Aku pulang!!” Aku melepas sepatuku dan masuk ke dalam rumah. Aku melihat paman, bibi, dan keponakanku duduk di sofa ruang keluarga. Paman dan bibi terlihat sedih. Aku mulai berpikir, apa yang terjadi dengan mereka?
“Oh.. Kamu sudah pulang.” Bibi melihatku dan suaranya terdengar lemah.
“Seung Rin bisa duduk sebentar? Kita mau kasih tahu sesuatu” pamanku berkata.
Jezz.. Aku merasa akan ada sesuatu yang buruk. Aku terdiam sampai akhirnya paman membuka mulutnya.
Keke.. Gimana ceritanya? Agak geje ya? Maaf deh. Ini ff pertama saya. Jadi harap maklum dan jangan lupa RCL. Komen anda akan sangat mendukung untuk mentranslate ff saya ini. Buat yang ga sabar gimana kelanjutannya silahkan buka blog saya di kkumficton.wordpress.com. Cuma kalo yang begah pake bahasa Inggris ya tunggu aja. Mungkin saya akan update sekitar 2 atau 3 hari sekali *kaya minum obat, Bu!* #plaakk