Author : elftodie

Cast : Cho Kyuhyun, kim Hyora, Lee Byung Hee, Kangin, Kim Sungje, Lee young In, jang wooyoung

Hehehehhee… annyeong!! its my late ff… my own ff without syipoh, but im not sure im going to finish this since i really enjoy my time with Kyura couple. Actually, Kyura is my original cast from the first time writing ff.. Syipoh and i had our own cast, but as time goes by, it change into Kyura moment and it is totally different from the Kyura Moment. I made this ff when I was in college, but in Indonesia cast, but now I change it into English and change the casr. well, i post this just becoz some of you ask me hahhha, actually this is my failed project. So, enjoy…^^ sorry if its disappointing.

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