Author : elftodie

Cast : Cho Kyuhyun, kim Hyora, Lee Byung Hee, Kangin, Kim Sungje, Lee young In, jang wooyoung

Hehehehhee… annyeong!! its my late ff… my own ff without syipoh, but im not sure im going to finish this since i really enjoy my time with Kyura couple. Actually, Kyura is my original cast from the first time writing ff.. Syipoh and i had our own cast, but as time goes by, it change into Kyura moment and it is totally different from the Kyura Moment. I made this ff when I was in college, but in Indonesia cast, but now I change it into English and change the casr. well, i post this just becoz some of you ask me hahhha, actually this is my failed project. So, enjoy…^^ sorry if its disappointing.

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It had been two weeks I was dating Wooyoung oppa, but I still had not told kyuhyun about it. Why should I? Young in insisted me to tell him, how could I? He also didn’t say anything about his girlfriend. Without I realized young in asked sungje about this secretly, she still disagreed to my relationship with wooyoung oppa.
She approached sungje when I was gone with wooyoung oppa to the canteen. Fortunately no one realized my relationship with wooyoung oppa
“Sungje~ya…can I ask you something?” young in asked sungje in the middle of break.
“Hyora and Kyuhyun don’t fight recently right?”
“Yeah…you are right, they don’t even talk each other. They are weird, since our first meeting they started fighting; we used to bet at that time. Its crazy but I miss their fight, sometimes they argue over the simplest thing”
“Hmmm…I think I know why it happen”
“You do?why?tell me…”
“You know jang wooyoung sunbe?”
“Yes, I know him. He is close with hyora…and kyuhyun usually angry when he comes here to greet hyora……ah! And wooyoung sunbe also aften come here to eat with hyora right?” they were silent a while.
“Ya!! Is it because of Kyuhyun jealousy??” sungje asked suddenly.
“I think we have the same thought”
“But, kyuhyun also refused his wedlock to her. Aishh!! That dude is really confusing”
“I heard from hyora that he has a girlfriend. Is it true sungje??you are his bestfriend right?i hope you know something”
“Girlfriend??i don’t know bout this. Hyora knows it?how?”
“She met him with a Korean American girl two weeks ago. And he also called her ‘babe’….”
“Kyuhyun never told me about this.”
“Well, you can ask him. And I have something in mind actually”
“What is it?”
“I think Kyu and Hyo suit each other. Why don’t we match them so their married life will be more beautiful, how that sounds?”
“Haha.. I think so, but they both are selfish and never want to admit it. Arasseo (got it) lets match them then”
“Joha…(great) lets start with your investigation on kyuhyun, okay?”
“Okay…just give it to me Young in~ah…” They did the hi five.

From: My sarang
Agi (baby)…whatcha doin?
Ah…from oppa, I smiled and replied it
To: My sarang
Im thinking of you ^^

From: My sarang
Jinjja??na do kkkk… I miss you already honey…manhi bogoshipeosseo (I miss u so much)..

To: My sarang
Oppa, we just met a half hour ago, ottokhae?haha

From: My sarang
I said im thinking about you…I cant sleep I cant eat

To: My sarang
Omo omo…andweyo oppa (don’t oppa)…you must eat well, sleep tight so u can see me @ school tomorrow

From: My sarang
Whatever you say nae agi…. U2, u should eat, sleep tight and think about me, arasseo?

To: My sarang
I will oppa…

From: My sarang
Hey! Lets go out 4 another date this Satnite?otte?(how is it?)mianhae for the last week absent ^^

To: My sarang
Gwenchanha oppa…johaeyo…lets hang out this satnite. I’d love to.

From: My sarang
Arasseo, I’ll pick u up @ d’same place and time then. Saranghae…..

To: My sarang
arasseo oppa…na do saranghae…
Wow! What a perfect plan, I love it so much. But I felt a little weird, I was happy with wooyoung oppa but I felt nothing after he belongs to me. I released a long breath. Since our relationship also haven’t been published yet. I haven’t said this stuff to kyuhyun too, Ottokhae? How did I say this to him?is it okay?but I don’t know if I was ready to tell him. I was thinking a while and daeng! Hahaha I knew I was smart. Why don’t we make a deal on the paper? I will let him felt his own love way and I did too before we got married. So there wouldn’t be any problem when I say that wooyoung oppa was my boyfriend. Ah….its really good idea I thought. Would he agree with this? Aish!! Whay didn’t he? this is what we expected right? But why was I in doubt a little.
“Hyora~ya…” my mom called me, my happy mood suddenly changed. Since that fight I talked a little with my mom
“Ne!” I answered her coldly.
“You have a plan already this Saturday, right?”
“waeyo?” I still keep my flat tone. My mom actually felt sad because I treated her like that, but she also wanted me to be with kyuhyun. But her feeling about this wedlock is really good. She didn’t care that kyuhyun and I are enemy. She thought that when a couple argued even about a simple thing, that romance. She remembered about our fight back in the day. We argued to a simpleset thing. My omma set her sad face because of my tone and fortunately Kangin oppa passed and heard my tone.
“You are rude to parents hyora!!” he responded to it. “How could you answer that way to omma?” My omma was actually acted now.
“Aniyeyo oppa…I answer the same way to you” I still mad at him too so I used formal language to him.
“ya!! Don’t be like that, apologize to omma apalli!! (hurry!!) look what you have done, omma is sad because of you”
“I didn’t do anything to omma!! It was me who granted her wish to be with kyuhyun in the future!! Right omma??” I asked her back, and my mom had tears on her eyes, in fact there was dust entered her eyes.
“You make her cry!! Apologize now!!!” Oppa is really too much, it was my fault that I don’t have a freedom to love somebody. But as I saw that my mom is teary I decided to apologize to her, and try to use my sense. Because I have promised her to make her wish come true. Besides I cant lose from kyuhyun.
“omma, mianhae….” I said informal language with soft voice and bowed to her.
“be good to her, understand?” kangin oppa advice me.
“Ne, oppa” kangin oppa blinked his eyes to our mom. He also had planned this to me.
“Na do mianhae hyora~ya. Here….for you …” my mom handed me a bottle of strawberry juice. My eyes sparkled immediately. I just cant stand if it was dealing with strawberry. She knew how to make me better.
“Thank you omma…you know what I want kkkk” I hugged her. She rufled my hair and I blinked twice. I opened the bottle and drank it. Ahhh…johaaa!!!(like it)
“By the way… can you help me hyora?”
“Wae omma?”
“This Saturday night, I wanna go to your mother-in-law’s house. Can you take me?” hearing ‘my mother-in-law’ I had a goosebump. I like kyuhyun’s omma but his son just really made me sick.
“It means we’re goin to Kyuhyun’s place too?” omma nodded.
“I already had appointment with wooyoung oppa” I protested her.
“Come on hyoraaaaa…. You know Im not really good at driving right? ”
“You can go with oppa” I continued
“I can’t I have appointment too with Yoon Ji. After all, you are the one who had been asked, its Saturday night don’t bother other people’s arrangement” kangin oppa answered directly.
“See??oppa said that. He can be with yoonji onnie, while I am not. It isn’t fear”
“You will have Saturday night with kyuhyun. And for your information, he is your future husband isn’t he? You’re also still a kid” Oppa still prevent me from going with wooyoung oppa.
“A kid??!! A kid isn’t supposed to be on the wedlock. In fact I have been on the wedlock, so I have grown up”
“come on hyoraaa…its emergency, who should I ask for help again?you can cancel your appointment first. You may go next time”
“Omma!! It isn’t fear!!”
“Pleaseeeeeeee…once, just this one.” My mom was begging me. “I’ll buy you strawberry juice again, okay?” I saw the strawberry juice bottle at my hand. So this was bribery.
“you may buy as much as you like, or you want strawberry ice cream?” But, hearing about omma wanted to buy me strawberry product my eyes were sprinkle. I’ll do anything for strawberry product.
“Arasseo, I’ll take you there” I finally gave up, and that meant I had to postpone my appointment with wooyoung oppa. Aish!!
“Hurry up honey I’ll wait you at 4” said my omma.
Tsk! It was Kangin oppa’s fault, I should be a romantic Saturday night with wooyoung oppa, but because of Kangin oppa now I had to spend my Saturday night with that moron Cho Kyuhyun. I dialed wooyoung oppa’s number.

Wooyoung POV
“yoboseyoooouunng?” I picked up the phone in a cute way from my second girlfriend.
“oppa…” she replied with a sad tone.
“what’s wrong sweety? Are you ok?”
“I’m fine, but I’m sorry to say this.”
“What is it?”
“Uhmmm…. Im sorry I have to cancel our appointment”
“wae?” I replied disappointed.
“My mom needs me to take her somewhere”
“So we cant go tonight?”
“Mianhae oppa…”
“I see then. That’s okay baby, we can go some other time”
“I promise you oppa there will be such a condition next time. Thank you for understanding me”
“Gwenchanha… don’t mention it baby. You must obey your parents.”
“Gomawo oppa…bye~”
“na do saranghae” she wishpered. I hung up the phone.
“Look at this” I turned my face to the reading junho, “she cancels our appointment, you know what should I so?” I make a small beam at my face as I talked to Junho.
“What are you going to do?” junho asked.
“I should call Ara Nuna right?”
“Tsk! If I knew this I would never introduce you to Ara nuna” Junho thought himself.
“Nuna….otisseo?(where are you?) I miss you so bad nuna…lets hang out” I smirked
End of Wooyoung POV

Kyuhyun POV
“Omma!! How could you do that?!!” I yelled.
“I didn’t do anything. I just want you to hangout with Hyora. As far as I know you don’t have any girlfriend since you are her future husband. And as I remember she doesn’t have either.”
“But, I promise Ara nuna to accompany her”
“Where do you wanna go?just cancel it, she often hang out with you. besides she has a boyfriend don’t go with her so often kyuhyun~ah. You can be beaten by her BF”
“Its his boyfriend who cant accompany him. Ah…omma…” I was disappointed by her sudden decision to invite hyora and her mom here.
“Let me talk with Ara”
“Talk about me komonim??(auntie) wae kureyo?(what’s wrong?)” Ara nuna suddenly showed up.
“what a time baby Ara…kyuhyun~ah marhaebwa (say it)” my mom greeted her.
“wae?” she take a quick look at me.
“omma asked me to cancel our arrangement. Because hyora and her mom will visit us. And she asked me to take her to the hi school reunion too”
“Kureyo?(is that so?) What a fortunately komonim (auntie), I also want to cancel our appointment. My boyfriend can accompany me, kkkkk” I dropped my jaw as I heard that answer from her mouth.
“Unbelievable, that’s what we call destiny. Thank you ara babe…” said my mom.
“Omma!! Is it fun to make your own son suffering” I yelled.
“Muahahhahaaa…” they both laughed at me. I got my face so angry.
“Who make you suffer?she didn’t honey… vice versa, she is gonna make you happy” Ara nuna teased me a lot.
“Ya! Have fun with that cute hyora…save my best regards for her, okay?” she continued. “Komo, I’m going now, bye bye pumpkin” Ara nuna stepped out of our kitchen.
“Nuna~ya!! Stop calling me that!!”
“Becareful honey” said my mom to her.
“Nuna!!” I ran after her. “when will you introduce your boyfriend?”
“next Saturday night, Okay? Lets do the double date. You and hyora me and my BF”
“Yuck! Nuna…double date with that snaily head?shiroo..(I don’t want to)”
“Kyuhyun~ah…go shower now! They will be here in a minute.” Omma shouted from the kitchen. And I was going to the bathroom with weak steps.
End of Kyuhyun POV



Saturday night finally came. Im way too excited with my plan for Young In. I took a shower longer than ever. I helped

omma to prepare all of it.

“Hyora~ya…take this to the table,” ordered my omma. She is really great cook. Like now she cooked some of Korean dish,

it looked like many guest will come here. I fact it will be only young in and us.

Everything was ready. I cant hardly wait for young in to come.

“Ding dong!!” the bell rang. That must be her, I ran happily to the door.

“Im comiiiiiinnnggg!!!” I was really spiritful.

“Ding dong” the bell rang once again.

“Arasseo In~ah….just be patient a little…. pretty Hyora is coming throuuuuughhh…” I said as I opened the door lock.

“Why do you take so long Lee Young………….” I didn’t continue my words as my mouth still open. In front of me wasn’t

Young In but the Cho family. They are smiling except Kyuhyun of course.

“You are pretty honey, is your mom’s around?” Kyuhyun’s mom asked me. I felt my cheek turned red.

“Ah~ iye, ahjumma…omma is around. Please come in…” I made them went in to the living room.

“call me omunim Hyora~ya…this is your abunim and this is your sister in law, seohyunie” Kyuhyun’s mother tapped my


“Annyeong haseyo omunim, abunim and seohyunie” I bowed and smiled, his sister is very beautiful. When it comes of

Kyuhyun’s turn. I just stick my tongue. He smirked and imitated me without sound ‘pretty Hyora is coming throuuuuughhh’.

I curved my lips.

“This is hyora, yeobo?” Kyuhyun’s dad asked his wife.

“Yes, yeobo….yeppeuji? (pretty, right?)”

“Yes, yeppeoda (yes, she’s beautiful)….you are really lucky Kyuhyun~ah” his dad elbowed him. Seohyun giggled.

“Ah~kamsahamnida a..a..abunim” I stuttered. “Jamkanmanyo (please wait a second), I’ll call my family” I ran quickly into

my house. Ahh~ my head was dizzy, what are they doing here?aish! they wear formal dress also. Mwoyaaaaaaa!!! I

stressed. Why haven’t young in come yet?

“Omma…ige mwoyeyo?The Cho family is here already” I always talk formally when I got mad to my family.

“wasseo?(they are here?)”

“what does that ‘wasseo’ mean omma?”

“I invited them to our dinner too. Yeoboooo!!kangin~ah come on down!!” Omma called my rest family.


“uri princess!! Can you lower your voice? What’s wrong?” Appa finally come.

“Omma invited the cho family without telling me appa…I only invited young in. Why are they here? It is irritating omma!!”

“Ya! Keep your voice down dear…”

“anything wrong???Daughter-mother war again??” Kangin appeared.

“Shut up oppa~ya!!”

“Your appa haven’t met them too honey, we can introduce young in too right?why don’t you calm don yourself?” Omma

said relaxily.

“kaja…we still wait for young in right?gwenchanha…” Appa calm me down. I was still unhappy with this. But as we

gathered in one living room, I tried not to show it.

“What is wrong with young in, she still haven’t come” I worried a lot.

“drrt…because I listen to my hea heart…drrtt one by one…oh…drrrt” my cellphone rang.

“Excuse me….” It was a message.

From : siwonie_buin *she listed herself on my cellphone

Hyooooooooo….jeongmal mianhaeeeeeeeeeeee (Im so sorry)….i can’t attend ur invtation. I’ve 2 take haraboji 2 doctor. I

wish I could be there. Hope u’re not disappointed. I’ll treat u later, okay? Mianhada jagiya…

To : siwonie_buin

Kure? (is it?) Gwenchanha… best regard for haraboji, get well soon ^^

I took a deep breath and released it.

“waekure? (what’s wrong?)” Kangin oppa looked at me a little worry, “something wrong?”

“Young in cant come, she took her haraboji to doctor”

“Jinjja?gwenchaha….so lets eat our dinner then?” omma asked.

Kyuhyun choose a chair beside her appa on the corner, they looked alike.

“Kyuhyun~ah, sit over here” His mom ordered him to sit beside me. Andweeee….!! (don’t!!) But if I refuse then my mom

will give me a sharp glance.

After a small talk in the dinning table its time for free, we the children and they the parents will have a reunion. So we the

children are dragged to the park in front of our house.

“Annyeong we haven’t greeted formally right? Im the oldest here, Kim young woon imnida”

“Cho kyuhyun imnida”

“Cho seohyun imnida pangabseumnida ahjussi (im cho seohyun, nice to meet you uncle)”

“Pwahahahahaha…” Kyuhyun and I laughed out loud. Kangin oppa looked unhappy but he said

“Seohyun~ah, don’t call me ahjussi, oppa haebwa (call me oppa)…”

“youngwoon oppa?”

“ne~ okay ttokttoki?(Okay?smarty?)”

“Arasseoyo oppa (I understand oppa)”

“naneun Hyora imnida, seohyun~ah, call me onnie…you are really smart honey” I said still held my laugh.

“Aigoo…seohyun~ah you are so cute just like Hyora onnie when she was your age“ kangin oppa and I likes children and

babies so much. No wonder he will be able to play with them.

“Gomawoyo oppa, ah~ johahaeyo (I like it), I have two oppas now.”

“I know your real oppa isn’t that good to you keurohji (right?)?”

“Ya!i am a good brother ara??”


“so this is how you act at school?” Kangin oppa is suspicious.

“I think so oppa, because kyuhyunie oppa always complain to omma about how annoying hyora onnie is”

“Mwoo??!! You said that Cho Kyuhyun!!” I slapped his arms. He smirked victorily.

“No different hyora do, she always said that you are a dork and your hobby is bumping into her”

“Jinjjayo hyung??” Kyuhyun gazed at me, he stepped on my foot.

“Ya!! It hurts!!”

“what else she told you hyung?” he ignored my scream.

“she told me that….”

“Oppa!! Stop it” I kicked kangin oppa for revealing all of my nags about kyuhyun.

“Oppa do…he said that you should reduce your weight onnie” seohyun heat our fight.

“Ya!!siikeurwo!!(you are noisy)” he started to shut his sister mouth. And we ended strugelling to stop our siblings

revealing our secret.

Then, suddenly my phone rang again, but this time is the message’s tone.

From: 01-08-89895643

Good evening hyora…this is wooyoung oppa. What are u doin?

Omo!!its wooyoung oppa!!! I opened my mouth, I still cant believe it. Im so happy that behind all of my misfortune finally

the fortune turned to me. I hurriedly add that number to my phone book. Then replied it as soon as possible.

To: LoveSoon2B

Oppa!! I never thought u’ll call me ^^ I have a small talk with my brother and also an uninvited guess x(

From : LoveSoon2B

Nugunde??is it me?? Keurokuna (its like that)…mianhae hyora~ya..

“Yeah right oppa, you are the one I’ve been expected.

To : LoveSoon2B

Aniyo oppa, it wasn’t you. There’s a guess who make me really bored here. I don’t wanna b here w/ him.


What is she doing? She laughed herself. What a weird. I took a little peek to what she has been doing. Ya!! Did it say

uninvited guess??her mom invited us, did she know? From her attitude I thought it was from Jang wooyoung. She really

has a crush on that person? Huh… I smile mocked her.

“The uninvited guess?? do you mean me?” I suddenly spoke; I really want to tease her.

“Ya! Mwohaneunggoya??(what are you doing??) Did you just peek?aish!what a rude guess you are”

“Is it jang wooyoung? do you still madly in love with him?”

“None of your bussiness”

“It is my business!! You are my future wife” I surprise with what I just said my self. She looked at me sharply.

“Ya! Watch it boy!! We will divorce after all. I tell you something, don’t ever mention anything about I am being your

future wife. It was so disgusting”

“Whatever, so am I” What did I said that for?? Pabo pabo pabooooooooooo…. I said to myself. She made a distance with

us; she ignored us with her cell phone.

End of Kyuhyun POV

Wooyoung end our conversation since an hour ago.

From : : LoveSoon2B

Uahhh…I’m going to bed now…don’t sleep late hyora~ya..Nice dream ^^ jalja…!! (sleep well)

To : LoveSoon2B

Ne oppa…jaljayo..anyyeonghi jumuseyo (good night)…

I smiled myself, satisfied with those messages. I continued combing seohyun’s hair. Yes, we’re now at my room. I combed

her while having texted with wooyoung oppa.

“Onnie” seohyun called me as I combed her hair. Kyuhyun and kangin oppa was playing starcraft at kangin’s room.

“Yes, dear?” I answered her.

“I’m so happy that you will become my sister, you suit my oppa well” seohyun suddenly said that. My heart stopped a


“Oppa has never been like this to a girl. He become so talkative about you at home, he talks about you all the time”


“Ne~” haha..this boy is really weird.

“I know that you will be his wife someday”

“Ah right…”

Ah~ this little girl still didn’t know what happened between us.

“Okay!! Done!! You look prettier now hyun~ah…” I faced her in front of my mirror.

“Huuuaaahhh…onnie, im so sleepy…”

“Lets go downstair and asked your parents to go home”

“Kamsahamnida hyora onnie”

Then, I take her to downstairs.


That morning

“Hyoooooooo~ *jeongmal mianhadaaaaaaaaaaaaa….(Im really sorry)” She bowed at me.

“Gwenchanha…harabuji otte?(That’s fine, How about grandpa?)”

“Thanks God he’s fine, thanks for asking. Huaaaaa…..your mom must be really disappointed because I can’t taste her


“she wasn’t that disappointed Young~ah. Kyuhyun ‘s family was coming”

“*Mwo?? (What?)”

“Yeah…that moron’s family came”

“Hmmm…. A family meeting wasn’t it?haha…I guess you guys must talk about your future life.”

“*aniya (that’s not it). We just met his dad and his sister.”

“haha… so, the food ran out because of them?”

“He was so greedy…”

“really? How much greedy he is?” Young In curious.

“Three times in a round” I lied.

“Ya!! Who said that??” Kyuhyun now was standing behind us.

“I wasn’t, she was” Kyuhyun poited his finger at me.

“Ya!! He is lying. Don’t believe him” Young in lauged at what we were doing. She tought that we were so childish each

other. “They are looked good together” she tought.

“I found your hobbies are the same bumping each other and fighting.”

“its her” Kyuhyun said. “Did this snaily tell you something bad about me?”

“snaily??who’s that?do you mean it is me?” I was getting mad. He just smirked and get away.

“Catch you later, Lee Young In” he said.


“See that jerk is really….rude, impolite…that dork!!he said goodbye to you and he didn’t to me” I clinched my fist.

“Wae?do you want him treats you like that?” she giggled.

“No thank you” gosh! She gaps my jealous attitude.

“He’s handsome” Young in commented

“Handsome?are you kidding me??open your eyes Young In~ah”

“Hahaha…okay, so continue your story”

“What else? Nothing, we just chatted. Our parents held a little reunion. And Kyuhyun, Seohyun;his sister, kangin oppa and

I also had a small talk. Ah~ his sister is really cute”

“And so her oppa”

“Ya!he is not…” I mocked him, “Talking about handsome, Woo young oppa texted me kkkkk..well there always be

happiness behind the suffer” Young in was spiritless when she heard about wooyoung.

“What did he say?” Young in asked lazily.

“We talked about everything, he adviced me to sleep earlier, eat well etc. haha…what a boy. But my happiness was

ruined because of that dork, he commented at my text. He said that it was his business too, because he was my future

husband” Young in spotted my last sentence. She really like if I got married with that jerk.

“Hahaha….kyuhyun is funny though. I agree if you are with him”

“Ya! You shouldn’t!! how could you be on his side?”

“*Arasseo arasseo (I know I know)… hey, what if I treat you to dinner at my house? I will replace our promise last night.

How that sounds?”

“*Joha…(that’s great) as long it is free kkkkk”





That morning as usual I took bus to go to school. Kangin Oppa drove me to school only when he had fault to me. I wish Young In didn’t go to USA, if she didn’t I must be very happy, coz I have someone who can share with me.
The bus stopped in the bus stop near my school. I get out from the bus. Suddenly I got this bad feeling. I don’t know why but I felt something bad will come over me. Then after I thought bout that, a motorcycle passed with the high speed. I surprised and fell off.
“Ya!!” I shouted to the driver. “Can you speed down your motorcycle?!!” I felt so embarrassed coz some students who came with me stared at me. The motorcycle man opens his helmet.
“Neo!!!!” that person is again and again CHO KYUHYUN. Why it should be him everytime I got this accident.
“Wae?” he asked me innocently.
“You still ask??? I don’t believe you, what a mean person you are Cho Kyuhyun” no body helps me and finally I got up myself. I felt pain in my hand.
“Can you apologize??” I asked him back.
“You are totally fine, Kim Hyora”
“No, Im not”
“You can get treatment in the clinic”
“You never apologize, didn’t you?”
“Arent you embarrassed??”
“You are the one who should be embarrassed!”
“Annyeong…” he ignored me again. And he just left me. I sarami jinjja!!!
“Ya!! We haven’t done yet!!!”
I tapped my dirty skirt and hand.
“Ouuucchhh!!” I just realized that my pain came from my palm hand.
“Eo??neon waekure??” Jaelin, the first person I met asked me.
“I fell of” I smiled.
“Lets go to the clinic then”
“Aniya…gwenchanha” we entered the class.
“Annyeong!!” Sungje greet us. I smiled spiritless.
“Wae??Your face looks really sad”
“A crazy guy wanted to kill me with his motorcycle” I glared my eyes to him, who else??Mr. Cho Kyuhyun. “What a moron, dis he take his lisence yet?” I mocked him, he stared back at me.
“I have my lisence” he answered.
“I didn’t ask you moron!!And I don’t even care whether you have it or not. And what shoul I care??”I answered him while im walking followed by Jaelin.
“What is wrong with her?” asked Sungje to me.
“I told you so, she just annoying and disturbing.”
“But I saw she glared at you. Do you have any relation with her accident?”
“Aniya, she is like that when she sees me”
“Wht a weird answer”
I saw her a while. Actually I felt guilty to her. Ah!!! Throw away this feeling. I don’t give a damn with her. I continued my reading.
End of Kyuhyun POV

Its break time and I cant stand my pain, so I rushed to the clinic. When again and again I bumped someone. My Gosh!! What is wrong with me? I bumped a lot these days.
“You again” he said.
I recognize that voice, “God!! Forive my sins” I said
“Do you have eyes??Is your hobby bumping into me?”
“Don’t be so confident dork!”
“Ya ya ya!! Geumanhae..Come on you guys…im deaf to hear you both fight. We just meet each other and starting to know for awhile.” Sungje came to rescue before the third war happened.
“SHUT UP!!” shouted both of us.
“that’s what im talkin’ about guys lets make harmony one another…”
“Whatever… I need an aspirin to handle my head from this craziness” I glanced at him sharply when I said craziness.
Kyuhyun POV
“Look at her attitude, jinjja michigeda…” I ruin his own hair.
“Algesso, why are you always angry if you encounter her? Don’t be Kyuhyun~ah….or is it because you like her?” Sungje teased me.
“Never” Sungje laughed when he heard my straight answer.
End of Kyuhyun POV

And I went on heading to clinic and started to nag by myself.
“That moron is…..selfish, arrogant, irresponsible, pathetic!!! Why am I in the same class with him, we meet each other. He ruins my life, my plan…aishh!! That cho kyuhyun”
In the middle of my nagging, I saw Woo young Oppa was sticking something on the announcement board, and I forget about Kyuhyun for a while.
“Annyeong haseyo” I greet him
“Hyora~ya…” he was happy to see me.
“What are you doing?”
“Im sticking the championship information. Ya! What’s up with you hand?” Woo young’s attention distracted as he saw my hand.
“Aniyo, I just fall down this morning”
“Fell down?” I nodded “Should I take you to Miss Park?”
“aniyo… gwenchanha… I can manage myself, thanks”
“Sure… just be careful” he said.
“Well, I guess I’ll see you around then” I said goodbye.
“Hyora~ya… ottiga?? ” Omma asked me.
“Actually I wanna buy CD and book”
“Hmmm…” Omma nodded.
“Waeyo Omma? Do you need me?” she nodded again.
“Where do you want to go?” I asked
“I will meet my old friend”
“Okay, lets go together omma, I’ll change my outfit first”
Then, without wasting time I changed my outfit.
We went to the café where my omma had appointment with her old friend. And I am heading to my destination; omma said that she would go home with her friend.

Not too long, the other car arrived at the same café, a woman get out from that car.
“Pick me up at my friend’s house ok dear?” she said to the driver.
“Okay, where is it?”
“I’ll text you if I need you to pick me up”
“Arasso, omma”
“Becareful, honey…”
As the car left, she entered the café. She searched for a while and found her friend waved at her. She smiled so bright.
“Ya!!! Its been a long time” They hugged each other.
“ya!! Neo jinjja Lee Yoon ji?”
“Eeeiii… Lee Seo Yoo, you still like this eh?” my omma said.
“Should I change??”
“Hahaha…lets sit..waaa jinjja bogoshiposso..”
“How’s your nampyeon??”
“He’s good and he also send his regards for you and Byeong hee , we should double date again one day just like we did in the past”
“hahaha…absolutely. My seobang too, he sent his regards for you and Seung Ho. Ya! I heard that Byeong hee become the police chief in seoul?so that is why your family moved here?”
“Yup, you are right, he handle some cases here. Sometimes im afraid if something happen with him. His job is too risky”
“But, you husband is strong right? Kkokjongma…”
“Hope so…ya! How about yours?”
“Byeong hee??ah…he’s great. He still working in Seoul central hospital”
“wow..i never imagine we have come this far… ”
“Heemmm…” they both smiled.
“By the way who took you here?”
“I come with Hyora but she went to the book store. How about you?”
“Kyuhyun” They both looked each other.
“Do you remember something?”
“Yeah I guess so…” their smiles grow wider.

“Ya! Should we be in-law?” Yoon ji said to her best friend, Seo Yoo.
“I think that will be nice hahaha…if you have a daughter or son at the same age just call me soon okay”
“Arasseo, aigoo…so we have to make babies at the same year, otte??”
“Hmm..joha…” Seo yoo agreed. They laughed together.
“Ah…I will be so happy if we grow old together like this”
“Me too. Thank you for being my friend Yoon ji~ya…”
“Aniya..its me who should be thanked to you” they grow old together since they were in the kindergarten.
“Ya!! Promise me to give me a call about what we were talking about just now,”
“I promise you Yoon ji~ya…”
“Seo yoo~ya…aish~ saranghae..” yoon ji hugged seo yoo.
“But, are going to marry them?” Yoon ji pointed at the two guys who buy drinks for them nearby.
“Molla…but actually Byeong hee had already proposed me…” Seo yoo showed yoon ji the ring.
“MWOOOOOOOOOO!!! Are you crazy??why don’t you tell me earlier??” she amazed of the ring.
“Wow!!byeong hee is really fast, I wonder when will seung ho proposed me. Aish! Jinjja, he is so slow”
“Be patient, honey… he will”
“Ya!! Do you talk about us??” said byeong hee who come over with Seung ho while bringing the drinks
“Bimilya…” said Seo yoo
Flashback end

“Kyuhyun, my son. He is really cold to girls. But I really thankfull, in that way it means he will be hyora’s hhahaha…” Yoon ji said as she driank her tea.
“My daughter, just falling in love. So before she get deeper feeling to that boy, we should reveal our promise.”
“I agree with ya…its about our time. I wonder they remember each other. They both are together in their kindergarten.”
“I don’t think they remember. Hyora never mention about kyuhyun.”
“But, do you remember we used to take their picture when they were playing together?”
“Yes I do, what is it?”
“some photos are missing”
“really? Maybe you forgot where you put it”
“I totally remember them. Molla…”
“Hey, lets go to the ddokboki place”
“Ah~ I just wanna say that too, kajaaa…”


After taking my omma to her friend, I was heading to the book store. I searched some books for a while, until my cell phone rang. I picked it up and see the ‘YOU’VE GOT MAIL’ sign on the screen. I opened it automatically. It read from Young In, im so excited to see it.
To: Kim Hyo Ra
Ya!! It was you who miss me right?? Come on admit it hyora~ya….
Im really good here. How bout you?? ok ok, I admit that I miss you this much, I miss to kick your ass buddy!! Hahaha…
Mwo??you fainted? You met that crazy guy?you fall in love??what on earth???
That was exactly what im tryin to say to you, just lost your weight a little dear….kidding baby, don’t curve your mouth now. (she really knows me well, even when I curved my mouth when I red her email, but I laughed finally haha..)
Just ignore him hyo… don’t be so bothered with him.
Ya!! You are falling in love?? Im so happy to her that, I just wish you just stayed away from my prince in Super junior Donghae and Siwon oppa. You must introduce him to me ara??!!
Im so sleep right now, reply me soon girl…annyeonggg!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I giggle when I read her email. And now im ready to reply her.
To: Lee Young In (
Aish!! So confident!!! Ya!! Im not that fat……!!!!!!!!!
Neon jeongmal!!!! I’ll get rid of him right away, but we are on the same class. So I meet him everyday T_T he almost killed me you know? Such a rude boy… he almost killed me with his motorcycle. He didn’t even say sorry to me. Ya!! If you are here now, I would be very happy to introduce you to Woo young Oppa immediately ^^
That’s all In~ah…let me finish my book hunting annyeong..bogoshipposseo!!!

After replying email from Young In, I continued my book hunting. Then when I’d already paid the book, I went out from there and continued to go home without any bad feeling…..


Kyuhyun POV
I parked my car in a district which I don’t know where is it. I cant let my view to my cell phone, waiting for my omma to reply my message. Im still confused should I wait of what?
The sound of my cell!!
From : Omma
Where r u?? this is the address 15 hyoja ro, jong no gu, palli!!

“Aish!! Omma jinjja….where is it…” I started to walk searchin this house. “Gosh! There is no body who can help me. My whole body sniff sniff…” I smell myself; it still wet cause of my sweat. I just came back from my football practice with the kids.
In the middle of searching the address, suddenly I heard a car, I thought it was the right time to ask where the hell of this address. I step up from the car and stop the car.
End of Kyuhyun POV
I saw someone stop in front of Mr. Choi’s house. Hmm…maybe he is his guest. As I get closer to him, I widen my eyes because HE IS CHO KYUHYUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNN….. What is he doing there? Aish!!jinjja!!! why do we have to meet here??!! I pretended not to see him. I gassed my car faster, but…ya ya ya…!!! I stopped suddenly as he spread his arms asking me to stop, he was getting closer and knocked my car’s window, which I forget to close.
“Excuse me….” He said. I couldn’t hel my self to shout at him.
“ya!! Neo mwohae???” I shouted.
“Eo!! Neo!!” he seemed surprised too.
“Are you stalking me??ya!! isn’t it enough you ruin my life at school??” I put off my hat.
“ya!!what are you talking about?? Don’t be so confident miss… it was you who following me right? How do you get here??”
Both of us are arguing in front of my house then. Because no body wants to lose we raised our voice and the result is that our mothers came out from my house.
“KYUHYUN~AH” They shouted our name at the same time. We surprised and we also did the same thing.
“OMMA!!!” we shouted together.
“So, it was both of you who argue here” My mom said.
“Mianhae omma, I just meet this crazy boy I told you” I defended my self.
“So, You both know each other?”
“Omma, lets go home” said him.
“Is this your son, Yoon Ji?” My mom asked. His omma nodded.
“You must be kyuhyun right??aigoo…really handsome, just like Seung ho. Come on in son…” my mom dragged Kyuhyun to our home. Kyuhyun and I were shock and I dropped my jaws seeing this scene.
“Omma!!! What the hell??he is my enemy!!”
“Mworago??!! This is my best friend’s son. Ya!! Come on in hyora”
“Shiroo…there is him” I pointed to Kyuhyun. His mom giggled seeing me.
“Hyora~ya…lets go inside first” His mom dragged me to go inside.
We glared each other, but we obeyed our moms. I passed the living room uncomfortabely, it was all because of that moron, Cho Kyuhyun.
“Ya!! Where are you going?? Come here first.” Said my omma. “I will introduce you to my old friend” She grabbed my hand. “Greet them first”
“Chuisonghaeyo, ahjumma” I shook Kyuhyun’s Omma with the fake smile.
“So this is hyora the princess, right? She is just like you Seo Yoo” she complimented me.
“Gomawoyo, ahjumma” I smiled happily to hear this, my mood suddenly rise. “But, Im sorry, I have to go” I said.
“You haven’t shaken your hand with Kyuhyun” my mom warned.
“Should I?” I said in mind. But looking at my omma’s staring I finally give my hand to him. But he crossed his arms, refusing shaking his hand. Aish!! This idiot!! Jinjja make me crazy.
“Cho Kyuhun!!! You must welcome her hand!!” his mom forced him to shake my hand. He stared at his mom, and the same stare as my mom appeared in her beautiful face. Kyuhyun’s Omma is really pretty. He finally welcomed my hand and shook it hard. We both smiled mocking to each other.
“Hyora~ya…call me omunim from now on” said Kyuhyun’s omma to me.
“Kyuhyun~ah…neo do call me omunim araji??”
“What does it mean??” Kyuhyun and I asked altogether.

chapter 2 /chapter 1 / forewords





“Aish…not that voice again” I covered my ears from the loud noise came from Kangin Oppa.

“Ya!!! Palli!!!”

“Huh….” I answered him shortly without opening my eyes.

“Ironaaaaaaaaaaaa……..!!! or I will go into your room” threatened him

I forgot to lock my room last night, so he definitely got into my room easily. He was ready to accomplish his mission to wake me up. He entered my bathroom to get some water.

“Ya!! This is called ‘cold attact’…” he said while smiling evilly.

And I was still on my dream land.

“Hyora~ya…Ive got something for you” Wooyoung Oppa said to me. He hid something behind his body.

“Mwoyeyo oppa?” I asked him shyly.

Woo young oppa knelt down like prince who will propose his princess.

“I’ll give you………..”

“What is is oppa?” my heart beat getting faster.

“I’ll give you……….”


“Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..” I screamed out loud and woke myself up immediately.

“Kkkkkkkkkkkk” Kangin oppa wont stop his laugh when he saw me all wet because of his ‘attack’

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Oppa!!! Ige Mwoya!!!!!!!!!!”

“Its not my fault…its your fault. I knocked your door but you just huh yourself. So I have to use this way…kkkkkk”

“You ruined my sweet dream oppa” I glared at him sharp.

“ya!1 palli irona….”

“Don’t ever talk to me again….and I don’t want to see my messy room again this afternoon…you must get rid of this before I got home oppa…ITS BECAUSE OF YOU OPPAAAAAA!!! I HATE YOUUUUU…OMMAAAAAAAA….” I threw my pillow to Kangin Oppa and get up from bed leaving him alone. All he can do is curved his lips over me.


“Ya…don’t ignore me again hyora~ya…”


“Ya… geumanhae…” Appa tried to stop us.

“Yeah…..Appa’s right, geumanhaja…you’ll be uglier if you’re angry all the time. You can be old fast” Kangin Oppa commented.

“If I’ve got older, you’re older more than me oppa…”

“Breakfast timeeeeeeee…” Omma joined us after putting bibimbap for breakfast.

“Hey…let me feed you then” seduced Kangin Oppa.


“Don’t bother her Kangin~ah…she is angry with you just let her calm down” said Omma.

“Its all because of him omma…. I had this sweetest dream, and he splashed me on purpose. It was annoying me so bad!!” I reported what had happened this morning. Appa shook his head seeing his two children fought each other.

“But it’s breakfast time kids” said omma.

“Alright alright… so what if I take you to school??otte??” kangin Oppa still tried to make me forgive him.

“Shiro….. you even haven’t washed your face, you will contaminate me with your stink oppa ”

“Arasso arasseo…I’ll take a shower, OK?” After my oppa left, suddenly I laughed out loud.

“Princess…what happen with you? youre just angry to your oppa, and now you are laughing” Appa asked me with curiosity.

“Hahahaha…Omma appa, I told you something hahaha…Im very satisfied to see him begging my forgiveness. Just so he know how I annoyed him ”

“Tsk tsk… uri princess is so naughty..” Appa commented

“A~ but don’t tell him ok??” I wink my right eye. I looked at my watch. “Omo!! I’m gonna be late again” I finished my breakfast a little bit faster and grab my bag.

“I better get going now…” I said goodbye.

“why don’t you wait for Kangin?”

“Aniya…do you want me to be late again in my second day omma??”

“Ya!! Ottiga?? Let me take you…” kangin Oppa appeared as he put his jacket on.

“have you finished your shower??” my left eyebrow rose.

“Of course…”

“What kind of shower is that?”

“Kajaaaaaaa….” He hugs my shoulder.

“Jinnja oppa??you’re still stinky”

“I have sprayed a lot of cologne on me, just relax dongsaeng~ah..”

“Appali…” Appa warned me.

“Annyeonghi kyeseyooooo…”


“Kongbu charhae hyora~ya…” Omma cheered me

“Ne~ omma…” I replied


“I’ll pick you up, ok??” Kangin oppa took me in front of my school.

“Shiro….I’ll go with bus oppa…”

“Aa~ Ive something to tell you”


“Come closer” I come closer to my Oppa.

He said, “To tell you the truth I haven’t taken a shower…” and he ran away after saying that.

“OPPAAAAAA….jinnja michigeda..Having a trouble brother like you” I swear to him. And he just waved his hand calmly. But he is still my lovely brother, I love him so much coz he is the only one who can make me laugh every day.

I entered the gate of my new school. Ah~ I still have a story, it’s about my best friend. But unfortunately he moved to USA. We’ve been friends since we were still on kindergarten. She is talented, she can dance well, she can speak English really well too and she is smart. Ah~ she is such a good friend too. I miss her already. I remembered our farewell; I didn’t stop crying at that time. She’s like my sister, my best friend.


“Hyora~ya….i don’t want to move. I love Korea….sob sob” she cried and I did too.

“Young In~ah….kajimaaaaaaaaa……. I know you not only love Korea, but you love me too right??” I sobbed and teased her once at the time.

“YA!!” She pushed my forehead. “Ottokhaji?? Should I pretend to forget myself??So I don’t have to move”

“Nobody will believe that. Even you forget yourself, you still a smart girl”

“Aish!! I wonder how the Neul paran high school can let you in”

“kkkkkk” I laughed.

“So, what should we do now??”

“Nothing…I just hope you can do well there…”

“Hey, I promise I’ll be back…..” she imitated 2pm junho his idol. And that’s make me laugh.


Oh my God…I really miss her. Seemed I didn’t have any spirit to go to my class. I brought a piece of paper which is written my locker number and showed me in what class I will be.

“Ah~ igoda…” I stopped by my locker, it showed me me that Im in 1-3.

I opened it and put some books for later class. And when I closed it a cute face appeared and made me jumped.


“Annyeong!!” He smiled brightly. My heart was melting. Omonaaa….

“Annyeong haseyo”

“Call me Oppa, Okay?”

“Arasseoyo” I smiled shyly, ottokhae?! My face must be in red.

“Are you alone?”

I nodded. “Who am I supposed to be with?”

“The one who was with you yesterday, nuguya?? Kyuhyunie?”

“Ah~ keu saram…mollayo.. I don’t even know him, he’s just a person.”

“Do you know your class?”

“Mollayo, I just want to find it just now”

“Lets go I’ll take you there, you are in 1-3” wuaaahhh…its like dreams come true. We walked together, Woo young Oppa just a kind person, not like Kyuhyun he’s just like an evil covered by human skin. We talked a lot in our way to my class. We just connected each other. Omo! He can dance well too, he said he is the winner of some championship with his friends.

“Here we are. This is your class.”

“Thank you so much for helping me again this time, Woo…woo young O..oppa”

“Well, im gonna be used to it” He smiled as he tap my head, I blinked twice. “Charhaesseo Hyora~ annyeong” he said goodbye to me while waving his hand. I just couldn’t take my eyes on him. I stared at him until he disappeared. I entered the class after that and I can still feel my heart beating so fast. I could see most of the students here is unfamiliar. I greet three girls who’s having conversation in the corner.

“Annyeong im hyora, Kim hyora, nice to meet you guys.”

“Annyeong!!” they replied.

“Ah~ I know you, you are the one who fainted yesterday right?” answer one of them.


“Jinjja?How do you feel now?” said the girl with glasses.

“Gwenchanha…” I smile.

“Im Nam Jae Lin by the way” said the cute girl with a mirror in her hand.

“I’m Kim Tae Yeon”

“And I’m Lee Seo Ra”

“Pangabda chinguya~” I said

“Well, I hope we can get along” Tae Yeon responded. I smile and I looked my surround to get used to the atmosphere of the class. But my smile was gone immediately and my eyeswidened as I see him on the corner. He smirks at me, aughh!! That smirk makes me sick.

“Ya!What are you doing here??” I spoke to him.

“Its my class lady…” he answered me calmly.

“Mwo!!!no way!!!”

“Yes way…just face it” he said while reading his book. Ige mwoya!!!i hate to face that he is in the same class with me.

“Kyuhyun~ah!! “ Sungje come with bright smile.

“Im so excited today!!” he said.

“Im not”

“Wae?? You have to!! I’ll show you around after school, otte?? You have to know this town well, Okay??”


“Oh..annyeong!! I didn’t see you yesterday.. are you belong to this class?” Sungje realized my presence.

“Yup im belong to this class, but seems all of the chairs have been sat by the other”

“Ah~ kkokjongma. I’ll get you one.” Sungje got me a seat right away and put it in front of his seat which is next to Kyuhyun.

“Thanks. Im hyora by the way”

“Hyora??oh…so you fainted yesterday??” Sungje stare at Kyuhyun awhile. “Are OK now?”

“Yup, no problem. So everybody now know me as the fainted girl haha”

“Haha..almost all of the school know, Hyora. Im Kim sungje”

“Nice to meet you, Sungje~ya.. I hope we can be friends” Kyuhyun still busy reading his book without even care of our conversation.

After the break my new friends and I just come back from the canteen and ….. he messed up with me again by brushing me from behind.

That trouble maker, Cho Kyuhyun.

“You almost bumped into me AGAIN” he said the word ‘again’ with louder voice.

“So what? It should be me who say that Mister…”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you walked behind me so it’s impossible for me to bump into you AGAIN” I imitate him and speed my steps to our class. Yes way our class!! Aish!! Hope I can study well there.


“Do you have problem with him?He’s really cold. And seems he hates you” said Seo ra.

“Molla. I don’t even care”

“But he is cute anyway” Jae Lin waved her mirror.

“Don’t make me throw away my lunch honey…”

Kyuhyun POV

“Aish!nobody ever make me that way…she is just…arrggghhh…” I kicked the floor and followed her to the class. God!! Its annoying!! I said in mind.

“Waekure?” Kim Sungje, my new friend in this school. Let me tell you something, I just move from Incheon, so I don’t have friends in my new school. Well, fortunately I met this Sungje, we have the same favoritism so its kinda I will suit him. Hope so….

“Ani…its just her”


“Kim Hyora,. Aishh!! I can’t get that girl from my mind. She talked like she knows everything”

“Have you greeted her? That conclusion seems to be out from the person who knew her well”

“Well, not really. I helped her when she fainted at our first day at school, remember??”

“I don’t think she is annoying. She is friendly; we introduced our self just now right? And she is lovable Kyuhyun~ah…” Mwoya? That girl is nice in front of others. Unbelievable….tsk!

“Enough about praising her, she just can fly right away if she heard you”

“Are you jealous?”

“Mwo?jealous??aniya!! impossible ..”

“Eii….dont be like that. What if you fall for her??”

“Impossible I like her ”

“Whatever…” Sungje rolled his eyes. I just replied that doubtfully.



I typed an email for Young In. I want to release my burden to her.

To: Lee Young In (

Ya! Na bogoshipji?? Ara~

Kkkkk…. How’s everything nae chincin?? Miss me??

School’s not cool without you. Just want you to know, I met this crazy boy. Confused!!i cant handle him without you. he said I must lost my weight. Aish! Jinjja…what an annoying crazy guy. Not only that, he is in the same class with me, what a disaster. I fainted in my first day at school 😀 but, hehe there is this kind guy, he is my sunbe..owh..he is so cute, you must see him.

I think I fall for him … ❤ ❤ ❤

Hey!! Have you got a new BF??the American one??kkkk…

Reply me soon hon!! Miss u


“Send” I click the send button.


chapter 1 / forewords


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Cast: 초 규 현 (Super Junior), 김 효 라 (Fictional), 김 성 제 (Choshinsung), 이 영 인, 초 아 라, 장 우 영 (2PM), 강 인 (Super Junior)

Genre: 로 맨 스,코 메 디 (Not so sure ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)





“OH MY GOD…I WILL BE LATEEEEEE…!!!!!!!!” I ran very fast as I looked at my watch to my new school. This is my first

day school. And look what a perfect things I’ve done now??


“I’ve told you to sleep earlier last night, right? What didn’t you listen to me. I’ve known it already” I was too busy tied up

my shoes so I didn’t listen to my omma nags, as I finished tied my shoes, I just ran out of the house.

“Ya!!! KIM HYORAAAAAAAAAA!!!!OTTIGAASSEO??!!! (Where will you go??!!)You need to eat your breakfast first!!!” I just

disappeared without listening to my mother.

“That little rascal” said my mother.

Flash back end

“Arrgghhh….I’m way too excited till I couldn’t sleep last night, DAMN!!” the gate almost closed and I ran faster than

before. Some students also ran with me. I almost reached the tiny rest size of the gate until someone bumped me

suddenly and caused us to fall.

“Yaaaa!!!mwohaneungoya!!!!(What are you doing!!!!)” I scream at that person.

“Aish!! It was you who bumped into me” replied him.

“Mwo??(What?)Are you nuts? I’m the victims here”

“I don’t care”


This person got up fast and tried to get thru’ the gate but it was late, the gate already closed. And only both of us left.

“It is because of you, if only you didn’t bump into me like that” said that person while his hand in his waist.

“It was you who bumped into me Mister….” Defense me. The person seemed to think something without even heard what

I said and suddenly run again to the side of the school.

I had no word as that person disappeared, I froze as I looked at the person, and I was too confused to do something. In

the middle of my confused, suddenly someone grabbed my hand.

“Ya!! Do you want to come later or what” It was that person who grabbed me. He drags me to the back of the school.

“I’ll climb this first” he pulls a portable little ladder from behind brushes near there.

“What?!!what’s on your mind?”

“Haha..I’m genius, aren’t I?” He smirked at me as he climbed the ladder as fast as possible until I heard a loud voice which

is signed that he was in the school.

“Ya!!now it’s your turn”

“What do you mean??”

“Just do it like I did just now!!Appalli!!!(quick!!)” Shouted him. I just didn’t understand what he was thinking. I bent a

while to lower my sport pants for PE lesson today and then as fast as possible I climbed it up. Up there suddenly I felt

afraid to come down the wall was very high. I saw that person still there.

“Ya!!ottokhae??(How is it??) I’m afraid to come down. It is too high” I said.

“Aishhh!! Just come down. Come on!! It’s not that high!!”

“You can say that coz you are a boy!!”

“Just jump!! Do you want the teacher caught on us?”

“I’m afraid!!”

“JUMPPP!!!!” I finally obeyed what he ordered to me with all the risk I would take. Then with my eyes closed, I jumped. I

thought I would fall with the pain in my ass, but as I opened my eyes and blinked them, I felt like flying. Then I realized

that I was on that person’s capture. We both froze for sometimes.

“Do you know something? I cramp a little bit” He said. And that made me blushes right away, and get off from his arms.

“Ehem… ” We were awkward.

“Let’s go we don’t have much time” he grabbed my hand again. We finally made it to the school. Now we continued our

adventure not to be caught by the patrol teachers. We now were heading to the building which all the new students will

get the welcoming ceremony.

I felt exhausted and I suddenly pull his hand and asked to stop.

“I’m so tired of running” I said.

“We don’t have much time now!!” he dragged me again. In the middle of running, We bumped again to someone.

“Aaaaa…..” I shout as we both slam the floor

“Hey!! Are guys okay??Where are you going?” said the person whom we bumped into.

“Yeah we’re okay. Ironna!!(get up!!)” he said while helping me to get up.

“How about you girl?”

“I am……” I looked at the person who asked me, and cupid had released his arrow to me.

“Gwenchanha?(are you allright??)” he asked again.

“Gwenchanha……(I’m Okay)”

“But you look pale”

“Aniyeyo(No, she doesn’t)…she’s fine.” He answered as my behalf.

“You guys must be the newbie,” he said.

“Yes indeed”

“Are you lost?”

“Yes” short answer from him.

“Kureyo (okay then)…I’m your sunbe, my name is Jang Woo Young. I’m the Basketball team leader. So where do you want

to go?”

“We are….” I just wanted to answer but suddenly my view blur and everything was dark.


“Aughh…where am I?” I got my head still spinning.

“Hey…are you up?” said someone.

“Yeah I guess so.”

“Annyeong?” someone’s head appeared from the curtain which cover the bed where I laid.

“Annyeong haseyo” I replied.

“I’m Miss Park, Sandara Park. I’m your English teacher plus doctor here. You are in our clinic. Have you eaten breakfast?”

she smiled brightly, and it made me come to my senses.

“Uhmm… not yet”

“Well, no wonder you fainted. Your boyfriend took you here”

“B- b – boy friend?? I don’t have one miss” I sttutered

‘Aigoo…don’t be shy. You look good together hohohoho…” she said.

“So, Kim Hyora right?” I nodded. “How do you feel now?” Miss park asked again.

“Uhm…. im OK now…”

“Just eat this first to get your sense back” Dara saem(teacher) gave me some kimbab. I took them some.

“Uwaaaa… igo massisseoyo (very delicious)saem… “ I complimented her as I ate a bite.

“Gomawo (thank you)… I made it myself” she said that proudly. “You are the newbie right?”

“Yes, saem”

“The welcoming ceremony was over an hour ago. But don’t bother that was the most boring time actually, I slept when I

was there haha…”

“Are you originally from here too?” I asked, and she nodded.

“But, it will be more exciting after that” I smiled to hear her story.

“Hey, by the way how long you’ve been with him?”


“Your boyfriend….”

“I don’t have one saem”

“Eeiii!! Don’t hide something from me, I’m the best secret keeper, jagiya (dear). “

“He’s not my boyfriend, I met him this morning” I thought I know who she meant

“But he seems really worried about you. I insisted him to go back to the ceremonial; he refused at first and wanted to

accompany you”

“You must be joking saem”

“Ani…he said that he worried.” I felt my cheek hot.

“Ahahhahha..Look at your face it has already red…” teased her.

“Ahhhaahahaha…saem…aniyeyo…I think im already full saem.”

“I think you should go home honey. You need some rest.”

“Ne~ gomawo saem….Annyeongi kyeseyo (Goodbye)”

“Annyeong!!” Dara saem waved her hand.

I walked out from the clinic. I should get permission to the teacher office to go home, I still feel my head dizzy.

“Ya!!” a voice suddenly heard from my back. I turned my neck to the voice, and I can see that morning guy standing

there with his both hands crossed.

“You??ah~ I remember now. You are the one who came late with me”

“yes indeed and I was the one who save you too”

“Hmmm…really? Well, kamsahamnida for your help” I said from the bottom of my heart and smiled.

“Ya! Just reduce your weight a little, arasseo?(understand??)” he said that suddenly.

“MWO!!!!” my eyes are getting wider as I heard what he said just now. It seems 1000 tons of rock had fallen over my


“Aish!! Where is his manner, how dare he is talking to me like that. We just met this morning” I said in mind. I glared at him

“ya!! Mworago??(what did you say?) I said my thank you from the bottom of my heart you know??why did you reply like

that?” I asked him angrily

“Just face it, girl. Why are you so angry?”

“Aish!!” I scolded him as I walked by.

“Ya ya ya!! Im haven’t finished with you. where are you going?? Ya!Kim Hyora!!” he grabbed my right hand.

“Let me go!!How come you know my name?” I let my hand go from his.

“I have your bag” he answered calmly.

“And where is it now? What are you doing with my bag??!!!”

“I saw your school identity card in your wallet” he said that with a smirk on his face, make want to kick him far away.


“Hmm..we are on the same class hyora~ya…”


“Ya!! Use other word except WHHAAATTT ” he imitated me.

“Shut up!!Don’t tell me what to do. Just tell me WHERE. IS. MY. BAG??”

“You just have to follow me then…”

“Aishh!! Its not my lucky day I guess. Coming late, meeting annoying people like you. Its my bad day”

“Cho Kyu Hyun”


“ I said, use another word miss”

“None of your business!!”

“Just call me Kyu Hyun then”

“I don’t even ask your name, paboya~”

“Well, I just want to introduce myself” He said confidently and unburden.

“Aish!! Jinjja!!(really!!)” I said inside my heart. Well, happy or not I must follow this idiot named Kyuhyun.

“Ottokhaji?? (what should I do?)I just have to follow him anyway. I can do nothing” I said to myself.

In the middle of our way , Kyuhyun once again bumped a boy. He such a weird, is this his habit or what?

“Im sorry”

“Gwenchanha” it way Jang woo young, our sunbe who helped us before I fainted. I can only stare blankly at him. Aigoo!

He was just too cute.

“Ah~ it is you guys….are you okay?how have you been?” He asked me but I don’t respond. Kyuhyun tapped me until I

came back to the real world.

“Ne sunbenim, gwenchanseumnida (yes, senior, im okay). Thank you for your help”

“Just tell me if you need something, Ok?” he said

“Thank you once more jang sunbae(senior)” I bowed at him.

“By the way I haven’t known your name.” he gave me his hand.

“Hyora imnida, Kim Hyora” I welcomed his hand. I could see that Kyuhyun smirked mocking me.

“This is your boyfriend?” As soon as we heard that, we looked each other with a disgusting look.

“I better die” I comment.

“Yeah… I better throw myself away to the volcanoes mountains” we both mocked each other. Listened to us, Wooyoung


“Huahahhahahaha…you guys are funny.” After finishing his laugh, he said “Sorry kids I have to leave you, I have

something to do now. So if you really need my help just tell me, Hyora and…….”

“Cho Kyuhyun”

“Yup, Hyora and Kyuhyun just tell me I’m in 2-1 okay??so bye for now…” he said as he waved his hand leaving me with

this idiot, my face still burned. My heart still thumped.

“Come on…don’t day dreaming” his words make me down to earth again

“Trouble maker…you ruin my mood. Do you hate seeing me happy?”

“Ara~(I know) you have a crush on that sunbe right? That’s why you always repeated your ‘thank you’ words three times”

“He still respected me at the end, not like you”

“How much should I pay you to get your respect??”

“YAAAAAAA!!!” He smiled with victory. Fortunately they had reached their class.


“I am homeeee…” I pushed the bell.

“jamkkanman…..(wait a moment)” Omma, press the unlock button. I entered home as soon as the door opened.

“How’s your day?why is it so early”

“I fainted omma…”

“MWOOOO!!! That was what you got from disobeying me girl…” my omma really surprised

“Gwenchanha omma, don’t worry. There were a lot of handsome sunbe who helped me kkkk”

“Ya!! Neo jinjja nappeun yeoja (you are reallya bad girl)” Omma hit me lightly with his magazine.

“Omma!! Appuda…(mom!! It hurts)”

“ya!! Watch it if you sleep late and don’t have your breakfast again tomorrow” Threaten her.

“ah~ omma…tonight there will be dream high first episode. I have to watch it…”


“Omma….” I begged her.

“andweeee (you cant)….until you can get up early in the morning. Ya! Tell how’s your first day at school hyora~ya”

“Unfortunate plus fortunate first day..” I sighed

“Wae wae wae??(why?)”

“That pabo idiot boy….he took my bag while I fainted” reported me.

“That’s very kind of him”

“What kind?? He took my bag and invaded it, he also mocked me that I should reduce my weight, im not that fat, kerohji

omma??” my Omma giggled, I continued “I know that he helped me when I fainted but he just don’t have manner…aishh!!

Just wait and see later” I showed my fist.

“Then, what was the fortunate one?”

“Thanks for reminding me of that omma. I was helped by a cute and kind prince…omo….i still feel my cheek blushed. He is

very different from that dork the unmannered one”


“Im too tired to mention his name, the one that invaded my bag, the one whom I thanked but don’t respect me.

Ah…omma!!dont make me think about him again, he ruin my mood. Let me just tell you about my sunbe, Jang Wooyoung.

He was the one who helped me…im falling for him” I stared at the roof, imagining Wooyoung oppa.

“Nuguya?? Who’s falling??” suddenly my Oppa appeared, Kim Young Woon Oppa, or we call hin Kangin which means strong.

He is strong…

“Waekure oppa??(what’s wrong??older bro)dont be so jealous with me..” I said angrily. He ruined my hair *that’s the most

favorite thing he likes to do to me*. I blinked twice, that is my habit when someone tapped my head.

“Ya!! Little girl like you can’t be in love”

“Wae?? Im not a little girl anymore” protested me.

“You just enter your high school”

“Let me recall my memory, who’s got his first kiss in the early junior high school”

“YA!!!” His eyes widened as I revealed his secret. He ran after me, and I stick my tongue and hid behind my omma.

“Hey!!mwohae??!!(what are you doing?)” said omma. “Stop fighting kids!!Hyora~ya…go get change!! Kangin~ah… you

have any class after this?” Omma separated us.

“Nope, I have nothing this afternoon”

“Gomawoyo omma…for saving my live from this ugly oppa” I stick my tongue again.

“ya!!!i sarami….(this person)”



The Wedlock

안 녕 >.<

Hi there!!Im going to post my first kkumfiction today ^^

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But unfortunately, today I just can post 2 chapters only coz I’ve been so busy 미 안 해… *bow

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Cast: 초 규 현 (Super Junior), 김 효 라 (Fictional), 김 성 제 (Choishinsung), 이 영 인, 초 아 라, 장 우 영 (2PM), 강 인 (Super Junior)

Genre: 로 맨 스,코 메 디 (Not so sure ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)



Kim hyora 16 years old is a newbie in Neul paran high school. She made a trouble when she came late to school. She

accidentally bumped into Cho Kyuhyun, the coldest boy. and her life was getting worse when she found out that her

mother and Kyuhyun’s mother made a promise for their wedlock since they were in belly. In fact Hyora was in love with

her sunbae, Jang Woo Young. While Kyuhyun was still looking for his first love. How will they be?