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Cast: 초 규 현 (Super Junior), 김 효 라 (Fictional), 김 성 제 (Choshinsung), 이 영 인, 초 아 라, 장 우 영 (2PM), 강 인 (Super Junior)

Genre: 로 맨 스,코 메 디 (Not so sure ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)





“OH MY GOD…I WILL BE LATEEEEEE…!!!!!!!!” I ran very fast as I looked at my watch to my new school. This is my first

day school. And look what a perfect things I’ve done now??


“I’ve told you to sleep earlier last night, right? What didn’t you listen to me. I’ve known it already” I was too busy tied up

my shoes so I didn’t listen to my omma nags, as I finished tied my shoes, I just ran out of the house.

“Ya!!! KIM HYORAAAAAAAAAA!!!!OTTIGAASSEO??!!! (Where will you go??!!)You need to eat your breakfast first!!!” I just

disappeared without listening to my mother.

“That little rascal” said my mother.

Flash back end

“Arrgghhh….I’m way too excited till I couldn’t sleep last night, DAMN!!” the gate almost closed and I ran faster than

before. Some students also ran with me. I almost reached the tiny rest size of the gate until someone bumped me

suddenly and caused us to fall.

“Yaaaa!!!mwohaneungoya!!!!(What are you doing!!!!)” I scream at that person.

“Aish!! It was you who bumped into me” replied him.

“Mwo??(What?)Are you nuts? I’m the victims here”

“I don’t care”


This person got up fast and tried to get thru’ the gate but it was late, the gate already closed. And only both of us left.

“It is because of you, if only you didn’t bump into me like that” said that person while his hand in his waist.

“It was you who bumped into me Mister….” Defense me. The person seemed to think something without even heard what

I said and suddenly run again to the side of the school.

I had no word as that person disappeared, I froze as I looked at the person, and I was too confused to do something. In

the middle of my confused, suddenly someone grabbed my hand.

“Ya!! Do you want to come later or what” It was that person who grabbed me. He drags me to the back of the school.

“I’ll climb this first” he pulls a portable little ladder from behind brushes near there.

“What?!!what’s on your mind?”

“Haha..I’m genius, aren’t I?” He smirked at me as he climbed the ladder as fast as possible until I heard a loud voice which

is signed that he was in the school.

“Ya!!now it’s your turn”

“What do you mean??”

“Just do it like I did just now!!Appalli!!!(quick!!)” Shouted him. I just didn’t understand what he was thinking. I bent a

while to lower my sport pants for PE lesson today and then as fast as possible I climbed it up. Up there suddenly I felt

afraid to come down the wall was very high. I saw that person still there.

“Ya!!ottokhae??(How is it??) I’m afraid to come down. It is too high” I said.

“Aishhh!! Just come down. Come on!! It’s not that high!!”

“You can say that coz you are a boy!!”

“Just jump!! Do you want the teacher caught on us?”

“I’m afraid!!”

“JUMPPP!!!!” I finally obeyed what he ordered to me with all the risk I would take. Then with my eyes closed, I jumped. I

thought I would fall with the pain in my ass, but as I opened my eyes and blinked them, I felt like flying. Then I realized

that I was on that person’s capture. We both froze for sometimes.

“Do you know something? I cramp a little bit” He said. And that made me blushes right away, and get off from his arms.

“Ehem… ” We were awkward.

“Let’s go we don’t have much time” he grabbed my hand again. We finally made it to the school. Now we continued our

adventure not to be caught by the patrol teachers. We now were heading to the building which all the new students will

get the welcoming ceremony.

I felt exhausted and I suddenly pull his hand and asked to stop.

“I’m so tired of running” I said.

“We don’t have much time now!!” he dragged me again. In the middle of running, We bumped again to someone.

“Aaaaa…..” I shout as we both slam the floor

“Hey!! Are guys okay??Where are you going?” said the person whom we bumped into.

“Yeah we’re okay. Ironna!!(get up!!)” he said while helping me to get up.

“How about you girl?”

“I am……” I looked at the person who asked me, and cupid had released his arrow to me.

“Gwenchanha?(are you allright??)” he asked again.

“Gwenchanha……(I’m Okay)”

“But you look pale”

“Aniyeyo(No, she doesn’t)…she’s fine.” He answered as my behalf.

“You guys must be the newbie,” he said.

“Yes indeed”

“Are you lost?”

“Yes” short answer from him.

“Kureyo (okay then)…I’m your sunbe, my name is Jang Woo Young. I’m the Basketball team leader. So where do you want

to go?”

“We are….” I just wanted to answer but suddenly my view blur and everything was dark.


“Aughh…where am I?” I got my head still spinning.

“Hey…are you up?” said someone.

“Yeah I guess so.”

“Annyeong?” someone’s head appeared from the curtain which cover the bed where I laid.

“Annyeong haseyo” I replied.

“I’m Miss Park, Sandara Park. I’m your English teacher plus doctor here. You are in our clinic. Have you eaten breakfast?”

she smiled brightly, and it made me come to my senses.

“Uhmm… not yet”

“Well, no wonder you fainted. Your boyfriend took you here”

“B- b – boy friend?? I don’t have one miss” I sttutered

‘Aigoo…don’t be shy. You look good together hohohoho…” she said.

“So, Kim Hyora right?” I nodded. “How do you feel now?” Miss park asked again.

“Uhm…. im OK now…”

“Just eat this first to get your sense back” Dara saem(teacher) gave me some kimbab. I took them some.

“Uwaaaa… igo massisseoyo (very delicious)saem… “ I complimented her as I ate a bite.

“Gomawo (thank you)… I made it myself” she said that proudly. “You are the newbie right?”

“Yes, saem”

“The welcoming ceremony was over an hour ago. But don’t bother that was the most boring time actually, I slept when I

was there haha…”

“Are you originally from here too?” I asked, and she nodded.

“But, it will be more exciting after that” I smiled to hear her story.

“Hey, by the way how long you’ve been with him?”


“Your boyfriend….”

“I don’t have one saem”

“Eeiii!! Don’t hide something from me, I’m the best secret keeper, jagiya (dear). “

“He’s not my boyfriend, I met him this morning” I thought I know who she meant

“But he seems really worried about you. I insisted him to go back to the ceremonial; he refused at first and wanted to

accompany you”

“You must be joking saem”

“Ani…he said that he worried.” I felt my cheek hot.

“Ahahhahha..Look at your face it has already red…” teased her.

“Ahhhaahahaha…saem…aniyeyo…I think im already full saem.”

“I think you should go home honey. You need some rest.”

“Ne~ gomawo saem….Annyeongi kyeseyo (Goodbye)”

“Annyeong!!” Dara saem waved her hand.

I walked out from the clinic. I should get permission to the teacher office to go home, I still feel my head dizzy.

“Ya!!” a voice suddenly heard from my back. I turned my neck to the voice, and I can see that morning guy standing

there with his both hands crossed.

“You??ah~ I remember now. You are the one who came late with me”

“yes indeed and I was the one who save you too”

“Hmmm…really? Well, kamsahamnida for your help” I said from the bottom of my heart and smiled.

“Ya! Just reduce your weight a little, arasseo?(understand??)” he said that suddenly.

“MWO!!!!” my eyes are getting wider as I heard what he said just now. It seems 1000 tons of rock had fallen over my


“Aish!! Where is his manner, how dare he is talking to me like that. We just met this morning” I said in mind. I glared at him

“ya!! Mworago??(what did you say?) I said my thank you from the bottom of my heart you know??why did you reply like

that?” I asked him angrily

“Just face it, girl. Why are you so angry?”

“Aish!!” I scolded him as I walked by.

“Ya ya ya!! Im haven’t finished with you. where are you going?? Ya!Kim Hyora!!” he grabbed my right hand.

“Let me go!!How come you know my name?” I let my hand go from his.

“I have your bag” he answered calmly.

“And where is it now? What are you doing with my bag??!!!”

“I saw your school identity card in your wallet” he said that with a smirk on his face, make want to kick him far away.


“Hmm..we are on the same class hyora~ya…”


“Ya!! Use other word except WHHAAATTT ” he imitated me.

“Shut up!!Don’t tell me what to do. Just tell me WHERE. IS. MY. BAG??”

“You just have to follow me then…”

“Aishh!! Its not my lucky day I guess. Coming late, meeting annoying people like you. Its my bad day”

“Cho Kyu Hyun”


“ I said, use another word miss”

“None of your business!!”

“Just call me Kyu Hyun then”

“I don’t even ask your name, paboya~”

“Well, I just want to introduce myself” He said confidently and unburden.

“Aish!! Jinjja!!(really!!)” I said inside my heart. Well, happy or not I must follow this idiot named Kyuhyun.

“Ottokhaji?? (what should I do?)I just have to follow him anyway. I can do nothing” I said to myself.

In the middle of our way , Kyuhyun once again bumped a boy. He such a weird, is this his habit or what?

“Im sorry”

“Gwenchanha” it way Jang woo young, our sunbe who helped us before I fainted. I can only stare blankly at him. Aigoo!

He was just too cute.

“Ah~ it is you guys….are you okay?how have you been?” He asked me but I don’t respond. Kyuhyun tapped me until I

came back to the real world.

“Ne sunbenim, gwenchanseumnida (yes, senior, im okay). Thank you for your help”

“Just tell me if you need something, Ok?” he said

“Thank you once more jang sunbae(senior)” I bowed at him.

“By the way I haven’t known your name.” he gave me his hand.

“Hyora imnida, Kim Hyora” I welcomed his hand. I could see that Kyuhyun smirked mocking me.

“This is your boyfriend?” As soon as we heard that, we looked each other with a disgusting look.

“I better die” I comment.

“Yeah… I better throw myself away to the volcanoes mountains” we both mocked each other. Listened to us, Wooyoung


“Huahahhahahaha…you guys are funny.” After finishing his laugh, he said “Sorry kids I have to leave you, I have

something to do now. So if you really need my help just tell me, Hyora and…….”

“Cho Kyuhyun”

“Yup, Hyora and Kyuhyun just tell me I’m in 2-1 okay??so bye for now…” he said as he waved his hand leaving me with

this idiot, my face still burned. My heart still thumped.

“Come on…don’t day dreaming” his words make me down to earth again

“Trouble maker…you ruin my mood. Do you hate seeing me happy?”

“Ara~(I know) you have a crush on that sunbe right? That’s why you always repeated your ‘thank you’ words three times”

“He still respected me at the end, not like you”

“How much should I pay you to get your respect??”

“YAAAAAAA!!!” He smiled with victory. Fortunately they had reached their class.


“I am homeeee…” I pushed the bell.

“jamkkanman…..(wait a moment)” Omma, press the unlock button. I entered home as soon as the door opened.

“How’s your day?why is it so early”

“I fainted omma…”

“MWOOOO!!! That was what you got from disobeying me girl…” my omma really surprised

“Gwenchanha omma, don’t worry. There were a lot of handsome sunbe who helped me kkkk”

“Ya!! Neo jinjja nappeun yeoja (you are reallya bad girl)” Omma hit me lightly with his magazine.

“Omma!! Appuda…(mom!! It hurts)”

“ya!! Watch it if you sleep late and don’t have your breakfast again tomorrow” Threaten her.

“ah~ omma…tonight there will be dream high first episode. I have to watch it…”


“Omma….” I begged her.

“andweeee (you cant)….until you can get up early in the morning. Ya! Tell how’s your first day at school hyora~ya”

“Unfortunate plus fortunate first day..” I sighed

“Wae wae wae??(why?)”

“That pabo idiot boy….he took my bag while I fainted” reported me.

“That’s very kind of him”

“What kind?? He took my bag and invaded it, he also mocked me that I should reduce my weight, im not that fat, kerohji

omma??” my Omma giggled, I continued “I know that he helped me when I fainted but he just don’t have manner…aishh!!

Just wait and see later” I showed my fist.

“Then, what was the fortunate one?”

“Thanks for reminding me of that omma. I was helped by a cute and kind prince…omo….i still feel my cheek blushed. He is

very different from that dork the unmannered one”


“Im too tired to mention his name, the one that invaded my bag, the one whom I thanked but don’t respect me.

Ah…omma!!dont make me think about him again, he ruin my mood. Let me just tell you about my sunbe, Jang Wooyoung.

He was the one who helped me…im falling for him” I stared at the roof, imagining Wooyoung oppa.

“Nuguya?? Who’s falling??” suddenly my Oppa appeared, Kim Young Woon Oppa, or we call hin Kangin which means strong.

He is strong…

“Waekure oppa??(what’s wrong??older bro)dont be so jealous with me..” I said angrily. He ruined my hair *that’s the most

favorite thing he likes to do to me*. I blinked twice, that is my habit when someone tapped my head.

“Ya!! Little girl like you can’t be in love”

“Wae?? Im not a little girl anymore” protested me.

“You just enter your high school”

“Let me recall my memory, who’s got his first kiss in the early junior high school”

“YA!!!” His eyes widened as I revealed his secret. He ran after me, and I stick my tongue and hid behind my omma.

“Hey!!mwohae??!!(what are you doing?)” said omma. “Stop fighting kids!!Hyora~ya…go get change!! Kangin~ah… you

have any class after this?” Omma separated us.

“Nope, I have nothing this afternoon”

“Gomawoyo omma…for saving my live from this ugly oppa” I stick my tongue again.

“ya!!!i sarami….(this person)”