Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 6

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Kyuhyun P.O.V

Is it… Is it… LOVE? What am I thinking? Ahaha.. It can’t be. How can I love her? I.. I… Aish.. I’m going crazy. Just ignore

it. It just because she’s my wife and I like to tease her a lot. Nothing else. Right.. Right.. Nothing else!

“Kyuhyun-ah.. Let’s go home.”She said smiled. Thump.. Thump.. What’s that sound? I feel my face burned and turn in red.

What it is? I feel so happy to see her smile. Jeez..

“Ah.. Right. Let’s go home!” I said while moving to cashier and paid bill. Seung Rin followed me and we got ride to home.

Minho and Eun Shi were going together. We arrived at home and when we entered living room, I see my mom and my

father sit at the couch.

“Ah.. My baby Kyu~, Seung Rin-ah~”She said grinned to us. Oh, fuck!

“Yah! Don’t call me that again!” I yelled at her and see Seung Rin giggled. Gosh! How embarrassed!

“Kyuhyun-ah, Seung Rin-ah, sit down please?”My father asked us.

We sat down in front of them. And they began to talk to us.

“Okay. Because you are married right now, your father and I will give you two a present!” My mom said and gave me a

key. What the fuck is she doing? Seung Rin and I confused at her action.

“What is this?”I asked confusedly.

“It’s your new house key. You can move tomorrow. This is the address.”My father said. He handed me a paper and I read


“Father? Is the house just only one block from here? Why do you give me this? We can live here, right?” Seung Rin asked

to him. Wait? Is she afraid to me? Buwahaha.. I must take this house.

“Aniya, I will take this house. We move!” I said and looked at her. She looks like surprise with my sentences.

“Okay! Now, you two let’s go bed. It’s already late in the night.” My mom said to us and we leave them in living room. I go

upstairs with her. Ahaha.. She’s look freeze and silent at all. I must tease her a lot. It’s very fun! I smirked at her and she

stare at me with her jaw dropped.

Seung Rin P.O.V

I feel freeze when Kyuhyun’s parents said that me and Kyuhyun must move to our new house. I shivered. How can? Tsk. I

feel Kyuhyun will tease me a lot because now we are separated with his parents. I looked at him and he smirked to me.

Omg! My jaw dropped as I see him. I think something bad will happen to me. He unlocked the door and we got in. I went

to closet and take clothes. I want to take a shower. When I want to go to the bathroom, I feel Kyuhyun’s hand around

my waist. He hugged me! I hold my breath. Calm down, Seung Rin! Calm down! Now, I feel his chin at my shoulder. OMO!

What the hell is he doing?

“Seung Rin-ah…” He whispered in my ears. I feel tingled sensation and my face got red.

“W-wae?” I stuttered.

“Where are you going with your clothes in your hand?” He asked and now he hugged me tighter.

“I… I.. I w..want to take a shower.” I stuttered again. Gosh! I shouldn’t stutter. Kyuhyun will laugh at me. Jeez..

“Do you want me to go to shower with you?” He asked to me and loosens up his hug.

“N-n-no.. I.. I.. can take a shower myself.” I said to him and run away to the bathroom. I locked the door and going to


Author P.O.V

Kyuhyun stare at her and he feels like laughing. He laughed loudly like an insane.

“Omo omo! What is that? She always run away when I move closer to her. Kekeke.” He still laughed madly. He likes to

tease her a lot. It isn’t love, he thought. It’s just nothing. So, why does he have sex with her? Is it love? He thought

himself. No, it’s just lust and desire. How cant a married man want to do it when he has a wife in his side? Yeah, That’s

right. Kyuhyun looked back at bathroom and laughed again. And then, he move to the bed and going sleep.

Seung Rin P.O.V

I finished my shower. I’m going to out the bathroom. I take a peek and I see Kyuhyun is lying on the bed. Puff.. I survive.

I move closer to the bed and look at his face. How can he has an angel face but has a devil side? When he’s sleeping he’s

sooo cut- no. He isn’t. Woke up, Seung Rin! I shook my head and lying down in the bedroom. I turn off the light because I

can’t sleep if there is a light. Furthermore, we must move tomorrow. Then, I feel asleep.

Next day

Kyuhyun P.O.V

I feel something in my chest. I touch it. It’s so soft.. Ah.. I think I’m still in my dream. Why is she hugged me and her face

is smiled? Buawahaha.. It’s just dream. Just dream.. But, why is this like so real? I move my left hand and then pinched

my cheek. Aww! It’s hurt. I widened my eyes and look at my side. Right now, she’s hugging me! Hohoho.. Suddenly, I hear

she yawned. I then pretend to sleep. I take a peek and looked at her. She’s moving. And when she saw that herself is

hugged me she shocked. She gasped and sat. she stared at me. I think she want to check me if I still asleep. Kekeke. I

must tease her.

“Why are you staring at me? I’m going to melt. Am I that handsome?” I said and opened my eyes.

“Yah! You are awake, right?” She yelled and blushed. I like this! Kekeke.

“Ah, yeobo~ you are so cute!” I pinched her cheek. And it feels so soft.. I want to tease her more! So, I move closer to


“Ya! What are you doing?” She said. I lay her to bed. I hold her hand to not make a movement. And now Im on top of

her. She shivered. Kekeke. I smirked.

“What do you think babe~” I said in sexy tone. How was that? There is no girls who didn’t melt when I said that in sexy

voice? I move my lips closer to her. Closer… Closer.. And closer until my lips is just 1 inch to her lips. I licked my lips and…

Bruak!! “Kyuhyun-ah… You are awake? Let’s go! You and Seung Rin has to mo-..“ My omma suddenly open my door and

looked at my position with Seung Rin. I stared at her angrily. What the fuck a mom likes to see her son to make out with

his wife?

“Yah! What are you doing!” I stare at her. She has a 0_0 expression.

“Omo! Oh.. I see.. Just continue.. But, don’t take too long. I’m waiting for breakfast downstairs.” She shocked and

suddenly smiled to us.

“Yeah… Yeah.. Just go..” I said and she about to go when she appeared again in the door.

“Baby Kyu~ Make me a handsome grandson!” She winked at me and then closed the door. I looked at her. She’s just look

down and her face blushed madly. Ahaha. I like this! Yay!

Seung Rin P.O.V

Omo! Kyuhyun’s mom was looked at us in this awkward position. I can’t help but blushed madly. I think my face now like a

tomato. Very red!

“Kyuhyun-ah.. Let me go. I want to take a shower.” I said and try to push him. He then stand up and sat on the edge of

the bed. I got up and try to walking when he suddenly pull me down to his lap and hugged me from behind. Dugun Dugun

Dugun.. Omo! What’s that sound? Dug Dug Dug… It’s getting louder..

“Seung Rin-ah..” He whispered in my ears make me feel tingled sensation.

“Kyuhyun-ah… Let me go. I want to take a shower.” I looked at his eyes and omo! I just realized that his eyes are so

beautiful. Bright brown hazel! Urgh… Don’t look at him, Seung Rin! I looked away from him. But, he tightened his hug. I

can’t breathe.

“I’m not going to let you go if you don’t call me oppa!” He said cute-what! No! Sarcastically, I mean! He smirked at me.

Urgh! That makes me feel sick! Why he always bullied me? Is it funny?

“Op-argh… I can’t!” I yelled in his ears.

“Yah! Don’t yell in my ears! Just said, Oppa! Let me go! Said that!” he shouted loudly. Urgh.. His eyes are frightened me. I

opened my mouth when he moved his delicious lips into mine. WHAT?! Just I say delicious?! Omo! My hearts begin to


“Say it, or I will ‘punish’ you!” He said and emphasized ‘punishment’ word to me. I don’t know what kinds of punishment

he will give to me. But, I think it’s worse!

“Op…pa.. L-let mmm-e ggg-o!” I stuttered and he loosened his hug. I run to the bathroom. Locked the door and breathing

heavily. My heart began to flutter again. Dug Dug Dug..

“What is this? Why am I so nervous?” I spoke to myself. Then suddenly, like a drama serial in TV I have ever seen. I think

I know what kinds of situation is this when I suddenly feel this way. I realize something.. Yeah.. I know. It’s called LOVE. I

love him! Argh!! No, no, no! How can? He’s just a jerk which stole your first kiss and raped you! Err.. Not actually. I

pleased and liked when he did that. What?! Urgh.. I messed my hair and started to strip myself and going to shower my


Kyuhyun P.O.V

Buwahaha… What the hell! Buwahaha.. I think my stomach is really hurt right now. I laugh very much. She’s so cuuuut-

wait.. wait.. I said she’s cute? Author, is that true? (Yeah, you’re right). But how can? (I dunno. Maybe you like her?) It

can’t be! (Okay, Stop this conversation. I think the readers are being upset when I appeared here). After I satisfied laugh

to much I take a deep breath. I move to my closet and put my clothes. I’m going to the bathroom when I hear the door is

unlocked. Our eyes meet. She’s blushed and run away again. Kekeke.. I’m going to die. Die.. Okay. Let’s stop this. I’m

going to bathroom now and starting to strip.

Author P.O.V

After 15 minutes

Kyuhyun finished his shower and went out from bathroom. He looked around and didn’t see Seung Rin. So, he decided to

leave the room and going down. There are his parents and Seung Rin wait there. They had finished packing and want to

go to Kyuhyun and Seung Rin new house. Kyuhyun and Seung Rin go with Kyuhyun’s car while his parents go with

Kyuhyun father’s car. Finally, they arrive at newlywed apartment. Kyuhyun unlocked the door and opened it.

“Ah, kiyeopta!” Kyuhyun mom’s shouted and looked around. It’s very beautiful home.

“Yeah.. It’s certainly your choice!” Kyuhyun said and looked around. Emm.. Not bad, he thought.

Seung Rin P.O.V

I dropped my jaw. Oh My Gosh! It’s so beautiful house. It’s little but warm. And when I approached the window I can see

beautiful scenery from there. I move to bedroom. Wait! It’s only one bedroom!! Oh, no! I turned around and see Kyuhyun

smirked to me. God! What should I do?

“Emm.. Eomma. Is there only one bedroom?” I asked to his mom.

“Yes. Waeyo?” She said confusedly.

“Oh, no problem.” I whispered to her.

“Emm.. Kyuhyun-ah, Seung Rin-ah we must go now. I have a party with my relation tonight. Your mom will follow me. So,

I will go now. Take care!” Kyuhyun’s father said and hold his wife’s hand.

“Ne, abeoji. Be careful.” Kyuhyun said. I and Kyuhyun accompanied his parents to the door and said goodbye. When the

door closed, Kyuhyun locked the door and I can see he smirked to me. He moved closer to my ear and whispered to me.

“So, what should we do now, yeobo?” He whispered with seduce voice. Urgh… I can’t handle this. His voice is so soft and

seduces me a lot.

“Errr… How about eating?” I said to him and thanks god, I’m not stuttered now. I walked to the kitchen and prepare for

dinner. He sat at couch and turn on the tv. After I finished my cooking, I called him.

“Kyuhyun-a.. oppa! The food is ready!” I shouted and oops I almost forget to call him oppa. I can’t imagine if I don’t call

him like that. He walked to kitchen and took a seat. He sat down and starting to eat.

“Emm.. Not bad!” He said and smiled. Omo! It’s angel smile he has when we first meet. Urgh.. I shook my head and started

to eat.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

What?! I can believe I smiled at her. Ah, it must because I like her cooking. It’s so delicious. But, I only said not bad.

Yeah, if I said delicious she must be big head. Kekeke. After we finished our dinner, I entered our room. She said that she

want to washing dishes so I decision to play game in my laptop. When, I just going to start, the door opened and she

entered our room.

“Finished?” I said to her while opened my laptop.

“Emm..” She said shortly.

“So, what are you doing now?” I asked to her and started to play.

“I’m going to study.” She said and move to her desk. In our room, we have two desks. One for me and one for her.

“Oh, okay.” I said and continue to play game. Right now, I’m not in the mood to tease her. I only wanted play game


Seung Rin P.O.V

I started to study. Well, that pervert is busy to play game. so, I think he’s not going to tease me. I started to study and

doing my paper. After I finished, I feel sleepy. I yawned and started to sleep at my desk.

Author P.O.V

Kyuhyun yawned and feel asleep. I looked at the clock and right now it’s 12 pm. Oh, gosh! If I continue playing game, I’ll

be late to campus tomorrow. So, I decided to sleep. I looked at Seung Rin desk and see her sleep. He walking to her and

going to wake her up.

“Ya! Seung Rin-ah! Wake up!” I looked at her and I feel that she’s in her deep sleep. I stare at her and took a deep

breath. FFuh.. I studied her face truly. Her face is like an angel. Innocent, pure, and cu-wait! What?! Ah, jinjja. I must be

crazy. Ignore her, Kyuhyun! Ignore her! When I’m going to the bed she suddenly open her mouth.

“Kyuhyun oppa..”She mumbled. Gosh! I feel my heart beating faster. I looked back at her. Argh.. I can’t ignore her. I

move closer and take her bridal way to our bed.

“You owe me this, princess.” I whispered to her and grinned. After I lay her down to the bed, I lay down myself and going

to dreamland.

Seung Rin P.O.V

“Seung Rin ah.. Seung Rin ah…” I felt someone called my name. Urgh. I don’t want to wake up right now.

“Emm…” I ignore that sound and still sleep. Then, suddenly I felt my body going up like carried by someone.

“You owe me this, princess~” Ah.. That sound. I think I know his voice. Him? Yeah, its that man’s voice. It’s Kyuhyun’s

voice! I smiled myself and…


“Urgh.. Shut up!” I shouted and looking around table near me while my eyes still shut. Ah, finally the sound is off. I

yawned and groaned. Ah, that dream is so good. Why I must wake up? I opened my eyes slowly. I feel deep breath at my

forehead. I looked up and shocked because Kyuhyun is hugging me and I hugged her to. Our feet tangled together and

our body covered by blanket. What the fuck!!! I loosen our hug and my feet. I opened our blanket slowly and hhh… I’m

NOT naked.. I took a deep breath and looked at my clock. It’s 8 am! Oh, no! I’m going to be late. I woke Kyuhyun up

when he realized that now is 8 am, we suddenly going to bathroom. We decide not to take a shower because it’s going to

be late. So, we only brush our teeth and going breakfast. We immidiatelly to go to Kyuhyun’s car and went to campus.

Luckily, we aren’t late.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

Damn! We woke up late. But, luckily we aren’t late. I tell to her, if she finished her lecture, she have to call me and we

can go home together. Kekeke. This day I have a plan to tease her. Now, I looked at my hand phone. It’s 6 pm already

and she didn’t call me. Where the fuck she’s doing now? I dialed her number and wait for an answer. When finally she

take her phone I heard she breathing heavily.

“Kyuhyun oppa..” She moaned. What?! What the hell is she doing? did she want to have sex phone with me? Is she

masturbating herself? I can imagine her. She’s naked right now. And she squeezed her breast then pinched her nipple. Her

right hand move to her lower part and insert her finger to her womanhood and moaned my name.. Keke… Does she really

want me badly?.

“Ppalli… It’s hurt Minho oppa!” She yelled. What?! What the hell now? Does she not doing herself? Is she doing with

Minho? I don’t know what happens. But, I think my body tensed up and my blood boiling right now. I feel anger pressure

my body.

“I’m coming Seung Rin-ah.. I’ll be gentle.”Minho said.

“Ah.. Minho oppa..” Now, she’s groaned!

“Yah!! SHIN SEUNG RIN! What the hell are you doing?” I yelled at her.

“Ah.. Ah… Kyu-hhyun op-pa, I’ll call you later. And don’t wait me. I’ll go home myself.” She groaned and hung me up.

Grrrh…. I feel anger right now. I go to parking room and start engine my car. I go home. I rode my car with high speed.

Like a crazy. I can’t believe she was doing that to me. Okay! If you want that, I will give you!

“Argh…” I shouted and going to our, oh no! MY apartment.

Seung Rin P.O.V

Ah, it hurts badly. How Minho isn’t gentle to me? I feel my lower body sore and exhausted. I took a bus to our apartment.

When I arrived at apartment, I enter the building and go with elevator to our room. I unlocked the door and see the house

is dark. What?! Where is Kyuhyun? Is he going? Uh.. I think so. I took of my shoes and going to our bedroom. It’s dark

too. Jeez. Is Kyuhyun hanging out with his friend? I took off my coat and placed it to my closet. When I turn on the lamp,

I shocked. Kyuhyun is sat in bed right now with his angry face. I didn’t dare to look at him. Jeez. Is he angry to me

because I didn’t call him?

“K-k-kyuhyun op-p-a..” I stuttered. God! Help me! He move closer and then smirked to me. Jeez. This is that smirked!

Signal of danger! I going backward but Kyuhyun quickly hold my wrist tightly. I’m very afraid right now. I’m going to cry.

“Do you know what your fault?” He said sarcastically and his eyes full of anger. I didn’t dare to look at his eyes.

“I.. I.. I don’t k-know..” Holy shit! I stuttered again. I looked down and now feel his warm breath in my ears.

“You didn’t know? Then I will punish you!” He whispered in anger voice and looked at me. Our faces are faced together.

And I can feel something bad will happen to me. He moves his face again to my ear and…


Kekeke.. Sorry for bored chapter and Minho doesn’t often appear in this chapter. I think it’s good to make you curious

about what happened between Seung Rin and Minho? So, what kind of punishment will given by Kyuhyun? Oh, wrong. My

baby Kyu~ Wait for the next chapter! I think there is rated story in the next chapter. Maybe. Maybe yes maybe no.

Buwahaha.. *devil laugh*

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Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 5

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Next morning she felt so exhausted and sore. He forced her to do that until third round. Oh, no. Maybe it was five rounds.

Is he

crazy? She woke up and looked at her side. Kyuhyun isn’t in their bed. Where did he go? She tried to get up but it felt so

sore at her

lower body. Finally, she can get up. She covered her body with blanket. She collected all her cloth in the floor and placed

at the

clothes basket. She was going to the closet and took her cloth. Then, she move to bathroom. She went into the

bathroom. She gasped

and screamed when she looked Kyuhyun take shower and naked.

“Kya!!”she screamed. Kyuhyun startled and looked back. He stared at her.

“Yah! Are you crazy? Why are you screaming?” He said angrily while his hand rubbed his body.

“I..I..I’ll go out!”She said and run out to their room. Kyuhyun dazed at her act. And then he smiled himself.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

“Kekeke. Is she shy?” He said and humming a song. After a while I’m out from bathroom. I searched her in my room and

find her sleeping with sitting position in the couch. I move closer to her. Now, I can see her angelic face. I smiled and an

idea popped at my mind. I sat and move closer to her face. Then, I breathe at her neck and move my head near her ears.

“Jagiya~ I have finished my shower. Wake up.” I whispered to her. She’s not moving. Jeez.. Is she so tired? Well, I know

it must be tired. But, I was only doing that five times! I started to upset. I smirked look at her lips. Her lips is taste so

sweat and soft. I move closer.. Closer.. And our lips was about 2 inch when she suddenly woke up and her head smack

my head.

“Argh! Yah! Michyeoseo?”I yelled at her and touch my head. She shocked and looked at our position. Yeah. It’s ‘that’

position. Keke.

“Emm.. Sorry Oppa. Are you hurt?”She looked at me.

“Uh.. Do you know that it hurt? Give me kiss in my lips!”I yelled and smirked to her. She looked at me with her eyes

expression ‘what-a-pervert-think’.

“Emm.. Bbbut.. Your head..”She stuttered. I move closer to her.

“C’mon.. Kiss me..”I said.

Seung Rin P.O.V

It’s crazy. Totally crazy. Isn’t he tired from what were we doing last night? I gave him a look ‘perverted think to him’. But,

he moved closer to me. Omo. Omo. He only have a towel wrapped his lower part. Argh.. I must go. I must go. Suddenly, I

took a square off and stand. I bowed to him. Smiled. And then run away to the bathroom. I run as fast as I can. When I

finally reached the door of bathroom I entered. In bathroom I took a peek and saw him laughed crazily. Aish.. It  must be

weird. Uh. I’m gonna take a bath now.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

When I move closer to her, she suddenly get up, bowed at me, and smiled. Then, she ran to the bathroom. What a crazy

girl? Bwuahaha.. Is she so embarrassed or does she like me a lot? Yes, it must be because I’m so handsome. Kekeke. I

stretched my back and going to the closet to take a shirt and jeans. After I finished wearing my cloth, I leave my room

and go down to the dining room.

“Where is Seung Rin?” My mom asked as I walked in the dining room.

“She took a bath. Why?”I said to her and looking for food.

“Jeez.. You must be wild last night, right?”My mom asked curiously to me. I make a O_O expression. Omo! This old hag!

“Wh-why.. Did you hear us?” I stuttered and eat the bread in front of me to decrease my nervousness.

“Ahaha.. You have to know. She screamed too much and her moan is sexy right?”My father suddenly appeared and take a

newspaper in his hand. He sat in the chair and started to read that.

“Jeez.. You such a perverted, dad!” I shouted at him.

“And this is seized to you. Kekeke.” He laughed and my mom laughed too. What an annoyed parents? Argh.. Now, I feel

my face get burned. I think it’s like a tomato now. Very very red. Where is she? Jeez. Why do girls always have long


Author P.O.V

Seung Rin finished her shower. She wore her shirt and jeans. She didn’t want to wear a dress because you know she felt

so sore and she didn’t want Kyuhyun force to do “it” again. She unlocked the bathroom door and look at Kyuhyun’s room.

Nobody’s here. Where is that pervert? She’s thought. Then, she left the room and went downstair because she felt so

hungry right now. She turned into dining room and saw Kyuhyun with his parents were chatting together. She felt little

sad when see that. She hoped that she in his position. Chatting with her parents, laughed together, and eating together.

She comeback from her imagination when Kyuhyun called her name.

“Seung Rin-ah..”Kyuhyun shouted. She move closer to the table and sat beside him.

“Seung Rin-ah you must felt so exhausted and sore after what Kyuhyun doing last night with him, right?”Kyuhyun’s mom

asked her. She felt embarrassed. Her face turned into pink blush. She just nodded and looked down.

“Aigoo.. How cute!” Kyuhyun’s mother said and then pinched her face. She just smiled.

“Eomma! Don’t do that!”I yelled at her.

“Aish.. You’re just jealous to me, right?” Kyuhyun’s mom said.

“Okay.. Stop then. Let’s eat now!”Kyuhyun’s father took his newspaper off and then started to eat. All of them then

started to eat.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

Gosh! She looked cute when she blushed and look down. Omg! I want to hug her right now. Wait? What I want? Jeez. It

must be wrong. I don’t like her, I don’t like her.. We eat silently until my mom opened her mouth. Aish. What is she going

to say?

“Kyuhyun-ah, Seung Rin-ah because you are married now, how about honeymoon?” My mom said softly and look at us. I

widened my eyes and smirked. Bwuahaha… It must be nice to have ‘one night stand’ with her every night. No. I think

morning isn’t bad too. OMG! My pervert side is appeared. Kekeke.

“No! Emm.. I guess we are going busy because tomorrow I have an exam. So I think it’s not good this time.”She said.

Whaaaat!! Did she say that she doesn’t want to go honeymoon with me? She doesn’t want to go with me? A handsome

guy, smart, and gentle man?

“But..”My mom looked sad. “Let them there. I think she’s right.”My father said.

“Okay, then.. Because you two don’t have time to date before married, I will gave you two tickets to amusement park.

You two must go in the weekend after exam. Okay?”She said with full smile.

“Okay… Okay..”I said lazily. Aish.. I don’t want this. Seung Rin.. Wait for my revenge! Kekeke.

“Umm.. Mom, dad we must go now.” She said while stand and then bowed to my parents. I followed her and do that to

my parents. Now, we are going to campus. Argh.. I don’t have good mood this day. Jeez..

Seung Rin P.O.V

After we finished our meal, Kyuhyun and I left the dining room. I stand first and then him. He went to garage and took a

sport car. He led me to the passenger seat and I sat beside him. In our way to campus he is very silent. He didn’t say

anything to me. Is he mad? Or is he bored to me because now I’m not virgin anymore and can’t satisfy him? Wait.. What a

pervert think! Jeez. It must because a ‘tiring night’ last night. Urgh… I shook my head and try to look over and my eyes

fall to his face. Jeez. He has a perfect face. Sharp jaw line, strong bone cheek, bright brown eyes, and adorable smile.

Omo! Why am I looking at him. Seung Rin woke up! You don’t like him.

“Why do you stare at me? Am I that handsome, huh?” He said smirked but still focused at his way.

“Err… No! I’m not looking at you! I looked over the window!”I yelled at him.

“Hmmm.. Is that so? Ah, we arrived.” He said coldly. I open my door and go to my class. Kyuhyun separated with me

because we aren’t in same class. I took a seat near the window. When I sat down, I hear someone called my name.

“Seung Rin-ah..” He said and took a seat beside me.

“Minho oppa… “I said and smile at him. I have same class with him because we have same class.

“Hohoho.. Well, my cute dongsaeng. Why don’t you go to your ‘honeymoon’?” he asked and winked at me. I blushed madly.

“Minho oppa.. I can’t. You know that we have exams until next week. So, I think it’s the best if we don’t go anywhere.” I

explained to him.

“Jeez.. So, do you have a plan with Kyuhyun? Maybe going out in weekend or else?” He asked again.

“Emm.. Kyuhyun’s mother asked us to go to amusement park. Wanna go with us?” I asked.

“Omo omo… You want me to follow a lovey dovey and newlywed goes on date? Do you want to kill me?” He mumbled.

“No. I don’t want to go with him alone. It’s dangerous.” I whispered to him because now our professor is in front of class.

“Yah! What is so dangerous? I can’t!” He whispered to my ears.

“Ah, oppa.. Please? How about double date?” I asked brightly.

“How can I? I don’t have girlfriend yet.” He said.

“How about Eun Shi? She doesn’t have a boyfriend too. And both of you are close friend. Please.. I don’t want to be

victim. He’s dangerous.” I looked at him with my puppy eyes. I know he’s weak with this. He takes a deep breath.

“Okay. But, you must call her. Not, me! Arasseo? And tell Kyuhyun too. ” He said.

“Then I’ll message them” I smiled happily. I took off my hand phone from my pocket. I sent a message to them. I asked

her if she want to go with us at weekend and asked Kyuhyun that it’s okay if we go to amusement park with Minho and

Eun Shi. After a while, I got a message from them. She said yes. Then, Kyuhyun said yes too. Yes! I’m not in danger now.

Author P.O.V

After she had received message from Eun Shi, she concentrated again to the lesson. Tomorrow, they’ll have an exam. So,

they must study hard. It’s not difficult to her because she’s smart. Finally they had finished their exam. So, Seung Rin,

Kyuhyun, Minho, and Eun Shi can go to amusement park. They promised to meet at amusement park. Kyuhyun with Seung

Rin. Minho with Eun Shi. Now, Seung Rin sat down at dressing table. She applied thin make up to her face. Kyuhyun

changed his clothes and look at her. ‘She looks like an angel and so beautiful’ he thought. But, Kyuhyun immediately and

mumbled himself. It can’t be. He can’t like her. Their marriage is just an appointment.

“Yah! Ppalli. It’s 10 am now. We are going to be late.”Kyuhyun yelled at her and take his coat.

“Ne.. I just have finished this.” She looked back at him and stand. We are ready to go. They go down and ride to the

amusement park. At parking area they meet with Minho and Eun Shi.

Seung Rin P.O.V

It’s my second time go to this place again after my parents dead. Yeah!! I like this place the most! I run to Eun Shi and

Minho. I looked at Kyuhyun. He only shook his head.

“Yah.. Seung Rin-ah.. Why are you running? Calm down!” Eun Shi yelled at me.

“Ah.. She isn’t patient to go to amusement park with us. Right Seung Rin sshi?” Minho said. He grinned at me and pinched

my cheek.

“Aww.. It’s hurt Minho oppa!” I said to him. Then I, Minho, and Eun Shi chuckled together.

“Okay. Now, let’s enter this place!” Kyuhyun said coldly and grabbed my hand. He linked my hand to his arm. I want to

loosen up, but he’s too strong. Then I let him do this. Argh.. So annoyed! Why is he like this? Sometimes, he liked a

pervert. He likes to tease me a lot. And sometimes he liked to yell at me, he is angry if I disturb him when he played

game, and some bad act. Ah.. So confused! I looked back at Eun Shi and Minho. They just followed us and talking each

other. Urgh.. I want to talk to them too.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

Oppa?! What? How can she called other man with oppa and called with Kyuhyun-ah. She only called me oppa when we

had sex. Ooo.. Jinjja. I felt a hammer stroked my chest. Urgh. I felt annoyed and grabbed her hand. I linked her hand to

my arm tightly. So, she can’t loosen up. Buwahaha.. Then, we try many kinds of game. I felt so tired to follow her. Why is

she so strong? Jeez.. I felt exhausted and hungry.

“Yah! Aren’t you hungry?” I yelled at her. She just looked at me.

“Emm.. Let’s try this one. After that we will eat.” She said and when I want to answer back she had run with Eun Shi and

Minho to that game. She laughed with her friends and sometimes chuckled when Minho pinched her cheek. Urgh..

Seung Rin P.O.V

“Ah.. I felt so tired!” I said but smile widely.

“Ah.. Seung Rin-ah. Are you insane? We all have to try all of the game in this place.” Eun Shi said to me while breathing


“Ahaha.. She’s cute when she runs one game to another. Isn’t she?” Minho asked to Eun Shi.

“Yeah.. Cute. Cute..”She mumbled. I see Kyuhyun. His face is not good. I think he’s hungry.

“Okay! How about eating?”I shouted and look at them.

“Okay!” They said to me and walked to the restaurant. Kyuhyun just followed us.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

We arrive at the restaurant. Urgh. Finally, I can rest a bit. We choose food and surprisingly Seung Rin and I have a

similarity. I like chicken grilled a lot and so does she. She likes vanilla ice cream and so do I. After a while, the orders

came. We eat hungrily and didn’t talk because I think we all are completely hungry and exhausted.

“Ah.. Finally..”I said and rubbed my stomach. I was full now. I looked at her. Now, she’s eating ice cream. She looked like

a kid. She eats rashly and her mouth is full with cream. Jeez.. How can? I was looking for a tissue to clean her mouth.

But, suddenly Minho move closer to her and wiped cream in her mouth.

“Aish.. Geuyeoja.. Calm down.” He smiled to her and she smiled too. I felt freeze right now. I don’t know what this is. But,

it feels so hurt. My chest hurt. It’s not only a hammer smacked my chest, but also a huge rock overlapping my body. Is

it… Is it… LOVE?


Sorry for boring chapter. I’ll try the best to make this interesting. I make sure that Minho will appear often in next

chapter. So, wait for an update!

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chapter 2
chapter 3
chapter 4

Adorable Evil Husband-Chapter 1

For raise the mood please listen : C.N.Blue-Teardrops in The Rain
Shin Seung Rin P.O.V
Jezzz… I’m so unlucky. Why is this happened to me?
“Seung Rin sshi.. Come here!” my boss asked me to come.
“Yes, maam. What can I do for you?” I asked her.
“First, I’m very thankful to what are you doing to help me in there. But, as you know that our café is so slack. I don’t have any other choice. I’m sorry..” she said sadly.
“Maam…”I look at her deeply. I know what is happen to her and her business. It’s very hard to her to keep her business.
“Here your last salary. I think I must close this café and you can find another job. Sorry..”she said while her tears is just to drop.
“No problem, maam. You are very kind to me.” I said and back off.
End of flashback
And now it’s raining there. I didn’t bring my umbrella. My entire clothes are wet. Argh.. Damn it! People around just walked with their couple to the warm place. It makes me more terrible. I’m busy with my though until I step something.
“Urgh..” There is a boy which sat down at the front of flower store. He looks poor and pathetic. He was tremble and looked chilled. He so wet. I come over him.
“Em.. Sorry.. Are you okay?” I said
“Food.. I want food..”He said with his poor eyes. Gosh! He was so adorable. His brown eyes are so beautiful. His face looks so cute. I suddenly aware and inconsiderate hold his hand and go over to look some restaurant.
“Follow me..” I said
Author P.O.V
He and Seung Rin arrive at restaurant. She called the waiters and ordered some food. 15 minutes later the food is come. He ate the food greedily and looks very hungry.
“Hey.. Calm down..” She said look at the boy and give him a tissue to clean his mouth.
“Thank you” He said with angelic smile and continued his food
Seung Rin P.O.V
God! I think I’m going crazy. His smile urgh… it is so adorable. That guy was splendid. Omo! What are you thinking Seung Rin? You just know him right now. I shook my head and focus to my food. After an hour we finish all our food. We’re so full.
“Are you okay right now?” I said to the boy
“Yes. Once again thank you for the food.” He said with his angelic smile.
“By the way, who are you? And why did you sit down at the flower shop while your entire body is wet?” I asked him
“Emm.. I want to hang out with my friend. But, I lost them. And my wallet was gone. I don’t have any money in my pocket. Now, I don’t know how to come back to my home.” He said with looking into my eyes deeply.
I looked him sadly. And I opened my wallet. I gave him some money.
“This. Maybe it’s enough for charges to your home.” I said.
He looks at me and said,”Thank you.. Err.. Miss?” he look at me
“Seung Rin. Just call me Seung Rin. And you?” I said
“Kyuhyun. Cho Kyuhyun..” He said with his angelic smile.
Author P.O.V.
They got the payment and leave the restaurant. At the front of the restaurant they said goodbye each other until Seung Rin back off. Suddenly her hands are hold by hand. She surprise and face about.
“Kyuhyun??! What’s matter?” She said and tried to calm down
Suddenly he drag her and his lips press to her lips while his hand held her hand. She gasped and unconvinced. Her eyes widened in surprise because it is her first kiss. She wanted to lose his lips. But, he held her very tight. After a minute he let his lips and smiled at her. She just came back from her imagination. Then she slapped him.
“What are you doing?” she said madly
Kyuhyun touch her cheek and draw to her. He drew near her ears and whispered to her “It’s for the food. And from the slapped just you gave to me, you will pay back. We will meet again.” He smirked and left her.
“What the hell are you? We never meet again! ”she said angrily.
Kyuhyun P.O.V
He walked by humming until his phone rang and he took his phone from his pocket.
“Hello..”He said happily
“Kyuhyun-sshi.. What happen? You look so happy” A woman voice appear from his phone
“Nothing special, mom.” He said
“Err… Oke. I think you still mad with me.” She said carefully.
“Nope, mom. I think it’s better now. I want her.” Kyuhyun said with smirk
“Really? Oh god. Thanks Kyuhyun.. Mom will wait for you at home. We will have dinner with their family tonight.” she said happily.
“Ok,Bye.” He said and humming again.
Shin Seung Rin P.O.V
WHAT THE HELL??! Is he crazy? He just took away my first kiss. Argh… I think I’m lucky when I meet that boy. Oh, no! Maybe I should call him jerk. I think it’s better if I went home and took a rest. Finally, I’m home. Yeah. Truthfully, this isn’t my home. This is my uncle home. I’m an orphanage because my father and mom died in car accident. My uncle and my aunt are so kind. They have a child. Her name is Min Ra. She’s 10 years old. I’m so lucky because I have a good family like them. I unlocked the door and come in to the house.
“I’m home!!” I said loudly.
There is my uncle, my aunt, and my niece sat at the couch. My uncle and my aunt looked so sad. I don’t know what happen to their.
“Oh.. You’re back.” My aunt said with weak voice.
“Seung Rin sat down please. We have to tell something important to you.” My uncle said.
Jezz.. I think there is a bad news for me. I sat down and not think what happen to me until my uncle open his mouth.


Omo! It’s my first time I’m writing. So, how about that?